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  2. I'm new to reloading so patience please with this question. Is there a reason why loading longer is better? The guy who got me started loads 9mm at 1.070. I kinda just wound up at 1.085 and have been there for 10,000 rounds. Accuracy seems fine for what I do in USPSA. Is there a reason to mess with this or just be happy it will likely load in any chamber (I'm about to by a G5 34FS) and keep on keeping on???
  3. I've quit using pins, too. I now use water and about a capful of Brass Juice. 30-45 minutes in my thumblers tumbler cleans about as well as 75-90 minutes with pins... LOVE this stuff!! (not affiliated with the company, at all, btw) Big advantage to me, besides no straining of pins, is that the water and brass juice solution can be reused at least 5-6 times, so there's one more step cut out of much of my reloading chores.
  4. guess your threads are not allowed to grow and expand from your original post's topic
  5. The smartass in me says I've never known of any regiment even owning a 1050, let alone cleaning one The helper in me says I vacuum it or blow it off with compressed air (I have an air compressor plumbed into my reloading room) about 1-2 times an hour while running, more often if I have a powder spill or problem, and lube it and wipe down at every caliber change. I do a deep clean once every 6-9 months. Several of my shell plates, case plungers, and primer bars are Robar NP3+ coated, and that seems to have helped a bit with both friction, and with gunk sticking to various reciprocating parts. I may well be simply fooling myself about that, but I'm confident enough about it that I"m about to send one of my 1050s major parts off to Robar to have them NP3+ coated, as well. I think that will help a bit with both friction, and with keeping them clean.
  6. This pin? https://cajungunworks.com/product/18-hmr-pivot-pin/ Or https://cajungunworks.com/product/30600-floating-trigger-pin/
  7. I'll be the lone dissenter: I won't pay more than 60% of dillon prices for a machine in good condition, and 50% if it's rough. Used Dillon prices are all coming down, imho. Pressure from the top side due to Mark 7s...evidently causing people to dump 1050s, which in turn is putting pricing pressure on 650s and 550s, too. In the last 6 months I've definitely encountered more sub $1000 1050s than at any time in the last 10 years.
  8. I picked up Witness Match in .40S&W the other day, and was wondering if these can easily be converted to DA/SA. Is it as simple as adding a disco to the hammer? It’s just that my other Tanfos are DA/SA and I want to the same manual of arms. This model also has a rail, and doesn’t quite fit into my Stock I/III holster. Any recommendations on where I can find both OWB & IWB holster for it? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. That's why I'm asking: On the one hand, it seems kinda simple...but on the other hand, I really didn't think there would be a lot of people dumping a $2k machine after purchasing a $5-12k machine... I have 4 1050s, 2 are now rocking Mark 7 pros. I want a revo, but if and when I get one (not happening any time soon) I'll keep the 1050s for processing and for loading lower volume calibers. I thought that the Revolution's primary customers would be high volume reloaders, not people likely to only load one caliber, or to only load virgin, new brass.
  10. Mine came with two rubber strips. Each half of the magwell had an indented line where those strips were intended to go on the inner side. I simply placed the strips there and installed...they filled about 95% of the indentation in my case. Seems very solid.
  11. Been there... my wife was running a stage and the ro dq'd her.. was a bulls#!t call... needless to say i wont let him ro her again. i even have it on video. Some of these virgin ro's think they know it all. when in fact they are partial to their buddy's
  12. two places i worked at used the Hf cement mixer. they just added water, dish soap and a little white vinegar. air dried on an old screen door held off the ground by saw horses or whatever. you can easily clean a 5gallon bucket of brass at a time doing this. no pins, no dust just a lot of filthy water.
  13. How much larger does the dot feel in 10 MOA?
  14. well several guys is kind of an overstatement, the majority of the negative feedback is coming from the "friend" of the same guy that posted here having problems on his X-5 I wouldn't jump ship quite that quickly, Trijicon is good about fixing problems when they exist
  15. Aside from the rail, is there a reason you prefer the SP01 over the standard Bull Shadow? I think the frame has some checking differences but that’s easily made up with a little grip tape.
  16. Hello Guy Obviously G17 qualifies for Optic Light. Can any one tell me which other pistols ? Gun + mag + optic must come in at 1 kg
  17. I used the Howard Lights when I lived in AZ. I was at a match in MI and saw the dude making those custom fit ones for 60 bucks. Now I wear those pretty much all the time. I think the Howard lights were maybe 50 on Amazon? and the custom fit ones were 60ish at the match.
  18. I was really surprised at the apparent failure rate. My RMR's have been tanks, but I hate the small window. I really like the sight itself. With the bottom of the window actually levlel with the rear of the housing, the entire window can be seen. The rear housing on the RMR is actually taller than the bottom of the window, so it partially obscures an already small window. i hope to get at least a few hundred rounds on it in the next few days to see how it holds up.
  19. Compete with a STI DVC 3gun. Carry a DVC Carry or a P10c with RMR. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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  21. Basically what folks responded as follow ups. When you build with mix and match parts you can end up getting issues with parts that are not compatible or just plain don't work well together. I don't have the patience to buy something then immediately start Dremeling it to get it to work. I like buying something that is utterly reliable and focusing on getting better with the tool. Nothing ruins getting into a division like s#!t breaking all the time. On the flip side when you buy reliability you're really just trading the cost of ammo for a huge grin every time you pull the trigger.
  22. Bay Area Practical Shooters (BAPS) shoot a USPSA match on the 3rd Saturday of the month at PSC Range in Friendswood along with several others during the month. Here is their website.We shoot most Houston area USPSA & Steel Challenge matches, 3-gun is pretty much done here locally at least for the summer. There are also some small local USPSA matches that are not on Practiscore. https://www.pscshootingclub.com/
  23. I’ve noticed that. The only thing keeping me from jumping on one. I’m curious to keep up with yalls success/failure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  24. Idk if the honcho is any better or worse than any other combo system, but I do know i have come to dislike pretty much all combo systems. Buy a dedicated whatever
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