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  2. the appendix does say that, but the rules don't appear to address not satisfying the equipment requirements outside of the COF. The most literal reading of the rules is that you are not allowed to use the magnet anytime, but there is no penalty for using it unless you do so during the COF.
  3. I'm pretty new at this and don't have a ton of advice to give. The first thing I see right away is that the trigger guard is lifting up off the support hand and coming back down. Look at the screenshot I posted below. You can watch the video at 1/4 speed on YouTube to get better sense of what I'm talking about. How hard are you gripping with your support hand? The piece of advice I see thrown around is if your hand/forearm don't hurt after 15-30 minutes of dry fire, you aren't gripping hard enough. Also your support hand wrist is locked pretty well, but your strong hand wrist is moving during recoil. After the recoil the gun dips then takes a bit to settle in. Hwansik and Ben are going to be much better at diagnosing this and helping you fix the issue over at PSTG. But I think you're going to have to get a silver membership to post a video for review.
  4. Yes I was referring to the .270" with Wolff springs.
  5. True. But i have seen/heard less problems from the RMR (type2) than other MRDS options. T
  6. I could not get through to them on the phone, so just went ahead and ordered. Not too hopeful that they really have it in stock, everyone else has it as a preorder.
  7. They all have their issues, rmr included... Remember they had to make a version 2 of the rmr because the battery would lose connectivity. I’ve even sent back a v2 that had the same issue. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. If its as bulletproof as the RMR..... totally agree! Far far too many people having issues with DPP and RTS2. T
  9. I googled it for 45 seconds and it says the rate actually goes up when you shorten a spring. YMMV I know there is an engineer here that will answer it better...
  10. I think this guy should be made whole, and not because of the cash.
  11. Welcome. How's the IPSC shooting scene over there these days? Got any pics, or videos? Does Vince Pinto stop by every once in a while? He doesn't live too far away.
  12. From the vid and pics it seems there is a bit of overhang on certain guns which is close or on top of the breechface. I wonder if guns that eject brass straight back is going to have problems with this design.
  13. Hello: First thing to check is if the bullet is hitting the comp. Next try upping the powder a little to get you to 140PF. That may help or it may open the spread up more. Lastly try a different bullet and see if that helps. Thank,s Eric
  14. By “oversized Jager” I assume you mean the heavy .270” diameter version which is only compatibly with Wolff springs. In my experience a 12# Wolff spring is lighter than a 11# ISMI spring, so that may be part of the equation as well. When I was using that guide rod I couldn’t find a Wolff 13# spring (only 12 or 14) so I used the 12# and didn’t have any issues in my gen 4 gun. Just thought I’d point out that the Wolff and ISMI springs don’t seem to be exactly the same.
  15. Maybe some useful information here: https://www.ssusa.org/articles/2018/1/9/how-to-use-9-major-in-a-short-barrel/
  16. I was there for a couple of years - probably a lot better now.
  17. Today
  18. Cutting the spring reduces the poundage tho right? Gotta be mindful of how it would affect the slide closing, etc...
  19. With an MSRP of $739 even at 50% off that is a bitter pill to swallow.
  20. Hello: I have a Safariland I bought from Shooters Connection. Can't beat the price and it fits perfectly. It is Safariland 5196-450-411. Tell them Eric sent you, wait maybe don't say that. Thanks, Eric
  21. Would like something soft to just slip in pocket. I have a hard cover
  22. If it doesn't break it'll be worth the $$
  23. That’s msrp I think... it’s already posted for less. Still very expensive for a slide mounted optic. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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