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  1. If you get the one from SVI, it is the same width of the sight tracker barrel. It took me about 30 min but I went slow. I have installed 4-5 Dawson sights. Just go to the Dawson website and watch his install video. You need an non marring punch, small hammer, small triangle file, vise, vise blocks and I use tape to cover things I don't want scratched. Go slow taking off material because you cant put it back on. Oh and some red loctite.
  2. That's what I ended up doing. However, as I wrote before, I was looking for a longer fiber optic sight to allow more light and a brighter front sight.
  3. When the original M&P first came out, I bought a 5" Pro. I kept getting light strikes. S&W sent me a new striker assembly twice. I still got light strikes. I then sent the gun to S&W and when it returned it stating they installed a new striker assembly. Still got light strikes. While I was disassembling the pistol, the yellow take down tap fell out of the gun. I did not reinstall it, but after that no more light strikes. I can only guess, maybe the take down tab was not installed properly and changing the angle of the sear somehow, causing the striker to drag and lose strength.
  4. I read on the SV website, the width of the sight base is .420 to match the width of the hybrid barrel. I suppose I could call Dawson and they could make me one, but I think I'll just order the exact replacement from SV. I had a heck of a time removing the broken sight. Thanks guys.
  5. I was practicing with my SVI Sight Tracker today. The front sight broke where the rear portion of the sight holds the fiber optic rod. Is the island barrel different from a regular slide in that the front sight is made different for the two. Since I have to replace the front sight, I would rather get one that is longer (has a longer fiber optic tube than the SVI). I find that the SVI front fiber optic rod was OK when first installed but because it is so short, the rod gets dirty faster and it gets dimmer faster. Would a Dawson work or maybe a Manny FireDot?
  6. Need a little more info. Is it factory ammo or reloads? What does the primer look like on the unfired extracted round. Is it a solid primer indentation or a light strike?
  7. Bulldog, I routinely had to fire the show clear round out of the rifle with the KVP barrel. I got good at asking the RO if they had my time recorded. By buying the JP barrel on the Black Friday sale, I actually only spent about another $40 more for the barrel than buying the reamer, cutting fluid and handle.
  8. A couple years back I had the KVP light barrel. I liked it but it needed to be reamed or I would have to load very short. I priced out a reamer, handle and cutting fluid on Brownells. At about the same time JP Rifles was having a Black Friday sale. I was able to pick up one of their match 9mm barrels for just a few dollars more than the stuff I needed from Brownells. I don't remember exactly but I think I got the barrel for less than $160 delivered. Its been a great barrell.
  9. Hi, are the lok g10 grips for a Czechmate.  If so, i'd be interested.  How much?




    1. Firefight5243


      Yes but I’m giving who ever buys the guy choice of grip for it. Anything left is for sale. I’ll update the post 

  10. I just sent my Czechmate 170mm mags to Bevin. I got back three mags that with reliably hold and feed 29 rounds. Bevin called me before sending them back. He told me if I tried real hard, I could probably get 30 rounds in the mag. He also told me to never attempt that. The mags run perfect now and have so for a couple years.
  11. Beven is the man. I sent him my 170 mags for him to perform his magic on. They were going salt shaker on me almost every time if I loaded to capacity. When I got them back, they ran perfect and I was able to get 29 rounds into the mags. That's with CZ Custom extended base pads and Beven Grams springs and followers, plus his tuning. He called me when the mags shipped and told me if I tried real hard I could probably get 30 into the mag but told me not to do it.
  12. I just got mine from Amazon. $18.50 with Prime for five of them. Two day delivery. I have not tried it yet. Can someone confirm you just take out the buffer spring and buffer, insert wave spring and then reinstall the buffer and buffer spring?
  13. I have run the Kaw Valley Linear Comp, a JP 2 port knock off and the Lantac Dragon. I cant tell any difference between any of them. I only thing was the Kaw Valley directed the blast forward and the timer did not pick up the last shot sometimes. Found that out shooting steel challenge. All on a JP 16 inch barrel.
  14. I shot the match last Saturday and Sunday with factory Glock mag but I had another shooter on my squad using the ETS with the 57 extension. I think his ran 100% also.
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