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  1. 11287

    TSO Magazines

    My 9mm mags with CZC basepads, CZC springs and followers gets me 23 rounds. 29 on the 170 mags
  2. George, I did it myself. I borrowed the reamer from a friend. Had to buy a handle and cutting fluid. I just went slow until I got to the depth I wanted. It only takes a couple turns by hand to get the desired depth. If I had to buy the reamer too, it might have been cheaper to take it to a gunsmith. My Czechmate came with two barrel, so did both of them and my CZ SP-01 as well.
  3. Loaded the first 100 of the RMR 124 JHP. I had to shorten my OAL to 1.145 for a successful plunk test in my Czechmate (reamed barrel). That is down from the 1.160 using Precision Delta 124 JHP. I used 7.9 gr of HS6 to get the PD's to 170 PF. I had to scale down to 7.7 gr of HS6 with the RMR bullet to hit the same 170 PF
  4. I ordered 5000 Wednesday morning. Within the hour, I got a response from RMR stating my order was received and being prepped. I had them in my hands in about 24 hours. Of course, Lewiston Idaho, is not too far from me, but still 24 hours is pretty dang good.
  5. Thanks for the code. Just orders 5000
  6. Looking to see if there are any coupon codes/discount codes for 9mm JHP projectiles. I need to order 124 or 115 gr JHP for loading 9mm major. Plan on buying around 4000 and looking to see if any place has specials going now.
  7. I sent my mags to Bevin a few years ago. I think it was $10 per mag and I added his springs and followers that where around $16. Quick turnaround. CZ85 is right, you will eventually need to tune the mags. Trust us!!!
  8. After my class with Ben, I told my buddy and fellow Stoeger classmate that I should have taken the money I spent on class and bought a nice box of cigars and a good bottle of bourbon. And I would have enjoyed the cigars and liquor and I would still have the illusion that I was good shooter.
  9. 11287

    LOK Grips for Czechmate

    I think I might try the thin Bogies. Did the palm swell bogies from your TSO fit the Czechmate well?
  10. 11287

    LOK Grips for Czechmate

    How hard are they to trim and fit to the Czechmate? What do you use to cut them?
  11. 11287

    LOK Grips for Czechmate

    As much as I like the palm swell of the stock SP-01 grips, I suspected the LOK palm swells might be too thick for me. Have you ever tried the standard width from LOK?
  12. 11287

    LOK Grips for Czechmate

    I am looking to try some LOK grips on my czechmate. I know I want the Bogies but I am looking for opinions about getting the thin, standard or Palm swells. I like the stock rubber grips on my SP-01 so I am leaning towards the palm swells. However I have medium to large hands and I am not sure if the palm swells on the larger frame czechmate might make reaching the trigger difficult.
  13. If you get the one from SVI, it is the same width of the sight tracker barrel. It took me about 30 min but I went slow. I have installed 4-5 Dawson sights. Just go to the Dawson website and watch his install video. You need an non marring punch, small hammer, small triangle file, vise, vise blocks and I use tape to cover things I don't want scratched. Go slow taking off material because you cant put it back on. Oh and some red loctite.
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