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  1. Give Dillon a call on Monday and let them know what’s going on so they can send you a new spring plus other stuff you might want to replace while you’re talking with one of their techs.
  2. Yes. The leaf springs lose their “curve” and “springiness” after awhile. I assume your mag pouches are used? You can also buy new springs from DAA for $2.50 apiece That’s what I did when I replaced all the leaf springs on my race master and racer mag pouches.
  3. I have the same shooters connection slide racker like aandabooks have on my TSO and czechmate mounted on the left side. It doesn’t take too much time to loosen the set screw for removal of the racker. It really props up the gun for those pesky table starts as Posvar mentioned. Try them on both sides and see which side is more comfortable for you.
  4. George16

    Shadow 2 Jhp question

    That’s not necessarily true when loading certain RN like the ones offered by RMR reloading. It has a fat ogive/short nose and doesn’t allow you to load it long on a shadow 2 unless your barrel is reamed. I just sent my 3 czechmate barrels to Memphis to be reamed so I can load up to 1.170”. Looking forward to it.
  5. 4.0 Gr of sport pistol with 124 Gr PD JHP @ 1.125” OAL.
  6. When I had that happened to my gen 2 MPX and sent to sig for repairs, all they did to get it back up running was to install the “gen 3” extractor which has the extra strong spring with a red oring. This was done May last year and I haven’t had any problems since then.
  7. No worries. I know you're busy. I still want one so hopefully I’ll be able to get one when it’s back in stock again.
  8. @TRUBL, when is the +21 coming back in stock? I got an email notification that it was in stock last week but when I went to the website as soon as I got the email, it was out of stock. I also called and left my number but never got a call back. I’d like to have one. I have the splice but I want to try this +21. Thanks.
  9. About 15-20k a year. I go to the range at least 1-2 a week.
  10. When I got my lead level tested, my doctor had me pee in a jug for a 24 hour period and had my urine tested for lead excretion in addition to the lead level blood test. 8 months ago, it was 11 when I wasn’t using nitrile gloves while reloading or didn’t wear a mask while tumbling brass. I had since been using nitrile gloves when reloading and wear a dust mask when tumbling brass in my covered patio. I also have D-lead wipes in my shooting bag and use them before eating or drinking at a match. Last month I was tested again it was down to 6.
  11. Yes. I reverted back to stock configuration before I sent back my MPX when I had extraction problems. It took seven days including weekend and turned out to be the extractor which they replaced.
  12. Here’s a closeup pic. It’s side by side with a stock base plate for comparison. I cut the limiter about 1/4” from its base so as not to mess up the hole where the mag spring end goes into.
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