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  1. Damn Jack, I didn’t realize you’re that old . Come over to st Augustine, the OLDEST city in the country and shoot with us .
  2. I used to used Win231a lot for my shadow 2, TSO, x5 and MPX until I switch over to Sport Pistol at the beginning of the year. Sport pistol is cleaner and cheaper than win231. It’s also more consistent with the bullets I used namely BB 124 RN, Acme 124 RN & TCFP, RMR 124 Match winners and PD 124 JHP.
  3. Yes, the rep is correct. There are only two generations of the MPX. The last iteration is not a gen 3. It’s officially called the MPX PCC Competition model. It has the full 16” barrel with the muzzle brake which can be removed and replaced with a different compensator or brake as deemed necessary by the user. It’s still a gen 2. However, majority of shooters instinctively call it gen 3 to easily differentiate it from the previous gens of the MPX.
  4. Primary arms had it at $549 during their Labor Day sale but it went out of stock pretty quick. It’ll come down eventually and hopefully it’ll be stable by then.
  5. You’re not the only one . My first one died a horrible death on the very first day of use .
  6. This. The OAL in the manuals were specific for the particular gun the testers used during testing. This is the main reason I always do the plunk test to determine the OAL for my loads and then I do my ladder test. Always use a chrono. It’s makes load development a lot safer.
  7. George16

    CZ TSO holster

    I use a DAA race master for USPSA and RHT kydex for 2 gun.
  8. Don’t tell them that you need a new barrel. They’ll balk at the first chance if you say it most of the time. Just let them know of the problem and how it’s affecting your standing in the matches you participate in due to the clouding of the optic. If you get a knowledgeable rep, he’ll send you an RMA number to have your gun shipped to them for warranty repairs. If the rep still doesn’t want to issue you an RMA, politely ask to speak to his supervisor and go from there. Anywho, good luck.
  9. I’d go with the 11# spring. That’s what I currently have in my Shadow 2 and it shoots flat. My load is 124 Gr PD JHP at about 130-132 PF.
  10. So, which red dot are you going to buy and install?
  11. Get some dumb bells and set them up close to you while doing your dry fire routine. Do the exercise outline by these guys to help prevent tennis elbow. I know it helped me.
  12. Drink plenty of water to combat lactic acid buildup in your muscles. I do stretches in between my dry fire routine instead of stopping altogether to rest. Keep on doing it and eventually you’ll get used to it and build stamina.
  13. I bought from scheels.com. Excellent service and free shipping too. I have also bought from creedmoor sports and you can use FREESHIP to get free shipping. Another great place to buy with outstanding customer service.
  14. My shock bottle case gauge is actually tighter than my gun’s barrel. I found this out when I was doing the plunk test to establish my OAL. To check for high primers, I just orient the shock bottle st an angle against the light. It makes it so easy. Anything that doesn’t pass the gauge gets tossed into my practice ammo bin.
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