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  1. George16

    P320 X5 Thread

    Go to Home Depot or any hardware store and buy some M4 x .7 x 12mm metric screws.
  2. Nope. No bruising at all even with walking around all day with it. Keep in mind all the weight of the gun, holster and hanger is not bearing down on that drawer pull. I have one of aandabook’s hanger which is based on the BOSS but the main difference is the longer length of the long rectangular piece. It actually extends a little bit past the Y plate. A lot cheaper too. Aandabook holster hanger
  3. I installed a medium-sized drawer pull at the bottom of my BOSS hanger to keep it parallel to my body and prevent it from digging into my leg. I spray painted it black since the drawer pull was made of wood. I bought it from Home Depot for about $2 for a package of 2. Heres a couple of pics: You can can also use the smaller drawer pull if that fits you better. I recommend trying both sizes and see which fits you better.
  4. Your welcome. Just pm me whenever you’re ready and hopefully ITAR allows it.
  5. Do you have any relatives here in the US? If so, buy it on from the website, have it shipped to your relatives address so they can then ship it to you. Or ask one of the many Enos forum members to do it for you. Heck, you can pm me and I’ll do that for you. You can order and pay for the mount, ship it to me, pay for the shipping when I ship it to you as long as that’s legal. Where in Europe are you located?
  6. Precision Delta 124 Gr JHP with 4.0-4.1 Gr Sport Pistol @ 1.125 OAL, 128-132 PF for me. I shoot the same reloads on both my 8” and 16” MPX, Shadow 2 and X5.
  7. With that type of internal damage to the upper, I will not accept anything other than a new replacement upper and BCG from Sig. I don’t think those gouges can be fixed other than getting a new replacement upper/BCG. Just be aware though that the replacement BCG will be the new/updated style which uses the new black tapered recoil pad so make sure to let them know that you need the black recoil pad. The old gen 2 and Taccom recoil wave spring will work too. I sent mine when the roll pin came out of the gas plug which unthreaded it and cause the system to become undergassed and in turn caused fail to extract. Turn around time was a week including the weekend. Sent it on Tuesday and received the following Tuesday. It came back with the new gas plug, extractor, extractor spring and oring. Works like a charm now with my reloads which I also use on my Shadow 2, TSO and X5.
  8. What generation is your MPX? If it’s a gen 1 or 2, the cam bolt has a dimple on it and it has to be oriented in that specific way. If it was installed 180* off, the bolt might be dragging on that side of the upper. It will also feel tight when you try to pull the charging handle. I experienced that when I installed the cam bolt with the little dimple off by 180*. I installed it, double check the manual and it was actually mentioned in the procedure to ensure the cam bolt dimple is aligned/oriented to the mark on the BCG itself. Can you take and post a picture of your BCG showing the cam bolt? You can clearly see the dimple I’m talking about if yours is the gen 1 or 2 bolt.
  9. That’s not normal. The bolt shouldn’t be wearing it off that much especially if it was lubed properly. Send a picture to Sig and I bet they’ll tell you to send it in for inspection and maybe replacement.
  10. Here are my challenge coins from the different commands I was stationed with during my navy career. Some were also from friends when we exchange or swap challenge coins. I made the U.S flag mount using red and white oak and bought the stars from an online store and glued them in place. There are some more but I don’t want to put too much so as not to overcrowd the flag.
  11. You’re right it is steel. It was the shooting sports innovation that was tungsten. The steel eel with rubber insert weigh 1.6 oz while the SSI tungsten was 3.7 oz.
  12. I took mine out before just to see how much difference it makes shooting the regular X5 with and without the weight. Shooting sports innovation offered the tungsten
  13. George16

    Problems with Shadow 2

    Be careful with that truncated cone. It’s basically a flat point bullet with a sharper ogive. I loaded those before too and I had to load it as short as the flat points. Good luck.
  14. George16

    Problems with Shadow 2

    I shoot with 124 Gr FP, RN and JHP now for my Shadow 2. I tried 147 RN and FP before but I had problems with feedings due to the OAL. I had to load them short (1.102”-1.104” for FP and JHP: 1.110-1.115” for RN) due to the profiles/ogive of the bullets I was using and the fact that the Shadow 2 has a short leade/chamber. What 147 bullets are you using, FP, RN?
  15. George16

    Problems with Shadow 2

    Your ammo is probably too long. What’s the OAL and what type of bullet are you using?
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