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  1. No problem on my Czechmate with SRP. It’s what I use for my major loads using 124 Gr JHP and 9.7 Gr AA7 or SWMP.
  2. I had been using SRP on my Czechmate. 124 Gr JHP and p.7 Gr of AA7 or SWMP.
  3. Sounds like your feelings got hurt .
  4. They’re probably made to cater to the poseur club members who build their guns more for looks than shooting it in competition.
  5. For my processing toolhead, I’m using FW Arms decapper, FW Arms Swage hold down and Lee Udie. I used this for processing both 9mm and .223 For my reloading toolhead, Redding sizing die, Dillon hold down, MBF funnel, Redding competition die and Redding taper crimp die.
  6. Performance Tool Fuel Line Clip Pliers— Model# W83115 $9.99 from Northern Tool https://www.northerntool.com/shop/tools/product_200778285_200778285?cm_mmc=Google-LIA&utm_source=Google_LIA&utm_medium=Automotive > Automotive Engine Repair Tools&utm_campaign=Performance Tool&utm_content=81287&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIhOi65r6I7AIVAdvACh23xAlVEAQYAyABEgIXPPD_BwE
  7. It’s this info in my previous post. Here are the measurements: - For the control rib: 0.735” just above the mag catch hole - Feed lips: 0.365” in the rear, 0.375” in the front you can also use this pliers to pinch the mags.
  8. I fixed the nosediving issues on my 140 and big stick using the info from Aandaboks. I’m also using grams spring and followers on the 140 while the big stick has CZC spring and follower combo. Here are the measurements: - For the control rib: 0.735” just above the mag catch hole - Feed lips: 0.365” in the rear, 0.375” in the front I used a piece of dowel on each side of the mag to pinch them into the measurements above. So far, everything has been working properly.
  9. I’m also using a Lyman trigger pull gauge.
  10. Check out the 1050 manual on Dillonprecision.com. https://dilloncdn.com/manuals/dillon-super1050-manual-english.pdf
  11. George16

    S2 Hammer Spring

    I’m using an 11.5# hammer spring, reduced power firing pin, extended firing pin and 11# recoil spring for my shadow 2. So far, I haven’t experience any light strikes with federal, Winchester and CCI. I seat the primers about .004” below flush using my Dillon RL1100.
  12. Just order the blue bullets now so you’ll have what you need earlier instead of waiting for bullet supply to come to normal. Then once the bullets arrive, you can load them right away with your proven recipe.
  13. I welded some angle iron and flat bar for my target stands. I also used a 1x2 rectangular rube for the furring strips. I also drilled holes on each end of the angle iron for spikes. Here’s a pic.
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