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  1. Mississippi Goddam by Nina Simone A place called Boulder on the wild Colorado I slipped and fell into the wet concrete below They buried me in that great tomb that knows no sound But I am still around
  2. George16

    CZ Shadow 2 Orange

    I’m with you . I’d like to. Up a spring tester and test them myself just to be sure.
  3. George16

    CZ Shadow 2 Orange

    That’s great! Just holler up.
  4. George16

    CZ Shadow 2 Orange

    @rowdyb congrats on your new S2O. My authentic Japanese ramen offer still stands when you come over to Florida . With regards to springs, CZ USA needs to get there act together and be consistent on what they tell their customers asking for info. When I called them a few years back asking for info about the spare springs that came with my TSO and shadow 2, CZ USA told me that the three recoil springs are 11 lb, 13 lb and 16 lb. The 16 lb spring is tapered at one end and the gun ships with this spring (TSO) while the shadow 2 has the 13# installed. The other two springs ar
  5. Welcome. Are you the same guy with the same username on sigtalk forum? Great to see you here.
  6. Great to see fellow squids stationed in Japan. Those Chu-Hi’s were the best drink you can get from the Lawson, 7-11 stores and vending machines. You guys probably spent too much time in Blue street. Did two tours in Yoko and retired off of the George Washington in 2011. My kids miss the yakitori at the end of blue stree close to the train station.
  7. Check out Precision Delta every Friday. I was able to order and receive the bullets (124 Gr JHP) within six days.
  8. So COVID is not their excuse anymore? Last time I talked to one of the reps, he said COVID was preventing timely delivery of products they source out to other manufacturers. Case in point is the availability of carbide .223 dies. Apparently, the manufacturer is based in Northern California which has been impacted by COVID.
  9. It’s similar and will most likely fit since he’s indeed looking for the Shadow 2 (S2) Orange part . It’s the same gun model, S2 Orange and Shadow 2 Orange.
  10. I used our club’s account in setting up our Fire HD tablets.
  11. Check your local Academy Sports. I know they carry them. My wife bought one from our local Academy store last year. If they don’t have it, these places have them in medium. https://www.uspatriottactical.com/5.11-tactical-womens-raven-range-yoga-capri-pants/64408-019-M.html?gclid=EAIaIQobChMI0aecrrrG7wIVAtvACh2-IQq6EAQYAiABEgIXjPD_BwE https://www.urbantactical.com/apparel/pants/5-11-women-s-raven-range-capri.html
  12. My 1999 4Runner with manual transmission, 4wheel drive, locking front and rear differentials. Bought it new when I was stationed as an instructor at the Naval Training Center, Great Lakes IL in 1999. It’s one year older than my son and wants to have it now. Used to off-road a lot in SoCal, Moab and Arizona when I was stationed in San Diego. I installed an ARB locking differential in the front to compliment the E-locker in the rear diff plus a 2” lift. I installed a bull bar, had the tube sliders welded to the frame for protection against rocks and a set of black steeel wheels and B
  13. Ordered from Precision Delta on March 12(Friday), shipped 15th (Monday and received the package on Wednesday, March 17. Very quick shipping considering it was shipped usps priority too.
  14. It won’t with the stock base pad but will pass the gauge if you use a TTI mag extension. You can also shave a little bit off of the stock base pad. Because of the slight variances on the magazine tubes, some mags with the stock base pads pass the gauge and some don’t. The 21 round mags that comes with the Max Michel 320 are the same mags that came with the original X5.
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