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  1. George16

    75B - 8.5# Hammer Spring

    Get the CGW extended firing pin and reduced power firing pin spring. I’m currently using an 11.5# hammer spring from CGW and I don’t have any light strike problems using CCI primers or factory ammo.
  2. George16

    MPX Mag Pouches??

    What mounting system are you using on your pouches? Thanks.
  3. George16

    Least expensive 223 powder

    I had been using H335 with Hornady 55 Gr FMJBT bullets and Winchester primers. I usually load it with 24.2 Gr H335 for hoser type shooting.
  4. George16

    Tactical Sports to Czechmate Conversion

    When did CZ started shipping the CM with just one barrel? I bought my CM last June and it came with two and both are the upgraded barrels. I just wish they were stainless like the barrel that came on my TSO.
  5. George16

    45 degree offset mount questions

    Some of the cheap Chinese junk don’t line up with the barrel. It’s not hard to sight it in. I have one on my rifle. I use it for hard leans. I used a Warne 45 degree offset mount. Warne offset mount
  6. George16

    Proof of Membership?

    If they insist on having the ID, call the NRAs 1-800 number and have them send you a replacement card.
  7. George16

    New Sig MPX ?

    He’s just trying to rack up some posts. Anyway, just picked up my new MPX from my FFL yesterday and will be going to the range for some testing today. It’s an 8” barreled pistol bought directly from the Sig Pro shop so I can avail myself of their military discount and free shipping. We’ll see how it goes. I’ll feed it with factory federal 115 Gr ammo first then try my reloads of 124 Gr FMJ with 4.2 Gr Winchester 231. I also ordered a Timney single stage 3 lb trigger made for the MPX from brownells.
  8. George16

    A few CZ questions

    Yup. Main spring is the same as hammer spring.
  9. George16

    PCC red dot. Which one?

    Just installed an 8 MOA C more slideride from my Czech mate to my new MPX.
  10. George16

    Dry brass tumbling elixir of choice

    Walnut with Dillon rapid polish.
  11. George16

    Winchester primers.......

    Never had any problems with winchester primers whether they are bright red or not.
  12. George16

    3rd Place Open Nationals

    Great job young man! At 18, I was too busy drinking and partying in college .
  13. George16

    CZC Mec-gar Magazine Basepads or Others

    I’m using Henning base pads on my mecgar mags.
  14. George16

    Tested CZ TSO and in love, ammo question

    TSO is a fantastic gun for sure. It takes ammo with shorter OAL especially with flat point bullets. You can shoot longer OAL with round nose bullets as I experienced with mine. I’m using truncated flat point bullets so u load them at 1.102”-1.104” OAL for use on my TSO and shadow 2. Since you’re in Europe, you wouldn’t have problems with ammo because round nose bullets are the only available bullet profile for use there.
  15. George16

    P226 Cycle Speed

    What recoil spring weight are you using?