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  1. The MPX PCC model barrel screws torque spec is 20 in-lbs, 40 in- lbs is for the gen 1 and 2 models. Anyway, as stated by other posters, bench rets check optics for tightness and do it again. Good luck.
  2. I ran into the same problem before Odin release the MPX specific mag release. If I were you, I’ll just return the XMR and buy the MPX specific mag release to save yourself from aggravation and frustration when it work properly at the time when you needed it to work flawlessly. Just my .02. https://www.rainierarms.com/odin-works-mpx-extended-magazine-release/
  3. George16

    P320 X5 Thread

    Get the GG Competition trigger kit.
  4. Eric Grauffel. Best IPSC handgun shooter and multiple world champion.
  5. It wasn’t hard at all. Just make sure you go slow when straightening out the curve. Use a portable butane torch to anneal or soften the metal.
  6. It’s what I order for our club matches too.
  7. I’m using a Taccom compensator. Good luck finding one in that thread pattern though.
  8. The bolt is similar to the PCC model. It’s a PCC model, “gen 3” as majority wants to call it. Everything looks similar to the PCC model except for the red dot, stock, trigger and muzzle device. Im still thinking this is a model that Sig assembled exclusively for Cabela’s. This is a great deal.
  9. That’s a nice deal for that price then since most shooters will changeout the trigger and stock anyway.
  10. George16

    New Stuff?

    It’s not really a strange offering since CZ doesn’t really have to do much to make it SAO. Besides, they probably think that they’ll make mote sales/profit since not a lot of buyers compete. Some just want the convenience of having one out of the box the way they want it to.
  11. I have ran the 16” PCC upper on my gen 2 lower without any problems. However, be mindful that the rear of the BCG on the PCC model is concave to match the convex shape of the rubber bumper on the PCC model lower (gen 2 lower bumper is flat shape and so is the rear of the BCG). So if you want to use the PCC model upper on your gen 2 lower, I recommend swapping the rubber bumper too. As for the charging handles, I’m using an NLA so it’s interchangeable.
  12. Never did on pistol rounds. My crimp die is set to just remove the flare and the neck tension is enough to prevent bullet setback. So far, so good. Let us know what you find out.
  13. So, it’s pretty much a Cabela’s specific model then,
  14. The “gen 3” gas port is a little bit bigger compare to my 8” gen 2. I forgot the measurements since I did a side by side measurement last year. I took both rifles apart including the BCGs and did the comparison between their respective parts. Charging handle is improved on the gen 3 but still not good enough. The extractor spring is also different and comes with an o-ring. The gen 3 muzzle device is not pinned and welded since the barrel is actually 16”. The gas plug is a one piece design unlike the older ones in the gen 2 that has washers inside of it that you can remove some to control the amount of gas.
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