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  1. George16

    Shadow 2 style mag release for CZ TS TSO and Czechmate

    Yes. My drill press has a vise and I also used a 2.5mm carbide drill bit since I have some on hand to make the job a lot easier. For tapping, I also the for the press initially. Sorry to hear about your Amazon experience. I have a bunch of metric tap and dies since I needed them when building my RC race trucks.
  2. George16

    Don't be prideful about glasses

    I agree. That’s how I ended up with mine. Magnified on right lens but not on the left lens. My friends get dizzy every time they try it on and ask how the hell I can tolerate it. I told them i don’t have any problems with it. Same route I went with my Oakley shooting sunglasses . Just sent them my prescription and they made them for me.
  3. George16

    Shadow 2 style mag release for CZ TS TSO and Czechmate

    That’s nice! For about $44 plus shipping, it’s not bad at all considering the work I had to do to retrofit my TSO with the shadow 2 mag release pad.
  4. George16

    TSO Safety

    Get the bigger shelf safety from CZ Customs and practice, practice and more practice to get used to it.
  5. George16

    SIG X Five rear sight

    There you go! You could have done that first instead of posting your whiney ode. Remember, if there’s a will, there’s a way. Hopefully once the gunsmith is done modifying your rear sight, you’ll post back to let us know how much you like it.
  6. George16

    Don't be prideful about glasses

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I tried progressive lenses but I never got used to them. They also made my migraines worse. My problem was close or near vision. Anything 4 feet or less is blurry but I can see distant objects clearly. Shooting my Shadow 2 in production was a problem because I can not front sight clearly but can see the target clearly. If I have to use my readers, the front sight is clear but I can’t see the target at all. What I ended up using based on my optometrist’s suggestion was having the right lens magnified at 1.0 while the left lens has no magnification at all. Wearing these glasses didn’t affect my migraines either. Before I started shootingPCC, I had Oakley make me a set of prescription sunglasses in with both lenses magnified at .5 so I can see the red dot clearly.
  7. I got a three brand new ones that I didn’t end up using because I bought an MPX. It was pre-ordered, opened it but didn’t use it at all. I actually forgot all about it until I came across your post. Let me know if your interested.
  8. George16

    CZ Tac sport value?

    How much is it being sold for? It it depends largely on the condition of the gun. It can have a low round count but if it’s full of scratches or the action doesn’t work well can affect its value. $1200-1300 is fair.
  9. George16

    SIG X Five rear sight

    Seems like you should have educated yourself first before buying the gun. Like it was said in the other X5 thread you posted also, take it to a gunsmith and have the rear sight filed wider to suit your needs. Problem solved!
  10. George16

    Czechmate *thumb rest [generic]* and slide racker question

    Yes it’s cut at 60 degrees. The shooters connection racker I linked is on both my CM and TSO.
  11. George16

    Czechmate *thumb rest [generic]* and slide racker question

    The set screw “bites” into the slide in the same manner the set crew on the stock slide racker keeps it in place. You can easily remove the slide racker by loosening the setscrew and pulling out the racker. It’s very easy and not inconvenient at all for me.
  12. George16

    P320 X5 Thread

    What ammo is the poster using? I had been using springer’s guide rod with a 10# Wilson combat 1911 recoil spring without any problems after about 2500 of my rounds reloads. Granted my reloads are only around 126-128 pf.
  13. George16

    Czechmate *thumb rest [generic]* and slide racker question

    There’s a set screw on the end of it. Edit - I have that slide racker on my TSO. So I’m 100% sure it has a set score on the end to keep it in place. The little dimple-looking thingy on the end is the screw.
  14. When I retired 8 years ago I weighed 178#. Now I weigh about 157-159#. I ate a lot for breakfast after running 3-4 miles and my breakfast consisted of bacon, eggs, sausage and hash browns. I gained weight in spite of the running and weight exercise I was doing. After retirement, I decided to lose weight by doing the same or adding more HIIT exercise and changing my diet. Instead of my usual breakfast of bacon ages etc, I prepared a glass of smoothie consisting of frozen fruits, nuts, almond milk and protein powder. The protein powder in the smoothie keeps me satiated. I had been doing this ever since and also keeping up with my fitness regimen. So far, the I had maintained my weight at 157-158#. I’ll be 52 in a couple of months and healthier than ever compared to 10 years ago. For snacks, I also chugged down a small glass of smoothie with some nuts like pistachios or eat some fresh fruits. You can do it. It’ll be hard at the beginning because it’s a lifestyle change but it’ll get easier once you get used to a new routine.
  15. George16

    Which 8LB Recoil Spring for Czechmate?

    The cm comes with 11, 13 and 16# springs. 13# was initially installed on mine but had since replaced it with a Wolff 9# recoil spring and it works better with my loads.