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  1. George16

    P320 X5 Thread

    Yes you do. heres another comparison pic that shows the cutout in the back.
  2. George16

    P320 X5 Thread

    What weight are you talking about? Your old X5 grip already has the weight in it unless it’s a franken X5 where you installed the X5 grip without the weight. But to answer your question, yes it will fit. They are interchangeable. I took these photos to compare the weight and physical dimensions of the regular X5 grip to the tungsten grip module weight. Everything is the same except for the weight. the regular X5 grip weight is .05 oz heavier regular X5 grip weight tungsten grip module weight Both are made of the same material, . stainless steel
  3. I second this. I think the reason the due wasn’t going far down enough is because of the locknut being on top. Also, use a Dillon locknut which is significantly thinner compared to the TCBS locknut that’s currently on your expander die. If it’ still doesn’t go down far enough, install the locknut underneath the tool head instead of having it above.
  4. There’s something wrong if you can fit the die properly in your 650. Even if you’re just expanding the cases on your 650 only, it seems like it’s either something is misaligned and also the cases are over belled. Can you post a picture of a belled case again? Can you also post a picture of your 650 and your die setup and have you tried calling Dillon to ask why your die won’t fit properly?
  5. Looks like you’re the one trying to increase to post count
  6. I used slide glide and Lucas oil. Coat it first with slide glide and then top it with Lucas oil.
  7. That’s better. Armani’s uses DHL and the package gets to the customer in 3-4 business days from Slovenia.
  8. But the product still ships from Slovenia via DHL for about $20.
  9. I like these clear containers. It makes easier in identifying the contents I.e. caliber etc.
  10. I’m using an MFT on both of my MPX which are identically setup except for the barrel lengths. I got them from Primary when they went on sale for $24.99
  11. When I tried the 124 Gr factory syntech ammo with my shadow 2, the 10 # spring gets it back on target faster compared to the 11# spring I tried. I also like the recoil impulse with the 10# spring compared to the 11#. Im also using an 11.5# main spring if that matters.
  12. Just make your own. Heat/anneal your stock mag release and then drill and tap it for a screw so you can mount a paddle. That’s what I did before springer released their own version.
  13. Yes!!!! Congrats and have fun reloading.
  14. That’s shocking to hear Dillon say the 750 doesn’t have the lifetime no B.S. warranty when it was advertised as such and it’s even emblazoned on the box itself. You should have taken the persons name and asked for a supervisor since he/she was giving you a bunch of bs but not the lifetime bs warranty itself . That’s very unDillon like since all of my dealing with them had been positive whenever I call and ask for assistance for any problems associated with either of my Dillon Reloading machines. Im glad they offered you a chance to trade up though which is the right way since it was their mistake in the first place anyway.
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