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  1. George16

    Soft Primers?

    It’s not true in my experience. I have a TSO which has the stock main spring and a pull weight of 1# 3.2 oz. it lights of every single primer I used like CCI, Winchester, federal and Remington. I reload with these primer and have yet to have a light strike.
  2. You need to load a little bit longer check this illustration showing what a heavier/longer bullet do to the case when it seated deep. This illustration also compares how deep a bullet goes into the case using different weight bullet seated to the same OAL. I got this illustration courtesy of Wobbly in the CZ forum.
  3. You’re still going to use the regular house vacuum cleaners. All you’re going to do is install the attachment with a tapered nozzle to the vacuum cleaner. I bet you there’s enough suction to pick it up.
  4. Saw him a few times when he performed at the Great Lakes Naval Training Center. He performed for free during the Fourth of July concert at the base along with Rockford Illinois band Cheap Trick. He’s a patriot and an avid supporter of the military.
  5. It depends on how you set the sensitivity. However, in an indoor range, it doesn’t matter if the sensitivity is set to high or low. It’ll still pick up the other shooters because of the echo effect inside the indoor range. This is especially exacerbated by hard surfaces like concrete floors and walls.
  6. Get the Double Alpha MBF funnel as recommended by zzt. I have two of them and they work great.
  7. It only stores the most recent string. This is where the CED have the advantage since it stores up to 10 strings iirc. I have used my CED since the Pocket Pro 2 is better since I can stick it on my pants pocket and the numbers are bigger and easier to see.
  8. Make sure that the bullets are not sideways when you’re seating them.
  9. How much are you going to sell it? How many barrels are there? Thanks.
  10. I had been using an Igaging caliper with great results. It’s cheap and reliable.
  11. I have used W231 since I bought my MPX two years ago with great success. It was very accurate with my load of 4.0-4.1 Gr of W231. 124 Gr PD JHP @ 1.125” OAL for 135-140 PF. I have shifted to Sport Pistol due to the hype about it. I used the same W231 load with the sport pistol. Almost similar PF but way cleaner compared to W231. You can also use N320. It has the same characteristics of the sport pistol but cheaper. Sometimes, sport pistol had been called the “poor man’s N320”.
  12. It not a lubricant. It works by displacing water to prevent rust and corrosion. You still ave to use a lubricant like oil or grease after using WD-40. WD-40: Water Displacement 40th Formula.
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