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  1. I second buying the Ammobrass Swage setter. I bought the 9mm/.223 and setting the Swage rod has never been easier.
  2. I meant to say, “can’t” hence my additional info about using graphite instead.
  3. You cant anodize plastic. What I did on mine was buff the inside with graphite which also prevent the powder from clumping or clinging to the side.
  4. You’re welcome. I removed the overtravel screws on my shadow 2, TSO and Czechmate. It’s just one thing that might mess up during a match.
  5. I have the same setup on my shadow 2. T5 disco, 11.5# hammer spring, 11# recoil spring. The test you did after your final fitting might work but the only way you can be certain it works without any problems is to go to the range and shoot it. By the way, make sure you back out on the pre and over travel screws while doing the test after fitting the he T5. Once you know the T5 is fitted and the gun works well, then you can adjust the pre and over travel screws to your liking. Good luck.
  6. The big bin just sits on top of the black bar. I had the same complaints re ammo bin so I just drilled a hole through it and the bar so I can install a pin to secure it in place.
  7. I have to reposition the camera lens in order get a good view of the rifle case. I processed and load .223 on my 1100 and so far , so good.
  8. This is the same process I do except I made my own case lube by mixing 1 part lanolin to 12 parts of HEET (the one in a red plastic bottle). After reloading, I tumble the reloaded rounds in corn cob for 10-15 minutes to remove any excess case lube. So far, so good.
  9. I think you are expanding the case way too deep. On my 1100, I’m using an FW Arms auto-centering Swage foot die that holds the case in place without expand the case mouth. The case is then flared to accept the 124 JHP from PD using the MBF powder funnel. Doing it this way allows for no bullet setback on my reloaded ammo. Additionally, I also use a Lee U-Die, Redding comp seating due and Lee FCD.
  10. There are no complications with my setup having the MBF on station 6. Seating and crimping are done separately. Station 7 has the Redding competition seating die and the Lee FCD on station 8. Not sure about what you meant by station 7. Here’s a pic:
  11. Yes, the MBF funnel replaces the Dillon powder funnel. It works well in my 1100 setup.
  12. They’re located in Virginia. https://zqiammunition.com https://zqiammunition.com/contact-us/
  13. What’s your problem? It’ll help if you tell us what it is .
  14. There was a template inside the box that came with my 1100. I used that to mark the spots to drill for the mounting bolts.
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