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  1. Sorry to hear that. Yeah, I was leery when I was talking to her that’s why I decided to cancel right then and there. I told her that if they can’t be upfront with the status of their products, I won’t be buying anything from them. Hopefully they’ll get everything sorted out.
  2. George16

    Czechmate vs Parrot

    Get the czechmate. It comes with two barrels. Then f you still want a parrot after you bought it, just buy the corresponding colored parts from armory craft. This way, you’ll have a parrot with two barrels .
  3. I used PayPal to pay for mine. I called and canceled yesterday morning and received the refund last night.
  4. I called and talked to Kimberly yesterday concerning my order and she said it was on backirder. I ordered mine on March 12 and never got any shipping info. i asked why the website doesn’t reflect the items’ status and she said that it hasn’t been updated yet. I ended up canceling my orders since she can’t tell me when it’ll be available.
  5. I also use a comptac holster for my X5. It works well and no problems at all.
  6. Don’t shoot it. Call CZ and let them know about it. Get their email address and send those pictures to them. I bet they’re going to send a mailing label for you to send the gun back to them.
  7. Here are some pictures of my TSO with the stock thumbrest using my RHT holster. I also have a DAA racemaster holster when I use my TSO with the larger Advance Ratio thumb rest
  8. I wear Oakley SI flak jacket with TR45 prizm lenses for shooting. It enhances the red dot since the lens ase color is rose. For daily use, I wear the Prizm Daily polarized sunglasses. I got a copy of my prescription and sent it to Oakley and had them make it for me.
  9. George16

    P320 X5 Thread

    I have shot almost 5k of my reloads on my X5. Ive had it since November 2017. I also used mixed brass if I’m too lazy to sort head stamps. Lately, I had been sorting by headstamps so there is less variance in OAL. All the brass are range pick ups. I mostly use S & B, RP, Speer and Fiocchi brass. I also use Winchester small pistol primers.
  10. George16

    P320 X5 Thread

    I had been shootings my reloads after I broke in my X5 with about 500 rounds of factory 115 Gr federal FMJ. No problems so far. I also installed a Springer precision guide rod and a 10# Wilson combat recoil spring. My reloads are 124 Gr RMR FMJ RN, TCFP and JHP plus PD JHP with 4.1 Gr of Winchester 231.
  11. You won’t need any springs in the buffer tube. The MPX has a plastic pad inside the upper that acts as a recoil pad. The buffer tube will be empty and will just be there as a mounting point for your stock. I did remove the stock orange recoil pad installed a Taccom wave spring recoil pad. Taccom wave spring recoil pad. It’s screwed in into the upper.
  12. Not with major power factor. I tested my major loads for my czechmate on the TSO and it wasn’t soft.
  13. I’m running. 10# spring in my shadow 2 with 124 Gr TCFP (1070 FPS).
  14. And yet CZ didn’t even bother installing the new shadow 2 style extended safety and mag release with the pad . Unbelievable!
  15. It’ll be better so you can optimize your resources. You can also tailor your loads to your liking.
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