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  1. Thank you. Yes regarding the Dillon dies. I’m using Redding, FW Arms, MBF, Lyman and Lee for my setups.
  2. I actually have three tool heads and tool head stands. One each for processing 9mm (this can be configured to load .223 also by removing the 9mm U-die and installing appropriate .223 dies), .223 (with Bosch trimmer and M die) and another dedicated tool head for loading 9mm. Its more expensive doing it this way but it makes up for the amount of time fiddling around with the setup if I have to move dies around. I just remove and install the appropriate tool head, shell plate, case feeder stuff and I’m good to go. It doesn’t even take more than five minutes swapping them.
  3. It all depends on what setup you ordered. Mine took five weeks because I ordered it without dies and conversion kit since it would have taken much longer. So I ended up ordering the 1100 directly from Dillon (ordered May 29, 2020 and received it first week of July 2020). I ordered the 9mm and .223 conversion kits from DAA. I don’t think Dillon allows ordering the 1100 without the conversion kit nowadays iirc.
  4. As you mentioned already, Ancient City shooting range in St Augustine. You can also contact GTR in Gainesville or OK Corral Gun Club in Okeechobee.
  5. I used the club’s account in setting up the new Kindle Fire we bought a couple of years ago. This way, the account doesn’t have to be changed again when new club officers take over. As for software, just leave everything on there for the meantime until you have determined which software or app you really need. They don’t slow down the operation of the Kindle if they’re not removed.
  6. I don’t think you made a mistake. If you don’t plan on shooting (processing and loading) .223, the 750 will suffice. However, if you plan to load and shoot high volume of .223 down the road, then the 1100 is the better choice than the 750. I had a 650 at one point because I ran out of patience waiting for the 1100. After the 1100 was finally available, I bought it mainly for processing .223 and sold the 650.
  7. Readin this thread is making me want to buy a 3D printer now. A friend has one and he had been printing a bunch of reloading parts like primer tube holder, gun holder display etc. Or, I can just buy some filament and have him make some custom stuff for me. I think this is a better idea since I can already foresee myself getting frustrated trying to level the printer .
  8. He’s using brand new Starline brass. Like @Darrell said, make sure the cases are fully sized. Sometimes, new cases doesn’t necessarily mean fully sized for your,application. OP, check and make sure the bullets aren’t crooked during the seating process too.
  9. It’s not about being practical or costs. It’s all about doing or making something and posting it on YouTube to attract viewers so they can make money. Judging by the number of views, the guy is already making enough money to spend on more outrageous projects to get more viewers
  10. Here’s my chrono numbers using 124 Gr Berry’s RN with 4.0 Gr of Titegroup on my shadow 2: 1081 1092 1085 1072 1085 1080 1079 1082 1062 HI 1092 LO 1062 AVE 1079 ES 30 SD 8 PF 133.79 OAL 1.120-1.124
  11. Soak it in a bucket of Koolaid and then polish it with Neverdull. We used that trick to clean, remove the verdigris and polish all brass firehose stations onboard the ship prior to inspections.
  12. I see your hair is burnin' Hills are filled with fire If they say I never loved you You know they are a liar.
  13. Ride the Midway by Thrill Kill Kult
  14. Keep in mind, Sig designed the MPX based on the MP5 so JPX is appropriate as mentioned in one of the posts above .
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