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  1. zzt

    cone comps

    EGW also sells just the cone. That way you have your choice of comps.
  2. zzt

    1911 weaknesses

    y, I don't know anyone who I shoot with in USPSA who does not routinely clean and inspect their 1911/2011 guns. Maybe Glock shooters can get away with that, but not us. I clean my Open guns before every match. If I didn't I'd just be asking for trouble at the next match. Geez, one monster match (400 rounds) is the limit. Same with the 1911 45 I recently finished. I built it tight, maybe too tight. It needs cleaning after 200-300 rounds or there are issues. CZs are not immune either. I know my TS can go 500 rounds, but I clean it before every match anyway. I don't know about the constant tuning bit. I haven't 'tuned' anything on any of my race guns all year. They didn't need it. The only part I had to replaced was a worn thumb safety on one of the Open guns. While I was at it I replaced the sear, hammer and disconnector, even though they really didn't need to be. I think if you need to constantly tune, something is wrong. Identify it and fix it.
  3. zzt

    Fastfire on open guns

    The FF3 with new batteries is very bright. Mine are brighter tham my RTS2s, and they stay that way for more than one match. As for durability, the oldest FF3 8 MOA is on one of my competition 45s. 40,000+ rounds of major and near major without a hiccup. The only thing that happened to it is the little plastic window covering the LED port cracked and fell off. The sight still worked fine. I prefer the glass on an RTS2, but all of mine eat batteries, so they dim by the end of the match. I use DPP 2.5s on my steel guns and one Open gun. There is nothing not to like about them. Battery life is terrific, plus they hold zero. So does the Burris. Not so much the RTS2 and Slideride. About the size of the window. It doesn't matter much. I've shoot all the way from Slideride to FF3. It you are looking at the target and the dot does not come up superimposed on where you want to hit, you need more practice, not a larger window.
  4. zzt

    DPP loss of zero

    I have two that are slide mounted. One is on a 1911 45. The other is on a CZ TS 40. Both hold zero perfectly, as does the frame mounted one on an Open gun. Send it back for repair or replacement.
  5. Three holes are all you need to fasten a frame mount securely. The other two are ostensibly for a thumb rest. I'd shoot SC. I have a frame mounted Slideride on one of my open pistols. I have a frame mounted DPP 2.5 on another. I also have competition guns with the reflex sight mounted directly on the slide. The Slideride dot is 2" above the bore, so you have to make corrections for close targets. I really prefer slide mounted dots. I have had no zero issues with either the RTS2s or the DPPs when slide mounted. However, I am told by a couple of M Open shooters that the only dot you can depend on holding zero when shooting major if the DPP. That's what is going on both the Open guns I'm currently building.
  6. zzt

    Cold temp power factor

    Sport Pistol is a new powder, so you have to test. Generally speaking, velocity increases with heat for most powders. Some, like the Silhouette I use are reverse temp sensitive. I don't care. As long as I make 172PF at the Level III matches in the summer, I don't care if it goes up in the Winter. Alliant e3 is one powder I know has absolutely no temp sensitivity. That's what I use for 40 major and minor. WST is an example of a 'strange' powder. Its lowest velocities are at the very col end and very hot end, and higher in the middle).
  7. zzt

    Battery Consumption - RTS2 vs DPP

    Neither of my two remaining RTS2v4s will last an entire steel challenge match without dimming. One of them requires turning down after each stage. The other can stay on. They are both 6 MOA and I run them at max brightness for steel. Starting with new 3.27v batteries, the voltage at the end of the match (after I get home) is between 2.8 and 2.9. So I just replace the battery before each shoot. I buy them 25 at a time. I moved these sights to other guns that I don't shoot for steel. I have three DPPs in 2.5 MOA. I use them for my steel guns and an Open gun. I run them at max brightness. I have no idea how long the batteries last. I haven't had to change one. On a lark I swapped out a battery halfway through the season, just to see if it made a difference. It did not. The dot was no brighter.
  8. Thanks Rich. That's the one. I'll wait for it to go on sale. The guy told me he bought the pro with the shelf on sale for $125. For $220 plus $60 for the shelf, I'll wait.
  9. I saw a nice cart at the range today. It had four approx. 12" wheels on essentially a tray. There were two more tray that unfolded to form a riser and another tray that could be used as a table. It was all black metal. There was a pull out handle. He told me the name of the website, but I forgot it on the way home. The .com URL started with range, but I don't remember the next word. He said they came in 12" wide and a wider one. ANy ideas?
  10. zzt

    Hearing protection advice

    With outside the ear muffs you are pretty much limited to 33 dB reduction. You can do a little better if you can tolerate muffs that squeeze your head. Electronic muffs do not have that much noise attenuation, so I don't use them. 33 dB is enough, unless you are ROing. I double plug with a custom molder inside the ear plug and HL muffs. I end up with 37-38 dB of attenuation, and can still hear the beep.
  11. zzt

    0pen Magazines

    I think you should have at least one 140. I run two 155s and a 170. Two 155s will get you through just about any stage. Buy one or two STI Gen 2 mags for classifiers where you have a mandatory reload. It is not a good idea to drop a hi-cap mag full of bullets. I realize you could just download the 155s. I prefer to have cheaper mags that I don't care about. I carry two such mags loaded to 12 in each just for classifiers that require a mandatory mag change.
  12. Here. EGW Scope Mount List Final.pdf DP Pro Footprint.pdf
  13. zzt

    1911/2011 pre travel setting

    Not all 1911 and 2011 are the same. Sometimes it requires a lot more than .010". Here is a good article from Brazos Custom. http://www.brazoscustom.com/magart/0407.htm
  14. zzt

    Model 41 for rimfire steel challenge

    J, it won't be. I shoot with a 43 oz pistol, for no other reason than it is 100% reliable. That being said, I am faster in transitions with my custom Buckmark with Tacsol barrel. It is significantly lighter.
  15. zzt

    Model 41 for rimfire steel challenge

    Even if you change the springs to heavier, you still risk cracking the frame by using HV ammo. It happened to two at my club. If you buy a 41, used standard velocity in it. I shoot SC with two 1911 guns. The first has a CWA custom upper on it that only works with hi-speed ammo. The second has a Marvel Unit One conversion on it. I have it set to shoot standard ammo, because I use it for bullseye. I have the springs required to shoot HS, but it doesn't make any difference in my times. About the only difference I can tell is it is not quite as loud when hitting steel. You should be calling your shots, not waiting to hear a hit, so that doesn't matter to me.