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  1. zzt

    SRO 1 moa?

    One and two MOA dots have to be dazzlingly bright to pick up quickly on white steel in bright sunlight. IMO, there only use is for precision shooting. The 2.5 on my DPPs does bloom at full power, but it is bright enough to pick up. I run the SRO 5 MOA on my Open guns, 6 MOA RTS2s on some others, and 8 MOA FF#s on four others. I run a 12 MOA dot on the PCC for steel challenge. I think an 8 would have been a better choice. Right now I like the 5 MOA SRO better than anything else I have except for the tube dots for bullseye. I'm planning on replacing the 2 MOA dot on my RFRO gun to a 5 MOA SRO.
  2. So will SWMP. It is really fine. Did we have a discussion about using a Hornady Powder Measure on a Dillon? That's what I use and have zero issues with fine powder.
  3. Got to be 9mm. It is really hard to get 10 round 9mm 1911 mags to run perfectly. All of them seem to be overly sensitive to mag catch shelf height. I tried Wilson ETMs and McCormicks but could not get them to run. If memory serves the Wilsons sat too high. I bought some Brownell's mags made for them by Metaform. These are the same bodies that Dawson sells. After conditioning the springs they run 100%. To condition the springs load them fully and let them sit for a long time. I also polished the edges of the feed lips. After 3-4 weeks of conditioning and use they fed perfectly. You may try doing the same with your Wilsons and Mec Gar.
  4. I sympathize. Been there: done that. I had a Scorpion that I bought just after their second barrel came out. It went back to the factory three times to correct issues (trigger, safety, etc.). Each time it came back the same or worse. Their QC was not very good at the time. I eventually gave up and sold the pistol. Having shot steel with a Hi Standard 107 Supermatic, the Scorpion, a full race Buckmark, a Harmmerli X-Ese Sport and my Precision Marvel Unit One on my 1911 45 receiver I can say they all were deficient in some way. The Buckmark came closest to being perfect. The Unit One worked as long as you cleaned the barrel, chamber and ramp at least once during an 8 stage match. I still sometimes bring the Unit One as a backup. Three years ago I ordered a CWA custom upper, put it on a 1911 45 receiver and have shot it ever since. It is bullseye accurate and runs 100% with CCI AR Tactical 22.
  5. You tune both. Also, you used waaaay too little SWMP in your test loads. For example, my steel load is 7.0gr 3N38 under a 115 JHP. I would need just under 8gr of SWMP to make the same 138 PF. I use SWMP for major. When the last 9 lbs. of 3N38 is used I'll me using SWMP ( or AA7 ) for everything Open.
  6. Use your AA7 and either JHPs, CMJs or heavy plate plated. 10,000 rounds later you will still be able to see the machining marks on the bottom of the comp ports.
  7. zzt

    Limited Minor

    There used to be a LOT of Open minor shooters before CO came on the scene. Almost all were old and needed a dot to aim. Some still shoot Open minor, but a lot switched to CO.
  8. I just ordered another ETS 40 round mag plus six 17 round mags from Botach Tactical. With tax and shipping it came to $103.
  9. Sorry. Off on my timeline. The match I was referring to was shot on the 14th, not the 21st.
  10. Of all the clubs I shoot USPSA at, only one could accommodate a 200 yard shot. Special arrangements would have to be made, because it is no where near the 'action bays'. Another club 'could' accommodate a 100 yard shot, but would be unlikely to do so. That is the only range they leave open to members for any USPSA or SCSA shoot. Another problem is rifle shooting in bays. Most clubs keep rifles well separated from pistols and shotguns. If any of the USPSA clubs near me offered this 2-gun shoot it would have to be pistols and PCCs only. I also like two Divisions; irons and optics.
  11. Take a look at the VV loading manual. For example, a 147 JHP with 6.3gr 3N38 makes 1171 fps out of a 4" barrel with a 1.142" OAL, and that is the STARTING load. That's major at 172 PF.
  12. I would simply ignore those who say shooting Limited minor is dumb. You've stated your reasons for staying with 9mm, so go for it. Limited minor does not guarantee you come in last in your Division. At the match last Sunday, a Limited minor shooter beat a major shooter, plus an Open major shooter. You really need three 140 mags, so buy another plus three extended base pads. Shoot Limited for a while, then decide whether you want to add a dot and go CO. You shoot CO like Limited, but everyone is scored minor. Around here a whole raft of shooters moved from Production to CO. At last Sunday's match, a CO shooter won the match. Six of the top ten shooters shot CO. A CO B shooter finished sixth.
  13. I think you will find that faster powders work better for 110 PF loads. Slow powders burn dirty and inconsistently in low pressure loads.
  14. If you live in a State that restricts the number of rounds a mag can hold, why do you need an extension?
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