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  1. Anyway you slice it, that is an Open gun designed to shoot minor, not a modified CO gun. As far as making a custom gun that shoots super flat, yes. My newest Open gun will do that with 135PF ammo. The dot doesn't move. However, the brass just dribbles out so it isn't reliable. As far as such a gun making major irrelevant, no. USPSA is essentially a speed sport, as in how many points per second. Unless you are a gifted shooter, getting all As requires aiming the second shot. It is much quicker to time the second shot. Going as fast as you can will result in a lot of then will be Cs. Say you shoot a 32 round COF and end up with 18 As and 14Cs. With the same time, you are giving up 14 points my shooting minor. That's a lot. For a 17.56 second time, that takes your HF from 8.3144 to 7.5171. No thanks.
  2. You will like Sport Pistol. At $77/4 lb vs $116/4 lb for N320, you'll be ahead..
  3. In my area, about 60% of the USPSA Open Division shoots major; the rest minot. In steel challenge the majority of Open shooters shoot ammo between 150 and 155FP. Some have specially modified guns that only shoot minor squib loads. One guy just shoots major for everything. I have shot SCSA with both major and minor. Minor is faster for me.
  4. Well, I tried some. I bought a case of the Patriotic colored rounds. The good news is the poly coating works and keeps the barrel and comp cleaner than using lead or copper washed. The bad news is a lot of them don't go bang. Cocking the hammer a firing again doesn't help. Neither does rotating the round so the firing pin hits a different spot. There just is no priming compound in these rounds. They are also quite dirty. In less than 100 rounds the chamber, frame and slide rails are so dirty you get feeding and extraction problems. They are nowhere near as accurate as CCI Standard or AR Tactical. They work better in my Buckmark, but the FtF issue means I cannot use them in a match. I'm going back to AR Tactical.
  5. My newest Open gun is a heavy 2011 with a steel grip. I recently began developing minor loads for it. On a lark I decided to try some 9mm reman ammo I bought. 124gr loaded to 135PF. It shot. There was zero muzzle rise. The recoil was straight back and super soft. If you have good trigger control, this would be an advantage for USPSA. The only problem in my gun was the brass literally dribbled out to a pile beside my right foot. Going up to 150PF for better ejection makes the dot move almost as much as my major load does.
  6. What recoil spring are you currently using? Lightening the slide evenly front and back will make the slide action faster and require a lighter recoil spring. I had the slides on both my new Open guns lightened to 10.5 oz. from the original 13 oz. I use a 7 lb. recoil spring with it.
  7. VV is ultraconservative with their reloading data. As an example, I used to use N310 under a 200 for my bullseye load. 4.0gr was listed as max. A commercial reloader was selling match ammo loaded with 4.5gr of N310. Several people contacted VV and asked if that was safe. VV said yes, it was.
  8. None of my magwells get chewed up. I have an Al well on my CZ TS. Very few dents. Same with the Al well on one 2011. I have a Dawson ICE on another 2011 and a Cheely with plastic insert on another. I notice no difference in smoothness or timing with any of them.
  9. There is an exception for .357 Sig, because it will make major with factory ammo under SAAMI pressure. That is not the case with 9mm major. At 170PF you are way over SAAMI, so I can see why USPSA will not allow it. Only idiots shoot 9mm major in uncomped plastic guns and expect them to last. Geez, one friend converted his M&P 5" to Open with Carter Custom stuff. 1 1/2 seasons later he is on his third set of rails. He has 2000 more rounds loaded up. When he uses them up he is going back to CO so he can shoot minor. BTW, no one has to reload powder puff 40 if they don't want to. I can drive over to my local store and buy quality reman major and minor 40sw.
  10. USPSA isn't going anywhere, and neither is the 40sw. In my area Production is the largest Division, followed by Limited and then Open. This year, CO is overtaking Open. Limited is about 60% major and 40% minor. I know a lot of the L minor shooters and have never heard a complaint there should be a Limited Minor Division.
  11. When I was still shooting Limited, my minor load was CCI 500, 2.8gr e3, and 180gr coated for 773fps, SD 6.75. It was a powder puff. It shot to the same POI as the major load, and used the same recoil spring.
  12. I'd go with 38 Super. An earlier comment is incorrect. The 1911 was originally designed around and chambered for the 38 Super. If you do go for 9mm, use the mags that came with the gun. 1911s are finicky about 9mm mags. I tried three brands before I found one that worked in the 9mm 1911 Open gun I just built.
  13. Steve did not want to make changes without having the grip at the shop. He told me to file it down until it fit. He also said if it didn't fit, he'dd take it back for a full refund. I spent about four minutes filing and trying. Surprisingly little material had to be removed, and it was not from the top. The grip hits the holster where the flat and the chamfer meet, so removing some material from that point did the trick. Attached is a picture. You do not have to remove that much to get it to work.
  14. zzt

    port vs comp

    Porting done correctly flattens the gun out. It does less for recoil. Comps can flatten the gun, but not as well as ports/poppels. Comps can be very effective at reducing recoil if you pick the right one. IMO, the Springer 45 comp is a waste of time. I also think you are going about this in the wrong way. To work a comp you need gas. A 230gr bullet requires little powder, so not much gas is produced. A 200gr is better and a 180/185 is better yet. There are several good 152/155gr bullets out there as well. Once you have enough gas, you need a comp that makes the most of it. For 45 that means closely spaced chambers with mostly up ports. That is certainly not the Springer. Having done exactly what you are considering, I can tell you it is a waste of time. Small amounts of fast powders are the way to reduce recoil in a 45. Small amounts of powder fired in a ported barrel like the EFK Fire Dragon for $190 will give you the most bang for the buck. You'll get some recoil reduction and a flatter shooting gun. Both are advantages in pin or 2x4 shoots.
  15. That's what I did for years. I even shot 40 Open for 3 years. I'll also shoot it some this year because I still have about 2000 or so 40 major loaded up. BTW, 135 and 140gr bullets work fine for 40 minor.
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