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  1. zzt

    Recoil spring for .45 SS gun?

    191PF 16 lb spring (factory load, 230gr @ 830pfs) 179PF 15lb spring 167PF 14lb spring 155PF 13b spring 143PF 12lb spring 131PF 11lb spring 119PF 10lb spring
  2. I shot faster in Limited than I do in Open. 9/10s of getting Open right is the proper load and the proper grip. I have the load dead on. The grip is a problem. I shoot lots of guns for different things. When I go back to Open, I have to remember THE grip. It helps to shoot some practice the day before the match. With THE grip, the dot tracks straight up and down, and muzzle rise is minimal. The dot returns auto-magically and the second shot is less than .2 seconds. Too much grip and the muzzle dives on the return. Too little and the dot wiggles all over the place and you are slow centering it.
  3. I want to get one for 9mm major loaded to 1.165". I cannot find an XL model like I have for 40. Will the standard case checker work with the long rounds? I want them to drop below the surface when I lift the gauge. Thanks.
  4. zzt

    9mm Major Compensator

    Here is a picture of Eric's comp. One of the advantages, IMO, is the ports are well forward in the blank. That allows you to add poppels in the rear of the comp rather than in the barrel.
  5. As far as I can tell, you have to compare it to another non-PT block. If the pins are in the same locations, it's an old block. If different; new.
  6. Here is what DAA had to say about that. "We have changed the geometry of the PT insert, we initially used the geometry that our other inserts had but found the PT grips would stick in the insert, make the draw not smooth. When the guns would stick customers would force the gun out and in turn break the slide lock. We have changed the location of the pins that hold everything inside the insert, the new location allows more engagement of the slide lock, which makes it much stronger, not allowing it to break as easy." Make sure you get the new PT block. Specify that when ordering. I agree the thigh pad is essential. I had no draw problems without it, but it sure makes wearing the holster more comfortable.
  7. DAA specifically says the the block marked SVSTL should be used for Cheely e2 and SV grips. When you order it, select SV Aluminum or Steel from the menu. Supposedly it works with the PT EVO grip, but DAA has a new insert specifically for that grip.
  8. zzt

    Best Pistol Tool Kit

    I would stay away from Wheeler kits. Been there, done that. The bits are lousy. Brownells sells good bits and tools. I keep one large set (ANSI and Metric hex, Torq, Phillips and flat blade) in my main range bag, along with a micro bit set. That covers everything I'm likely to run into at the range. I also keep one handle (hollow) for each gun with all the bits that gun needs in the handle. If you drop it in the pistol pouch along with the gun, you'll be all set no matter which guns or bags you take with you.
  9. zzt

    115 or 124 gr for 9mm major glock open

    Light years, as long as you have enough gas to work it. Even with 6.8gr CFE under a 124 that my buddy shoots the sjc made what he describes as a 'night and day' difference. Use a slow powder, because you want the gas. With all those baffles in the sjc to help you, you want them to work. The idea is to generate just enough gas that each port is 'worked', but almost none of the gas jets out the front. Gas hitting the baffle pulls the gun forward and lessens the shock to the hands (shoots softer). Gas jetting up lessens muzzle flip (shoots flatter). I think that CFE, WAC and Silhouette are a little to fast to fully work the sjc comp. I'd start with HS-6 or slower and see how it works. Personally, I'd go right to Shooters World Major Pistol powder and be done with it. Slow powders are your friend. They make more gas, shoot softer and generate a lot less pressure; all desirable characteristics in 9mm major.
  10. zzt

    New Rules

    I take no offense x. I'll never break 3 seconds, because I'm 71, slow, and have a left foot and ankle that don't work as intended. They have been broken too many times. Even so, I'll never take the penalty no matter how long it takes me to move. As far as I'm concerned, if you can walk from stage to stage, you can walk between boxes.
  11. zzt

    New Rules

    I don't know about that. I'm a B in Open and standing in the center box and taking 12 seconds penalty would improve my time a tad. 9 seconds of penalty would result in times faster than Class A. I'm surprised they didn't drop it, but I'm happy with 4. It will keep people from gaining the system.
  12. zzt

    Nationals Survey

    115s give you a lot more gas to work the poppels and comp. The downside is that much powder fills the case and requires a compressed load. If you do not use the right sizer and crimper, the rounds will 'grow' over time. Another problem is powder spilling out of the case when the case moves to the next station. That's why the majority shoot 124s. Much less spillage, no or minimal 'growth', and not a big difference in feel. Here is a picture I copied from a Shooting Sports article about a guy developing 9mm major 115 loads. You can see how full the cases are with various powders.
  13. Opinions? Recoil? Reliability?
  14. Tell that to the guy who complained loudly at the last monster match. On two stages his 54 round mag was not enough and he had to reload. I can see why. He didn't want to drop that delicate big stick, so he had to stash it and then reload. You could have hummed Dixie before he was finished. BTW, I am 'That' guy. I shoot 40 for Limited, Steel Challenge Open (minor) and USPSA Open (major). If I could shoot PCC it would probably be 40 also.