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  1. I've had several squibs. One, on an Open gun sounded just like every other shot. The only way I knew there was a squib was I could not chamber a fresh round. Even the RO said that was the loudest squib he'd ever heard. So it was likely a light powder drop. All the other squibs went poof, so both I and the RO knew it right away. They were primer only squibs and easy to remove. I now have a light and look to see powder in every case before the bullet is dropped. With the Dillon powder measure, the powder would occasionally bridge and not drop the entire charge. The measure on the LnL I now use is much better in that regard.
  2. Loading the Shockbottle (Hundo) is easy and fast. The nose of the bullets hit the table and the rear of the case stands proud. You lift the case and anything that does not fall flush gets removed for practice. You can run your fingers over all the cases to feel for high primers. The gauge holds the rounds more tightly than the case, so marking them with a Sharpie is way easier. When you are sure everything is okay, put an empty case on top of the gauge and invert. All the rounds are now in the case. Takes two seconds. Repeat with another case if you want the rounds nose down in the case.
  3. The problem might be misdiagnosed above. There are a couple of possible causes. One is described above. Another is the decapping pin got moved up into the die by some swaged primer pockets. Lower the pin so the primer gets pushed completely out. Lastly, I had the primer draw problem when I first started using my LnL. I followed advice similar to that given above and it made the problem worse. Hornady said to file the bottom of the pin flat, then just break the edge. That cured the problem 100%.
  4. I don't do any plunk testing after determining what the OAL can be. I use Shockbottle 100 round case gauges. If they drop freely in and out, they are match ammo. Any that does not drop all the way in (very few) get put in the practice pile. I cannot imagine going back to checking one at a time. With the Shockbottle, you just put a 100 round case on top of it and invert it.
  5. zzt


    Dykem is actually a layout fluid and is not ideally suited for what you are thinking of doing. Prussian Blue would be a much better choice. You rub some onto only one surface of a mating pair. When you slide the pair back and forth, the blue will transfer to the other surface at any contact points. If you must use Dykem, apply the very thinnest of coats.
  6. I shot it in a custom gun with a Truebore barrel with custom comp cuts.
  7. I will, just not clipped to my belt.
  8. Ditto. DW if you are willing to spend that much. SA if not. There are bunches of SA 1911 9mm and 45 at my home club. They all run, shoot accurately and cause no problem. You have to shoot about 500 rounds before the trigger smooths out. Or, you could do a little polishing yourself.
  9. I wasn't happy with their major ammo. They load short and use a faster powder than I do. Recoil was harsh. I'd use it if I didn't reload. I liked their 124gr minor ammo for steel. Worked well, and not having to reload minor was a treat.
  10. I received an email confirming the order on 6/24/19. I received an email confirming shipping on 8/27/19. I received it 3 or 4 days later. So it was slightly more than 60 days.
  11. I run a 7 lb. spring and 135PF ammo and have no issues. If I try to go lower, I don't make it through an 8 stage SCSA match without hiccups. BTW, unless you enjoy scraping lead out of you comp, don't shoot anything but JHP of heavy plate bullets out of it. You can buy reman JHP from Everglades ammo and a couple of other places. LAX Ammo sells new and reman ammo loaded with X-Treme plated bullets. Do not buy the Blazer ammo. The brass cased ammo is a copper wash and will lead your comp. The Al cased ammo has heavier plating and may work.
  12. I received mine two weeks ago. It came with the case and lanyard I ordered, and also a carabiner to hang it on a belt loop. I like it a lot. I'll be ordering the belt clip mentioned above. I don't think I'll use it when running shooters, but it will be great for practice, dry fire, etc.
  13. Yes. It is faster. It just hurts my elbows, both of which are shot. That's why I said half regret. For the first couple of stages I love it being faster. For the last couple my elbows are killing me and I wish it was softer.
  14. I tried no holes in the latest gun. It was soft and effective, but I was hoping for flatter. So I put two 3/16" poppels in. The gun does shoot flatter, but it hits my hand a lot harder. I half regret doing it. The comp was 99.9% effective in venting all the gas. Now it is hardly working at all.
  15. S, I have a couple of friends who started just like you. Clip on holster and mag pouches. They now both have two piece belts, holster and mag pouches. It make a huge difference, even if you are not going to practice draws and dry fire. It is also safer. I shoot with a friend who is never, ever going to make it out of D Class. He doesn't care one whit. He has fun and enjoys the company. Do the same. Shoot whatever Division you have the equipment for. Limited is more fun than Production and requires fewer mags. There is no rule that says you have to put extended base pads on Limited mags to increase capacity. Shoot what you have. Stage plan around your capacity. You can add goodies in the future if you decide to.
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