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  1. I have both a super light weight 16" barrel with comp and a Wiland USA LLW barrel. The Wiland is a 5.5" rifled barrel with a steel shroud to bring it to 16.1". I prefer the Wiland for several reasons. First, it swings much faster for SCSA transitions. Second, it reduces recoil because you don't get the +200fps you get in the 16" barrel with the same load. Third, it lets me use factory ammo in the 135-144 PF range when I don't want to reload. That power range gives the most controlled dot movement for me.
  2. You make major in Limited while well under max SAAMI pressures. I started shooting Limited with a CZ TS. 1.126" OAL worked perfectly with any shape bullet. When I bought a used 2011 gun it came with some rounds loaded to 1.180" @ 172 PF. I shot them, and tried some of my old Limited loads. Both fed perfectly and felt the same. I have a lingering impression that round loaded to 1.140" and higher fed very slightly more smoothly in the 2011. Your OAL will be determined by what feeds properly in your gun. In my case, I kept loading to 1.126" so I could use them in both guns. If I had only the 2011, I'd have gone to 1.140" for the very slightly smoother feeding. I would not use N310 for your load because of its horrible temperature sensitivity. N320 will make superb loads, as will Sport Pistol and e3 when you get around to trying them. 200gr bullets seemed to make the slide operate in slow motion. I mainly used 180s, but did switch to 165s near the end because the sights came back quicker. With N320 you are not pressure limited in 40sw, so there is no reason to load any longer than you have to. FWIW, after testing most of the powders with burn rates faster than Unique, I settled on Alliant e3. 3.7gr under a 180 gave me 172 PF, single digit SDs and no temperature sensitivity.
  3. Some shooters are approaching major PF in 16" guns. 124gr NATO ammo is 1200fps in a 4-5" barrel, so you will have no problems in a 10.5". One of the things you can consider is leaving the weight in the bolt and going to a Tubb flat wire recoil spring. That evens out the pressure, applies more pressure against the bolt to keep it closed slightly longer, and avoids spring stacking. You can go to a 308 spring if you need more pressure on the bolt. The thing you really have to watch is set back. My PCC has a small feed ramp built into the lower specifically to allow good feeding of JHPs. The promlem is with mags. Both the SGM and Glock brand mags are held lower my the mag catch. So shooting truncated cone JHPs is a problem. Sometime the round is stripped and hits the bottom of the feed ramp and gets set back. This jams the gun, but at least you can get the round out. The real problem is when the round hits really low on the feed ramp, sets back, but still chambers. That is a dangerous situation with max loads. ETS mags sit higher in the gun than the other two and the feed lips are such that the top round is pointing directly into the chamber. Since I have lots of Glock, SGM and Magpul mags, I'm going to all round nose bullets for the PCC. My receiver is skeletonized, so every time I have a case failure, I get debris blown in my face. If you have problems with your RMR JHPs, you can try Everglades Gen2 JHPs. They have a more rounded profile and feed a lot better, in more circumstances.
  4. JEM Guns and Warwick Tactical both sell high quality Tri-topped slides. STI and Caspian slides are hit or miss. I just fit the last Caspian slide I will ever use. I bought it during the shortage, because that was all I could get. It was out of spec and the front diameter was .704", so a .700" bull barrel was a sloppy fit. I bought it from a distributor, so I could not return it. I've bought directly from Caspian on other occasions and had to return two slides for deficiencies. I would not do as you suggest. I'd buy an already lightened slide from JEM, Warwick or Brazos Custom.
  5. You do not have to stroke the gun. Just mind your recoil spring weight and length. You will likely have to clip a few coils off to avoid spring binding and be sure of getting a full stroke.
  6. I would have gone in a different direction. I'd have lightened the slide and frame. You will find it is not so much the weight that slows transitions, but where the weight is. If it is in your hands and not out front, transitions are faster. Here is what I did to my build. The top image is my old Open gun. It was very front heavy and swung like a log. The bottom image is my new one. The gun balances on my left index finger (I'm right handed). and does not feel heavy at all. My transitions are faster with the new gun. BTW, weights are very close to each other. Since you already have all the parts, go ahead and build it. You should be good at somewhere around 140ishPF with a slower powder for steel.
  7. Lengthening the OAL over the published load data does two things. It reduces pressure and velocity. Decreasing OAL from published increases velocity and pressure. For max and +P loads, be very careful. .025" shorter OAL in a max 9mm load is a significant difference. In a PCC or a gun with an unsupported chamber, I would quit well below max (.3-.4gr). If it were my barrel I'd spend the $10 to get it throated so it took the longer OAL.
  8. I had the sensitivity set to 6 precisely so I could pick up SV 22 with no comp. I count shots and look to see if a false positive was picked up. I had no problem with echos, bolts closing, etc., and I didn't have to crowd the shooter. I also use my timer anytime I have to run a USPSA PCC shooter. That way I don't have to climb up his butt to record the last shot.
  9. No, the problem was linking the timer to the Kindle. As you say, it is possible we did not wait long enough for it to connect. The IT guys were trying lots of stuff in rapid succession, so that may be part of it. I reread the manual and push should only affect when the data is sent to the tablet, not Bluetooth linking.
  10. You are correct. I should have said 'turns the connection off'.... Also, we did not put 2 and 2 together and realize it was leaving the scoring screen that caused the disconnect. Everything else you said is how the setup works. That still doesn't explain why we had so much trouble connecting to a Kindle, when connecting to my S9 Android phone was a snap.
  11. IMO Gen 1 STI tubes are worthless. STI Gen 2 tubes run fine after you fix the feed lips on some of them. SVI Gen1 tubes and MBX tubes ran/run 100% in all my 2011s. I currently run MBX any time I can. I also have three STI Gen 2 with TTI guts and pads. I use them for classifiers with mandatory mag changes, or any time I have to drop a mag in mud or dust.
  12. Bullets forward is faster and easier for me. I also found that bullets in was faster and easier than bullets out.
  13. Injuries limit my grip strength. On a good day I can just compress a hand grip set to 75 lbs. I can shoot my steel 9mms much, much faster than I can my plastic one. I haven't noticed any difference in transition speed, but splits are considerably faster with the steel pistol.
  14. My OALs vary with different bullets and brass. With PD JHP bullets OALS vary by +/- .005". That is too much for me, because I have to load long and 1.165" is the max I can load a typical JHP to. It's the -.005" that bothers me. Everglades rounded ogive JHPs reduce the variation. Montana Gold bullets and Hornady HAPs reduce it even more. I'm currently using fully processed RP headstamp brass with 115 HAPs. OAL variation is down to +.002"/-.000". I now use all the mixed HS brass for minor loads. FWIW, I use the flat seater stem so I'm pushing on the top of the bullet, not the ogive.
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