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  1. Wiland's load is a 125gr Summers Enterprises poly coated bullet over 2.8gr 231. He says it feels like shooting a rimfire. Since my PCC has not arrived yet, I'm working up loads using my XD 4" and my 1911 Open gun. So far the 115 @ 950 feels best in the XD, but will not cycle the 1911. A 124 @ 1000 works in both. It barely dribbles out of the 1911, and is slightly harsh in the XD. I'm currently rebarreling the 1911 Open gun for use without a comp. Ideally, I'd like to use the same ammo in both.
  2. I already shoot RFRO, plus Open and RFPO.
  3. A friend has a Leadstar Arms PCC. He is a GM and shot it for two years without any problems. He uses MD Munitions reloaded 115 @1050 ammo through it. They are one of his sponsors. I shot the gun with his ammo and liked it a lot. I've discussed it at length with Leadstar, one of their dealers and shooters. I ordered one a little over two months ago. Supposedly they have solved their anodizing problems by going to a new vendor. I have conformation from several shooters the stock Prime configuration shoots 109FP ammo with no changes. I ordered it with the 16" SS barrel, because I intended to swap it out for a Wiland USA LLW barrel. That is a 5.5" barrel with a shroud to get it to 16.1". I have one on my RFRO gun and love it. It transitions like lightning. The 5.5" barrel will also avoid adding the 150~200fps a 16" barrel would. So recoil will be lower. Supposedly I am to receive the gun at the end of the month. I have a lot of different ammo to try through it. I have 115 gr @ 950, 1000, 1050 and 1150, plus 124 @ 1000 and 147 @ 980. I also have a couple of handloads I have not chrono'd yet. My ultimate goal is to get a flat and soft shooting PCC, and then try to get my Open 1911 to run the same ammo. Right now it won't run anything lower than 144PF. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  4. A shooting buddy runs an M&P 5" Open with all Carver Custom stuff. In two years he has had to rebuild it three times and he's cracked four comps (Carvers and SJCs). Another guy shot an Open Glock. It didn't last the season. If I had to shoot a plastic Open gun, I think I'd shoot minor.
  5. I don't get double dots on my SRO at any sun angle, unless I'm pointing it at a bright spot in the sky and looking through it at an angle. Even then the dot is easy to pick out, because the reflection is obvious. I also like it because the dot doesn't bloom like a DPP when set to max brightness.
  6. Cha-lee's slomo video has prompted me to go to another range so I can be recorded from the side. What I saw was a very, very slight dip when the slide returns to battery, and too much slide impact at the rear. The heavier mainspring and a lower angle on the FPS he plans, should cure much of that. I plan to do the same to the FPS as soon as I don't have to shoot minor out of the gun.
  7. I don't have Cha-lee's grip strength, so I have to rely on gun configuration and tuning. Without getting into detail, injuries prevent more than 75 lbs. of grip strength before serious pain sets in. I started Open with 40sw. I also thought the goal was total flatness. So I worked up loads until I got to dead flat. That was 188PF. The 6 MOA dot on the upright slide ride exploded, just as Cha-lee describes. It was also so loud and violent I feared for my hearing and the longevity of the gun. So I dialed it back to 172PF and lived with the dot movement. A lot later on I decided to experiment with slower powders. I had been using Autocomp and Silhouette, because everyone else did. When I switched to Major Pistol powder I had enough gas to seriously flatten the gun AND make it softer shooting at the same time. I have yet to achieve those levels in my 9mm major gun. I'm very close on flatness, but not softness.
  8. zzt

    Zero distance

    25 yards. I know the holdover at close distances and I don't have to worry about anything between 15 and 70 yards. Some course designers DO take advantage of the 100 yard pits.
  9. Yes, but not in 9mm unless you have a welder's grip. A friend shot my gun and it did not move. He can crush an apple in his hand, so that will give you some idea of the grip strength required It is much easier to achieve in 38SC and 40sw with a more normal grip strength. I'll also say that chasing perfect flatness is a waste of time IMO. As long as there is not a lot of muzzle rise and the dot returns to the same spot very quickly, you are good to go. If you are shooting snake eyes with .2 second splits or faster, your gun is set up perfectly, even if the dot rises.
  10. You can also achieve the same thing with a cone comp, and save 2+ oz. of reciprocating barrel weight in the process. I've never heard of a cone comp coming loose. With bull barrels the comps are always coming loose unless you have them pinned. That is especially true if you are running Ti comp. You can put poppels in a cone. Depending on the comp you choose, you may be able to put them in the comp instead of the barrel. I've had both. With the threaded bull barrel you could count on the comp coming loose at every monster match. You are shooting so fast and so often the comp gets really hot and the Loctite lets go. Not so with a cone comp. The threads are back further and not in the high heat area.
  11. Yes. A lot of bullseye shooters like an almost square FPS, because it delays the rearward motion of the slide and felt recoil is reduced. A side effect is it makes the slide a lot harder to rack. It is definitely not something I want on my Open guns for just that reason. However, it definitely did reduce slide caused muzzle rise. I started with the EGW square with a 1/64" radius. I kept increasing the radius a little at a time until I was past the 'normal' angle. As you would expect, slide speed increased and the slide was easier to rack with each increase. That being said, you have to tune everything to your individual gun. For example, I started with Aircolled6racer's custom comp cuts, a standard Cheely Open FPS and a 17 lb. mainspring. A 7 lb. recoil spring worked the best for that. It didn't shoot as flat as I liked, so I had two 3/16" poppels added in a V2 configuration. The gun shot flatter, but everything else changed. It hit my hand harder, slide speed increased and the slide hit the frame harder at the end of the stroke. I ended up going to a 19 lb. mainspring and that helped. I had a problem with minor ammo short stroking and stovepiping the case. So I increased the angle on the FPS so it hit the hammer as high as possible. That cured the stovepipe problem with minor ammo, but slide speed increased again. Going to an 8 lb. recoil spring cured that. I'm just finishing a dedicated minor Open gun. When it is finished I'll go back to a Cheely standard FPS for the major gun and start over. Not having to accommodate minor ammo should let me tune it a little better.
  12. And that's why you don't let that happen. There is a HUGE difference in muzzle rise and feel in my gun between 7, 8 and 9 lb. recoil springs. 7 slams, 8 doesn't and 9 is a teeny tiny short stroke (I think) at 169PF with a 115. Still runs 100%. 9 doesn't work as well for 140PF minor.
  13. 115s @ 950 and 1050, and 124s @ 1000 work fine in a Leadstar Prime. I have some 105 poly coated TC bullets on the way to try. However, I only going to use them when I swap the Leadstar barrel for a Wiland USA. I really don't like the heavier bullets for anything, unless I'm trying to knock down badly calibrated steel.
  14. Why? Is it not flat enough for you? Take a look at the data from Binary Engineering. If you are going to use his comp again, ask him what a third 3/16" poppel will add. I think he will tell you that if you add more holes, go to the 2-port comp.
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