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  1. Around me, Prod and CO are down somewhat because the non-reloaders cannot find ammo to buy. Some of them had a stockpile of 45 ammo, so they are now shooting SS. Participation at matches is about 60% of normal. Some due to ammo and/or component shortages, and some due to Covid. Most of the reloaders I know are complaining about lack of primers. I just swapped 4000 WLPs for 4000 CCI 500s. That brings me up to 10,000, so I'm good for a while. If they keep cancelling matches because of Covid I'll be good for all of next year. Even so, I'll be curtailing practice and maybe skipp
  2. The only chrono data I have is substituting CCI 550s for 500s. Velocity increased by 30 fps in my Limited load with e3 powder.
  3. If you are putting it on an STI 1911 receiver you have to tell Chet so he modifies the lower 'lug' to fit. Generally it will not run with a 9mm ejector installed.
  4. Not so. You can easily modify Advantage Arms mags to work. You have to file down the front of the feed lips to accommodate the extended feed ramp Chet uses. Brownell's mags cannot be modified to work. Chet used to use the modified AA mags himself.
  5. I talked to Todd yesterday evening about his chassis and my impression. In a week or two he will have a clamp on hand stop that will weigh between 1.5 an 2.5 oz. That should help balance out the rifle. The hand stop is curved. Placed conventionally your hand will be stopped when your index finger hits the stop. Reversed, your pinky will hit and can help pull the gun into you. They will be available in black only.
  6. Rogers Purple PC bullets do not lead unless you shoot them in a compensated gun. I really like them. Every time I go into the store I buy another 1000, just in case. His bullets do not smell when shot, unlike the stench HiTech coated bullets make. His reman PC ammo is also very good. He doesn't have any now. Too bad. I loved his 9mm 115 @ 1050 fps for steel in my PCC. BTW, Roger's are not the only purple bullets around.
  7. Joe, first off the rule book says you cannot touch the decocker to drop the hammer for ICHDH. You must pull the trigger. There is no good reason not to use the correct range commands. If you are not a real RO, you've still heard the correct commands for an RO a thousand times. So why not use them if you are running the shooter. Consistent commands are a safety precaution, especially for newish shooters. Yesterday at an SCSA match I was run on one stage by a non-RO. He did fine until he got to If You Are....... and flubbed it. He knows I'm an RO, so he told me - yo
  8. The shroud on the Wiland LLW barrel is also pinned. The barrel will slide into any receiver that is in spec. If you bought a gunsmith fit receiver you'll have to remove material on the tenon to get it in. BTW, I had occasion to handle the Wiland chassis/barrel setup yesterday. It was very comfortable, but heavy in the rear. It made the muzzle feel whippy.
  9. I disagree with Jaques. I had a Scorpion and it had to go back three times for repairs/adjustments. It was accurate, but not dependable. I agree with Fosters3. After having used (extensively) a HS Supermatic Trophy, Hammerli X-Esse, full race Buckmark, Ruger MKIII and a Volquartsen Scorpion I was not satisfied with any of them for one reason or another. Five years ago I bought a custom CWA upper for my 1911 45 pistol. I have had zero problems with it, except for the occasional faulty ammo. I highly recommend it. If you want to shoot in a State that outlaws threaded barrels,
  10. I may be wrong, but I think more often than not the offenders are not NROI trained 'official' ROs. At least that's how it seems where I shoot. It depends on the club. At one club, I am often the only real RO in the squad. That's a PITA, but I usually shoot with two buddies who know the rules as well as I do. Either can run a shooter as well as a real RO. At another club (who pays the entire fee for anyone wanting to become an RO) there are so many there are often 5 real ROs in a ten man squad. Another club works it completely differently. Everyone registers, but no one can squad. Then
  11. I've never had that happen to me 'that I know of'. Just two weeks ago I ran a stage in 'about' 24 seconds. The RO was with me. The scoring RO was off scoring targets. They met up at the farthest targets. When I got home and checked how I did on Practiscore, the time I was given for that stage was 59 seconds. So someone bumped the timer before the scorer was given the time. Since then, and from now on, I go up to the scorer and ask the time and HF. If I suspect something is amiss I'll ask for a review.
  12. I think it must vary by region. When I first started shooting USPSA ( Limited major) I always wondered why there were so many Open minor shooters. The reason was they were old and could not see sights anymore. So they put a dot on whatever they were shooting and shot Open. Geez! I did the same thing with my Limited pistol. I put a dovetail mounted dot on it and shot in Open in SCSA. For USPSA I bout a used Open gun and shot major. At some point, even with special glasses, stick on diopters and the like, it just becomes a PITA. Around me, CO picked up a lot of the old Open m
  13. Well, that is another firm I won't be buying from again. Too bad. I liked their bullets. A 25% increase in price for 2000. No wonder so many are switching to poly coated. Fortunately there are still a few firms selling bullets at pre-Covid pricing, and that's where I'm buying now as stuff becomes available. They are also the firms I'll continue buying from after the shortage is over.
  14. Interesting. While developing my preferred minor loads (I need four different ones) I experimented with different powders and OALs for 1.090" to 1.55". I too found that 1.135" was the sweet spot. My PCC load of 3.2gr Alliant Sport Pistol (an N320 clone) with a 147 gives me a sloid 130 PF load out of a 5" barrel. I also discovered that using the same load with 124 and 115 bullets gave lower PFs as expected, but they all shot to the same POI. So I can use the lighter bullets for steel challenge and the 147s for when I need to make PF, all without ever changing zero.
  15. We are in a similar situation, but with a mandatory mask requirement indoors and out. One club just cancelled the USPSA match for Sat, because you cannot wear a mask without fogging up your shooting glasses. That is a safety issue. The outdoor practice ranges remain open. One club mandates masks at all time, except on the shooting line while actively shooting. Again, the fogging issue. Their shooting lanes are set up so that it is impossible for shooters to be closer than 6' from each other. It remains to be seen what the other clubs I shoot at will do. To your original ques
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