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  1. g, lighter can be better depending on where the weight is. My PCC plus red dot weighs 5.25 lbs. and has a 5.5" barrel with a shroud to bring it to 16". Since all the weight is between your hands, it transitions like lightning. A word of caution on your upper search. Not everything works with everything else. So do your due diligence, or buy from someone who will let you return it if it doesn't work with your lower.
  2. I'm looking for a soft side cooler than is around 12" x 12" x 5-6", with an outside pocket. So far I have not been able to find anything at all. Any ideas?
  3. If all you can buy is the cheap stuff and it gives you problems, have your chamber reamed to Sport or larger. You loose a little accuracy, but you can run anything. A friend of mine has a pistol and a rifle with a large chamber. He can run the CCI coated ammo, red, white and blue promo and the newer versions. He also can run any of the cheap junk. So that's what he buys. You don't need bullseye accuracy for SCSA.
  4. Interesting comments on the differences between the M&P 15-22 and the 10/22. I don't see it. I RO 21 SCSA matches a year and both platforms just run. The 15-22 mags work fine, as do the 1-round 10/22 mags. The only 10/22 I saw having a problem was with the hi-cap mags. Both platforms, set up correctly, run much more reliably than the ammo used. I have yet to find a brand with zero FtF issues. At one match during the East Coast Steel Challenge Series I decided to fins out what ammo everyone was using. The vast majority were shooting CCI AR Tactical. A few were shooting E
  5. You would if you tried to load e3.
  6. Cones are typically 1.5" long. They taper from .699" in the front to about .565" at the rear. There is no rule that says they cannot be longer or shorter. Shorter reduces weight. Take a look at a Scheumann barrel bump and you'll see how whacky you can get.
  7. Once fired RP headstamp cases, CCI 500, 10.2gr SWMP, 115 HAP JHP, 1.161" OAL. Minor, twice fired major cases picked up after practice, 7.0gr VV 3N38, 124 JHP or RN heavy plate, 1 145" OAL. Yes, but. How much gas you can use is really determined by the efficiency of your comp, the number of ports in it, and the number of poppels. The general rule of thumb is the gun will shoot softer and flatter right up until you have more than a trickle of gas jetting out the front of the comp. Go past that point and the hit to your hand will be harder. You now have a 1-port comp,
  8. zzt


    You absolutely should. The really serious (and good) bullseye shooters at my home club are there often with a Ransom rest testing loads at 50 yards. Every one of them now shoot the Zero 185 LSWCHP. Now that Dardas is retired, it and Nosler Custom Competition 185 JHPs are the way to go for top accuracy. Caveat: not all barrels shoot 185s as well as 200s. Fortunately, all of mine like both.
  9. No where near the same amount of gas, so much, much longer as long as the loads are minor. I have a GM shooting buddy that shoots 20,000 plated rounds a year through his two PCCs with Anodized Al comps. No wear at all. Those are 16" barrels. I have another shooting buddy who shot an Open M&P major for a year. He used a couple of different Al comps and went through thee of them in the year. All cracked or broke off pieces. They also shot loose quickly. He now shoots a 2011 with a steel comp.
  10. So far I've liked this one the best. It is @Aircooled6racer's custom comp. There are a couple of things that make this unique. First the vortexes go up at an angle to the left and right and slightly forward. That leaves your view of the dot unimpaired for the second shot. Second, the chambers are well forward in the comp. That leaves room to put two 3/16" poppels in the comp behind the chambers in a V2 configuration. So no holes in the barrel or the slide. For reasons I don't understand, this comp stays cleaner than any of the others I've used. After about 7000 JHP major rounds I deci
  11. So get a comp designed for major. The only disadvantage for steel challenge is you will be transitioning a slight bit more weight than necessary for minor loads. I shoot major and minor out of my Open guns.
  12. You can accu-rail anything. If not a 1911 or 2011 it will be an expensive, custom job.
  13. I bought a Manson reamer, because that was what I could get at the time. The leede on a Manson 9mm reamer is .055". I went full depth so I could load to 1.161". A couple of weeks ago I was speaking to Bob L. of Brazos Custom about Barsto barrels. During the course of the conversation he mentioned he throats all of his barrels to .100". He said tt seems to work better and causes no loss of accuracy. Makes you wonder about what many bullseye shooters want, bullet touching the lands. They are convinced that produces the best accuracy. I'm not so sure. I had fitted a
  14. You can try some of the tricks often found in these forums. Some coat the inside of the comp with Kroil, shoot, then clean it out. There are other substances that are used. Do a search. Some find a ball end Dremel cutter that matches the radius of the comp chambers and carefully use it to remove the build up. You can slice the lead off of the flat baffle walls with a sharp box cutter blade, or use a chisel.
  15. Barsto's leedes are notoriously short. Pay a gunsmith 20 bucks to lengthen it. I got so tired of that I bought my own reamer. I can't remember the name right now, but I did order gold and green poly coated bullets from someone who offered three sizing options. Many bullet makes will size to .355" upon request.
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