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  1. If you slugged your bore you may be surprised to learn it is not .355". Many makes vary between .355" and .358". I'm told some are larger but I've not seen it. Even if yours is .355", shooting a .356" cast bullet that was coated to .357" will do no harm. I'll say the manufacturer is suspect, because most makers size their bullets after coating so the are a consistent .356". Some even give you a choice between .355, .356 and .357.
  2. When you scale a stage smaller you are moving each target closer to the shooting box while maintaining the correct angle. If you leave the steel the original size there is much easier to hit. So you have to scale down the steel as well. Since SCSA only uses 10", 12" and 18x24" plates, you would have to buy smaller plates to keep the difficulty the same. Hitting an 18x24 plate at 20 yards is much easier than at 35. I'd rather there be two or more new stages that used existing rules and plates.
  3. I think scaling down the two long stages is not feasible, because you would not be able to use existing plates. I'd much rather see two or more new stages specifically designed to fit in 15 and 25 yard bays. Perhaps a third for really narrow 25 yard pits. I'd MUCH rather shoot a match with 5 or 6 real Classifiers and no outlaw stages.
  4. That's not a lot of barrel length to burn a lot of slow powders. I think you'll be blasting a lot of it out the front unburned. Perhaps that's why VV only lists loads with N340, N350 and 3N37 for that bullet.
  5. I definitely would like to see a couple shorter, more compact stages added. Several of the 15 yard max distance diagrams of Shred's would be ideal. My personal limit is four real classifiers for a match. Any less than that and it is not worth it for me. The club I shot at today had space for four Classifiers and two outlaw stages. They have room for 103, 105, 107 and 108. Any of Shred's shorter courses would have fit it the two outlaw bays. They would be gung ho to offer six official classifiers. Another club only can fit two existing classifiers with four outlaws. I don't shoot there. While I'm thinking about it, there is no reason to limit the extras to two.
  6. zzt


    F, that looks like you are bouncing around a lot. You may be holding the gun too loosely. Grip and stance are quite important, doubly so if your load is not hot enough to drive the gun straight back.
  7. zzt


    I have no problems with the standard buffer and that ammo. As I mentioned earlier I added the shorter of the two MBX short stroke adapters to the previous setup. So it's the 5007, weight/spacer, spring and the MBX adapter. So it is actually short stroked in the A5 tube. Without the adapter the slide locks back on empty. It is soft, but slow. Short stroking brings the speed back, and it is still a little softer than the carbine tube setup. I only run that ammo in falling steel shoots. Most of the time I shoot 109PF for SCSA and some 134PF for knock down steel outlaw matches.
  8. zzt


    Correction: that was shot through the 16.1" barrel, not the Wiland. Ammo was Prvi Partisan 147 JHP @ 985 fps. I'm sure it was faster than that in the 16.1" barrel.
  9. zzt


    Correction. Leadstar Arms Prime PCC with Wiland 9mm shrouded barrel Leadstar 16.1" barrel, BCG with weight, a Blitzkrieg Standard hydraulic buffer and short stroke adapter slug with a JP polished 308 spring. The dot doesn't move with the 556 spring either, but I think I like the recoil impulse of the 308 better. BTW, if I use anything other than that exact load I get dot movement with this setup. I've subsequently gone to an A5 buffer tube with all the same stuff plus the shorter of MBX short stroke adapters. I got a tip in this forum that the A5 softened the recoil. It really does, but I have no idea why. Everything just feels smoother.
  10. zzt


    I have no idea on the actual split time, but when I empty a 10 round mag it sounds like a machine gun. I took seemingly forever to come up with that combination of load, BCG/spring/buffer/SS adapter/etc. I did it for falling steel matches where you have lots of stages with one or more racks of 6 6" square plates arranged behind one another. Recoil is harsh in a 5 lb. PCC with a metal butt plate, but I can mow those targets down. The dot just doesn't move. For SCSA I use a lot lighter load and I do get dot movement. However, it settles while I transition to the next target.
  11. zzt


    147 JHP @ 145PF. 1" group as fast as I can pull the trigger.
  12. 14 for major PF; 12 for bullseye loads.
  13. Yes. For one thing, I started shooting Open with a CZ. I was not happy with it, so I went to 2011s. Also, I helped a shooting buddy develop loads for his Czechmate. Nothing we tried could get it to shoot as flat or as soft as any of my 2011s. The initial impulse on your gun is flat because you have a square bottom FPS. That delays the opening of the slide, so the muzzle rise is delayed. Once the slide gets going you have a massive amount of secondary recoil. The slide is moving fast and you are not mitigating the movement. It is fast because your comp is not efficient and you have a lot of gas jetting out the front of the comp. That drives the slide back hard. With 2011s it is quite common to have a lightened slide, 7 lb. recoil spring, 17 lb. mainspring and a normal radius on the FPS.
  14. Then I will opine your comp is not very efficient. If it were you would not need a 24 lb. mainspring and a square bottom FPS to control slide movement. I don't remember if I mentioned this earlier in the thread, so I say it again. My main gun had two 3/16" poppels and a very efficient 3 chamber comp with only up ports. Even if I completely fill the case with SWMP (AA7) and compress the charge while seating a 115 JHP, I get nothing more than a light splatter when I fire the gun 1" away from a white no shoot. That tells me the poppels and the comp ports are exhausting almost all of the gas before the bullet exits. This 2011 wears a 10.5 oz. slide, 11 lb. recoil spring, 19 lb. mainspring and a normal Open type FPS radius.
  15. Nice shot. Look like gas coming out the poppels and particles coming out the comp ports. I'll have to try that.
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