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  1. I can't give you a time, because I don't know how many matches will be cancelled. Last year we had a relatively warm Winter with little snow. So we shot all Winter. The deal around here is if the wind chill is 25 or lower, or if there is snow and/or ice on the ground, the match gets cancelled. Some years Mar is the first match that isn't cancelled. In others it's Apr. With the amount I have already loaded and the primers on hand, I can shoot about 30 local 5/6 stage matches with a little practice. Reasonable practice would drop that to 25. In either case, that is less than one year.
  2. I run e3 in all 9mm loads not destined for Open guns. If all you have to do is ring the plate to score, a lighter bullet lets you get back on target fastest. 105 gr bullets at sub-minor work really well. There is virtually no muzzle lift, very little recoil. The same can be said for 115 gr @ 950 fps or even lower. If you have to make PF, then I prefer 124s to 115s. For steel that must fall to score I prefer 147s. Even though it would require compromises in performance, if I had to stick with only one bullet weight it would be 124/125. Fortunately I don't have to. I can opti
  3. Not so. They sell Al 2011 grips setup for single stack mags for 2011 shooters. I think that rumor got started because the conversions often do not work with 9/40 extractors. Removing the ejector solves that problem (with a dedicated gun). It is no problem to have a little milled out of the slide if you want to dual purpose your lower. CWA can also use a number of different mags if you modify the front of the feed lips to accommodate the long CWA feed ramp.
  4. Well, I'd have to say yes judging by the participation at the last three matches I've shot. I normally register for a certain SCSA match at 6 PM Sun when registration opens, because it fills quickly. For some reason I forgot to and didn't remember until late Mon morning. I logged into Practiscore sure I would be waitlisted. Amazingly there were open slots; a lot of them. Now on Wed afternoon there are still many open slots.
  5. I'm with ltdmstr on this one. I thought it would be cool to build one so I ordered a receiver from Brownell's. It got sent back. I COULD have made a better casting in my back yard.
  6. I presented three closed boxes of 100 rounds each and they selected what they wanted. I never touched the actual rounds.
  7. At both Area 8 matches I shot I was asked to present ammo. They selected and bagged it before the start of the match. The bagged ammo was used at the chrono station both times.
  8. It is interesting that some matches allow you to present the rounds to be used at the chrono station. That should not be allowed. I have always been asked to present all the ammo I'll use and the guy collecting the ammo chooses randomly. Sometimes they collect from the same box. Other times across multiple boxes.
  9. My Tubbs carbine spring goes over the Blitzkrieg quite easily. I tried it for one match and took it out. It made so much noise in the buffer tube I could not hear bullet strikes on steel. I currently use the JP polished springs. MUCH quieter.
  10. zzt

    170mm mags

    Factory everything. While I can fit 30, it is not easily reloadable. I would have to slam it in really hard to get it to seat and I refuse to do that. The extra round wouldn't buy me anything anyway.
  11. I think you will be satisfied. I shot their 200 and 185gr for years on my bullseye gun. I also shot their 155, 165 and 180 bullets in my Limited Gun. All were great except for the 155s. That gun didn't like 155s from anybody.
  12. I have not tried on a Outlaw, but I have on other guns. EGW makes a standard GS which has a HUGE amount of extra material on it and requires a LOT of blending. They also make JEM 1911 GS which requires little or no blending. The feel is the same. The only difference is the amount of material left on. You might even consider the Cheely GS if you pin your GS. It is designed to be captured by the MSH and does not require pinning.
  13. Try here. https://www.midwestgunworks.com/1911/extractor.html
  14. Well I broke my own rule. When I am down to my last case of primers I order 15k more. This time I already had 9mm major, minor and PCC loaded up for the rest of the year. So I figured I'd wait for the rebate program again this year. WRONG! By the time I figured out it was not just ammo that was flying out, I was too late. I still have that last case, but 5000 won't get me very far next year. Yeah, I'm there on everything except small pistol primers.
  15. I throw 9mm cases into the tumbler with walnut media and a dash of Dillon Case Polish. I run it for between 30 and 45 minutes, separate the brass, spray with One Shot, and toss. Then I resize, decap and two step expand. After that they go back into the tumbler for at least 3 hours. After I separate the media I reload them as normal, but with the sizing die removed. I do it this way because it takes more effort to resize 9mm cases than it does for 40sw or 45. If I don't use the case lube I can only resize about 100 cases before my elbow screams quit. Since I'm loading 9mm major I don't w
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