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  1. Understand the sequence of events now. i agree with your decision FWIW. Thank you sir
  2. Yes sir, it was indeed that. Just curious because i didn't read it in the post. Did you immediately require the shooter to flag his PCC and the shooter completed Stage 2 and the remainder of the match using the chamber flag? Thank you..............
  3. I sent an email(s) to Troy himself and asked the question of flagging. His response that I got today. You can see my question to Troy and his answer in each email. Email number 1
  4. Another Multibrief article by Troy McManus dated 3-15-18 http://www.multibriefs.com/briefs/USPSA/PCC_Is_Still_Not_a_Crime.pdf
  5. Below is link from USPSA Downrange Multibriefs. It can be located at the Multibrief Downrange files dated December 28, 2017. The article was based on discussion at the Optics Nationals that year. The top section goes into detail how they handled the two rules shown at the bottom of the article. http://www.multibriefs.com/briefs/uspsa/pcc-handling.pdf
  6. Bret, Thank you for your reply. part of the confusion goes back to the original provisional Appendix 8, D8, PCC Division, item 14 which reads “Handling requirements- cased/bagged (note that carbine must be chamber flagged in all instances). This has been the intent from the outset. There are conflicts in the current rules that NROI or Troy should address. I spent nearly 50 years in contract resolutions and I can attest that in most cases both sides could offer compelling arguments due largely to conflicting language. I’m confident that the issue of flags will get addressed. It’s a game but with lethal weapons so egos aside, we want to be as safe as we can reasonably be with clear procedures. Happy shooting folks....be safe
  7. I would be interested in knowing if anyone who has posted on this subject is actually an NROI Range Officer? If you are, can you please offer a NROI based response? Has anyone who has posted on this subject shot at matches other than Tier 1, for example at the world shoot, and comment what the PCC flagging procedure was at those high level matches? The July 8, 2019 NROI open letter on casing/uncasing of PCC's summarized in the 3rd from last paragraph stating that anyone who hasn't flagged their cased PCC should go to the safe table and do so. My interest from the start of this post was to get clarity on the flagging requirements in USPSA (and SC). From what I have read, I am going to take the 60 seconds and flag my carbine before I put in the case for the match. With so many versions, it just seems the safe and logical thing to do.
  8. The RO would have addressed the shooter not having a chamber flag issue at the Make Ready point so it shouldn't have progressed to the hammer down at the end of the stage....especially if the shooter walked from a side berm without a flag. I wouldn't think that the shooter could walk (or that anyone would want them to) around during scoring without a flag when the RO is busy with the proper scoring. At the hammer down command, flagging is reguired. If the shooter lost it during the course of fire, I'm sure a fellow PCC would immediately loan him one. Did you read the NROI article on casing/uncasing?
  9. There is an interesting NROI article regarding casing/uncasing that addresses USPSA flagging PCC's.....and the continuing confusion about it. If i don't get the link right below, the article is titled "Where can PCC casing/uncasing occur? USPSA National Range Officers Institute dated July 8, 2019. I just googled it and easy to find. It's worth the read. https://nroi.org/rules-insights/where-can-pcc-casing-uncasing-occur/
  10. After reading the last few posts, my interest has peaked in USPSA rules for flagging PCC. So I decided to look it up. There was a statement in one of the posts that cased PCC's do not require chamber flags as does SC. I read Section 8.3 Range Communication, specifically 8.3.7,, and 8.3.8 and it seems that flags are subsequently required, including when cased after the Range is clear command. describes flagging if the gun proves to be clear, transported back to the start position and off stage to a rack or case. I'm sure that there are some other sections that clear this up but I didn't see them. This year we plan to shoot some USPSA matches in addition to SC so insight/clarification would be appreciated so that we don't make a mis-step at a future match. DQ is noted several times in Section 8.3 so definitely want to avoid that. Thanks
  11. I'm graciously bowing out of this topic. Thank you fellow shooters. Happy range days.
  12. rules require flag in PCC and Rimfire. Cased or cart. Subject to DQ. However, vertical up/down, 3ft radius from conveyance (transport), facing berm, or backstop language is additional to USPSA.
  13. I certainly made a mess of my what my initial thoughts were. Brain fog for sure............in any event.....I'm good. Thanks.
  14. Oops.....before everyone writes back.......you are correct in SC requiring flag in the case if using a case is your option. This is what we actually do. I just mis-spoke. But what does often happen that we see is cross comparisons of USPSA to SC regarding casing or 3-gun type carts.
  15. Clarification on unflagging carbines in a case. What I was saying that if a shooter chooses to leave his/her carbine cased in a bag, it is NOT necessary under SCSA to be flagged. The case must be zipped/closed. At the make ready command, most set their case/bag on a barrel or table next to the shooters box, remove their carbine.....muzzle downrange....and make ready. After the show clear commands have been down, the shooter replaces his/her UNFlagged carbine in the case/bag, zipped/secures it and range is safe command is given. Simply put, most confusion with PCC’s is between USPSA rules and SCSA rules. Keep them separate and there should be no issues....in my opinion.
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