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  1. I may have missed this in some of the previous data for the match. Do you have a "hammer down" time set for the AM and PM matches? Thanks,
  2. I wanted to correct a figure I just stated. TacSol just sent me an email. The top of their picatinny to top of barrel is 0.430". I measured one of my Magnum Research receivers and it is 0.6610" to the top of barrel which is 0.2310" (nearly 1/4") taller than the TacSol ( and similar to my friends TI).
  3. Do you mind telling me the receiver you are using? If it is Azimuth, TS or TI, they run about .416" - .450" lower than Magnum Research. If your receiver top rail were to be higher by .450" I'm guessing your combination of sights may not work. Curious what you think. Thank you
  4. Thanks. I encountered the same thing with the front sights. The receiver height is the determing factor for sure. My Magnum Research receiver appears to be the tallest receiver compared to the other poplular receivers. I can manipulate the front the PCC sight as you did, but to get the comfortable height I want for the rear ghost ring, the rear sights currenty made by Wiland do not work for me with the taller receiver. Wiland is aware of this and are currently looking into combinations of heights. Note: I have suggested to Wiland that they make the front sight slots longer which would make the adjustment (lower) a simple process.
  5. A friend of mine has a Kidd 10/22. The BX-25's were a disaster. He tried adding epoxy, etc. and they were a little better but still unreliable. He tried black BX-1......not much better. Most of us with other platforms had gone to the Tandemkross clear double mags......he finally switched to them and now his gun is 100% reliable. Most of us also switched to the VQ extractor and run the minus 10% recoil spring. We snug up the rotary spring and then turn approximately 1-3/4 to 2 turns. I use the TK tool kit. I mark one side of the T handle with silver marker and just use that visual to keep up with my rotation/turns. Works for me. Wiland or other short/sleeved barrels. We have found them not to be 100% reliable with standard velocity ammo. They work fine with HV ammo. If you want a barrel that is comparable in weight but a full 16", then look at the Briley Raptor....it is around 11.5 oz. Being a full 16" it is reliable for SV and HV ammo. Ammo.............due to the current shortage, we see folks using bulk ammo in matches. Many of the these types of ammo are just not 100% reliable. If you want to get satisfied that a gun is 100% reliable, I would suggest using good quality ammo to test out your set up. Once satsified, then when you use the grab bag ammo you can reasonably know that malfunctions are ammo related. This has been my experience........you may have different circumstances. BTW.......in my stock of match ammo is Aguila. I like Aguila and if you clean your gun often it is good stuff. But not when it is cold weather.........the heavier wax on Aguila can slow down things. Some of the wax can be rolled off in a cloth. Some other less quality ammo such as Amscor also has a lot of coating. Just something to watch for since this will effect the cycling of the bolt and feeding.
  6. Been out of town. Sorry for late reply. Thanks for feedback. I will be looking at the various combinations/options this week.
  7. Do you know the distance from top of TS picatinny rail to top of barrel? My MR is taller than TI’s but I don’t have any info on TS receivers. BTW....with the tall front and rear PCC door blades, any issues snagging in case or bumping hard enough to loose Zero or damage sights?
  8. I'm curious. I'm gathering info for me and a couple of friends for this project. What receiver do you have? I have a Magnum Research. It is .6585" from top of picatinny rail down to top of barrel. At this point, the Wiland barrel top of flute is very close to standard barrel before it tapers down. A friend of mine has Tactical Innovations. His is .4550".....a little over 3/16" shorter or nearer the barrel than mine. I want my front sight to be 1-7/8" above the top of barrel. My friend is similar. But with his lower picatinny rail his rear ghost ring needs to be longer than mine. I found the PCC sights to be too high for me. The blades can be lowered but not that much before you run into the screw depth issue. I prefer to have the ghost ring at the same location my red-dot is off the rail. I'm hopeful others will comment on thier experience. Thanks
  9. Is anyone using Wiland's iron sights kit for 10/22 and his ultra-light barrels? The front sight is a barrel clamp with slot for the front fiber optic blade. The rear sight picatinny adaptor secures the ghost ring. If one of you have tried these, any issues with getting the proper zero sight line? For SCSA matches, I prefer a sight line similar to my red dot. For me, the Wiland 10/22 kit front blade and rear ghost ring is too short. Thanks for your input.
  10. I looked at Etymotic Gunsport. Nice looking. I asked Etymotic for a comparison to Peltor TEP-100....NRR and dB, etc. To my surprise, Etymotic answered promptly and said the Etymontic GSP15 was comparable to Peltor 100. Sign of good company to me. Looking closer at Etymotic, which is a bit cheaper than Peltor, it appears that each earbud has a battery and the case is for safe carrying......batteries are not chargable. Double check me on this for sure. Peltor's are recharegable and the charging is in the carrying case. This could be the only real difference and perhaps the source of the added cost. Both look good to me as a Peltor user. Good luck.
  11. I use 3M Peltor TEP-100 ear buds. Rechargable. Two levels of sound control. They are a bit pricey. Took a little time to get used to them in the ear. Most matches I runs on lowest level. There is a match that has the plates against a horizontal bottom bar that tends to mute the ringing sound. I usually "re-set" them around stage 3 to insure full match. I use the highest sound level for this match. Steel matches that use a bolt and spring or swinging hook make the loudest sound....love those matches. I have a short neck and I find external ear muffs can interfer with with my butt stock...RFRO and PCCO. Good luck....
  12. Good Morning all, If you are C Class, I assume you have a SCSA membership number that you use when you shoot official SCSA matches. Each Wednesday morning SCSA.org updates thier database. If you shot an official SCSA match the weekend before and your club uploads the match, your times will be recorded and you can see the results by loging into SCSA.org. IF you gained time on any stage previously shot, your percentage will increase. If not, you will remain unchanged....and so the cycle goes. If you shoot a stage for the first time, it will be added and your percentage adjusted accordingly. I noticed that you shot Speed Option. Due to width and length of that stage, many clubs can't shoot this stage. It's good you can. If your club can handle Outer Limits......even better. The more stages you shoot, the more realistic your classification will be. For members, SCSA's website has a Calculator under member resources. I find it is a good tool to use to evaluate and run what-if's. Good luck.
  13. This has been a recent topic of discussion within our shooting group. One friend of mine was a commercial airline pilot for years...now retired. His analogy is the flight simiulator. Flight simulators are used to simulate flight issues that require quick processing and reaction....not just smooth, uneventful flights. Our groups conclusion is that to hone our match skills we should focus on calling our shots and to shoot make-up shots during practice sessions. It's not uncommon to hear a shooter say in frustration during a match that they don't understand why they can't score as well during a match as they do in practice. I suppose we all can shoot faster during practice when there is no pressure or adrenline flowing. That's one reason I prefer to practice with a fellow shooter. I have decided for my next practice sessions, I will focus on calling my shots and picking up missed shots. This is my opinion. I too am interested in what other's think about this.
  14. Actually this did help. Reminded me I have a friend who is clever with 3D printer he has. thanks...
  15. I should have updated this post. TS confirmed that the barrels are sporter. Also that the breech face is aluminum but they will warranty any issue should the breech face cause any issues. They do a nice job with the actual barrel liner. No leading issues but I always clean after 200 rounds shot. I decided to purchase one....the partial flute, 14.9 oz. I have about 500 rounds thru it and it has been flawless. It has been 100% reliable. So far I really like the barrel.
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