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  1. Thanks folks. I talked with my friend today. He is going to systematically go thru each of the points raised here. Appreciate the comments.
  2. Thanks. I had asked him about his ammo. Blazer LRN 22LR. He has been using this ammo for a while without issues and does not think it is ammo. Perhaps a few test runs with other reliable ammo would be wise. 15-22 mags can be problematic if a lot of rounds are shot. Polymer feed lips get worn down. He used a couple of fairly new mags and same issue. I will suggest to him that he try some other ammo.
  3. A shooter friend of mine put a Volquartsen Carbon fiber barrel and handguard on his 15-22. For a while, all good. Recently he has been experiencing FTF’s (failure to feed). The 22 bullet tip hits the top of the chamber and bites into it. The force of the bolt sometimes bends the bullet where it meets the case. Anyone had this problem with 15-22’s and if yes, what was the remedy? Thanks
  4. The poll has closed. The final results: Steel Challenge Matches 72.34% and Outlaw Steel Matches 27.66%. Thank you for participating. The poll along with comments provided good information and points of view across the country. Happy shooting......be safe.
  5. As of now, 42 members have voted. Thank you. I hope by poll closing tonight that we can be over 50 so that we have as good of a sampling as possible. I will post a final comment tomorrow morning. Vote please. Very much appreciated.
  6. The poll closes tonight after midnight. I appreciate those who have already voted and hope we can get a few more tonight before closing. So far an official steel challenge match is well ahead of an outlaw, random target match.
  7. For those who like outlaw and steel challenge, consider for this poll that there is one match each, equal distance, on the same day. Which match would you choose to go to? Steel Challenge with official classifiers and scores uploaded to USPSA, or the Outlaw match with random target stages for essentially just the fun factor and no credit towards classifications. Thank you for your time and input. It will be interesting to see the final outcome of this poll.
  8. Thanks for the input. Good suggestions. I hope my clarification of the meaning outlaw helps with the poll voting.
  9. Zack, we have several outlaw matches. We are discussing a Steel Challenge format so our shooters can shoot official stages without having to drive distances to find official matches. Plus we think it would be a good draw for more shooter attendance.
  10. Zack, outlaw match has no resemblance at all to Steel Challenge. Outlaw (ours) Stages have from 10 to 40 targets....Texas Star, spinners, poppers and plate rack, etc. in this poll, Steel Challenge would be an official Tier 1 match with all classifiers vs outlaw meaning dropping off a load of targets per stage in random order and count. Completely different. Thanks
  11. This poll is intended to give us input as we consider types of steel matches at our local range. Thank you for your assistance.
  12. My initial post was to get comments from those folks who do want to have a classification and who shoots SC classifiers. It was not intended for Outlaw steel matches that don’t require a classification or to anyone who chooses not to pay SC the membership fee for a member number. BTW..... Our outlaw matches are very challenging matches). I shot outlaw for 3 1/2 years before my first SC match this year (March 2019). I continue to shoot outlaw matches as well as SC and approach them very differently. I shoot against friends with no classification and they are extremely fast and accurate shooters. Back to those folks who are classified for USPSA Steel Challenge matches. If I understand the methodology used by SC to be classified as D thru GM, only 4 classifiers or official SC stages are required. Not the full 8 stages. Under this official method, a shooter could advance all the way to GM and shoot only the same 4 stages over and over. From what I can determine, not all ranges can physically fit Outer Limits and Speed Option......the longest stages of the 8. Arguably, Outer Limits is the most difficult since it is the only stage with movement. My thinking....and this is the question to the SC group......is that a shooter that has reached M or GM shooting only 4 of the 8 stages would be at a disadvantage to other M or GM (or A, etc) at other Tier 1 and Tier 2 matches that include Outer Limits and Speed Option. Does the 4 stage minimum present a true comparison of skill level within the SC classifications? It is my opinion that I would be at a disadvantage and because of this thinking, we have been driving a bit further to matches that shoot 6-8 stages and/or includes Outer Limits and Speed Option. (Yes, Pendulum can be tuff as well, but much different that the 105 ft. Outer Limits with movement). If relevant to this discussion, I have shot quite a few SC matches since March by traveling around so I could get in more scores and more stages. I am currently M class in PCCO and A class in RFRO. I am competitive in nature and I am interested in how my M and A class skill level compares to other shooters around the country who have the same class. And this is still fun (I would shoot any type steel match if SC did not exist). Thanks.
  13. Good point. Improving = becoming more consistent. Shoot more matches. Thanks
  14. I am new to SC and learning the classification system. Someone mentioned total match score vs. "best of" stages. When I was playing golf, the handicap system was based on total score of 18 holes and a series of calculations were used to develop my handicap. I was never capable of in the low 70's but I was capable of shooting par or lower on individual holes on various days. If I understand SC, my lowest stage scores and not match scores advance me. I wonder what percent of shooters in any class consistently shoot their class in the mid and upper percentile on a match total basis. My guess is that in the A, M and GM classes it is harder to do on a consistent basis. Love the sport and the challenge. Made a lot of new friends.
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