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  1. This poll ends tomorrow, 9/15/2021 at 9:00 pm Central Time. Based on activity, it appears this post may have run it's course. I was hoping that the total number of votes would reach 100 but as of today, the number is 64. Perhaps this will increase during the final hour before the poll closes.
  2. There have been a lot of comments regarding OL in this post.....one being the size and many ranges can't physically shoot it (SO as well). With only 7,800 SCSA members in the entire U.S. (per USPSA board report for 2020), I believe one or two more official stages would be a positive change to encourage more new shooters and to give more ranges the ability to shoot more official stages at their matches. But.....not changing the principle of the sport which is 5 strategicly placed targets with 5 strings with emphais on speed and accuracy. Leave WSS as is for year or two as an option.
  3. If you are reading this, please vote. The more votes we have in this poll will give some basis for approaching SCSA.org on the subject. Poll closes 9/15/21 thereabouts. By the way........9-11-21 is Saturday. Never Forget.
  4. You summed up this topic nicely. One or two additional official stages, in my opinion and the reason for this poll, would add a new outlook for the SC and I believe would encourage more shooters. When I was able to shoot USPSA, it was 1 classifier then 5 free form stages that changes from match to match. Let's give some more options to SC and still maintain it's principles of speed and accuracy.
  5. I have a different opinion about Outer Limits which I have mentioned before. In our area we have large group of active, retired and disabled veterans. SCSA is an excellent format for disabled vets and other disabled shooters.......with the exception of OL. 4 second penalty per string or 12 second penalty for the stage does not truely reflect their shooting skills. All of the other stages, even if in a wheelchair allows these folks an equal chance to shoot to their shooting skill level......but no way they can manuver a wheel chair over the shooting boxes without a lot of effort.....and time on the clock. There are other reasonable reasons that perhaps should give thought to the only odd stage we have in SC. Thanks
  6. This poll is still open. Moderators for Enos, based on their policy, wanted to leave it open instead of closing.
  7. I was asking USPSA who the Area 4 AD and SC was for SCSA and was surprised by the answer. It never occurred to me that the USPSA areas was specifically for USPSA. I guess it has never come up before.
  8. Directly from USPSA HQ today after I questioned the first email. 2nd Email from USPSA: I will confirm again, SCSA clubs are not in sections or areas. Areas and Sections ONLY apply to USPSA Clubs technically. The matches naming themselves Area X championship is a geographical reference and those matches are simply a Tier II or Tier III SCSA Match. 3rd Email from a higher up USPSA than Email 2: Individual clubs are not assigned to a section or area. However, Tier 3 matches can requested to be sanctioned as an area championship, regional, or nationals. Tier 2 can request to be section/state championship and this is under appendix A1 in the rules and policies for sanctioned these events. I am only the messenger in this as this post made me curious of how SCSA is structured. So I asked HQ and these were the replies.
  9. As this topic has progressed there has been additional information directly from USPSA HQ today. Today it was learned that SC is not structured with Area’s and AD’s. Consequently, the BOD for SCSA is made up of USPSA Corporate and 8 USPSA AD’s. So under this structure, another Enos member posed the question of should SCSA have its own separate BOD representatives. A reasonable question resulting in a variety of responses.
  10. Excellent idea. I did shoot the Area 4 Texas match and met some good folks there. It was a fun and organized match. Covid prevented me from going to WSS 2020 and 2021 but I’m planning to go to 2022 and the April 2022 Area 4 match back in Texas. nothing beats personal talks......especially when it involves shooting sports. FWIW......I’ve learned today that SCSA is not structured with areas and AD’s. The references to Areas is just for geographical references related to sanctioned (USPSA.org approved) Level III or II matches. Ideas, suggestions, etc should be forwarded directly to Headquarters. thanks
  11. I decided after I sent the email to also phone Headquarters to speak with the person about this. I am waiting on a phone call. Hopefully it was just a wording issue and not literal.
  12. Ok. I said I would not ask again.....but not wanting to add any untrue information, I did just now ask for a clarification if the text was meant to be as written or were they perhaps trying to indicate SCSA falls under the USPSA links and AD's. I will let you know what the reply is.
  13. For the benefit of doubt of wording: Perhaps it should have said that separate Area AD's and Area's are not defined specifically for SCSA and instead SCSA falls under the USPSA Area's and AD shown in the USPSA website. Perhaps that is what was meant.
  14. The link is for USPSA AD's and under USPSA website. I can only read the text that was written. It is right? Is it wrong? Was it confusingly worded? I do not know. I do know that I won't be asking again. Thanks
  15. I have had several email with USPSA.org on the subject of Area Directors, Section Coordinators, directory, etc. I received the following reply this morning. I am not including the names of the folks at USPSA Headquarters who replied (there were 2 of them involved with my request for info). Here is the reply....exactly as I received it: "SCSA clubs are not in sections or areas. Areas and Sections ONLY apply to USPSA Clubs. So for this reason, there is not Area Map on the SCSA website. To find your Area Director, please use this tool: https://uspsa.org/areas" Not much more I can add.
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