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  1. Jammer1911

    Best 1911 Mags Yet? Gun Pro Surefire

    Looks like the spring tab could be a weak link. And if so wonder how they will warrenty.
  2. Jammer1911

    Single Stack, 10mm/40 170 Mags

    Which do you have. In the Tripp I am not talking about the System Mags (Cory Mags). Both have the 170 mm 10 round. I just sold my Tripp Mags but maintain the Wilsons.
  3. Jammer1911

    Single Stack, 10mm/40 170 Mags

    Tripp makes the 10 rd mags in 10mm/40. Also the Wilson Combat 10 round 45 ACP work great as well
  4. Jammer1911

    Post your Dogs!

    Here is my little buddy. Thinks he's human.
  5. Jammer1911

    So 1911 9mm Single Stacks...

    +++1 RJH Everyone has an opinion. All the aformentioned options need something. I added a Magwell, polished the trigger prts and great mags (Metalform) and my 9mm RO runs like a raped ape and makes weight with room to spare. JMHO
  6. Jammer1911

    Footwear options for 2018

    Very few of the shoes mentioned accommodate X-wide feet. Very good luck with the NB brand and the lugs on the KOM work great. Have the same sole on my NB Minimus but they have been discontinued.
  7. I have and continue to do so as I see this. I feel it is my duty as a NROI Certified official and also my Sections Coordinator to speak up. Sometimes it is received well and sometimes not so much. I guess its a good thing I don't have feelings (As my wife tells me all the time) or they might get hurt. But we are a sport of rules and I will continue to enforce them.
  8. Whether the RO sees the chamber clear or not, "If, Clear Hammer Down" and it goes bang, it is still on the shooter. That is why its not "I see clear, hammer down". all actions are on the shooter, the RO should not deviate from the Official Commands. If the shooter fails to comply then its a DQ under 10.6.1 as stated. At Level 1 matches I see alot of inconsistencies and that is what causes alot of confusion. It is a dis-service to competitors to deviate at local matches. JMHO
  9. Jammer1911

    Self stopping

    Thanks Gary, After all it is all about being fair to the competitors.
  10. Jammer1911

    Self stopping

    All that being said if I short beeped the shooter and I knew it was clearly my fault I would tell them to stand easy or stop them. Them restart them. I go out of my way to work the timer in such a way it hasn't happened. That doesn't mean it will never happen.
  11. Jammer1911

    Self stopping

    The OP stated the shooter drew his gun. No reshoot.
  12. Jammer1911

    Started Wet Tumbling

    Yes the suspension of SS pins does not make the inside as shiny as the outside. The insides are very clean. The outside is as good as with the pins and the primer pockets are shiny also. I don't have to screw around with magnets and separating the pins from the brass and I don't have any stuck in the primer pockets. JMHO
  13. Jammer1911

    Started Wet Tumbling

    I have suspended the use of the SS pins. I use an ounce of Armor-all Wash/Wax, a 45 ACP case of Lemishine and water. tumble for 2 hours and looks the same as with the pins.