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  1. I can strongly recommend American Mountain Supply. Very well made.
  2. Metalform's or Dawson's. Haven't tried Tripp's in 9 JMHO
  3. Well the inevitable has happened. Due to the likely hood the Govenor's Health Order will be extended, we have postponed the match until October 2-3, 2020. Practiscore and USPSA have been updated to reflect this change.
  4. As positive as I can be, unless the Gov. Chanhes her order to extend beyond the 15th.
  5. Are these with the Hybrid followers or with the metal followers in the 9 round mags? Unless it has been modified to prevent slide lock then I would recommend verifying that the follower is not binding at the top or there aren't any burrs. The Hybrids I have, I haven't experienced any issues but I have with the others. If you still have issues then I would suggest calling Tripps. They have amazing Customer Service.
  6. ItZallgood, I have been using both the Wilson 47Ds as well as the Tripp 10mm System mags with zero issue. The 47Ds hold 9 reliably (No Barney mag) the Tripp System mags hold 10 round and both will fit the box. I load long so that may be the reason. Very little experience with factory length. That is what may make the difference. Mark
  7. +1 on the 47Ds. Work well in all my 1911 40s.
  8. 2020 New Mexico Section Championship Host Club: Southwest Performance Shooters Location: 1250 CR 16, Clovis, NM 88101 Registration will open March 15, 2020 Match starts July 31, 2020 @ 0800 (Staff and Sponsors) and concludes August 1, 2020 @~1800 (Main Match) Match Fee: $125.00 (Juniors $75.00) Refunds until May22, 2020. Refunds of 75% until June 30, 2020. No Refunds after June 30, 2020. Competitors are expected to be signed in by 0730 on Saturday August 1, 2020. Shooters meeting to be held at 0745 with shooting to start @ 0800.
  9. Match Host - Southwest Shooting Center Clovis, NM Staff and Vendors shoot July 31, 2020 Match August 1, 2020 Registration by Practiscore opens 1 March 2020 Fee: $125.00 8 Stages + Chronograph Co-Match Directors: Mark Dziamski Ace Boles
  10. what is everyone using and how are they in bright sunlight?
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