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  1. what is everyone using and how are they in bright sunlight?
  2. good day. what are you asking for the mags. and i assume these are the last gen with the metal follower ? Thanks 

  3. Month away now. Spots available. Great match in a convenient location.
  4. Match Starts on August 9, 2019 Match will end August 10, 2019 One day format, Friday (Staff & Vendors) and Saturday Main Match. Match Location: Founder's Ranch Edgewood, NM Host Club: East Mountain Stage Count: 8 + Chronograph Round Count: Approximately 225 - 270 Match Entry Fee: $125.00 https://practiscore.com/2019-uspsa-new-mexico-sectional/register More details to follow, but you don't want to miss this match! Mark Dziamski New Mexico Section Coordinator
  5. Looks like the spring tab could be a weak link. And if so wonder how they will warrenty.
  6. Which do you have. In the Tripp I am not talking about the System Mags (Cory Mags). Both have the 170 mm 10 round. I just sold my Tripp Mags but maintain the Wilsons.
  7. Tripp makes the 10 rd mags in 10mm/40. Also the Wilson Combat 10 round 45 ACP work great as well
  8. Here is my little buddy. Thinks he's human.
  9. +++1 RJH Everyone has an opinion. All the aformentioned options need something. I added a Magwell, polished the trigger prts and great mags (Metalform) and my 9mm RO runs like a raped ape and makes weight with room to spare. JMHO
  10. Very few of the shoes mentioned accommodate X-wide feet. Very good luck with the NB brand and the lugs on the KOM work great. Have the same sole on my NB Minimus but they have been discontinued.
  11. I have and continue to do so as I see this. I feel it is my duty as a NROI Certified official and also my Sections Coordinator to speak up. Sometimes it is received well and sometimes not so much. I guess its a good thing I don't have feelings (As my wife tells me all the time) or they might get hurt. But we are a sport of rules and I will continue to enforce them.
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