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  1. How will reactive steel targets be addressed? Especially when they are the activator. Bad bad bad idea. USPSA Will lose more than they gain. JMHO
  2. They will most certainly over insert on a slide lock reload. Two words - Death Jam
  3. They will not work with the no-gap. If interested I may have a bunch of No-gap pads for sale or trade. Let me know and I'll rummage my boxes.
  4. Yes it helps tremendously. I have tried all the others. I like the Limcats best.
  5. I am not sure the weight. Mine makes weight with plenty to spare. If you call Johnny and Julian I believe its available in steel or aluminum. Great guys to deal with.
  6. Here is 1st Photo of an unfished as yet Limcat 1911 SS Magwell bottom
  7. I have tried the Dawson Ice (don't care for the insert)Spent the money on the SVI because I like the look and profile (Could not get it to tighten up properly) Like the Dawson IPSC but over all best I have is now the Limcat Magwell. Hands down best for me.
  8. I understand its not the same but I actually like the skateboard tape better.
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