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  1. Match Host - Southwest Shooting Center Clovis, NM Staff and Vendors shoot July 31, 2020 Match August 1, 2020 Registration by Practiscore opens 1 March 2020 Fee: $125.00 8 Stages + Chronograph Co-Match Directors: Mark Dziamski Ace Boles
  2. what is everyone using and how are they in bright sunlight?
  3. good day. what are you asking for the mags. and i assume these are the last gen with the metal follower ? Thanks 

  4. Match Starts on August 9, 2019 Match will end August 10, 2019 One day format, Friday (Staff & Vendors) and Saturday Main Match. Match Location: Founder's Ranch Edgewood, NM Host Club: East Mountain Stage Count: 8 + Chronograph Round Count: Approximately 225 - 270 Match Entry Fee: $125.00 https://practiscore.com/2019-uspsa-new-mexico-sectional/register More details to follow, but you don't want to miss this match! Mark Dziamski New Mexico Section Coordinator
  5. Looks like the spring tab could be a weak link. And if so wonder how they will warrenty.
  6. Which do you have. In the Tripp I am not talking about the System Mags (Cory Mags). Both have the 170 mm 10 round. I just sold my Tripp Mags but maintain the Wilsons.
  7. Tripp makes the 10 rd mags in 10mm/40. Also the Wilson Combat 10 round 45 ACP work great as well
  8. Here is my little buddy. Thinks he's human.
  9. +++1 RJH Everyone has an opinion. All the aformentioned options need something. I added a Magwell, polished the trigger prts and great mags (Metalform) and my 9mm RO runs like a raped ape and makes weight with room to spare. JMHO
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