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  1. They will most certainly over insert on a slide lock reload. Two words - Death Jam
  2. They will not work with the no-gap. If interested I may have a bunch of No-gap pads for sale or trade. Let me know and I'll rummage my boxes.
  3. Yes it helps tremendously. I have tried all the others. I like the Limcats best.
  4. I am not sure the weight. Mine makes weight with plenty to spare. If you call Johnny and Julian I believe its available in steel or aluminum. Great guys to deal with.
  5. Here is 1st Photo of an unfished as yet Limcat 1911 SS Magwell bottom
  6. I have tried the Dawson Ice (don't care for the insert)Spent the money on the SVI because I like the look and profile (Could not get it to tighten up properly) Like the Dawson IPSC but over all best I have is now the Limcat Magwell. Hands down best for me.
  7. I understand its not the same but I actually like the skateboard tape better.
  8. The lack of checkering is easy to over come. Either add the Wilson Combat Front Strap Checkering or a piece of skateboard tape (my preference). That what I did with both my ROs (1 in 45 ACP and 1 in 9 MM)
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