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  1. Maximum OAL for 45ACP is 1.275". Your crimp measurement is fine. Are the chamber and throat clean? Regarding rounds that don't go into battery 100%, did you chamber-check those afterward?
  2. Cut a one inch wide strip, lengthwise, from a dryer anti-static sheet. Empty the powder out of the hopper. Insert the strip inside the hopper tube until it touches the metal powder measure body. Fold any excess over the top of the hopper and secure it with a short piece of tape. Pour the powder back into the hopper. This idea was passed on to me from a friend at Hodgdon Powder Company
  3. We stock replacement brushes for the RT1500, but not a rebuild kit. We don't carry bearings, or other internal parts, as they are not particularly user serviceable.
  4. UPS or FedEx is almost always less expensive than USPS on packages weighing more than 4 or 5 lbs. That said, go directly to a UPS or FedEx hub, and you will pay less than a 3rd party shipper typically charges. www.fedex.com has a shipping cost tool on their website, as does USPS. I imagine UPS does as well. This way you can get an idea of the cost. You will need to know the dimensions of the box and the weight to get the most accurate quote.
  5. With powder coat paint, the hue will vary with the amount of time the part is baked, and the rate at which the oven cools. We've seen parts come out a turquoise color , if parts were left in the oven overnight to cool. Color is as much art as science.
  6. If sized, unflared cases pass the gage, but loaded rounds fail, the most likely causes are insufficient crimp or insufficient case mouth flaring. Have you measured the case mouth on the loaded rounds that failed to gage? What do they measure? What is the dimension on rounds that pass the gage? On the 1050s, the case neck is expanded above the primer pocket swager. The powder measure only flares the case mouth. You might compare how deep bullets are seated to how deep the neck expander goes into the case.
  7. We just drill them, using a left-hand thread bit, and if that doesn't extract them, use an easy out to pull the broken piece. If you've used red Loctite on it, use a soldering iron to apply heat to the broken end first.
  8. When we get low on RL1050 shafts, we have more made. They just seldom break, so we don't keep a large quantity on hand.
  9. First, do sized, unflared cases gage? Next, is it the same headstamp that fails?
  10. Another possibility is that the cartridge fired just before this one was overcrimped, and left a ring of the bullet plating in the forcing cone. Overcrimping a plated bullet can crack the plated jacket, which remains behind upon firing. This acts as an obstruction, raising pressure. I've only seen this once, in a S&W 4006. It belonged to a local PD. In this instance, it cracked the barrel and damaged the slide. This was over 25 years ago, and plating technique has greatly improved since then, but still worth pointing out the possibility.
  11. Dillon Precision is accepting pre-orders on both the CP-2000 and the RL1100. We aren't taking payment information yet, this holds you a place in line in chronological order, once we do begin shipping. When we are ready to begin shipping, we will contact the people who pre-ordered first, in order of date placed, to begin shipping them.
  12. If shooting is going to be a long-time hobby, consider that ammunition availability can drastically change, due to political considerations. A lot of Californians are now reloading, due to changes in their laws requiring a background check, approval from the California Dept of Justice, and no online ammunition deliveries direct to consumer. In 2013, after the Sandy Hook shooting, shelves were empty for months. Being able to assemble your own ammunition gives you a level of autonomy.
  13. The change to a brass roller on the Super 1050 primer slide occurred a few years ago. If you purchase a new primer slide, it comes with the roller, and is a drop-in replacement part.
  14. The brass locator pin should not be taller than the top of the shellplate. Check the pin for damage. It sounds like the shaft is bent, preventing it from dropping down fully.
  15. Make sure that the primer indexing arm assembly did not get pushed up where it clamps around the primer shield. This can happen if the spring-loaded camming channel gets stuck, then the index bolt hits the bottom of it instead of entering the camming slot. The bottom of the primer index arm should almost drag in the primer slide channel. On older 1050s, prior to the brass roller on the rear of the primer slide, they have a steel roll pin with a rubber sleeve over it. Eventually the rubber sleeve wears or tears. Replace it with a short piece of 1/8" automotive vacuum hose.
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