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  1. The RL1100 will handle a 308 Winchester-length cartridge, but not a 30-06 length.
  2. A bullet should not slip into the case mouth if the cases have been sized. After that, use a headspace gage, or see if an empty case fully chambers and freely extracts. If yes to both, then primer, powder and seat a bullet.
  3. A couple of possibilities: First, be sure the primer actuating assembly has not been pushed up the primer shield tube. If it is too high, it fails to move the primer slide fully rearward. WIth the handle in the down position, the bottom of the arm should only be .010-,.020" above dragging in the primer slide channel of the frame. Next, be sure the primer slide stop is oriented with the flat portion either up or to the right. Otherwise the primer slide overtravels.
  4. It appears that the ejector wire is underneath the head of the shellplate bolt. If so, this is incorrect. Remove the ejector wire, loosen the set screw on the left side of the shaft. Tighten the shellplate bolt down until it stops. Back the shellplate bolt up 1/8 turn. Snug the set screw in the side of the shaft. Verify the shellplate can rotate in the clockwise direction by pushing the shellplate by hand. Press the ejector wire coil over the head of the shellplate bolt, and position the tail of it into the hole in the platform. The only way there is room for the primer in the photo is if the shellplate bolt is set much too loose.
  5. This is normal. The locking linkage clanks a bit
  6. On the powder measure with the two-piece bellcrank, we recommend to not add any springs or rubber bands to the measure, as in our experience it interferes with the consistency of the powder drops. Just tighten the blue wing nut so that when you push the handle forward to seat a primer, the coil spring above the blue wing nut is partially compressed. A business card should just slip between the coils with the handle pushed forward.
  7. Remove the top screw on the right side from the metal plate attached to the side of the case feed bowl. Then try it. A few bowls had this screw hole in the wrong location, just enough to bend the bowl when assembled. If this corrects it, use the screw hole in the plate as a guide to reinstall the screw.
  8. On the rear of your primer slide, is there a roll pin, or a screw and a brass roller? If you have a roll pin, it is missing the rubber sleeve that goes over it. Go to an automotive supply store, buy a foot of 1/8" automotive vacuum hose. Slice off enough tubing to just cover the roll pin. That will give you the additional movement your primer slide needs to pick up a primer.
  9. The shellplate should be fully rotated and held in place by the detent ball before the primer seater begins pushing the primer up. If you don't have an index alignment tool, the steel tube that was referred to earlier in this thread, please email us your name and address and request one. It sounds like the indexing cam, located on the left side of the frame, is not aligned. To start , it needs to go further towards the back of your bench, to cause the shellplate to be fully advanced.
  10. If the primer disc is over-rotating, then the primer index arm is in need of replacement. Phone or email us for a warranty replacement. Usually under indexing is the problem, not over indexing.
  11. For 9mm, either a crimped case wasn't swaged, or a spent primer was still in the primer pocket.
  12. The steel primer feed housing is rated for one explosion, but not more than that. #20773. The primer magazine tube, #22031 (large primer), and the primer station retaining tab, #12930 are usually what need replacing. The primer slides almost never suffer any damage. Just use a scotchbrite pad to remove any carbon buildup. The most common cause for an explosion while loading 45ACP is when a small primer case sneaks in.
  13. I don't see Dillon customers impuning the quality of Mark 7 products. As far as Country of Origin on parts go, the cordset, rocker switch, and possibly the microswitch on the case feeder are made in China. The microswitch comes from a French company, they probably subcontract the part. Non-heat-treated nuts and bolts could have origins in any one of 7 or 8 countries, including America or China. They packaging states it could be made an any a bunch of listed countries. All other parts are American made. I suspect Mark 7 uses many of the same sources. My job at Dillon is to answer customer questions, and refute any falsehoods regarding our equipment. I'm told I look like a gruff billy goat.
  14. The e-clips are a standard 1/4" size, available at any hardware store. If you email us, we will mail a few to you.
  15. donttreadonme, I suggest you edit your post. Dillon reloading equipment is made in the United States of America. You might research the definition of Libel as well.
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