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  1. Their nitrocarbuerized finish is amazing, and pretty much anything else would be a significant downgrade.
  2. Safariland 771. Cheap and highly effective.
  3. Excellent topic. Scores should at least remain visible after a DQ, if not stand altogether. The work is the work.
  4. Before I started shooting USPSA, I could shoot a 10” group at 5 yards. Now I shoot paster-sized groups at 10 yards.
  5. Probably your expander is oversized. Should be more of an hour-glass shape.
  6. Lucas 75W-90 manual transmission gear oil. rebranded as Lucas extreme. Works in everything: rifles, shotguns, pistols, revolvers. You can shoot until you need to clean it without reapplying oil. It’s fantastic.
  7. Bogies are more grippy. The full checkered are nothing to scoff at, but the quality of your skin will determine which is preferable.
  8. This thread should be called “Why to buy a Shadow 2”.
  9. I think it is more of a recreational division now. There are certainly serious competitors, but I think more people try it out for a change of pace. It’s been the most rewarding division that I’ve shot, but there is a lot to be said regarding having a gun in .40S&W that is set up to your liking. Lots of trial and error, and very few options for guns chambered in .40S&W. SS minor is weak. Not sure why it is even an option. It’s disgusting.
  10. Cut the chamber/leade. You might think about buying a finishing reamer for a 9mm chamber, or pooling with other shooters to buy one of those and a throating reamer. Short leades are extremely common, TOO COMMON, with 9mm firearms, and excessively tight chambers and short leades are relatively common in PCC barrels. Finishing reamers run $75. Cutting with a finishing reamer is a fast and easy job that can be done with a tap wrench and plenty of oil.
  11. Hogue thick grips. Very good option.
  12. All the Dawson and STI products work. I have 3 2011 grip modules, all made by STI. Probably other vendors aside from EGW would work also.
  13. It is clearly not a drop in part. My goal is the same as Vizorn’s goal, not to feel the magwell. Maybe I’ll throw it in the trash where it belongs.
  14. I picked up an EGW magwell a few months ago, and tried installing it recently. It did not fit the 2011 grip in question, so I tried it on my other two and it also won’t fit them either. All are STI grips. The back of the magwell will not fit over the mainspring housing area; it stops at the portion on either side of the MSH slot. Looks like the only way it will fit is with material removal. Anyone else had this problem? This magwell: http://www.egwguns.com/1911-parts/sti-hi-cap-mag-well-black/
  15. One thing that always works and should never be changed in a Glock: factory striker spring Learn how to trigger work on your grip
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