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  1. Posvar

    How to Learn the 2011

    The YouTube videos helped me a ton and I quickly learned how easy it was to take them down completely and then put back together. That simple ability sure helps with trouble shooting and issue diagnosis
  2. Hmmm....they all will work in SS but have different advantages/disadvantages. Also, the Valor does not have front cocking serrations and I’m not sure about the Specialist. My vote is the pointman nine all day long. It’s made very well, amazing to shoot, and ammo is cheap.
  3. Posvar

    Finding the dot...

    This advice is spot on and had helped me. Dry fire and a consistent draw helps a ton as well
  4. ^^^ I did this for my 2011 ESP IDPA gun at local matches as I would disengage the safety and gun wouldn't go bang. At major matches it's a no no.
  5. Posvar

    40 mags not fitting the gauge

    Filing a bit off of the base pad is easy and only costs a little bit of time. I had to do it to a few of mine. Matt
  6. Very interesting. I have an STI with plastic grip and flush MSH. It points low every time. I will try something thicker. Thanks!
  7. Posvar

    Shock- BUffs, who uses?

    Oddly enough the latest Limcat limited gun I bought had one in it. I shot it last week and couldn't feel any difference.
  8. Posvar

    Which Ambi Safety for STI 2011???

    Very interesting. I have large hands as well and do hit the right side safety but have never fully thought about what is happening there. I will go grab one of my guns now to see.
  9. Posvar

    Decisions, which to keep? STI Edge or SV?

    It looks like your gun is a “kit” that they sold with slide/frame. They used to sell them around that time and I have owned a couple. Most people often had them finished off with SV parts but another builder would do the work. They gave me the same response as the serial number will only tell them the year it was made/sold.
  10. Posvar

    Buying a used STI?

    Often a used STI will have upgraded parts and have all the kinks worked out. I have bought many used STI and have not had any issues. In fact now that I think of it I have never bought a new STI period. Some good deals are to be had this time of year but you must jump fast. Matt
  11. Arch feels way more natural and solid for me on plastic STI grip.
  12. Posvar

    MPX Comp

    Yes. Taccom comp is even flatter shooting. Venom has an AR9 comp and I have heard good things and they will be making one for the stock MPX barrel threads as well.
  13. Posvar

    PT Evo grip, easiest way to finish?

    Black Nitride is great for it
  14. Posvar

    Decisions, which to keep? STI Edge or SV?

    One more vote on having two similar guns if you need a back up. I have swapped platforms too many times and can attest that it hurts you
  15. Posvar

    2011 heavy magwell

    Can’t wait to hear the Sharpie review