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  1. So this is what I waited three and a half months for???
  2. I may or may not have broken an overhead light in the dining room doing it the old way. This looks great and will be ordering one
  3. I had a Limcat that was accurailed and I don’t know if it was just that specific gun or not but it was lights out more accurate than the other 1911/2011 guns I had at the time. Very noticeable. Ended up selling it for one reason or another and almost bought it back due to the accuracy.
  4. Posvar

    P320 X5 Thread

    They fit in the gauge per Tarans video review
  5. Mine arrived at Sig Monday but no email yet with shipping info.
  6. Thank you for the response.
  7. I’d imagine so. I’ll know in a few days
  8. Dropped mine at Fed Ex today. Here’s a pic from last weeks practice. My Alma Cole grip job on the Legion is superb!
  9. Did anyone remove their DPP optic before sending in? It mentions that aftermarket accessories not made by Sig must be removed.
  10. I would imagine so as the real fix is pretty obvious. Congrats by the way!
  11. Ok, I will open up the parameters. Does anyone have a 9mm major island barrel blaster from Dan? If so how does it shoot?
  12. I called Sig yesterday. Got three things done in 5 minutes. They gave me my $200 rebate code, said that the Legion case and swag is still back ordered, and also gave me authorization and label to send it back in and have the barrel swapped out for a non LCI. He actually apologized that this was happening and said they are working on a better fix. Shipping it out tomorrow. One odd note is that they ask you to send back in the factory mags with the gun. Did anyone actually do that?
  13. I am having Dan make a new 9mm top end for a 38SC Bedell gun I picked up. Currently it’s a Schuemann Hybricomp island barrel gun and is very nice. The barrel I’m using is a new KKM hybrid barrel. Who has a 9mm shorty from Dan and if so what are the shooting characteristics? I’m coming from Hbar Limcats and like them a lot. This is a fun side project gun while waiting on my new Limcat to be done. Cheers
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