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  1. I have seen them a good bit on carry optic guns. No open guns yet. Hard to get past how they look. RMR Mount is what I also heard.
  2. Ha. I had no idea. My .355 125 TC order just showed today on my doorstep.
  3. Thanks. I have found the RTS2 and the Max to be more "friendly" on my eyes with the round shape. I do like the larger width of the XL
  4. Posvar

    170mm mags

    I’m going to this soon. My MBX are pretty new but will replace with Grams when needed
  5. Due to the shape of window?
  6. It must be milled as the optics are a good bit longer in front than the RTS2
  7. Yep! And it will change a bit given different weather conditions etc.
  8. With a honcho you will need at least 9.8 to make 170+.
  9. Good plan and attitude. I have 10k .22 and a new Scorpion with red dot so that’s an option.
  10. I sure hope so too but am skeptical that will “fix” it. We shall see regardless.
  11. I agree but for some reason we keep seeing more issues with the XL. Perhaps it’s just coincidental or maybe there are just more XL out there in the wild than the Romeo3 Max
  12. That’s enough for 6 months during a normal season.
  13. Ok. I wonder if the XL optics are worse as my Romeo3 Max is still dead on with my open gun.
  14. Was this with a frame mounted open gun or slide mounted?
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