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  1. I’m having a blast in open and made B last week. I’d love to make A by the Fall but softball is in full swing and shooting will be limited. I have noticed that different optics are faster or easier to acquire than others for some reason. The DPP 2.5 for me is the slowest to find. RTS2 is super easy on the same gun and I have recently switched over to the 510C and am enjoyng it. All of these optics have been tested on the same gun and all are different as far as acquiring the dot and squeezing off the first round. Some are more bouncy or some seem to be in a total different spot than others. I know I need to stick with one and have settled on the 510C but was just curious if others have found this and what their preferences are.
  2. I checked another TTI I had that had a pin and went ahead and ordered what I needed. For the SV big stick with thicker base pad I ordered a longer pin and will cut it down. Should be the only one I have to cut. Thanks again everyone!
  3. I got to hold a gun with this grip recently and to me it’s like a PT Evo but better. Hard to explain. I liked it!
  4. I do find it odd that we see more cracked slides from CK than just about any other manufacturer.
  5. Can’t go wrong with SV.
  6. That makes more sense to me. I’ve owned SV and other guns like your CK. Was surprised when the implication was the same with the Atlas. Thanks for the info!
  7. How tight was the Chaos when new? I sent a sample of oil to a guy with one and he said it was so tight it slowed the slide down and wouldn’t run. Pretty surprising to hear.
  8. Oh boy! I need to know how tomorrow goes!
  9. Interesting. Do you think the V5 boards were designed to better hold up to major PF? My V4 is going and going so far.
  10. I use either Extant Labs Alpha Sauce or Alpha Gel depending on the application. A little Alpha Sauce on my 9mm major open gun and 800 rounds later it's still well lubed and very clean. The micro ball bearings in both products are pretty incredible.
  11. This is super helpful! The TTI site was confusing.
  12. My latest Limcat is an Hbar but has Limcat steel grip which cuts 4-5oz. It sits at 53oz and is perfectly balanced
  13. It sure can. Add a tungsten sleeved barrel and heavy magwell to the mix and it's a tank
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