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  1. I agree. I actually did very well on that stage. Great memories were made at that match.
  2. Ok, you twisted my arm. The facility and layout were incredible. We shot all 12 stages in one day and the amount of walking wasn't bad at all compared to some ranges and major matches. The stages were not overly complex or too hard (except for stage 12) but they gave you many options for a stage plan but also options to lose time and get mikes. The flow of the day was very good on Friday without any long waits at any stage. Staff was very friendly and made it fun. Food truck was great. Prizes seem aplenty and I actually won some decent stuff. If I could shoot it all again tomorrow I would. It
  3. This was such a good match!!!!!!!!! Hopefully it will be held at Rowan again next year as it is 45 min from me.
  4. I’ll try and post a picture of my SP01 with one mounted. found one
  5. Correct. It’s been about three years or so. I guess time flies.Correct. It’s been about three years or so. I guess time flies.
  6. FYI, you can order 9mm IMM SV guns now and have been able to for a long time.
  7. Yes. If slide is cut for RTS2 and there is not room in front then the FTP Alpha3 will not fit. It’s slightly longer in front. You will need to modify the slide or shave off some of the optic.
  8. Yes. I did this to a couple of my legions. It works fine.Yes. I did this to a couple of my legions. It works fine.
  9. I worked on my back up A01-LD over the weekend in preparation for Area 6 and am kinda proud of myself. These guns seemed more complicated to me than a 2011 but after breaking them down it isn't too bad. Some mistakes along the way gave me the opportunity to even do more work. lol My only grumble is that large hands and very small parts is not easy. Fitted an extended left side safety which really makes the gun feel more like a 2011 and gives a great ledge for your strongside thumb if you are right handed. Accidentally bent the sear spring and had to pull the sear cag
  10. Here is the link. It’s awesome! https://rangepanda.com/products/mr-bullet-feeder-pipe-mount
  11. I’m going to mount my Mr Bullet Feeder with the Range Panda mount and have it hang from the ceiling so it won’t even contact the case feeder. This set up is ideal to reduce shaking and vibration. Super cheap upgrade as well. I think I have $40 in it including the pipe from Lowe’s. It works with 650, 1050, and anything that uses a DAA bullet feeder.
  12. No. You need to be on the USA web page. They have two pages kind of like DAA.
  13. Haha. Good excuse! Time to get the Mark7 auto drive with all of the sensors
  14. This is awesome! Looks great. Let us know how the first 1,000 rounds go.
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