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  1. Posvar

    Rts2 feedback/ issues?

  2. Posvar

    Rts2 feedback/ issues?

    Are you trying the 510C?
  3. You know dry racking is not as fun
  4. Ha! It was a compliment. I meant you rack a round when you are done with every stage. I’m in agreement with you completely on how the 9mm major round runs. The PD 124g JHP may have something to do with it too. Plus all the other things you mentioned. Roll sizing is important for sure.
  5. Oh you will. But it will be at the end of a stage after you’ve just owned it. I do all the things you mentioned and my gun runs perfectly.
  6. Posvar

    SVI old mags

    I would say an average of $100 for 140 and $150 for 170. Last week I sold (3) 140 and (1) 170 for $400 which was easily on the low side.
  7. Posvar

    Thumb rest on open guns, experiences....

    Last Friday I shot an open gun for the first time WITHOUT a thumb rest and was pleasantly surprised by how it was like that. That being said I do like to have one to help establish my point of grip faster and will stick with what I have but it was quite interesting to try without one.
  8. I agree totally. Some people try to justify their stance on what they chose. My 9mm is 100% so far for over 3k rounds in that last 4 weeks. I have a 38SC gun as well and actually like the more snappy impulse of my 9mm. To each his own and go out and have fun.
  9. Posvar

    metal grips. checkered or grip tape

    Shot a match yesterday in the 30’s and then low 40’s. The first stage the PT grip was cold but fine after that. Plenty of grip no matter what. Use a hand warmer inside for more warmth
  10. Posvar

    Running all 170’s

    I usually start with 170 and have (2) 140 and (1) 170 on belt. Don’t feel the weight at all once the buzzer goes off. I will be trying out two 155 and see how that goes
  11. Posvar

    RTS2 Glass!!

    Same here
  12. Posvar

    The "John Wick" STI Has Landed

    Ouch. Atlas for the “win” on that one
  13. Posvar

    IFG sneak peek

  14. Posvar

    New Secret Red Dot?

    Did this thread die just like that? I want to order a 510c for my open gun and either the Limcat or Tevo single sided mount. Anyone else using one?
  15. Posvar

    Pinned Grip Safety

    I had a bad problem years ago when shooting IDPA with a Gans 2011. Didn't matter how hard I gripped it or how much I adjusted my grip it just happened and during matches it SUCKED. My hand has a pretty big open void or hole area right where the safety engages. Friends with much meatier hands had no issues with my gun. To keep things legal and due to frustration I went to a PM9 and didn't look back. The problem is real