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  1. Very helpful. Thanks!
  2. Thanks guys! I will order one of each to see how they do. We are expecting them to break with the 24C trigger that's in it but it would be nice to find some good ones. I will get some springs as well. Matt
  3. My daughter’s AR9 PCC has a Faxon new gen bolt and we need a replacement firing pin or two. Bought a new JP and it won’t fit in the hole and function correctly. I saw some at PSA. Are these ok? If not where should I get some? Went to the Faxon site and did not see an option to get just a FP. Thanks
  4. Thank you. I thought it might need some minor mods.
  5. I have not had that issue yet. It’s sunny here most days that I shoot.
  6. Is the XL any longer in front that it may not work on certain mounts? I have a Limcat RTS2 mount on my SaberCat and would like to just drop one on.
  7. Where can an XL be purchased at a decent price these days?
  8. Posvar

    Carne custom

    These comments should ease anyones mind of the builder and end product. Plus they look like no other which is nice this day and age.
  9. MC and Binary work well. Bedell makes a good comp too
  10. The 510C is the easiest optic for me to "find" quickly. It may be window size, height of where it sits on the mount, etc. For the money it's a great choice. Take the outer shroud off and it will be lighter and won't look like a tank on top the gun.
  11. I ordered one today as I had some “cash” credit to spend. We will see how it runs in January if they are on schedule.
  12. I went back and did see that now. Are you planning on 3gun with it?
  13. I saw one for sale on Ken’s List. Looked like a very short lived ownership.
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