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  1. Not yet. Long story. Hopefully soon and it will indeed be one of a kind!
  2. I saw one on KensList at Thanksgiving time that was like new and loaded with extras for less than new price. It had over $300 in extra mags, TTI basepads, Holster etc. Keep looking.
  3. I haven’t heard of this builder. Does he make all types of 1911/2011 guns?
  4. Went ahead and found my size at RHT and will update once I get it set up.
  5. Thanks. What are the V5 improvements?
  6. You might love it! Only trying it will tell
  7. I can’t recall if it’s v4 or v5 that will come back on when the battery is removed and reinstalled. I’m sure some one can chime in on how to tell.
  8. Agreed! I like how that one feels. If/when I need another grip that’s what I will get
  9. Just moved the RTS2 to my X5 and will be using a new Romeo 3 max to replace it on my open gun. If it fails I’ll just get a Max for the X5. A local master CO shooter has an RTS2 on his X5 and has been shooting it a long time with no issues.
  10. My 6 MOA max showed this week and I can’t wait to get it on my open gun. The quality of dot, crisp glass, thinner bezel, and easy and positive button function and adjustments are very impressive. Hope it holds up!
  11. I’m waiting on Atlas to get my size and then I’ll be getting one. Even a little extra bit of tightness will bring piece of mind with a heavy open rig.
  12. ProGrip liquid grip enhancer with the Range Panda belt holder. Keeps it right where you need it and it’s very secure yet easy to remove and use then put back.
  13. I carried a large Shooters Connection bag and it seemed to just get heavier and heavier. Maybe I’m just getting too old. Now I use a Zuca cart and will never go back to carrying anything. They are a disc golf based cart but also make them to be used for shooting sports. Check them out if you don’t want to carry a bag!
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