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  1. Unfortunately the way things are right now patience is a virtue that we all are having to figure out in some measure. I do miss my JP PCC guns. They always worked no matter what. Good luck.
  2. Ben Stoeger Pro Shop has them it seems??
  3. You said it much more eloquently than I could. The lower mounting in the slide really is the icing on the cake. My SP01 is headed to CGW as we speak.
  4. Running the R3Max in open I never had issues. Local buddies with them on their slides keep encountering zero issues weekly it seems.
  5. I doubt it will hurt value much if you choose wisely on the optic. I passed on a custom Shadow as it was milled for DPP. Some guys buy a nice Shadow and have work done and then get it milled for a Burris or the like. No USPSA Carry Optics shooter will choose to buy that given the more superior optic choices currently.
  6. Great plan! You will love it. I may grab a 6 in March to try out but I do love my 8moa ones.
  7. Sweet! What MOA? I didn't think they were in stock until March
  8. Great video. He is a pretty informative guy and I enjoy all of his videos.
  9. I agree with you 100%. In the video it looks like Josh still has Glock mags though. Perhaps they will change this by the time it is released. I know the new JP design will be less maintenance heavy compared to an MPX.
  10. The dot alone was way too small for me and I did not like the circle and the dot together.
  11. Sounds like Q3 or late Q4 so probably next year. Save up your cash
  12. Word on the street from a viable source is that it will be more expensive than the GMR 15 but not sure exactly how much more. So it’s either $2000 or $3000 or whatever they come up with.
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