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  1. My apologies all, I was thinking of the R2. Thanks Alma for all you do here!
  2. My apologies. I was reading about a different Sig optic altogether. Sorry guys.
  3. Pushed to 2020.....According to Sig.
  4. Only DPP and Romeo1 Pro I think.
  5. I don’t think any are available yet?
  6. I love it! All I use for minor PF
  7. Too many similar threads! Lol
  8. I would love to know this too as my extra grip is headed to Alma tomorrow to work his magic.
  9. I’m using precision Delta 124g JHP and N320.
  10. My OG X5 had a very tight fitment on the weight. I had to lightly tap it out from the top to get it started.
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