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  1. I took a class with Chris Tilley a couple weeks ago and the very first thing he noticed was that my grip strength was inadequate. He uses the push/pull method but a strong grip is essential. After a few drills and some practice I could see the results with fine group shooting and fast follow ups etc. It works. It is also fatiguing for me and will require work and dry fire.
  2. I figured you would like the Max over the XL due to the closer likeness to the Cmore that you are used to. I am still enjoying mine very much and am hoping they last.
  3. That would mean Sig didn't want you to use their ever changing optic portfolio for their guns.
  4. Cheely V3 is the only Cheely that fits without mods. It's pretty nice. My guns are Limcats and Johnny has his own mount for Romeo3Max. It is essentially a slightly modified Limcat RTS2 mount but the optic now sits super low in the mount and much closer to the bore. I like it
  5. I pick up and reuse my weekly brass from 500 rounds of live fire. For matches I use once used nickel brass. Inspection is important to me for all the cases I reuse. No issues yet.
  6. It comes down to personal preference. If you want to be able to remove slide without disassembly (as long as you don't have a double sided mount) then go right side. If you prefer it propped up for table starts then go left side. My guns have a ball detent which allows for instant removal and ambidextrous use. I like both sides actually but settled on the left side for me.
  7. No. You have to get a Springer or similar plate and it will fit all day long. It’s the RTS2/Romeo3Max plate
  8. Not even close. You can google that and get good results. The 507C (much much smaller window) is designed for pistols and the 510 for rifles more or less.
  9. The Max shape is very much like the Cmore shape and is very easy to find the dot and center it on the target due to the round window. Max spent a ton of time in the development of it and it just works.
  10. That is exactly why I like the Romeo3Max
  11. It has more to do with the mess overseas.
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