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  1. Ben, how many rounds represents your typical ‘break in’ or ‘set in’?
  2. Another good day yesterday in a long 9 stage match with over 100 shooters. Competition was stacked! Had a crazy malfunction with a magazine on a stage and that pretty much cost me the whole match. There were 5 more stages after this one and I decided to just shoot my game. Ended up with (2) top 5 overall runs and some excellent stages to wrap it up. Things are for sure clicking at rapid pace now! Now back to dry fire and live fire practice before the Classic in Mississippi in May!
  3. Thanks guys. I think I said I was a high B Limited shooter. Still a lowly C class Open shooter but only have 4 matches in this year so far. It has a definite learning curve to it. This weekend I am shooting an 8 stage match with long bays and tons of steel mixed in. Should be a good challenge.
  4. Quick update after a few months have passed. It’s been raining weekly and with softball in full swing I haven’t been able to shoot matches or do any live fire. Yesterday I attended a really good monthly match which always has some stiff competition. We had rain during the match and tons of mud but we shot it anyways. The gun felt great and I really am starting to get used to the platform and shooting with a dot. Ended up 1st Open and 6th overall behind a GM, M, (2) PCC, and an A shooter. I am very pleased. Still left a ton on the table and once all that starts clicking it will be game on. Thanks for all the tips and help and I’ll continue to use them.
  5. Haha! That’s what you get Brad. Good shooting yesterday. See ya next time
  6. I will measure and I think you are correct though.
  7. I will need to measure the frame. The optic is perfectly centered over the bore. I ended up taking it off last night and put the DPP back on so I can shoot it at a match Saturday.
  8. I shot it about 150 rounds to zero it in today. Has anyone had any issues with the windage screw having to go all the way to hard stop R and the gun still shoots left at 20 yards? Its about 2” left right now. That’s offhand. I’ll bench it Friday but it’s bothering me.
  9. Ben, what should we be looking for good or bad when doing this?
  10. Got to shoot it today some before the rain came pouring down. First impression is that you can feel the weight on top and slightly forward but when shooting it disappears. I’ll have over 1k on it by Saturday and a good match under my belt to test it as well. Then another 500+ in live fire next week and an 8 stage match on the 20th. Should be a good test. The dot is nice and I love the large window. Threw out the battery it came with and installed a Duracell. Loving it so far.
  11. That’s great news. I did not get a chance to pick my gun up and test but plan to this week. Thanks for the update.
  12. Installing and testing it tomorrow. The Limcat mount is the real deal. Will rest nice and low on the gun at the perfect angle and blast shield is awesome.
  13. And you need to make sure that you can make weight with a magazine with the extension that you need. You don’t want to shoot with a 17 round magazine.
  14. Are you saying it’s 44.5 without the optic? The rear adjustable sight weighs next to nothing. Front is a couple grams. You will need to lighten the slide most likely.
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