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  1. Is this what we are going to wind up doing if the ammo shortage continues?! (it kind of looks fun)
  2. Mine did not. Some people's do. I've installed two kits. Both fit without any modification. They do have instructional videos on what to do if it doesn't quite fit. Yes, it did make a difference in reach. There are plenty of youtube videos floating around about it.
  3. https://cajungunworks.com/product/rrk-t2-reach-reduction-kit/ I bought one and resisted installing it for a while. Finally did and... bought more for the back up guns. Well worth the money, IMO
  4. I went back to stock firing pin and it turns out it fires all my primers. The extended firing pin makes a Shadow 2 not drop safe and was thought to have contributed to the NY RO injury.
  5. Actually, three carry guns: One in a holster loaded. One dirty AF in the range bag that only gets cleaned when malfunctioning. One for dedicated dry fire (unloaded and clean so I don’t piss off the wife leaving dirty oil smudges everywhere). I shot CO to a goal of “M” by practicing classifier skills. Now I’m shooting Open... but with a “carry optics major” setup. For me personally, carry optics with major ammo has recoil more similar to self defense 9mm out of a smaller carry gun. My CO gun with gamer 9mm minor feels like a 22LR, lol.
  6. Thanks! My ego prevents me from going to a USPSA match and not working on my USPSA stuff. Really good point about variance in start positions and vests. IDPA was more to have some Winter options for matches, but as you said... human nature and mission creep.
  7. Great idea! Thanks for the help! Something like this might work! (Ironically, the shirt says “forget the rules...”)
  8. Legal is legal, right? Otherwise the requirement would be 10 jumping jacks and remain concealed. There’s no requirement that the concealment has to be walk around-able (it is, though).
  9. Oh for sure running different gear and belts. I was more referencing a full speed mag change versus having to sweep clothes away from the mag before getting to it. I don’t want to build inefficiency into my normal USPSA mag change stroke. This is what I was trying to do: It’s gamey because it’s a short sweatshirt tucked underneath the bottom of the holster so it passes coverage test. But I can use the pocket to get a better handle on the garment and when I pull it up, it rolls under itself... staying out of the way of the magazine for reload. It’s g
  10. It’s not necessarily that it would be advantageous over a vest to do it that way. Watching national champion videos, vests are probably the way to go for absolute speed. But they are ridiculous from a spirit of the sport standpoint watching how stiff those “concealment garments” are. I’m looking for a setup that essentially doesn’t change my reloading stroke compared to USPSA. I’m fine with concealed draws, but concealed mag changes I do not care to practice as a separate muscle memory skill. So I’m not looking to game for absolute performance. I’m just looking to game so
  11. Okay, I’ll dial it back. I was over the line, sorry. It’s a little different in my mind. In your scenario, you couldn’t call it “Carry Optics” with a change from the rule set. But if you had a separate group called “Carry Optics with Comps” then does that disqualify all the traditional divisions competing under the strict USPSA rules? What this match is doing is that it has a completely separate AIWB group that doesn’t mix with the traditional groups. So IMO it’s an IDPA match with IDPA divisions PLUS a non-IDPA division with AIWB allowed. IMO th
  12. Answer me this. In a “real” IDPA match, are you right or are you wrong with this statement of your opinion? Do you reload the gun under your shirt so nobody can see your magazine pouches? .
  13. So narrowly minded and concrete. You probably work in a field that’s very black and white with defined variables, I’d guess. Semantics. If all the targets and rules are IDPA except “extra” divisions are offered to better accommodate more types of shooters, then is the match IDPA except for the “extra” divisions? Or does the presence of someone with a holster in front of their hip bone automatically make the BUG shooter not shooting an IDPA match? And if I wind up liking IDPA style matches and want to run a larger event with my holster
  14. Some people are so fixated on “rules” that they let life pass them by. The match director had already told me shirt showing mags after start is fine and also allows AIWB starts because that’s the way a lot of people actually carry. So I’m exempt from the rules you play by but not because I’m a loose cannon. But maybe because the rules you play aren’t actually applicable to carry gear. That’s actually what I’m trying to do. Make it more like a carry draw. And it’s kosher with the MD.
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