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  1. Essentially started USPSA in 2019 and just made “M” in CO. Had shot one Production match in 2016 and didn’t return until CO had the current ruleset. I think dots on micro carry guns are the way of the future. Before I came back to CO, I had found that I was more accurate and faster on every type of gun with a dot, so the combination of something semi applicable to self defense, same commercial ammo cost and availability (before COVID) and easier on the wrists and hands for practice along with more shooting stage plans instead of “drop mag every time you move” plans were appealing. Even though an SRO on a Shadow 2 isn’t quite a carry gun, it translates over beautifully to a carry P01 with a DPP. It seems like there is a type of younger USPSA participant who is very gung ho starting out and progresses quickly from B to M in the span of 12 months or so. We have a bunch of them locally and the majority have settled in CO.
  2. Local match participation has taken a nose dive and people are saying that they are rationing ammo. Are you guys (as a club, not necessarily you in particular) experiencing this where you’re at?
  3. Similar type question from a match last night: 1. If a shooter goes to engage a steel target and pulls the trigger... but is dry and no rounds sent. Failure to engage, right? Because no actual shot sent downrange? 2. Same scenario, but patient goes to engage and has a squib that doesn't leave the barrel and decides to be done with the COF. Is it a failure to engage? He "shot" at it... but no bullet left the muzzle.
  4. There are lots of things the graph doesn’t show, my friend. In this case, note that I only took participation numbers off people who were registered and completed matches on Sunday. They could be classed in a bunch of things (I’m classed in Revolver, for goodness sakes) but this was based on competition registration. What it also didn’t show are all the “U” competitors who might be “A” as soon as they get enough classifiers in due to them being “M” in other divisions. It’s not meant to be definitive anything. It’s a ballpark estimate off an imperfect sample, warts and all.
  5. Thank you! That makes sense why I could only find past information. I did a poor man's survey and looked at Practiscore events from today and tallied up all the events on the first page. I'm not sure if this will paste okay. About 12% are M and above in CO. It's kind of an interesting class since it hasn't been around for a while.
  6. If the data isn’t there in either case, what does it matter. Right? The simplest format would be “anyone who cared enough to classify in CO” which would encompass Open GMs that shot four classifiers in CO for fun as well as random Joes that did the same.
  7. My GoogleFu is weak and I’m having a difficult time finding the most recent stats of how many USPSA members per division and breakdown of each classification within that division. For example, how many CO masters are there in the nation and how many total CO shooters if that information even exists. Just out of curiosity. Thanks for the help!
  8. I make all shooters hold their breath and not blink.
  9. I guess the convoluted way around it is to create a separate match for reshooters, but that’s probably fairly logistically challenging. But I guess it could be done with a separate Nook or Kindle that lives at that stage. Anyone wanting a reshoot enters it on that tablet and it is physically distinct from the main match.
  10. It seems to me if I’m understanding the process if I was entered in the match as “JCN limited” and wanted to shoot the classifier again, the RO would create a second JCN limited entry and enter the score there. Then the club would submit both classifier entries to USPSA and the higher would count towards classification. It shouldn’t affect match outcome because the second entry would only have one stage scored and presumably be at the end of the ranking.
  11. A couple people at a local match said there was a recent bulletin or comment about being allowed to reshoot a classifier for submission but not for match standings. Does anyone have that information or posting? I know that it has been a option in the past at the discretion of the club, but it sounded like there was some recent wording where it was expressly endorsed or supported by rules (which I’m having a hard time believing). Thanks! And yes, I do know that people are just gaming themselves and paper-GM and all. But that aside....
  12. Or it’s a better ROI for companies to market individual great shooters than try to herd 30,000 cats (which is what you’re asking). People want to do what they want to do and if you don’t respect that in a volunteer organization you are destined to fail miserably. Which is why your initial premise is flawed. Or would you like us to give up our individual freedoms and blindly follow a visionary leader because he / they know what’s best for us?
  13. It’s almost like the sponsors could spend their money on marketable individual shooters themselves like Lena / Jerry / Max / Ashley / JJ / etc and bypass the “sport funding” and “range building”.... Wait... what?
  14. You guys! You're obviously missing the bigger picture. What we should be doing is hyping up BOWLING PIN MATCHES!!!! Think of all the sponsorship we could get from bowling alleys and bowling pin manufacturers! We could even get bowling alleys to install bullet traps behind the pin reset equipment and then SHOOT BOWLING PIN MATCHES AT BOWLING ALLEYS! Win-win! And it could be a model where it takes off to the point where there's a national chain of bowling alleys with indoor gun ranges too! You're thinking too small if you don't see it happening.
  15. The lazy shooter thread had me wondering and wanting opinions. Am I a dick? The answer is probably yes. But hear me out. When I’m at a match, I work. I run the timer, I run the tablet, I have a paster gun. I’ll sometimes run the tablet and paste at the same time. When the match is over, I put on work gloves and tear things down with my squad. I am never the first one to leave. But... I’m a newer shooter and stage planning is my weakness. So I like to get to a match a little early and really try and lock down a stage plan and visuals. I don’t want to help set up stages. But I think some people think that because I’m physically there I should want to set things up rather than rehearse plans in my head. So if the crew is setting up Stage 2, I might be stalking Stage 1. I am not running ahead to help set up Stage 3 and I don’t really want to. I would rather arrive later like normal people do without any expectation to set up. Am I a dick? People who show up at normal times and don’t help set up aren’t considered so.
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