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  1. In 2016, I shot one match in USPSA as a new-to-firearms shooter then realized I needed to work on basic skills first before adding complexity. Restarted mid-2019 and realized there were very few people with member numbers around mine. Most were people of 2019+ vintage and this is a pretty well attended region. Sure, there are some (maybe 5%) low member numbers but I was a little surprised at the turnover. For people who have been at the sport for a while, can you offer theories / observations? I know that when I pick up hobbies I usually go hard at it as a test of myself, but then after I achieve a certain level I go looking for the next low hanging (but difficult) fruit. In golf terms it’d be like working to be a single digit handicapper, but then demoting it to casual status rather than going for scratch golfing ability. Is there a high burnout / turnover rate in this sport? Why do people who are pretty good just disappear?
  2. It’s actually the opposite. It was a Primary Machine custom fit pocket and was probably a combination of it being squeezed in there and not having a lower plate. My RSA may have been getting tired, so I’m sure that didn’t help.
  3. Public service announcement: I had two Shadow 2 slides milled for the Romeo3Max and had three optics fail already. The first lens cracked in two places at 10 and 2 o’clock within 500 rounds. First symptom was chasing the zero. The second and third both started losing about 4 clicks of elevation every 250 rounds until it was completely out of adjustment ability. When removed, the optic base had a slight curve to it that it didn’t have before. The milling I had through Primary Machine didn’t use a supporting plate underneath. The marks on the base are narrow and only contact the flimsy sealing plate and not the frame of the optic. My hypothesis is that it needs a supporting plate. But it could be that the pockets are too tight and the optic is under tension. Primary Machine hasn’t heard of anyone else having issues, so if you’ve noticed this... please post to this thread. Or watch for it happening. I normally shoot 400-500 rounds per practice, so I’m not sure if it fails with high volume and is fine in limited use. Or if I just have really bad luck!
  4. I’m new here, and I don’t know who is knowledgeable and who isn’t. So I appreciate you taking the time to help me help myself! And yes, I did correct the windage on the new gun right afterwards.
  5. Well, I guess that answers that. Thanks Shultz for the real world data request! Loose gun best 4/5 group at 25 yards is 1.33” and new, tight gun same thing at 25 yards is 1.56” so the loose one still is as good as anything else!
  6. That’s a good idea. In the meantime I received a replacement optic (lens cracked) and sighted in the well worn gun and the new one. I’m guessing that the accuracy of both is still under 1.5” at 25 yards. I was using 1” pasters and a 6 MOA dot from a bench rest. But good idea. I was just sighting them in, so stopped when I was clustered close. I can just do a 10 shot test of each one separately and measure the spread.
  7. Hi guys, I was used to Glocks where you can put any slide on compatible frames because the fitment is so loose. I am shooting CZ shadows now and I think I effed up by mixing slides and shooting 20,000 rounds. Now the slide has a little up and down “play” when I push on it, that a new one doesn’t have. I’m sure it only affects accuracy minimally for this sport... but wondering if there is something I can do to tighten the fitment of a worn frame to slide. Or just deal? Is there such a thing as wearing out the frame and did I accelerate it by not being generous with lube (sandpaper effect)? Just trying to get a context of how long a competition gun should last. I’m at 20,000 rounds and that doesn’t seem like a lot from a competition perspective. Thanks in advance.
  8. I’m looking for some help from A/M/GM level shooters on how you go about stage planning for high cap divisions. I’m new to the sport and am a “paper A” shooter on classifiers but I still get lost on longer field courses, especially those with partially obscured targets and targets that can be engaged from multiple positions. I will often “out of sight out of mind” miss one of them or make a conscious decision to ignore one from one position and then forget to engage it from the position I should. Any advice on how to improve my “memory” for stage planning? What goes through your mind during stage planning and walk through? I read the Enos book and tried to zen it, but I don’t quite have the bandwidth to make it unconsciously competent. Please share what you’ve done to improve and what you currently do as your routine and if you feel comfortable, what your current classification is. It helps me with interpretive context. Thank you!
  9. Thanks! That’s what I’m trying to determine. What’s kosher and what’s not. I can definitely leave the RO out of it if they don’t need to be part of it. I was just trying to figure what’s allowed. Bagging protocol question: After finishing the COF and they say “unload and show clear” that’s pretty self explanatory. When they say “hammer and holster,” I can skip holster and just “hammer and bag it” correct? It’s not following the RO command because I am not holstering it, but confirming that it’s okay to bag instead of holstering on that command. Correct? Bags aren’t explicitly talked about in Rule 8.3
  10. It basically says what the other rule says and I agree with the intent of the rule. I am just pointing out that some jerk (not me) might still say that the OR is the issue that might make PCC and handgun still viable. Because a jerk could say: I was not wearing more than one firearm. I was not using more than one firearm. The OR statement probably was meant to be an AND/OR as the intent. Sorry guys. “Low key” wasn’t accurately descriptive enough. That’s not a fair description. It’s a newer club that most shooters are C/D/U so they aren’t the most experienced at running matches, but they try and do things by the book. No reshoots, but they do allow running multiple divisions as do a lot of clubs. I just didn’t want to put them in the situation that they’d have to be in an uncomfortable situation. Does everyone agree that the simplest solution is that I use a chamber flag for the PCC and when shooting handgun, I bring my revolver up in a zippered bag to the RO to hand me to “make ready?”
  11. Thanks! Agree that it’s probably no and no. Probably the intent of the rule means can’t “use and/or wear.” Because with PCC and handgun would be using one and wearing the other, but I think you are right on the intent of the rule. Agreed. But I’m wanting to classify in PCC and revolver (it’s a Classifier match). I think bagging is probably the answer since I’ll have to bag PCC anyway. I can just carry the small revolver bag up to the line and rebag when done with string. Thanks everyone for the prompt replies!
  12. Hello friends, I’m new but am really enjoying the sport. Please be gentle with me! There’s a local club that does a low key indoor Level I Classifier match that usually only has ~15 people or so. If you shoot more than one gun, there’s usually only a brief break and the “safety table” is far away in another room. So my stupid question is: If I shot PCC and a handgun, could I leave the handgun holstered while I shoot PCC? Since 3-gun exists, I don’t know that there is an explicit rule against it but I wanted to ask. My follow up super stupid question is: Could I have TWO holstered handguns on at the same time? I know the likely solution is just shoot first and last on a stage and go to the safety table. Or have the RO watch me bag and unbag it. But please humor me! I thought maybe the PCC / handgun might not be out of the question.
  13. The issue is that most handgun suppressors have a piston (Nielsen device), that's going to add a lot of variability and movement. I've compared rapid fire with a suppressed threaded barrel vs. using my Maxim 9 and the wobble in the suppressed threaded barrel was terrible in comparison.
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