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  1. I ordered same day. Was told they're backordered until July.
  2. "The sound is only a conformation while you are transitioning to the next target." I think this is one of the hardest skills to master in steel challenge and the key to unlocking real speed.
  3. Is there a long wait for items he shows as "in stock" like barrels?
  4. Somebody correct me if I'm wrong here- During a match when the score keeper tells you that you shot a B or C time on a stage, that's not necessarily true. The software is measuring your percentage against the best time recorded in that particular match for that stage, as THAT particular time is recorded as 100%. Comparing against par times for classification is different. I've seen score keepers tell people they just shot a "GM" time based on what the tablet shows during the match, when in reality it was an "M" time. As an aside, if you're a C class shooter, you're better off not focusing on times and classifications during a match. As an A class shooter, I still don't check scores until after the match. Just my opinion, others will differ of course.
  5. I wish they'd bring back the drag racing style shoot offs.
  6. With each passing year, this sport becomes more and more specialized. It's harder(riskier) for top level competitors to cross over and dominate like they did in the past, especially with the ammo shortage limiting practice. While I love to watch big names throw down, it's refreshing to see some new young faces making a name for themselves.
  7. One of my S.C. buddies swears by his 90° mounts. I could go either way and all of mine are currently mounted upright(pistols & rifles). We're both wanting a c-more mount for the same platform so I figured a survey was in order. Now to convince the manufacturer...
  8. You can add Impact Machine(Scott Milam) to that list.
  9. Thanks for the votes and comments. I'm trying to get a manufacturer to produce a mount for a specific gun and needed some info for them to work with.
  10. One of mine with a cajun bushing requires a light tap to get it in/out.
  11. FM9 lower/Taccom upper without any issues.
  12. I have one of the Competition models. Shot it in one SC match and like it a lot. 500 rds so far without issue. I'd recommend a "Keep Tinkering" short reset trigger though it's not absolutely necessary. Good, cheap, reliable fun pistol.
  13. I have one. I wouldnt recommend it for small hands.
  14. As the title states, I'm curious which orientation people prefer for C-More mounting on a pistol.
  15. The Home Depot case works great. Remove the two side latches and save them for when the front latch breaks. The front latch is all it needs anyway.
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