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  1. I've carried a long slide 1911(10mm) in the woods while coyote hunting. I used a tightly secured drop leg rig. It was quite uncomfortable after a half mile or so. I think that's a good reason to consider a chest rig with a large heavy gun. That, and access while seated.
  2. I believe CZ started using the "new style" barrel in 2012. What year was your gun made?
  3. "Coming from 1911's" That's not the average 1911.
  4. I'd like to know where some of you guys get your measuring tapes from.
  5. The 71115 kit includes the "10040" hammer which is IDPA compliant. CGW gets this hammer from CZ Customs or CZ. It's CZC's comp hammer which has been used on enough production guns with CZ-USA part numbers to qualify. So O.P., if you have the hammer pictured on the CGW page for the "71115" kit, it's gtg for IDPA and USPSA. This hammer will usually yield a slightly lighter and slightly less crisp break when compared to the Cajun "race" hammer. Away from the bench and on the range, they are very close in feel.
  6. CGW is working on a new adjustable rear for the 75 dovetail, not sure when it's going to be released though. You might give them a call.
  7. FPB need to go if you want minimal travel.
  8. Thanks for the clarification.
  9. Why not just adjust the pre-travel screw?
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