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  1. I use One Shot, there is still some residue on my ammo after loading. I tumble for a few minutes as well to finish them up.
  2. C-More is the way to go for Steel Challenge. I bought both of mine used. One is an 8moa, the other a 6. I prefer the 8moa but the 6 is ok too.
  3. Good thing we have youtube experts to keep us "gunsmith" morons in line.
  4. I would check GB for completed auctions and see what they went for. Unless it comes with a bunch of extras, I'd be thinking no more than a grand before tax etc. I'd also look closely at condition, most of the ones I've seen come up for sale have seen hard use and show lots of holster wear, etc. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  5. I've watched most of P. Kelly's box to match YT videos. At those matches, he shoots a lot of stages that are different but have a similar style to SCSA stages. If I was going to shoot outlaw matches or stages, this is what I'd be looking for.
  6. My former club has monthly steel matches similar to the one described by Hoops. When I started shooting them a year and a half ago they averaged 15- 20 shooters. By the time I stopped going it was down to 3-5. We typically had one large stage with as many as 20 targets or more and a smaller one(maybe) with 5 or so. Fee was only $10 and if only a few people showed up there was no charge. Round count was 180-200. I enjoyed it at first, but it quickly became boring which led me to Steel Challenge. I'd rather have multiple stages with fewer targets than one big stage.
  7. Yes, the "B" indicates a firing pin block. Remove the slide and look at the underside. You'll see the plunger. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  8. Huge cost difference in mags compared to the 2011.
  9. Seems to me like the tracker on the SC website works exactly the same. It recalculates with each entry.
  10. Just wondering if you shot your fist match yet? Which class did you decide on? I shot 2 matches in CO first, then added PCCO for the next match. Then I brought my 10/22 and shot RFRO and PCCO. Shooting 2 guns can be fatiguing in the summertime so I just brought my PCC to my last match(1st level 2). For me the rifles require less effort and truth be told, are better for my ego. I think that's why you see more rifles used at the matches I attend.
  11. If you want to reduce travel and reset, there are two threads on the CZ Forum about using shims to do so. If you have basic welding and filing skills you can achieve those results without using shims. Made a world of difference on my Scorpion.
  12. The classification system is "stupid and broken" because Mrs. Moto is a great shooter? I don't follow. That said, I'm new to this, so maybe I don't have enough experience to understand(not being sarcastic). As I said, I'm new to match shooting(1.5yrs) and 5 matches total in SC. The classification system and repeatability of the stages is what initially attracted me. At this point in my development, I like having something quantifiable to measure/compare and strive for.
  13. The AL state match was my first level 2 match, I think my 7th match in total(5th in pcco). I was pleased to find that I could sign up to start on the stage of my choosing. O.L. was my second stage, so fatigue wasn't a problem for me. Mental errors were.
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