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  1. Agreed. Optic ready is expected in this market.
  2. Lack of traffic on this thread says it all. The P10M is a complete non-starter. The F comp looks nice, but doesn't offer near what the 320X5 offers for similar money. ☹
  3. I go through periods of regular dryfire practice, but then I fall off the wagon. I have the banners but lost a garage/shop space in a move and haven't built a new space yet(covid lumber prices).
  4. My club sets up stages the week before our monthly match. It's not as good as a back yard practice range, but it's better than nothing. I'm currently stuck in A class in the divisions I shoot because I don't dedicate enough time to dry fire. My lack of progress is all on me, not due to the fact that I don't have a private practice range.
  5. Pretty sure the USPS guys complain when there's a lot of classifiers in a big match. FWIW, I'm not opposed to different stages. Just had a thought/question so threw it up for discussion.
  6. If you add two more stages for qualification, wouldn't you have to add them to level 3 matches as well(10 stage match)? If you substitute stages in a level 3, that may favor certain shooters and skew results/records.
  7. I wouldn't go out and buy a revolver to shoot it,no. In several years of shooting two different local matches in East TN, I've only seen two guys shoot revolvers and they're not regulars. If it gets added though, I don't see how it would be a problem.
  8. I have both and prefer the click switch, keeps me from inadvertently leaving the power on when not in use.
  9. I've had similar issues loading coated lead projectiles for my CZ's. Slugged all of my barrels and sure enough, all but one of my CZ's are .356. I load .357 diameter 135's and no longer have lead fouling or accuracy issues.
  10. 12moa C-More is my choice as well. Plenty bright in full sun and very quick to pick up.
  11. Same here. I use paracetic acid in my ultrasonic cleaner(comps/acid in a smaller sealed container). Still requires scraping, but much easier. I've tried lubricant and anti-spatter spray. . .comps still fouled just as bad in my opinion. I worried about damaging the comps at first, but got over that quickly. The Carolina Crusher is easy to clean, fouls less and is cheap enough to replace semi-regularly if needed.
  12. I have both a Falcon and a Carolina Crusher that I use for RFPO(CP33 & TX22 Comp). The Falcon is definitely harder to clean, fouls quicker, and is a little lighter than the Crusher. That said, in my experience the Falcon shoots a little flatter and I don't feel the weight at the end of the muzzle. I believe the side ports on the Falcon are intended to direct sound towards the timer.
  13. I ordered same day. Was told they're backordered until July.
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