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  1. It's a form 1 30cal sub can(my first) and while heavy(15oz), it suppresses the .22 pretty well . I needed a comp for the 10/22 for timer purposes, so I said what the heck and bought the taper mount. I'll move the comp/mount to another rifle when the stamp comes in for my rimfire can. Its a fun little rifle, my daughter loves it. Good luck with your build. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  2. Had an old 10/22 in the safe so I threw this one together for my daughter. Kidd trigger parts & ULW barrel. Plastic C-More 8MOA on a used Striplin mount i picked up here. Comp is a Griffin Ti taper mount (for suppressor use around the house). Axiom stock is cheap, light, and adjustable. Right after I installed the Kidd barrel, Wiland introduced their shrouded barrel. :-( Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  3. Unless there's been a change, the frames he sends for trial fit don't have the gold/photochromic lenses installed. Maybe that was because I'd already tried a pair at a match.
  4. They said it's because of participant feedback.
  5. Whatever you do, don't demo a pair of HHDG's at a match then.
  6. I see lots of rimfire pistols w/o comps at SC matches. They seem plenty loud enough to me.
  7. I wear Hunter's HD Gold as well. I demoed a pair at the Alabama state match last year. They worked so well, I was halfway to my truck after the match before I remembered I still had them on. Very sharp contrast, and lighting conditions look the same all day while wearing them. Great company to deal with, worth the price of admission.
  8. Fire For Effect still recommends something unnecessary but that they charge more for, makes sense to me.
  9. I compete(loosely defined ) with a Shadow and edc a Rami.
  10. It's normal and doesn't require replacement unless you want to.
  11. If it goes in off center and the pin doesn't line up, remove the bushing and reinstall. Sometimes the pin channel needs a little bit of filing, do not drill it after installing the bushing. The bushing is harder than the slide and you'll ruin the pin holes in the slide trying to drill the bushing. I use a 10mm(I think)socket and a 6" extension. Hold that and the slide in one hand and tap the extension with a hammer. Never had to clamp it in a vice. I do leave the slide and new bushing in the deep freezer overnight.
  12. My plates arrived Saturday. As expected, quality is top notch. Thanks for all of the feedback, I'm glad to get back up and running.
  13. I put my order in this morning. Thanks for the feedback.
  14. Anybody using this system? Likes/dislikes? I was all set to build my new reloading room, but I'm thinking it'll be postponed a while. So now I need to consolidate/save space until i can build what I want.https://inlinefabrication.com/collections/hornady-lock-n-load-ap-ergo-roller-lever/products/quick-change-demonstration-video-watch
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