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  1. Seems to me like the tracker on the SC website works exactly the same. It recalculates with each entry.
  2. Just wondering if you shot your fist match yet? Which class did you decide on? I shot 2 matches in CO first, then added PCCO for the next match. Then I brought my 10/22 and shot RFRO and PCCO. Shooting 2 guns can be fatiguing in the summertime so I just brought my PCC to my last match(1st level 2). For me the rifles require less effort and truth be told, are better for my ego. I think that's why you see more rifles used at the matches I attend.
  3. If you want to reduce travel and reset, there are two threads on the CZ Forum about using shims to do so. If you have basic welding and filing skills you can achieve those results without using shims. Made a world of difference on my Scorpion.
  4. The classification system is "stupid and broken" because Mrs. Moto is a great shooter? I don't follow. That said, I'm new to this, so maybe I don't have enough experience to understand(not being sarcastic). As I said, I'm new to match shooting(1.5yrs) and 5 matches total in SC. The classification system and repeatability of the stages is what initially attracted me. At this point in my development, I like having something quantifiable to measure/compare and strive for.
  5. The AL state match was my first level 2 match, I think my 7th match in total(5th in pcco). I was pleased to find that I could sign up to start on the stage of my choosing. O.L. was my second stage, so fatigue wasn't a problem for me. Mental errors were.
  6. The S2 is nitrided under the polycoat, so no worry about rust. The urban gray polycoat is known to be less durable than the black. I would call CZ-USA, but you probably won't like the warranty turn around(5-6 weeks).
  7. Would require fitting. Even if it fit, decocker is unsafe without a firing pin block. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  8. Yes, but my log is in a different location. Will check this weekend and get back to you. Sent from my SM-G970U using Tapatalk
  9. I've been loading Gallant 135's/3.5 gr of sport pistol for a while now. Very happy with this load for PCC.
  10. I'd hate to see it go. Can't say I'd want more stages like it, but a little movement adds a welcome challenge and keeps things interesting.
  11. I bought the RCBS set. Hated coughing up the money, but they've been very useful.
  12. Mine go in ziplock bags(100rds) for easy counting and then in ammo cans. Before a match they get pre-loaded in mags with the remainder dumped in a small can that mounts to my range cart. I like the bags because they take up less space than 100rd boxes.
  13. I'm not trying to be contrary with these posts, but here are pics of a 2017 model with the old style mag release. A buddy of mine bought a new B last year that has this release and an undrilled slide / short guide rod as well. While most of the B's I've worked on were older, I've yet to see a new full-size B with the newer features you both describe unless it was an SA, newer SS model, or an omega. I know both of you guys are very knowledgeable, ThompsonCustoms advised me on my first pre-b project a few years ago. I rarely post here, and only added these comments to prevent the OP from buying parts w/o checking which platform he has. Sent from my XT1254 using Tapatalk
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