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  1. What’s the best you can do on the boss hanger

  2. Will any of those lok grips fit Cz shadow 2 no magwell. If so can u send me a picture


    1. Paul-the new guy

      Paul-the new guy

      The only ones that say shadow 2 are short for with a magwell

    2. Stoneface86


      Ok thanks anyway

  3. Can anyone recommend a shop that’s does a good milling job without breaking the bank
  4. I have DAA belt and a shooters connection brand belt. They’re both high quality and very sturdy and well made.
  5. I just picked up my new 2019 Cz TSO which has a Checkmate Trigger guard. It fits in my DAA race master Holster tight but I ordered the DAA muzzle support just be on the safe side. I’ll let you know how it goes with the muzzle support.
  6. I just picked up Cz tso. At 47 ozs unloaded I feel the difference from my 1911 and my Glock 34. While shooting I don’t notice the weight but the recoil control and shot placement is outstanding and helps when transitioning between targets.
  7. A surgeon makes his money doing surgery not trying different things that might help instead of surgery. My carpal tunnel surgery was good for 6 months. Other guys I know are cured from symptoms after surgery and 4 years later are good to go. Didn’t work for me.
  8. I have the 7.5 triangle it takes a while to get used to the triangle. I’d like to try out the 2.5 dot but for USPSA seems a little small.
  9. Thanks guys. These are great Dry Fire ideas
  10. FYI the TSO comes from Cz with 2 different style Trigger guards. The TSO comes with thin narrow trigger guard or the thicker squarer Trigger guard that’s on the Checkmate. DAA shows you a diagram comparing them that way you know which insert to buy with there race master Holster . It’s the luck of the draw which one you get
  11. Hi Guys, I just became a new member and hope I can add my 2 cents when anyone needs advice. Great to be here
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