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  1. Thank you....exactly what I need. Yeah... not into competition now but who knows. Thanks again for valuable info guys!
  2. Thanks for your reply. Never thought about the sear cage. Do you know where to get the spacer or how to install in?
  3. Recently I was able to acquire CZ Shadow 1 complete upper . My plan was to install it on my existing 75B or SP-01 (CZ custom shop modified gun). Unfortunately, the CZ Shadow 1 slide wouldn't slide in either lowers. It looks like my 75B and SP-01 slides have firing pin block and the Shadow upper doesn't have it. Does anyone know which CZ lower fits w/ Shadow 1 upper shown on the pic? Any modification I could do in order to work with my existing 75B or SP-01? Sorry for the stupid question... searched the net and couldn't find the answer.
  4. Thanks! I need them now so I'm heading out to Hareware store now.
  5. Thanks, I was able to find the assortment box from amazon. Hope it works! thanks guys https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06Y3VBQT8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  6. Does anyone know where to get 4 screws for my Tanfo limited frame mounted *thumb rest [generic]*? The one it came with the *thumb rest [generic]* doesn't work and I need to find the correct ones. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. kwelhand

    Czechmate vs Parrot

    Thank you so much guys. I will do some more research on pricing before I jump on either one.
  8. kwelhand

    Czechmate vs Parrot

    Oh I see... I couldn’t find much info on the net so I appreciate it!
  9. kwelhand

    Czechmate vs Parrot

    I'm in the market for Czechmate or Czechmate Parrot pistol. I don't see any difference other than Parrot only comes with 1 barrel and bunch of anodized color parts (also metal trigger). It's a lot of money and wondering which one I should get and why.... any help would be greatly appreciated.
  10. I agree CHA-LEE has a good point. My goal is to learn the inside & out of Tanfo while I'm working on the gun... I did a few CZ trigger job with Cajun parts, and they all turned out great at the end. I'm going to put the factory parts back and troubleshoot from one part to another until I figure out the problem. MemphisMechanic, love your Tanfo videos... it helped me tremendously. Yes, I'm aware of the pre & over-travel removal while tuning the trigger. Thanks again for everyone's contribution and help! I will keep you guys updated with the progress.
  11. I didn’t measured the trigger weight before but definitely lighter than the current setup.
  12. I think Cha-Lee had a great point. One side of trigger pin was tiny tiny bit hitting the frame. I couldn't tell until I reposition the pin slightly and trigger feels a little better but not whole lot. With my Lyman gauge, now it's reading 3.8 LB average instead of 4.24LB. Slight improvement but I need to achieve 2~2.5 LB trigger pull. Is there any aftermarket pin for this? So far, I'm thinking about changing out the PD hammer and sear related part (not sure what part) in attempt to improve my trigger pull. Any other suggestions? You guys helped me a lot so far and I really appreciate it...
  13. I would love to send my gun to a smith but after I got a quick quote from PD, it's a bit more than what I could afford at the moment. I'm going to try the hammer and perhaps the sear w/ PD or EGW parts... hope that works. Mlussoro, I've pretty much watched all videos related to Tanfo Limited tune up or polishing. Will try to watch some more and see if I missed anything. CHA-LEE, the pin is extended but does not touch the frame. One thing to consider is the the trigger feels steep even the hammer is not cocked. It feels like the plunger has a lot of force and perhaps contributes the stiff trigger break. dhdeal, would love to send the gun to PD but the price was out of my budget... will try to tune in before I give up and send it to PD. HesedTech, I will try the EGW sear and hammer or perhaps SA hammer from PD. thanks for your suggestion.
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