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  1. Oh nice! Do you have a link? I can’t find it
  2. True… not sure why they designed that way.
  3. Oh my Goodness... I sent an email to Springer Precision about the issue, and they already sent me a tracking# for replacement extension. Always ordered from them but never needed a service before but wow... what a awesome customer service! Will definitely order some more products from them! Thank you for identifying the mag and helping me with issues... love this Forum!
  4. Awesome! thanks for the clarification! Will contact them and see what happens.
  5. Thanks! I might have to ask them if they can sell me a set screw.
  6. it’s so tiny that I have to use the magnifier to see it. Not even sure who made that extension… perhaps I can ask the MFG
  7. I brought a used Czechmate, and it came with 2 magazines with mag extension. Unfortunately, one mag extension has damaged set screw and the mag extension is keep coming off. You have to unscrew the set screw to prevent mag extension from coming off, but the set screw head is damaged by previous owner. Does anyone have any recommendation how to fix it? Any idea who sells tiny set screws or tap & die set for this micro sizes? Any thoughts? Thanks in advance!
  8. Dang… that’s sad to hear. Looks like 9mm is also dried up. What’s going on??
  9. Does anyone know who has 10mm 14rds magazine? Just brought 6" Hunter Tanfo 10mm but it came with only one mag... no surprise here. I searched the net but seems like no one has them in stock. Any help would be appreciated
  10. Unfortunately, I lost the right side safety & pin during the reassembly (Tanfo Limited Custom). Does anyone know where to find silver right side safety & pin? I would like to get an extended safety but if not that normal safety that came with the gun in fine. Searched the web for an hour but could not find any silver safety. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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