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  1. CGW 10x bushing are shorter than the stock bushing that's how they are made dose not have to touch that lip have the 10x bushing in 4 shadow and 1 S2 they work excellent.
  2. I used a 11lb in my S2 and sp-01 shadow try that I think that will be the one your looking for
  3. That would be the problem top set screw in to far will not let the trigger bar reset bottom set screw in to far will not let the hammer drop by you racking a another round in manually that helps to reset the pistol eventually that won't work for you reset both screws you be good to go
  4. Ask if the ET would fit TS/ TSO/ CM frame the Eemann thumbrest for my shadow 2 says that it is compatible with Cz shadow 2 Cz 75D compact Cz 75 tactical sports
  5. I have the Eemann thumbrest on a shadow 2 and 3 other sp-01 shadow on a empty mag slide will lock back on all 4 of them with thumb on the rest or off the rest
  6. Yes bushing will come out with blank sight in place with front sight pin remove
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