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  1. My wife's Kidd 10/22 has been flawless in well over 50K rounds. I recently bought all the receiver parts so I can put together a second, lighter rifle. Her current configuration with a Kidd barrel weighs just over 4 lbs. I'm estimating that with a Wiland barrel at 11 oz. we'll get down to about 3 lbs. 10/22 magazines are another matter and I've become very proficient at cleaning an retentioning.
  2. I do believe the RF100 is a worthwhile piece of gear, but I will never again buy S&B primers. I suspect some subtle difference in the shape of the primer (radius at the lower edge?) causes problems in both the press and RF100. Another month or so and I'll be through my supply and will return to CCI and WSP. Sure, there is some minor tweaking required when switching primers, but I have to tweak for S&B essentially every session based on temperature, sea level, phase of the moon, time of day...
  3. RickT

    Is this a DQ?

    Perhaps should be slightly modified to also allow "sweeping" whenever the gun is cased. In the situation I described the competitor had uncased the handgun and placed it on the outside of the case, but it's not unusual for someone to unzip and leave the gun cased. My advice to the competitor in this situation is to not set the magazines in front of the muzzle, period.
  4. The load I'm currently using in my PCC is 145gr Bayout, 3.0gr SP, 1.12". This makes (barely) 125 PF in my 9mm 1911. Haven't chrono'ed in the PCC, but it cycles well with the RN bullet and OAL. The CMMG is very soft with this load and might be softer in the fake 16" barrel?
  5. I used the magnifier and I can see the transition. It's very clever work and I did order one. I'm a PCC hack (actually, at my age I'm also a SS hack), but the PCC is fun and I need every advantage I can get my hands on. Ordered a Wiland for my wife's 10/22 as well. Her stock KIDD rifle is great, but the 11 oz. 22lr barrel saves a ton of weight.
  6. That's not what the barrel looks like in the website pictures. Looks to be a monolithic, tapered barrel. Am I missing something. Thinking about this barrel for my PCC.
  7. RFPO competitor removes the pistol from case following RO "make ready" and places the pistol on the shooter's table. Competitor removes the magazines from the pistol case and places them on the table in front of the pistol muzzle (which is, of course, pointed downrange. At no time while handling the magazines did the competitor touch the pistol. It certainly would be a DQ if the shooter was handling the gun, loaded or unloaded, but what rule or lack thereof applies in this case? I know when the rifle or pistol is in the case a hand can be in front of the muzzle if the firearm is not being touched at the same time. From a general safety standpoint this should be as safe as going downrange when firearms have been unloaded, bolt/slide back and left untouched on the bench, but I have no opinion regarding the handling of the scenario described above and I'm not the culprit.
  8. Not necessarily doubting the veracity, but what about events that only have, let's say, four official stages and two wildcat stages. Can these events be sanctioned. Seems likely the MD/Scores "Manager" would just delete the unofficial stages prior to upload to PS? Of course the same approach would apply in the case of deleting entries in unofficial divisions prior to upload.
  9. If a club adds an unofficial division, let's say centerfire low ready, do these scores simply get ignored when the match is uploaded to SCSA? I believe this is the case for non-santioned stages. I'm not personally interested, but I'm sure there are folks who occasionally would bring out a CF gun for which they didn't have a holster or to shoot alongside their normal CF handgun.
  10. This has been an issue since the very initial installation done by a 'smith. I don't see any evidence of thread damage, but you never know. FWIW the Vortex Venom weights 1.6 oz., while an Aluminum Railway weights 6.5 oz.; that's a big weight difference which I suspect is part of the problem. At this point I'll find a gunsmith that can do a permanent attachment.
  11. I've given up at securing the Allchin C-More Railway adapter. Even using John Allchin's recommended procedure (clean with Acetone, red loctite on mating surfaces,blue loctite on the screws) the adapter has twice come loose. My last and irreversible resort would be epoxy and I'm not fond of that approach since at that point the barrel assembly becomes a throwaway. Is there a barrel out there (e.g., TacSol or ...) that has better features for attaching a C-more. I don't see how reinstalling the rail on the 22/45 would necessarily be more secure than the Allchin adapter and the optical axis would be further raised. I'd consider buying a complete gun, a Volquartsen Black Mamba comes to mind. Since these are my wife's guns this problem is at the DEFCON 5 level.
  12. I don't have a JP PCC (CMMG Guard), but looking at the JP website they caution against using re-mans based on potential for catastrophic failure if the ammo is over-crimped. Has anyone seen this on factory re-mans? I reload so it's not an issue and I've used the same crimp for $150K rounds, mostly 1911. Seems like an ammunition manufacturer would have excellent control over tolerance. The original notice goes back to 2016 so I assume the company (or companies) have long since gone out of business, but the JP explanation of the potential failure was worth reading.
  13. Dawson recommends green and I've never had a problem using same. I like the fact that it wicks into the surface after the sight is in place. I've removed sights several times that were treated with green.
  14. I've been running fine with the FFB shell plate for many 10's of thousands of rounds. I do have an aftermarket cam on the shell case feed mechanism and I've learned to use a feeler gauge as the starting point for adjustment. After that I just cycle a single case back and forth looking for the slightest bump when entering the shell plate to refine the locking ring adjustment until the case enters the plate smoothly. I have found that after several thousand rounds the locking ring can move slightly.
  15. Thought I would post FYI. Shooting SC I don't chrono much, but I've started to shoot USPSA 1/month so I need a load for my 1911 that meets PF. Also, wanted a common load for the 1911 (in USPSA) and PCC. The 124 Bayou with 3.1 SP is my SC load. It's very soft, but with a large ES, this with really beat up, much-used brass. If I get ambitious I might at least repeat with like head stamp brass to see what I get. The best load below for both the 1911 and PCC is the 145gr Acme with 3.0gr of Sport Pistol. This is the softest load I've tried in the PCC and (barely) meets PF in the 1911. What I find somewhat interesting is that like loads with the 145gr Acme bullets produce about 100 fps increase in the PCC, while with the 124gr bullets there is a 200 fps difference; I'm assuming that the lighter bullet exits the 5" barrel before extracting all of the energy out of the load. FWIW, this data was collected with my Labradar which I hadn't used in well over a year. Positioning the PCC was actually a bit less forgiving than the 1911 and for purposes of using this chrono a PCC is definitely not a rifle. I positioned the muzzle in the same location as the 1911 muzzle. Date Temp Firearm OAL Avg. High Low ES SD low PF 10/7/19 ~50 10 9mm 1911 124 Bayou 3.1 SP 1.15 877.2 927.4 827.6 99.8 33.6 101.1 10/7/19 ~50 10 9mm 1911 124 Bayou 3.4 SP 1.15 971.4 994.6 930.1 64.6 20.4 113.7 10/7/19 ~50 10 9mm 1911 145 Acme 3.0 SP 1.12 908.2 929.7 876.2 53.5 14.2 126.0 10/7/19 ~50 10 9mm 1911 145 Acme 3.2 SP 1.12 954.6 1000.8 938.1 62.7 17.8 134.6 10/7/19 ~50 6 9mm CMMG PCC 145 Acme 3.0 SP 1.12 1017.3 1036.9 997.0 40.0 16.1 143.3 10/7/19 ~50 11 9mm CMMG PCC 124 Bayou 3.4 SP 1.15 1190.8 1208.4 1170.9 37.5 10.4 141.5
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