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  1. The only thing I regular shoot with a dot is a 9mm PCC which weighs a ton. What surprised me was not that the dot jumped on the Ruger. It doesn't jump much, but it oscillates up and down which in annoying beyond belief. Just for grins I'll put an optic on my 22 1911 conversion and see what that looks like. We have a comp for the gun, but during some sight in with and without the comp I believe the comp does degrade accuracy, more than I'd even want for steel challenge; the comp in question was clean.
  2. Ruger Mark IV 22/45 Lite sans comp. While we've turned the corner on securing the Allchin adapter to the Ruger barrel shroud, the behavior of the dot during recoil remains a mystery. I'm used to heavy, low PF 9mm 1911s. Even with low recoil the sights can be seen to rise slightly and recover on target. The dot on my wife's lightweight Ruger actually oscillates up and down. Happens on the backup gun as well. The amplitude of the oscillation decreases with a stronger grip, but it's still present and really a bit of a challenge for very rapid target transitions. Anyone else observe this and, if so, any solution other than a heavier Mark IV version (C-More Railway BTW)?
  3. Below is John Allchin's response to this question. Interesting that he recommends use of red loctite between the adapter and shroud, blue for the screws. Worth a try. "Using acetone de-grease the gun, guns screw holes, bottom of the base and the screws. use red Loctite between the baring surfaces of the mount and the gun. Use blue Loctite on the screws. Put it all together and wipe off any Loctite that is remaining. This will make it a solid attachment. Please note, if you ever take the mount off the gun you will need to heat the Loctite up before it will come apart. This is how I install all mounts. I only remove the scope when needed and never the mount."
  4. My most recent attempt did involve a thorough cleaning of the threads, blue Loctite and a 24 hour cure. Adapter was slightly loose after about 200 rounds so I'm looking at red. I don't mind the permanent attachment save the the serial number on these darn guns residing on the barrel.
  5. Using said adapter on my wife's guns to mount C-More Railway sights and I cannot keep the adapters from loosening. I clean the threads in the Al barrel shroud and the steel mounting screws, apply blue Loctite and tighten as hard as I dare, but after one practice session, 500 rounds or so, the mount is likely to come loose. Any suggestions short of using red Loctite? If I can't get this to work I suppose I'll have to source steel barrels, but I don't know if that would help secure the mount. FWIW one of the sights is Aluminum, therefore heavier than the sight on her backup gun, but I suspect both would loosen eventually.
  6. The title is self explanatory. Are clubs required to offer entry into all regular divisions if they are submitting scores to SCSA or can they limit entries to a subset of divisions?
  7. I'll bank the jug of SP that's on the way and crack open the HP38. I've still got 5+ lbs of open SP so plenty of time to work out a load for the HP38 especially with winter on the way.
  8. I clean up a lot of soot with SP at these very soft loads, but It's very easy to remove. At one time I used WSF with heavier bullets and I found the cleanup to be a bit more work. Now that I live in a free state I'll try to score a pound or so of HP38 to try rather than opening one of the jugs.
  9. My current load is 3.0gr Sport Pistol with 124gr RN Bayou bullets. This is a very nice load and as I'm on my last 8 lb. jug of SP I've ordered a backup. However, I have 16 lbs. of HP38 bought 3+ years ago during the powder drought. I'd work up a load for this, but I'm hesitant to crack open an 8 lb. jug without confidence that this powder will work on the very low end.. Anyone have data on a sub-PF load with this powder? I'm running a 9mm 1911 with a 9 lb. variable recoil spring. 115gr bullets would produce a slightly softer load, but don't work as well in my bullet feeder.
  10. We should probably have a separate sub-forum just for the RF100. I never had an issue with CCI, but had to switch to Winchester for one of my guns. Got the WSP to work near perfect, but lost the "recipe" when I moved to Idaho. My experience has been that there is always a combination of rheostat, plastic gate setting, small shim under back of unit, etc. that will get things near 100%: certainly much better than 99%. I'm currently using up some S&B primers. Again, took some fiddling to get near 100%, but I've twice had the primers actually stick in the 1050 primer feed tube something that I hadn't seen in the prior 150K rounds with CCI and Win. Must be something about tolerance and I certainly won't use these primers again. In any even I'm running factory ammo in my primer sensitive EDC so I'm going back to CCI.
  11. I started this thread with an Outer Limits question relating to a specific, one-time situation that was potentially unsafe. As does happen four pages later the discussion as morphed, but the points made regarding elimination of movement, etc make for interesting reading. I have no issue with the movement and have experienced the usual range of footing and box construction. I'd raise the following question relevant to those who really can't move either by virtue of total disability or a genuine safety issue as such do exist. Where did the 4 seconds come from? Someone shooting RFPO or RFRO from the center box has to shooting 1.1 second strings to achieve an A classification for that stage. Let's say the individual can shoot an S&H A time (2.3 seconds) on center box OL. They would have to make up 3.6 seconds elsewhere to achieve A in the remaining, about .13 seconds per string in the other 7 stages, not unreasonable as a penalty to prevent sandbagging, but pretty steep as an adjustment for a handicap IMO.
  12. My bad. I neglected to add a question regarding the Bug division. Unfortunately, the EMP is too heavy for that division since it's otherwise a perfect size and mag capacity. I think I'll just stick with either my P2000 IWB or my P30SK OWB in CCP. I only wish Stealth Gear made a Ventcore OWB holster for the P2000.
  13. I shot IDPA a few times before my wife and I started to shoot Steel Challenge 4 years ago. I'm going to start shooting a monthly IDPA match for a change of pace and my choices are EMP, P30SK and P2000. Looking at the division rules it appears all three would be in CCP. The EMP is small enough, but I'm sure it's almost certainly too heavy; of course the capacity would be disadvantageous. Am I reading the rules correctly?
  14. There are OL setups where my wife can move safely, primarily with a firm surface and boxes that are made from flat stock, but this situation is very rare. The 4 seconds will make moving up to M a bit more difficult. For folks in a wheelchair I think it would be fair to impose the penalty for match results, but eliminate OL from a classification standpoint. I don't know what's fair for folks in the middle whose mobility is limited; 4 seconds seems a bit severe.
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