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  1. I run CMMG uppers with AR lowers using Mean Arms Pmags. Not sure the CMMG bolt is compatible with a blowback lower's ejector since CMMG uses an AR style ejector.
  2. Thanks for the responses and, yes, S&H. Won't help my wife much RFRO, but I'll encourage her to bring her left hand in closer to the trigger guard which should enable her to get 3 and 4 without so much weight shift.
  3. Is this legal? Background: My wife has a really bad right hip. Steel Challenge is the only stage that presents a real problem because of the total angle. Shooting RFPO I've suggest she try indexing between 2 and S, Use two hands in the ready position, but go after 3 and 4 with the right hand only picking up the support hand on the way to 1. I don't see anything in the rules prohibiting this, but how would and RO see this? OTOH, AIWB is now legal in USPSA?
  4. The local smith opened up the chamber based on 4 sample rounds I provided. Interesting that a second barrel that had been installed by a differed smith back east already had the chamber reamed I suspect based on his experience with Barsto barrels. All my test rounds plunked in that barrel as installed. Anyway, problem solved.
  5. That's in the ballpark if you've already replaced the ILS Mainspring housing. The mainspring selection is also influenced by the radius on the firing pin stop.
  6. Very kind of you. Through my favorite LGS I've found someone in the area whom I'm going to call. If that falls through I'll take you up on the offer. Between now and my March 24 class the old style Bayou 124RN will work fine; those can be loaded to 1.12+, but after the class I'll be able to send the barrel back and forth.
  7. I have a Kimber HD Pro Carry with a Barsto barrel. Started to handload for this gun and the leade is very short. Irv at Barsto recommended .355. This is not an emergency as I discoved that the last batch of Bayou 124gr are the old style; if I load to 1.125" the driving bands are essentially inside the case to the round will chamber easily. Long term I'd like to source the correct diameter. I've changed the crimp, tried an FCD, .... If there is more than the smallest bit of full diameter cross section outside the case the bullet is in the lands. Barsto can lightly ream the barrel, but I
  8. OK. Just make sure you build in a pistol configuration and you'll be fine. Most PCC discussions on this forum are for rifle builds. I'm not an expert on pistol requirements, but the max length of pull is 13.5" I believe, that would be with the pistol brace at max extension, you're limited in what you can do with a forward grip or grip stop, and might be a limitation on max length. Other forums will have more info specific to pistol configurations. Won't get better under the Biden administration.
  9. I assume you already have an SBR lower so you're GTG while you are waiting for your Form 1 to get approved. Otherwise, you should probably hold off on the barrel or build as a pistol until you get the form 1 approved. Once you have the Tax Stamp in hand you can convert to a rifle and you will be set for USPSA, that is assuming your intent is competition? If not, just keep it in pistol configuration and enjoy.
  10. The cases were sized with an undersize die, same one I've been using for a long time. Just hadn't ever seen this before. Too bad I don't know what the cases looked lie before processing. I usual put 100 or so cases in a cardboard tray, quirt with case lube and shake. I'd have a fair chance of seeing a bulged case, but obviously didn't see these.
  11. We have 5 of the same gun (we sold 1). If it's the CA version which I believe is the only one that SA makes definitely swap out the mainspring housing and go with something in the 17-19 lb. range. We pair a 19 with 9 lb. recoil springs. Our firing pin stops have a radius so that may put our guns more in the 19 lb. range. Also, way back in time we starting using standard steel firing pins with standard (Extra Power versus XX). Be sure you get the firing pin for a Springfield - different tip OD. That 19/9 combination in a broken in gun will cycle down to the point where I can wa
  12. Dillon 1050 with a Mark VII, well past 150K rounds and these failures are new to me. The two on the left are an F.C. and Xtreme case, probably range pickups. My resizer left a very sharp lip on the bottom of the case. Possibly this was bulged brass, not an issue with my press. The one on the right is an S3 case. I didn't even know these existed, but the upper component jammed in the resizer and the lower component fell off. Someone must be actually using these things. I had to remove the sizing die so I could pound out that upper part with a brass rod. I'll just pitch "nicke
  13. The CMMG is a bit different using an AR ejector, but as it turns out it appears that the extractor pivot holes have been ovalized, perhaps due to lack of lubrication. This would really effect the engagement between the extractor claw and rim. I've stripped and cleaned the bolt and will install a new extractor.
  14. I've got a decent number of 145RN and some 147FP in Bayou and Acme. I'll load up 200 with SP and give those a try. I'd like to go 500 rounds without taking the bolt apart, but it's no big deal with the jig for taking the tension off the ejector retaining pin. It's amazing how dirty that channel can get. The WSF is fine for my 1911 until used up. It's dirty at soft loads, but actually cleans up easily. Of course I won't run out of powder if primers don't come back in stock
  15. I'm running an 8" barrel CMMG PCC. I had hoped to use up several pounds of WSF, but the powder is pretty dirty and tends to foul the ejector spring (it's an AR implementation). I've also got plenty of SP and can use any coated bullet weight. Also, so little recoil that I can run up the the max; the gun is actually flatter with stouter loads. It's easy enough to make some test loads, but I wonder if anyone has anecdotal or better info as to which end of the bullet weight spectrum would tend to be cleaner using SP. FWIW the rifle is ok up to +P+ so I'm not concerned about going to max regul
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