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  1. Until they crack. Exception would be for a PCC match where I would bin the rounds to selected cases that had not been excessively first. My 1911 will eject basically anything, but my PCC has a bit of a tendency to FTE on a cracked case.
  2. The advantage of the Aluminum is that you don't need a hex tool to change the battery (and you will be changing the battery fairly frequently.)
  3. I have a TT diamond in one of my RDB rifles. Not sure exactly the TPW I'm using now, but when I went down to 1.5 lbs. the pull weight began to creep and eventually doubled. It's been fine upwards of 2 lbs.
  4. Follow up: I upped my 125gr load from 3.8 to 4.3gr of N320 using 125gr BBI. 90 rounds later with absolute no issues and I was shocked that the rifle shot much flatter. I could fast double on a 18x24 plate at 50 yards with virtually no correction for the second shot. The soft load really drove the sight off the target. I plead guilty to falling prey to the steel challenge mantra "softer is better" which does not appear to apply to my CMMG SBR. I know .5 gr is a big jump, but well within the published load range and impulse is still considerably less than factory ammo. I'm g
  5. Some additional information: Did some additional testing with both my 8" barrel CMMG. They run 100% with every type of factory ammo I had on hand from 115 gr. through 147gr including defensive rounds. Ejection pattern very consistent between the two rifles. I get the occasional FTE with hand loads ranging from 115gr through 124gr up to 145gr. Since I don't shoot USPSA these are not factory loads and I'm now convinced that these FTE are due to the large SD I would expect from mixed headstamp cases with no control over the number of times they have been reloaded. I do get in
  6. It's easy to calculate the quantity if you feel like weighing a 400 lb. bucket, but in order to estimate the weight (and thereby the number of bullets) you need to estimate the average density of bullets by either a)weighing a sample volume or b)guessing at the fill factor.
  7. Fill factor is a bit uncertain and no box store bucket would stand up to 400 lbs, but Specific Gravity of Lead 11.35 Weight of 1 gallon of water 8.34 lbs Fill Factor 0.85 pure guess Weight of bucket of bullets 402.30
  8. Ordered on the 6th, arriving tomorrow (13th)
  9. RangerTrace, thanks for the info. I won't be putting the Tek-Loks on this belt. If my AR mag pouches don't fit I'll send the belt back. I have a Kore Essentials EDC belt (excellent BTW) and the pouches fit on that, but the belt loops get in the way of positioning the two pouches I need to use.
  10. I use a BOSS hanger to the holster side of things is solid. Blade Tech tek-lok configured "pouches" work just fine and I do have pouches for PMags using tek-lok. I'm just looking for a different belt which works with some different pouches that use plastic clips the bottom hook of which require a great deal of force to squeeze over the lower edge of the belt. I took a close look at the Shooter's Connection belt pictures. Looks like it will work fine since it doesn't have that build up at the uppper and lower edges. I'll just leave it set up for PCC.
  11. I have a CR Speed belt that I've been using for5-6 years. It's been fine and continues to be fine for SS Steel Challenge, but I'm looking for a belt that doesn't have the wider "rim" along the upper and lower edges; I have some AR mags with clips that don't really accommodate the rim and I'm reluctant to force things. If I can't find a different belt I'll try compressing the rim with pliers. It's also true that the velcro on the CR belt does tend to slip a bit with the weight of my 1911.
  12. I have both my 8" CMMG uppers running well with my two AR-15 lowers. I've gotten good support from CMMG working through ejection issues seemingly related to some outdated spring configurations in the bolt. I'm running a standard buffer configuration. If you use the tan PMags don't load them to 30 rounds. The spring pressure is sufficient to spread the lips of the mag body. I can't insert full tan mags in my ADM lower. Black mags are fine. Don't load mags on a closed bolt as a standard practice. The bolt lugs will score a coated bullet and scratch FMJ. This does not occur dur
  13. Let's tweak this a bit. How about just CFPO and CFPI? There's no PF in SC so who cares (much) about holster position, slide cuts, compensators? Manufacturers will get plenty of exposure in the larger sport of USPSA. And allowing centerfire in the "rimfire" divisions would allow folks new to handguns to compete without having to draw a hot gun.
  14. Regardless the cause the trend is clear and the long standing notion that Steel Challenge was is an on ramp to USPSA is not longer the case. Why not reduce SC to eight divisions: RFRO, RFRI, RFPO, RFPI, PCCO, PCCI, CFPO and CFPI? Eliminate holster position restrictions so USPSA OPN shooters don't have to change gear. If a PROD shooter wants to use a race holster go for it. And while we're at it replace OL with a more interesting stage not requiring movement; again, this is not an action pistol entry sport so why bother with the uniqueness that is OL. Oh, and figure out what to do with ISR
  15. Cataract surgery here also in my right eye only. I used Sight for Sport Eyes to have new lenses put in the snap-in RX adapters for my Rudy Project glasses. I think the cost was $120, very reasonable. I also had a set done with distance in both eyes for PCC. As noted I may have the left lens of my iron sight inserts redone, but since it's only an issue with Outer Limits it's probably not worth the effort.
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