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  1. I've been using my Mark VII/1050 for more than 4 years with at least 150K rounds made. This am I could not get the display to start up. Fortunately, there is a reset hole on the back and pressing that simultaneous with the power on button started things up. No idea what caused this, but thought I'd post as an FYI.
  2. RickT


    Best you will find on the interweb courtesy DocGKR: https://pistol-forum.com/showthread.php?4337-Service-Caliber-Handgun-Duty-and-Self-Defense-Ammo https://pistol-forum.com/showthread.php?4333-Ordnance-gelatin-test-assessment-for-rifle-and-pistol-calibers https://pistol-forum.com/showthread.php?4332-Frangible-ammunition-and-its-efficacy-for-duty-self-defense-use https://pistol-forum.com/showthread.php?4328-Basic-Wound-Ballistic-Terminal-Performance-Facts There are many ammo related ongoing threads, but this is a great starting point.
  3. If you use the same bays every practice use multi-color surveyor's whiskers to mark the target position. One color for each stage. (provided you have permission of the range owner/club)
  4. I'll double down on this. Experienced FTE with what I characterize has my competition PCC. Observed the following: 1. The bolt, itself, was gummy. That can't be a good thing. I do clean after every range session or two, but I'm clearly overlubing. You don't need much lube for a 200 round range session. 2. Disassembled and cleaned the bolt: lots of buildup 3. The ejector spring was about 10% shorter than a new MK10 spring. I'm going to reassembly with the used spring; based on the general condition of the bolt it's just as likely that the FTE were caused by buildup rather
  5. Or, get/build a CMMG upper and use Endomags. No need to use a magwell conversion and the Endomags run 100%. If you're a Glock guy the magwell conversion might make the most sense: your call.
  6. Here's the good news. I wanted to buy some spare ejector pins. Found a vendor, Bexar, that was selling for $0.25 each. Bought ten and I think the shipping was $3. Who on the interweb sells anything for 25 cents? I do have a jig for R&R of the ejector; looking like a pretty good spend. (I could have gone to McMaster or similar, but not worth the trouble.
  7. I really like my short heated vest since I can tuck it in behind the holster. That men's vest on the site, above, that has a heated neck is something I need to look into for next winter. I've learned since last winter to keep something around my neck; makes a big difference.
  8. I'm almost positive the MK10 ejector spring was introduced more recently. Just this last few weeks one of my CMMG SBRs went from 100% cycling to frequent FTE just from one shooting session to the next. Took out the ejector spring and it had shortend approximately 10% relative to a new Mk10 spring. Changed out the spring, tested and the gun ran 100%. I'm going to keep much better track of the number of rounds I'm putting through these guns. Some have suggested that 1000 rounds is about the maximum out of an ejector spring.
  9. I assume you have an RF100. If not, ignore my post. I only tighten the bolts by hand and they don't back out. Yes, the setting is slightly different with and without the cover, but change the rheostat until you are satisfied with the primer activity. Of course some primers (I only load SPP) are better than others. In my experience CCI work best, Winchester are OK and S&B I wouldn't recommend. I have loaded some Remington and the worked ok in the RF100 as I recall.
  10. Springfield 9mm 1911 for competition (SC) and HK P2000 in 9mm for carry.
  11. I'd go for it. If the shell plate is an issue you can buy an aftermarket one.
  12. My home defense PCC now mounts an Omega 9K suppressor. Rather than add some carrier weight I replaced the buffer on both PCC with the A5/RB5007 with Tubbs 556 buffer spring. Every ammo I've tried has run 100% and I understand that the same buffer configuration is fine for 5.56. Seems softer than using the stock carbine buffer, but I've already converted both lowers so I won't have a real seat-of-the-pants comparison. Not that I need a backup to my competition PCC, not being a serious competitor, but I will use a 3-lug suppressor mount on both rifles for flexibility.
  13. RickT

    The USPS

    Privatize! If you're going to have "tracking" then get it right. Don't tell me my very small package will arrive by 9pm Thursday when it just got to Las Vegas in the early am hour. And, guess what, it's now in Denver CO which is in the wrong direction from Boise. You'd think I would at least get a delivery update immediately that says either a)going to show up on XXX or b) we don't have any idea when it's going to show up. But I take what comfort I can from the following: "Your item arrived at our USPS facility in DENVER CO NETWORK DISTRIBUTION CENTER on December 17, 2020 a
  14. 3 works near 100% using Hornady One Shot and a MB funnel that has been heavily used (150K rounds or more ). Initially I had a pretty good "thump" with that funnel and probably was using 4-5 so pre-polishing your funnel/expander is probably a good idea. Also, I'm generally running brass that has been shot multiple times since I recycle near 100% from practice.
  15. Update: Found several possibilities designed for duty belts which appear to work on our narrower competition belts. Cost is reasonable so I may give one of these a try. Practicing for steel challenge with my 1911 I normally use 3 thin clothing layers including a heated vest in temperatures above 30 degrees with light wind. This works fine and I can use my normal double belt with the inner done in the belt loops. On a colder day I tried doing the double belt over a coat, but the only belt location that worked was actually above my pants belt, i.e. higher than normal. I couldn't
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