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  1. I did believe it to be a "real thing". The magnitude of the effect surprised me. Note to self, always sight in a new load. I switched to the slightly heavier bullet because I preferred the feel, but didn't both to shoot any paper.
  2. Went to the range with some old 124gr loads for my HK P2000 EDC and some of my very soft 135gr loads for my competition (SC) 9mm 1911. Range was 7 to 10 yards. Worked the HK a bit in preparation for an Enhanced CCW class (Idaho); just moved two months ago and hadn't touched a gun in 4 months. Switched to the 9mm and found I was grouping about 1" high. Hadn't brought that much of the usual 1911 ammo so tried the near-factory HK load and the groups were centered on the target. I repeated this "experiment three times and the POI of the 135gr load was consistently high. This is certainly not the ballistics; I expect what I'm seeing is the difference between a light/faster and heavier/slower bullet POI, but an inch at that short range seems extreme. The gun is on the heavy side, but at 73 y/o I don't have a gorilla grip. I've seen discussions noting differences between 147gr and 115/124, but I'm wondering if the degree of POI shift makes sense? FWIW the recoil of the HK round (124gr FP) is slightly greater, but still very slight.
  3. I bought one with my Mark 7 and had the same thought. A bench-mounted button with more positive contacts would be much better. I love my Mark 7, but found that a quick thumb press wouldn't always close the contacts. Once I got past the learning phase I no longer need the button.
  4. I capitulate! I mount a 2x4 to the wall backed up by t-nuts. Bolt the 2x4 to the bench, back the bench up to the wall, mark the 2x4 location, screw 2x4 into the studs and re-bolt bench to 2x4. Never had a problem going through 150K rounds. Just lazy.
  5. I've recently moved and haven't yet set up my reloading bench which at my former home was robustly fastened to the wall studs. The bench is quite heavy and generally I have 200-300 lbs of bullets on the bottom shelf (below the bench). Anyone running this setup on a standalone bench and if so have you noticed much vibration? I'm inclined to fasten to the wall despite the trouble doing so just due to potential issues with the bullet feeder.
  6. ebay or Amazon you can get an endoscope with a WiFi direct output (to cell phone, tablet, etc.) They have a built-in light, but any old Small LED light mounted on the same axis will do just fine.
  7. I haven't had this happen to me, but I know when I first started with the 1050 (small primers) adding an upside down 45 case (weight) to the plastic tube that assists primer feeding really smoothed things out a bit. Something to think about going forward.
  8. RickT

    Winchester primers.......

    Not problems with either Winchester or CCI. I switched to the slightly softer Win primers to ensure detonation in my EDC (practice rounds only of course)
  9. I've never had one move over several thousand rounds. Several months ago I call Uniquetek with a question (one of my two units had low friction and they suggested putting a small piece of low stick clear tape if I was concerned. I don't use the tape and both of my units have stayed dead on.
  10. RickT

    ACME 147 vs 145

    I've tried both in our 9mm 1911s I'm not sure there is an accuracy difference, but chambering the first round is smoother with the RN. I'd buy a sample pack of each and give them a try. You can weight 10-20 of each and measure the weight variation if that's a concern in your application.
  11. Have you added a small amount of additional weight to the primer tube push rod? Most use a 45ACP case which fits nicely over the end of the rod. \
  12. RickT

    Sport Pistol Powder opinions? A year later

    There are a good number of threads on this forum and elsewhere that discuss SP usual related to performance at minor PF in various handguns/PCC. Have you searched?
  13. RickT

    Sport Pistol powder

    My wife is running 3.5gr SP behind 115gr coated. I run 3.1gr SP behind 135gr coated. I prefer the feel of the 135gr. "Recoil" may be less with the 115gr, but there is a bit more "snap" as felt in a 9mm 1911. YMMV.
  14. RickT

    Tripp Cobra 10 Round Problems

    Our Springfield 9mm 1911s have been flawless with Tripp mags over what I would estimate is a combined 150K rounds. We no longer run 147gr FP primarily because we don't have to make PF, but they ren flawless with the occasional stutter when chambering the first round. For heavy bullets Acme 145gr (RN) work great in our 1911s FWIW.
  15. RickT

    Do-all load

    This particular club had some frag injuries on a falling plates setup probably due to bad design of the plate mount. They launched a study and came to an erroneous conclusion. I don't want to flaunt the rules so I'll bump up my load by .1 gr. My wife's normal load is on a 115gr bullet, but she'll go ahead and run the 120 PF load just for this match. Of course we shoot regular matches frequently and I've seen only one minor injury where tweezers were necessary to pull a small fragment out of a forearm.