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  1. I finally finished up my S&B primers without ever getting them to work well in the RF100. My recommendation would be to avoid these primers in the RF100. Regarding my WSP comments, above, I switch from S&B to Winchester and the WSP primers are running perfectly, this without touching a thing. So, the "lost recipe" has been found; I just wish I knew what it was. I'm not touching anything and if this keeps up the 15K of CCI primers will get left to my grandkids; I'll stock up on WSP. The second thing I notice following my shock at how well the infernal device worked with the WSP primers was the different sound the primers make getting loaded into the press. The WSP (and CCI) primers make a racket at they roar down the tube. It always sounded as though the S&B primers were sticking/dragging in the tube and, sure enough, I had a few instances of primers not getting fed into the shuttle (1050) even though no jam was present.
  2. I put together an upper with a Wiland barrel and Taccom extreme bolt/3-stage buffer. I can run a load softer than will work in my 9mm 1911 steel challenge gun. The guys at Wiland indicated they had seen velocities down near 700 fps, but I don't know the bolt/buffer combination. I can say that my setup (115gr Acme, 3.0SP, 1.11") is very, very soft.
  3. I did a quick check with 15 and 33 round Glock mags loaded and empty. The mags are definitely not in contact with the bolt. Yes, the mag release is easier when the mags are empty and the release is definitely stiffer with a loaded 33 round mag, but I think that is somewhat do to the weight of the mag dragging on the mag release interface. Found an easy solution, simply re-position my index finger toward the rear edge of the release. The additional leverage worked just fine with loaded 33 round mags.
  4. ck, Thanks for the response. First thing I noticed is that the 33 rnd Glock mags are a bit snug going in, but that's a good thing versus SGM which are very sloppy in the magwell. No doubt why they don't run and are, specifically, called out by FM as not suitable for their lower.
  5. Completed switch from AR-15 lower to Foxtrot Mike. Upper uses Taccom 3-stage buffer and extreme bolt. Rifle functions 100% with Glock 33 round mags and is incredibly soft shooting. The only minor issue is the difficulty of releasing the mag on a closed bolt during "Unload and Show Clear". I can easily circumvent by ejecting the chambered round and locking the bolt back, but I'd prefer to either a)find a fix or b)determine that there is no fix, it's just "life".
  6. At a recent "outlaw" USPSA indoor evening match I managed to do the follow: 1. Didn't check all my mags to make sure they would drop free on a reload. My only excuse: I normally shoot steel challenge. 2. Didn't pay enough attention loading my mags and, yes, one upside-down primer. At regular matches I case-gauge, and "almost" always at least look the primers when loading mags 3. Loaded mags (partially full) from my last SC match and realized I had loaded with my PCC rounds which look identical. Realized the issue and unloaded what I though were all the PCC rounds. Wrong. Had a failure to eject followed by a double feed when trying to clear. Excuse: I'm using up a bunch of Acme bullets which you can get in any color as long as it's red. Still, a lot of fun and being a)old and b) competing against much younger folks with a weapon light, RDS and 20 round mags I just try to come in mid-pack with my 9mm 1911. Any day you get to shoot is a good day.
  7. 115gr Acme, 3.0gr Sport Pistol, 1.11" OAL will cycle with the Taccom Extreme bolt and 3-stage buffer. 3.0gr is on the edge so after I run through a few hundred rounds I'll be loading 3.1gr. Recoil is, to say the least, minimal and great for steel challenge. I can't go any longer with the Acme bullets, but I've got some new cases that I'll use to experiment with OAL; my current lot of cases are worn out. Replaced AR-15 lower/Endomags with Foxtrot Mike lower/Glock mags. Endomags cycled 100% but having to use empty mag to eject a chambered round was a bit inconvenient.
  8. Rebuilt my PCC with a Foxtrot Mike receiver (had been using Endomags). I swung by the range last night with only a 33rd SGM mag and a 10 round Magpul. I know SGM mags are not supposed to work and, no surprise, they didn't. I was puzzled by how sloppy the SGM is in the magwell, the Magpul a bit less so. I did insert a Glock mag this am and there was absolutely no fore/aft wiggle. Hopefully the Glock mags will feed in this morning's test. Are the SGM's slightly smaller in cross section to speed up mag changes?
  9. Thread is OBE. Decided to go dedicated with a Foxtrot Mike stripped receiver. Stern looks solid, but more expensive than going with a receiver. Only reason to but this receiver under one of my ARs would be the nice 3.5 lb. trigger, but I can always upgrade one of my BCM lowers trigger-wise.
  10. We might have to go to something just for matches although the Geco Match at about 6 cents/round is pretty reasonable for high volume practice.
  11. "Our" (my wife's!) mag failure is further down in the stack, not in the feed lips. After looking at the Tandemkross video they are recommending tightening 7 flats versus the "normal" 8. If you turn the nut 1-1/4 turns and relax slightly to drop in the recess you've effectively only turned the spring 7 flats. I'm going to try this with a few mags before we head to the range this morning. We're getting to today's match early to do some testing.
  12. That's about what I'm applying for tension. I do think there might be something to the temperature "thing". The spring is quite long, but I don't know that a 40 degree change in temperature would do much.
  13. I built up a lower using an on-hand Elemental Arms receiver. Combined with my upper, Taccom buffer, Taccom bolt and Wiland barrel, the rifle functions fine using Endomags. In retrospect I should probably have bought an AR-9 receiver and moved parts over, but here I am. The rifle functions with the Endomags, but, as well documented, can't load a mag against a closed bolt and you need an empty mag to eject the last round. Any disadvantage to the Stern Defense magwell adapter versus a glock lower? Cost seems to be a wash+- and I have glock mags for my CMMG guard. Rifle is being used for steel challenge. BTW, the EA receiver was designed to be CA compliant, but it was convertible to normal operation my removing one pin and associated parts. The receiver seems to be well made, but EA went out of business in 2017 apparently related to lack of store-front traffic. California has become a tough gig for gunsmiths and LGS; I'm lucky to be in Idaho.
  14. I use my thumb and index finger to put 1-1/3 turns on the spring. We never had problems with the CCI SV ammo, but as the temperature began to drop in our new state we started to see wax buildup and the occasional failure to feed. Must have gone through 30K rounds of the SV stuff in a warmer climate without issue. There may be something to the tension thing. I heard from a few folks that they don't tension the springs as much as recommended. I never got the hand of the Tandemkross tool; sounds like I should be glad I didn't. Can you clarify "pinching in the back plate? Thanks.
  15. Absent a rimfire rifle-specific forum this appears to be the best place to ask. Ever since my wife had to switch from CCI SV in her Kidd 10/22 as the temperatures in Idaho dropped (we're now practicing in the low 30's) a new magazine issue has sprung up, most recently with Remington Golden bullets, but we're seen it with others. Simply stated the magazine jams internally, failing to feed the next round into the feed lips. Doesn't seem to matter clean or slightly dirty, nor is spring tension an apparent issue. I would say each magazine might see 3000 to 4000 rounds in the course of the year so a number of these magazines could be over that. Obviously, the magazines get scuffed internally. I don't mind simply throwing them out, but we've actually seen this issues with a match-only magazine with obviously lower round count. I've even tried using some Rem Dry Lube, but I'm not sure that did anything. Anyone else seen this particular issue with the clear 10-round magazines? Any correlation with wear on the magazines? I'm inclined to think it has something to do with the lower temperatures despite our trying to keep the rounds and magazines somewhat warm.
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