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  1. Ok, there is no "sex" but I do have pictures, lies, and video What a fantastic match. It was held at the Phoenix (AZ) Rod and Gun Club at the base of South Mountain. Eight fun revo stages, without any 50 yard head shots It ran like clockwork. We started cappin' at 8:00, I was finished and eating lunch at 1:00pm. The stages were challenging but ran smoothly, and the RO's were friendly and knew what they were doing. All the stages had cold water on them, and a young lady drove around in a golf cart and brought us free snacks/bananas a few times. Even though I've been practicing my weak hand reloads, according to the video when I heard the beep, that plan went out the window. My best stage was 30 out of 75, and I finished 46 out of 75. But I've got a whole year to practice before next year's match. Here's a link to the scores. Give me some time and I'll post the rest of the pictures. https://practiscore.com/results/html/02b37d31-d0a8-4763-94c4-2a71cfd7dc0e https://practiscore.com/results/html/02b37d31-d0a8-4763-94c4-2a71cfd7dc0e?page=matchCombined
  2. Thanks, as I posted in another thread, since Phoenix AZ has Ben Avery, Rio Salado, Chompies, Ray's Pizza and Wings, and the Original Hamburger Works, I'm already a winner Phoenix Rod and Gun Club always does a good job.
  3. I have a guy that makes custom make me .0365624985337546 moon clips. They're expensive but work better than the 0365624985337547 moon clips I was using before.
  4. I called my GM buddy (the rocket) and asked him for some last minute revo advice for the Arizona State Revolver Championship. He said and I quote, "Generally the people that liked you before the match will still like you after the match, and the people that didn't like you before the match, still won't like you after the match". I said, what about my shooting. He replied, "exactly" I'll post a review and pictures next week.
  5. The GM in the other forum's user name is gsteve. He was friends with Rob Latham, and was sponsored by Springfield Armory. Any idea who it is?
  6. Got ya, that makes much more sense. Thanks.
  7. Oh, and what's the purpose of doing what you posted?
  8. Thanks, when you say "prepped" are you actually stopping your trigger pull? I'm trying to smoothly, consistently, stroke the trigger thru until it fires.
  9. On another web forum there's a GM pistol shooter that's telling me that I should stick my finger far enough thru the trigger that the tip of it just contacts the frame before it fires. That this somehow helps me know when the shot is going off. I told him my finger isn't long enough, so he said I can use the tip of my weak hand finger. I've been a pistol shooter my while life, but new to revos. When I'm shooting I'm just smoothly, quickly, stroking the trigger thru. Do you guys know what he's talking about, and can you explain it better?
  10. Is it possible to post any less information? Here you go. https://practiscore.com/vvrc-2019-icore-postal-match-1/register Apple Valley Gun Club 16699 Stoddard Wells Rd Victorville, California 92393 https://maps.app.goo.gl/gPCucLoCTeCcUnVB6 45 miles straight north of Ontario International Airport / 45 miles straight north of Riverside California.
  11. As a fellow competitor I sincerely hope they only let people shoot one gun per day. Multiple guns slow things down too much.
  12. I live in Southern California, the home of In n Out. Chuck Box/Original Hamburger Works is better. Ray's Pizza and Wings on 34th and Union Hills is usually my first stop when I get into town. Chompies for breakfast? Oy vay it's like my bubby used to make me when I was a little pissher.
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