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  1. It was for me. I went from a 550 in 9mm and .38 Special to a 750. All I did was swap the dies and powder funnel. (Yes the shell plates are different)
  2. Yeah, it was 80 today in So Cal, and a little too warm to go to the range
  3. I had better luck with AA#2 and a Bayou bullet 160gr RN. Coated bullets were faster in my 627 than plated bullets.
  4. Yep, that's why I load .38 Short Colt. You can use 9mm load data and go up or down from there.
  5. I'm right at 6.25 pounds with 100 percent reliable ignition.
  6. I finally gave up on trying to get .38 Special to make minimum, and just went with Short Colt. A .38 Short Colt is basically a rimmed 9mm and makes minor easily.
  7. Here's what I got .38 Special: Titegroup 3.8gr, 158gr Berry's Bullet Digital Link Temperature:N/A Pressure:N/A Bullet Weight:158.0 Power Factor Average:114 Power Factor Low:111 Power Factor High:117 Number of Shots:7 Minimum:706 Maximum:745 Spread:39 Average:721 Standard Deviation:12 #VelocityFt/lbsPower FactorDate 7 715 179.34 112 2/8/20 9:55 AM 6 722 182.87 114 2/8/20 9:55 AM 5 721 182.36 113 2/8/20 9:55 AM 4 729 186.43 115 2/8/20 9:55 AM
  8. That's enough for me, but what are the rest of you guys going to do?
  9. I've got two S&W 617s. One got a nice trigger, the other has a factory 26 pound double action trigger pull. Even super glue couldn't keep a shell on the end of the barrel
  10. https://gunsmagazine.com/discover/double-action-revolver-shooting/
  11. Umm, I already upgraded to wife 3.0 I'm a love, not a fighter.
  12. Yes... ...suck a few dollars out of your wallet
  13. Here you go https://dilloncdn.com/docs/caliberconversioncharts/xl650-caliber-conversion-chart.pdf
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