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  1. OP, I'm still learning. What were the DQs for?
  2. Sorry for the newbie question. Can you be in A Class in OPEN, and B Class in LIMITED? Or something like that? Or if you're in A Class, you're in A Class across the board?
  3. I can't even double tap my revo, when I'm dry firing it My trigger doesn't reset that fast.
  4. ysrracer

    adj comb or not

    The factory adjustable comb sucks. The hardware sucks, and the cut sucks. You'll be much happier getting a non adjustable comb stock, then having someone add an aftermarket adjustable comb to it.
  5. The only way for me to remove one of the teats is with an end mill. Mine aren't removable.
  6. Damn it. I literally just got mine from BMT at twice the price. For me it's basically unusable for 8 rounds of Remington .38 special with TK .025 clips. There's just no way I can turn the metal part with my hand. It's too stiff. If I load 4 rounds ( thereby loading 1 round at a time, as opposed to loading 8 rounds, and loading 2 rounds at a time) I can turn it. I need to figure out a way to get more leverage. Maybe a handle of some kind?
  7. I need something to "shoot" for Get it, shoot for? I crack myself up.
  8. When you guys are double tapping at 10 yards, what is your time from the beep, to the last shot? I'm talking about, beep, draw, first shot, second shot. Double action revo, of course.
  9. I ordered a dual moon clip holder (tall) for my 627 from Amazon. Never thinking about the outside diameter of the dowels, or the inside diameter of my TK moon clips. Needless to say, I got the 5/8ths dowels, but really needed the 9/16ths. I called them, and they were happy to exchange them. In fact, they sent me both 1/2" and and 9/16", and just asked that I return the unused ones. I went with 9/16ths. It's a good product, and works well. At 60 bucks a pop, I wish I had thought of it
  10. Wow, I'm right handed and my left hand is not dexterous enough to grab a moon clip and get it anywhere close to the cylinder I hit the thumb release with my right thumb, transfer the gun to my left hand, elect the rounds with my left thumb, grab and reload a mom clip with my right hand, then transfer the gun back to my right hand. So far I've got the whole thing down under 30 seconds
  11. Ok, I ordered one tonight. I'll let you know how it goes.
  12. Beats me. I'm not a member yet, but it's only 30 bucks to join.
  13. After taking about 20 years off from pistol shooting (I've been shooting sporting clays shotguns) I bought a S&W 627, 8 shot .38 special. At 60 years old the first thing I did was replace the gold bead font sight with a Dawson Fiber Optic. It was a huge improvement. Then I saw the SDM Super Sight. It's literally twice as long as the Dawson, and the fiber optic is twice as big. Man, what a difference !! Almost like when I had cataract surgery. Any of you guys using one?
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