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  1. When my gunsmith did mine I asked him, "where's the chamfer". He said, under the extractor, where it needs to be
  2. I remember when major was 175, but I guess the muzzle blast was blowing up their skirts, so they lowered it to 165
  3. I was having lunch at Minder Binders a few weeks ago with my friend, and we were just discussing this
  4. 148 x 710 = 105,080. I thought ICORE power factor was 120, USPSA is 125.
  5. How about some advice on pizza or bbq? See you in a few weeks.
  6. When I had my gun done, my gunsmith installed a longer firing pin.
  7. Thanks for the info guys, I'll give it a try on Monday. Yes, I have noticed my first shot is slower than the rest. Now it makes sense. 30 years ago when I was loading Win 452AA in my .45 I don't remember having these problems.
  8. My AOL is 1.43. No, I keep the gun pointed down, then raise it to level, and pull the trigger. I'd guess the powder is all up front with the bullet.
  9. No, how would I do that? Point the gun straight up, then slowly lower it to level? Never thought of that. Will they do that when I chrono my loads at Mesquite Mayhem?
  10. Oh, I'm shooting it in an S&W 627 with a five inch barrel, performance center.
  11. Hi Guys, I'm chasing my tail trying to get a .38 special load with Berry's 158 plated bullet to make minor. I tried using a book load of 4.4gr of 231, and I'm not even close. The book says, 820fps, my chrono (and my buddy's) say 680. Does anybody have a 231 or Titegroup, or Clays load with a Barry's 158gr bullet that makes minor? I'm not looking for what the books say, I'm looking for something that somebody actually loaded and chrono'd. Thanks in advance.
  12. How cool is this 617? A guy here in So Cal did the work.
  13. I chrono'd some today. Name: .38 Special 130 gr Factory Notes: S&W 627 5" barrel Shots: 6 Average: 811 ft/s SD: 18 ft/s Min: 788 ft/s Max: 837 ft/s Spread: 49 ft/s Power Factor Average: 105 Power Factor Low: 102 Power Factor High: 108 Weight: 130.0 gr.
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