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  1. Random crap on the interwebs is wrong? I'm shocked, shocked I tells ya
  2. It looks like it from his Facebook page. I wish I had known. My gunsmith did say, he could just cut an inch off the barrel and start over. We shall see.
  3. Weighted mag? My daddy didn't raise no sissy semi auto shooter
  4. Wow !! I looked at his Facebook page. He does amazing work. I should have had him do the barrel initially, instead of the tractor mechanic* in Arizona. *no offense to any actual tractor mechanics, i'm sure you could have done a better job.
  5. Are factory barrels available from Smith & Wesson?
  6. He's a very well known well respected revolver smith, that should have retired a few years ago. I'm sure at one time, he could have handled this job, but those days are behind him.
  7. Since I'm stuck at home I decided to clean my guns, and practice my reloads. I'm amazed at how easy the rounds/moon clip go into my 627. So I was thinking, is it worth it to clean the cylinder half way thru a match? Anybody do it?
  8. That's the plan. He said, since the cut is deeper in front, making it parallel to the bore shouldn't be a problem. He's going to remove the tap, and weld the hole. The only issue he sees it's that it's not in the center of the rib. He's going to center it, and see how it looks. It may need to be welded and recut also.
  9. So my real gunsmith called me tonight. The slot was not parallel to the bore, the slot was not centered in the rib, the screw hole was drilled off center, a tap was broken off in the hole, and the whole mess was held together with JB FRIGGIN WELD. I'm just hoping it can be saved.
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