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  1. Factory 9mm ammo is about half the price of factory .38 special. And most factory .38 special doesn't make power factor.
  2. OP, my 627 looked worse than that. I finally cleaned it today, and the damn trigger pull got two pounds lighter
  3. I ended up with Randolph Ranger vermilion, which is their version of pink/red. It worked out best for me. I'm having Morgan Optical make me a pair of lenses with no correction in my left eye, and .75 in my right. The frint sight is crystal clear, and so is the target. They should be here tomorrow. I'll let you guys know how they work out. I shoot with both eyes open, and look at the target, but see the red fiber optic.
  4. That's my situation, I don't reload yet. Thanks for all the info.
  5. They're factory .38 special 130gr going 800 fps, for a power factor of 104. Can I shoot them in an ICORE match?
  6. I'm no expert, but aim a little left?
  7. I started shooting USPSA in the 80s with a 1911 like everybody else. Then a Springfield Armory P9. Then I discovered sporting clays (shotgun game) and hadn't picked up a pistol in decades, until... ... I bought a 627. It's great, and I love shooting revo. My buddy worked with Charley Priest (the guy that pioneered the 8 shot S&W N frame) and he smithed mine up pretty good. Now I'm a Ba, ba, ba Bud man, and a revo fan
  8. What are you doing here? This is a place for people that shoot guns
  9. Are you the same goofball on calguns? How can I block this guy?
  10. As I chronicled in my other threads I spent the 90 bucks and bought one for my S&W 627. Using it with TK. .0250 blue moon clips and Remington ammo, it was just too hard to turn it. I'm 61 and have a little arthritis in my right hand. I even tried loading four rounds in it, thereby only loading one at a time, instead of two. No go, I still couldn't turn it. Then I had an idea, since I couldn't make the groove in the brass any smaller in diameter, maybe I could make the opening in the clip larger? I got a round file, and gave it a try. Four licks with the file was too much. Two licks wasn't enough. But much like Goldilocks, three was just right. Now that I can use it, I see why you guys like it. It's pretty slick, and works well. Thanks for all the help and suggestions.
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