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  1. Thanks guys. I should add it's a Bowen block installed up front with an SDM Super Sight .250 high x .125 wide. 617 factory sights are really low, so with the taller front sight I installed a .196 tall rear blade, with the notch width opened up to .150. That coupled with a 7lb double action trigger pull, it's a sweet shooter.
  2. No, I wanted it done correctly There's a machinist here that does a lot of work for gunsmiths. All he did was shorten the barrel, and bead blast the finish. I had such a bad experience with the tractor mechanic in Phoenix, I'm glad I found this guy.
  3. They call me goldilocks. Four inches was too short, six inches was too long, five inches is just right. Check out my new five inch 617 (627 on top for reference)
  4. Is it ok to use a drop of loctite on the front screw on the rear sight? Not the rear screw that adjusts height. Second question, what rear sight notch width are you guys using? I'm at .150 with a .100 front sight. Thoughts?
  5. I shoot these .357 bullets in my 9mm, but unfortunately they're out of stock right now. https://www.xtremebullets.com/38-125-FP-p/xc38-125fpcan-b0500.htm
  6. Yes, and their FMJ 124 are $0.09 each, which these days isn't too bad. https://www.rmrbullets.com/shop/bullets/pistol/9mm-355/9mm-124-gr-rmr-full-metal-jacket-round-nose/
  7. It's a Pro Custom 18.9, and it's a great gun. From the factory it has a Bomar-ish rear sight, a fiber optic front sight, an extended ambi safety, beaver trail, commander hammer, front cocking serrations serrated front strap, 2.5lb trigger, magwell, full length guide rod, lightweight tiger...
  8. Me? No. I shoot a Thursday night steel match at Phoenix Rod and Gun Club, and a couple of USPSA matches there a month ( when I'm in town). Nothing too crazy. Now Rio (where the big dogs play) is a different story. I'm not a serious competitor. In fact I just go to the matches so I can go out for lunch with my buddies afterwards .
  9. Ordered 3000 RMR Bullets three months ago. Just showed up.
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