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  1. I shot it last year. Not sure what you mean by "format". It was a normal pistol match. Eight or ten stages if I recall.
  2. Just saw this... https://practiscore.com/icore-southwest-regional-revolver-championship/register Match starts: October 16, 2020 @ 8:00 AM · Match ends: October 17, 2020 @ 5:00 PM Location: Rio Salado Sportsman's Club 3960 N. Usery Pass Road Mesa, AZ 85207 Regional ICORE Match, 10 stages plus chrono--Minimum 200 rounds Time-8:am - til finished. Match Director: Scott Krushak There will be cash payouts, awards, and some random prizes and or prize table. Tee shirt information and availability will be announced as information becomes available. Match fees are $100.00 No refunds after 9-15-2020. Refunds will be $90 because of CC fees. We will be following all local. state and federal COVID-19 guidance current at the time of the match to ensure the safety of all match participants. Squad sizes are reduced due to the COVID-19 restrictions. We will allow shooters to compete with the staff on Friday to make sure everybody gets to shoot. You must be an current ICORE member to shoot the match. You will need to provide your own lunch. In the event the match is canceled due to a COVID-19 issue, a portion of all match fees will be refunded minus costs that have accrued for setting up the match. REMINDER: AZ State match will be on Sunday at Phoenix Rod and Gun Club. View Squadding ICORE match, Price: $100.00
  3. I'm guessing, and really that's all it is, but if you use xyz organization's name, you have to pay xyz organization some money?
  4. I fly to a lot of shotgun matches with factory ammo. 100 rounds of 12ga is right around 11 pounds. I never tell the gate agent I have ammo, so far so good. It's a non issue, but it's factory ammo. I just ordered the MTM boxes, thanks
  5. The cylinder on the left is my original cylinder, the one on the right is the new one that needs fitting.
  6. I talked to to MD and he told me in limited, the only difference between the old rule book and the current rules is the requirement for a factory barrel.
  7. In my case, the only difference is the extractors. I guess I could try swapping those?
  8. I'm not a gunsmith, so I'm not touching anything. I think the difference is the angle of this cut. But again, I'm not a gunsmith
  9. Ok, here's the update: I bought an already converted to 9mm / .38 super cylinder from a member here. It drops right in, spins freely. The only issue is when I pull the trigger (my 627 is double action only) the cylinder moves, the lug engages the notch, but then the trigger stops and won't fire. It's almost like the hand/pawl is too long. When comparing the ratchet on my original cylinder to the ratchet on my new cylinder, the new ratchet "bumps" look thicker. I'll take some pictures. I'm sure my gunsmith can get it to fit. I need it to work with both cylinders.
  10. Travel with my wife and two kids? Umm, I'm going to the match to have fun, not have a brain aneurysm
  11. Am I right in thinking 100 rounds of .38 special 160gr ammo weighs about three pounds? If that's the case, I can just check 400 rounds with the airline?
  12. I'm thinking of flying into Reno Nevada for this match. I know about checking my revo, but how do I get 300 rounds of ammo there? What do you guys do? https://practiscore.com/world-revolver-championship/register
  13. Yeah, it hit the target, but I knew there was an issue so I didn't pull the trigger again.
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