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  1. 1050 is your freind with those kinda cases.
  2. i recall in the past it was not allowed. Do they allow video at Nats?
  3. i, like many have accumulated a good assortment of gun oil. bought a bottle of lucas clp today. when i used it i was surprised at how thin it was, ALG was the same. my favorite has been weapon sheild and fp 10. they are quite a bit thicker and seems to stay where they are put. Break free clp and mpro 7 are thick oils also that i have So do you prefer a thick or thin oil ? i always thought a thick oil will stay in place and a thin oil will just drain away
  4. sounds like you may have a few over length rounds and they are getting stuck in lands and not allowing it to go into battery. when you eject the case is there powder all over?
  5. only a couple of weeks away. has the round count been published?
  6. wider and shorter so the rear does not have to be jacked up so high to zero
  7. imo every reloader should have a chrono or access to one. i bet your load 3.4 load at that short length is going 975 to 1000 fps. most gamer loads with a 147 are 3.0 to 3.2 tG depending on the bullet and gun.
  8. i have had the chrono, comp electronic and now the caldwell. to me its usually the issue of lighting at the out door range. . i use the diffuser screens. get a lot of odd readings with the optical ones i have borrowed a labradar in the past , but it too much for me to spend. i am surprised no one has come up with a less expensive version of the labradar
  9. my optical one is too flaky. labradar is over my budget. Are there any new chronos coming on the market in the next year?
  10. this is my frst nats there also, but i have been there a few times for Area matches. other than the annoying red sand that seems to stick to everything , ti was not really much different than any other match. clean your mags at very frequently, drink lots of water and good shoes. its still going to be in the 80 and 90 even in late September. if you forget something, St george has a lot of stores like walmart, costco etc. .Also park your rental car far away . lots of richochets at SUPS and lots of broken auto glass from parking right behind the bays. St George and SuPs are one of my favorite places to shoot matches. i kinda hope nat will get picked up in Vegas again though
  11. ahh i guess the decision has been made.
  12. been borrowing peoples for a while and think time to buy my own, there are a few choices DAA https://www.doublealpha.biz/us/ipsc-magazine-gauge Dawson https://dawsonprecision.com/official-uspsa-mag-length-gauge/ Springer https://shop.springerprecision.com/Springer-Precision-Mag-Gauge-for-USPSA-SP15010.htm ? Which one is the most accurate? Seems like the DAA offers the most features, but are those even needed in the US?
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