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  1. look up Gabe White that shoots in Ore. he is the king of Aiwb in limited .
  2. St George used to have a gully run in one of the bays.
  3. i have shot probably 20k rds through my canik with a FF3 on top . has never went down and only changed the battery once. CS from Burris has been great. i called to inquire about a new battery cover as mine was scratched from battery replacement and they sent me 2 new ones for free.
  4. yeah i have been chronoing 40 with different powders for a long time .4.7 asp with a 180 gallant @ 181.5 was about 900fps or 164 pf or so. now shrink that to 1.13 and i got 60 fps more with the same load and bullet just shorter . i always try new powder when they out. ASP is a ok powder , but i think its overhyped after testing it for a while. i am gonna go back to WST once my 8# is done.
  5. at the 4.7 load and length you list 165 is about where i would expect it to fall in PF with a coated bullet with n320 or SP. my experience with plated .40 bullets is they are close to coated in loads but not exact. maybe .1 or .2 to get the same velocity. where a fmj would need about half a grain more to acheive the same. 5.1 of sport pistol @ 1.185 with a gallant 180 chronoed 174 pf at Nats in Sep out of my 5" 2011 i have not found plated to be more or less accurate than coated . the biggest difference was the weight. Coated can vary a lot even in the same batch but plated varied in weight very little .
  6. well i must be the oddball as when i loaded 9mm major for my open gun i ran everything . Did not sort it then or now. Never had a case split in half. i must have loaded at least 25k 9mm major before my gun broke and i stopped loading major.
  7. i have done it many times and just printed a label and gave it to any ups driver. as long as there is a label on it they don't seem care.
  8. i have a friend that lives in the suburbs of Atlanta. thinking of visiting him next year and thought i may as well have it coincide with a big match. So what big matches are in that are for next year thanks
  9. been experimenting with Sport pistol powder in 40. i loaded 4.9 grains with a 180 gallant at 1.18 for my 2011. the velocity and SD were high. i also loaded some at 1.13.5 to us in other gun and out of the same gun he SD was 10 or less. at 1.13.5 it picked up about 75 FPS. the only difference is length. did not touch the powder drop or anything other than turning the stem on my seating die. the only thing i can think of is that the added volume of loading longer is affecting the SD numbers. more space between the bullet and the powder. so have you noticed this ? i also did an experiment with RS comp which is a very filling powder and the FPS and SD were good.
  10. i did a few loads without pins. the outside came out nice and shiny as usual ,but the inside were not. they were clean, just not shiny. i think the outside of the cases rubbing against each other give them the shine and the pins only are needed if one wants the inside clean . for me i don't care about clean inside so am going to continue without pins. lots less work and concern about getting every pin out. i have a franfurt case dryer also and just leave it on for an hour and then let it cool down. thats usually enough to dry them
  11. i know you guys are there,but truthfully i did not know you guys had so many bays. i know know the Tropang guys do matches out there. Any chance you guys would host nats or an area match? always love an excuse to visit down south.
  12. Shot Nationals this year love it. While shooing we were trying to guess where the next one would be. Seeing they want 23 or more bays what places could accommodate Nationals? St. George Frost proof Tallegdega These are the ones most mentioned by my squad
  13. check and see if the follower is getting caught on the slide stop. stock gram followers need to have the tab removed as sometimes they hit the slide stop tab
  14. I have some of the original ones that came in a few years ago. they were less than stellar . feed lips spread and base plates cracked when hitting the ground. put them away and forgot about them. recently went to triggercon and kci happen to have a booth there. i asked the rep if they have improved and he told me they have. so i told him about my mags and he said to contact them and they would swap them out. sent a couple of emails with no response. i am a big customer service person. if you have good CS i will buy your product first. seeing they never replied i have relegated the mags back into the junk pile. Seeing i am in Vegas after nats i might stop by their place in Henderson for a look see
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