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  1. Sandbagger123

    2019 USPSA Nationals Announced

    is utah gonna be at the new range?
  2. Sandbagger123

    GP K100 roll pin

    update. i bought 10 m3 x 25mm roll pin off of Ebay for $1.69 it fit perfect in the GP. i dry fired with the new pin 100 times and punched it out to check for damage. to my surprise there was no damage. The oem GP ones must be soft or these are harder. the oem seems to be a roll pin with a smaller roll pin inside. don't understand why or know if its really needed here are the ones i bought https://www.ebay.com/itm/M1-5-M2-M2-5-M3-M4-Spring-Pins-Split-Tension-Roll-Pin-Black-Zinc-Plated-Steel/183389643649?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=690699437559&_trksid=p2060353.m2749.l2649
  3. Sandbagger123

    Torque P320 X-Five rearsight plate screws/ Romeo 1 MRDS

    if one goes online there are a lot of web sites with torque specs for specific sized fasteners. a M3 screw is torqued about 1.5 nm or 13.3 inch pounds. its what i used for my FF3. anything more i am sure would start to round the head of the allen wrench. when i had my DPP i torqued the screws to 25 inch pounds and when it came to time to take it off i rounded the torx holes. https://www.holo-krome.com/uploads/7/2/7/5/72754089/hk_torquedatachart.pdf
  4. Sandbagger123

    Warwick Tactical?

    has anyone seen their open gun in the wild? i was gonna order one when they first came out, but was waiting for some people to review it. it been over a year and it seems that while they say they are out there , i have not read anything online about them . So has anyone seen their open gun at a match ?
  5. Sandbagger123

    To DQ or Not to DQ

    I Dq'd a gentleman last weekend for drawing early on a uprange start. i was neither the timer ro or pad ro , but was the other ro working the squad. i usually don't say anything unless its so blatant like this shooter did. many saw it and agreed it was kosher. i have seen so many missed D/Q 's in the years i have been shooting uspsa that i just consider it one of those things that happens .
  6. Sandbagger123

    Virginia count xtra shot

    if he shot over the amount of shots allowed on the virginia stage then add a extra shot penalty . if not its just a extra hit penalty
  7. Sandbagger123

    Deltapoint pro chewing through batteries. Literally.

    i sent my DPP last month not even related to this issue. still have not got it back. they told me that they are not sending any out to sell or one in for repair back to the owners. they are trying to solve some kind of issue before they sell them them again. i asked how long and the guy on the phone said he has no idea. could be days or months. he said just wait for the tracking email . So send them back at your own risk i wonder if you issues are one of the things needing fixing
  8. Sandbagger123

    Delta Point Pro ??

    So i sent my dpp to leupold a month ago. i called today to check up on it and the guy told me that all DPP are on hold for some kind of fix. don't know when its gonna be fixed and returned. very dissapointing .
  9. my trusty pro chrono digital decided that it was not worth staying in this world and jumped in front of a bullet. a call to the comp electronic factory was in order. the nice lady told me it would be half the retail price and shipping . seeing that msrp is 115 for it that 57.50 for the repair and $12 shipping. the cost for me to ship it to the would be about $12. That's $81.50 for the math challenged. i see them all the time on sale for a $70- 80 online . So those that did send on back to the mothership, how much did they charge you?
  10. Sandbagger123

    Delta Point Pro ??

    so those that sent their DPP back to leupold , how long did it take for them to contact you? they received mine last friday and i have not had anyone contact me . just checking before i make a pest of myself by calling?
  11. Sandbagger123

    X-Line trigger install

    So did i. i sent them a email and pix and they sent me a new bow. Great customer service. Came from Germany in 2 weeks.
  12. Sandbagger123

    Burris FF3 on open gun?

    anyone mount one on a frame mounted open gun shooting major? wondering if it will take the stress
  13. Sandbagger123

    GP K100 roll pin

    the roll pin that hold the firing pin gets deformed when dryfiring. then it get stuck in the fp hole. So does anyone make a solid pin for it that will not deform? i measured it at .122 x .950 .
  14. Sandbagger123

    X-five rear sight ? (one or two springs under it?)

    .205. what Sig should have done is include both sights in the box and let the end user decide depending on which way they decide to set up their X5
  15. Sandbagger123

    X-five rear sight ? (one or two springs under it?)

    yes it is. i had a email discussion with a Dawson tech. He said it was Sig that speced the sight height and Dawson knows its the wrong one. i don't fault dawson as you give the customer what they want .