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  1. if bul wolud make them to take STI mags they would sell a lot of them
  2. what kind of warranty will these carry? don't wish to spend 7k on a gun and it have issues down the road.
  3. So I am sitting at Costco now. They have a set of muffs and glasses by 3m . They are Bluetooth capable and rechargble battery for $30. 24 db noise reduction. They look pretty much like my tactical 300
  4. you need a shorter sight , not taller. these 5 inch guns usually come with .180 as standard. using a .160 usually bring the rear sight down to a more acceptable level. you can get a .160 from dawson https://dawsonprecision.com/sti-fiber-optic-front-sights/
  5. local Walther rep let me shoot the SF . i shot the ppq in the past and shoot a canik sfx in CO. the biggest difference was the weight. the thing is bottom heavy now and it balances it out . i got to shoot 100 rounds out of it. the recoil due to the weight was almost non existant . recoiled less than my sfx . the grip fit my small hand well. one thing i wish they had done at the factory is to put a freedom smith style trigger in it . the stock one with the takeup is just no comparision . the front sight could be a little thinner ,but thats personal preference . is it nice enough for me to replace my SFX? not really . the freedom smith trigger on a canik makes it shine. also, walther need to be less proud of their mags. $50 a mag is getting up there.
  6. limcat warrranty? my understanding is that they consider the slide as a consumable. Of all the issues with opens guns, cracked slides seem to be the most common. i myself had one cracked as many others i know have. The only companies i know for sure warranty their guns lifetime are CK/ freedom/STI
  7. my old SV big stick with a gram basepad can get 29 easy in 9mm . if i use a different base pad i might be able to get 30. lips a .352 front and .351 rear.
  8. in the market for a new press. been loading on a lee loadmaster for years. one thing i like about my LM was that i could load while sitting. i prefer to do it this way as i can't stand long period without back pain. All the vids i see people loading on dilion presses they are standing. So can the 650 or 1050 be used while seated?
  9. they should bring back a no frill open gun like the trubor . not everyone has $4k to get into open
  10. peltor tactical 500 https://www.3m.com/3M/en_US/company-us/all-3m-products/~/Peltor-Sport-Tactical-500-Electronic-Hearing-Protector-1-Pack/?N=5002385+3291204148&rt=rud
  11. i almost bought the last open one they had. Glad i did not because i did not realize it did not take StI mags . if they did take STI type mag i would beleive they would sell a few
  12. rifle primers usally work ok for a gun with a firing pin. i have loaded a lot of them for my 2011 in 9 major and 40. i have found rifle primers are so so in striker fired guns. that said i have just standardized on spp for all my handgun needs
  13. looks good to me. the reason you see the wasp shape is the 9mm luger case is tapered.
  14. he can buy the PD JHP for the same price of 8.9 cents. no exposed lead in the back to clog his comp. https://www.precisiondelta.com/products/9mm-124gr-jhp/
  15. unless you are getting a great deal on plated bullets , i would go with a FMJ. i looked at the extreme web site and the plated are more expensive than PD 124 when bought in 2k .
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