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  1. don't make sense. i would say that if the target is available only past the 180 then yeah its not kosher. So when i go to the match and they D/Q me for breaking the 180 i can arb that its not a legal stage?
  2. last time i called them they would rebody it for under 100 or one could trade in /swap it for a new one for $159. best to call them
  3. only way to know for sure is to chrono. its a good investment if you reload . my bet is 5.0 231 124 coated out of a 4" gun will make about 1125 fps. also to alleviate the short oal on the PPQ chose a bullet with a different shape.
  4. oh yeah i know the outcome if i used the magnet any time during a match. i was just told adamantly that its not even legal to have it on my belt. its hard to remove the magnet because it red loctited into the stud in my plastic racer pouches. need heat to remove so it would most likely destroy the pouch.
  5. i have been shooting CO . i took the pouches from my limited rig and use them. on one of my pouches there is a magnet at the front. i place all pouches behind the hip and the magneted one as the last. i would told today that its not legal to have a magnet. my understanding is its legal to have a magnet as long as its behind the hip and its not used. Using it would put me into open though. i have never used it to slap a mag on it . all my reloads come from the pouch. i read the rule and unless i missed it it just say mags can not be retained by magnetic means, which i never did. So whats correct?
  6. i have found many times when calling for parts and issues with many companies it depends on who you get on the phone. one call might get a person that say no to everything. hang up and call again another person answers might give you the whole shop for free.
  7. had an odd situation at a match . A PCC shooter was started with safety off. the main RO did not notice, but the other RO did and was DQ for not having the safety on. MD/RM was called to make the decision to if DQ was good. he upheld the DQ stating its up to the shooter to be sure the safety is on. there was quite a discussion later on if that was the correct call. MD is saying its up to the shooter to make sure the safety is on and even if the ro started them its still a DQ. The other side says that he never should have been started as he was not in the ready condition and should have been a reshoot. We have some really sharp RO on here. So whats your opinion
  8. if bul wolud make them to take STI mags they would sell a lot of them
  9. what kind of warranty will these carry? don't wish to spend 7k on a gun and it have issues down the road.
  10. So I am sitting at Costco now. They have a set of muffs and glasses by 3m . They are Bluetooth capable and rechargble battery for $30. 24 db noise reduction. They look pretty much like my tactical 300
  11. you need a shorter sight , not taller. these 5 inch guns usually come with .180 as standard. using a .160 usually bring the rear sight down to a more acceptable level. you can get a .160 from dawson https://dawsonprecision.com/sti-fiber-optic-front-sights/
  12. local Walther rep let me shoot the SF . i shot the ppq in the past and shoot a canik sfx in CO. the biggest difference was the weight. the thing is bottom heavy now and it balances it out . i got to shoot 100 rounds out of it. the recoil due to the weight was almost non existant . recoiled less than my sfx . the grip fit my small hand well. one thing i wish they had done at the factory is to put a freedom smith style trigger in it . the stock one with the takeup is just no comparision . the front sight could be a little thinner ,but thats personal preference . is it nice enough for me to replace my SFX? not really . the freedom smith trigger on a canik makes it shine. also, walther need to be less proud of their mags. $50 a mag is getting up there.
  13. limcat warrranty? my understanding is that they consider the slide as a consumable. Of all the issues with opens guns, cracked slides seem to be the most common. i myself had one cracked as many others i know have. The only companies i know for sure warranty their guns lifetime are CK/ freedom/STI
  14. my old SV big stick with a gram basepad can get 29 easy in 9mm . if i use a different base pad i might be able to get 30. lips a .352 front and .351 rear.
  15. in the market for a new press. been loading on a lee loadmaster for years. one thing i like about my LM was that i could load while sitting. i prefer to do it this way as i can't stand long period without back pain. All the vids i see people loading on dilion presses they are standing. So can the 650 or 1050 be used while seated?
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