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  1. my understanding is a D/Q can only be given by the RO's working that stage at that time or a match official. if anyone in the peanut gallery could D/Q anyone then that would result in anarchy. I have seen many times a guy should have been D/Q ,but if the RO did not see it, it did not happen.
  2. just this past weekend i was at , an RO used a long " if you are finished " when the shooter was done. he clearly did this to give a hint to the shooter that he had forgot to shoot a target that was behind a barrel in front of him. i have seen it a few times before in the past ,and thought giving these hints is wrong. So I would think of this as coaching. is this kind of action addressed in the rule book?
  3. i can get BBI right now . Gallant took my money right away, but they don't have the courtesy of returning my email. if i don't get something by friday i will cancel it. hopefully they give back my money as quickly as they took it
  4. ordered a case of 147 fp 7 weeks ago. sent an email last week asking for the status. no reply other than an auto generated reciept. i am thinking of canceling my order as there are other places that i can get it quicker now. So has anyone got any orders from them recently? how long did you wait ?
  5. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Handgun-Sight-Pusher-Tool-Universal-for-1911-glock-sig-springfield-and-others/162774304090?hash=item25e61ac55a:g:vSQAAOSwNSxU5SEu
  6. nope . no heat needed. with pusher they jsut came off any direction
  7. buy sight pusher. worth the money in damage sights and slides
  8. i have loaded thousand of 40 @ 419/20 crimp and it seems to be the standard for 40
  9. just tumbled 1k blue bullets and have done more in the past. it will do nothing to the coating.
  10. wet tumble pistol brass and and then dry in food dehydrator . Do about 1500 at a time. get a shallow pan .. put on gloves and spray the bottom of pan with home made lube. then add brass to pan and spray some lube on gloves and then use hands rub it on the brass. then start loading on progressive press as usual. then i put ,usually about 500 loaded rounds into vibrating tumbler with corn cob and some polish. run for 30 min to an hour to remove the lube and also polish up the rounds. before i did this step and l found the lube to attract dust and dirt . never had a problem
  11. got my order on Thursday. loaded some up yesterday and smurf fingers are back. i had previously loaded 2 cases of 135 TC made before the high demand and had no smurf fingers. also, those that have gotten them recently, compare the recent to older ones and see if the coating is the same thickness. my new ones seem to be not as thick as the old ones.
  12. I just got the standard manson one. Anyone know if these can be resharpened ?
  13. got the reamer today. Couple of turns and it is done. can even load PD 124 hp to 115.5 and it still plunks. worth the $60 and another tool in the arsenal
  14. Ordered the reamer this morning. The price to buy vs rent was not enough difference to rent one. I don't mind paying for a tool I might use in the future . Now just gotta wait for it to show up
  15. hi 


    are you still selling reamers? 





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