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  1. Must have missed it in my old age. LOL So i found out that the match coincides with the Huntsman games and that is one of the reasons why rooms are so high that week. might have to skip it . too rich for my blood this time
  2. will there be a match hotel for the red rock rumble? the hotels in both LV and St G are crazy for that week.
  3. i think that is the aguila cannelure.
  4. thanks for the info. i hope they get it done quick so SUPS ,if they wish to , can do A1 and Nats again.
  5. i guess this kinda answered my questions. the bays looks awesome
  6. Sups is one of my favorite ranges and i heard they were closed for a while to redo things. Curious what was done . Anyone know ? i heard they had to reorient the bays
  7. like the op i always had concerns about the powders that take up little space in a case. WST , RS comp are good fluffy powders of light color that can be seen easily and fill up the case well. easy to get powders also .
  8. looks cool. might buy one when it comes out. always had good luck with frankfort products. i am hoping they come out with a chrono to compete with labradar
  9. it may be that the full mags are causing drag on the bottom of the slide. i would also check the velocity of the load . may need a little more juice. that longer slide might need extra oomf to work right.
  10. 8 cents a pop? no thanks. Also, need to be careful of new companies sprouting up promising things that need to prepay. they might be using the deposits to use as capitol to buy the product. anyone can make a flashy web site
  11. school is what i am thinking. he is on his last year of biz school and probably could not devote the time to schedule what infinity wanted from him. School is way more important than shooting in my opinion. making a living at shooting is not an easy endeavor. better to have a degree to fall back on . of course i am just speculating
  12. i have one of these and its worked fine for pushing glock SW and other sites out. the trick to using it is the butt the slide against the block and then only use one side of the pin that holds the slide . this way you area pushing against a big block of metal instead of a plastic pin. my mp shield was the hardest to move. i heard a big pop when it did. https://www.amazon.com/Universal-Handgun-Pusher-springfield-others/dp/B016R4DXJW
  13. seems to be pretty clear that a person can shoot multiple divisions in a match, but if they shoot the same division twice in the same match , the second score is not recognized. the question could be what does not recognized mean? does it mean that persons second score is separated from the match?
  14. we often have matches that due to the current events are split into am/pm squads. its one match, just split times. i have seen a couple of times that a person shoots both am/pm in the same division. i always thought this is not proper. you can shoot the match twice, but it has to be in another division So can a shooter shoot the same match twice in the same division?
  15. if you are using .355 fmj bullets in 9mm major it will work just fine. just use it as a final crimp die. i shoot a lot of coated so i no longer use the FCD and jsut went with a lee taper crimp die and see no difference from the fcd other it does not resize the coated bullets
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