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  1. with my iron sights, would there be any penalty ? So lets say i am shooting CO. halfway through the match my optic goes down. i happen to have back up sights that work and shoot the rest of the match with them. would this be allowed by the rules?
  2. i have 5 belts . one for pro/limited/open/ss/ CO. all of them have different pouches. i have racemaster/ racer/ safariland/ ghost/ Bladetech. in my opinion the best are the Racer pouches. they work just as well as the racemaster but less expensive and won't get all scratched up like the RM. the ghost are ok and are easier to switch between glock mags and mags like Cz by turning in and out the screws. the thing i don't like on ghost is the belt attachment. way too bulky .
  3. i have been playing with a borrowed one at the range. i too had issues with it turning off.randomly. i called them and we went through a few things. the guy i spoke with told me that if the radar reciever gets overloaded it will shut down. the range bay i was using has wood pillars around it and maybe the signal was bouncing off of it. the guy told me to take it to an open area so i brought it to an action bay. i set it up and it proceeded to work excellent. since it was a bay there was nothing in the way . it seems to need a certain amoumt of clear field for it to work
  4. having used both i found MG slower than PD with the same load so you might get a kick in velocity. the bullet shapes on the 124 jhp are so close between both of them i would call them interchangable
  5. i recently won a prize cert at a match. never won anything before. So according to the cert vendor they will only allow it to be redeemed on their self made products even though they offer many other brands. So is this normal for prize certs?
  6. shot a lot of coated 147 FN lately. very accurate out of my gun. the negative is that i have to load them a little short. thinking of getting some 147 gr RN coated . So are they as accurate as a flat nose?
  7. So full power factory ammo works perfect? i rest my case
  8. i have a friend with a Shadow target with the LPA rear . using 124 it shot POA. with 147 it shot 3.5 inch high. this is at 10 yards. the sight seems to be bottomed and not more going down. i am not a cz guy so thought i would ask here . anyone know what the front sight height is from the shop? what height will work to bring 147 back to poa?
  9. if i am correct the stock DPP screws are 3.5 mm.
  10. i have a gen 3 glock 34 and am thinking of getting it milled for a red dot. looking at a few freinds that have red dots on their glocks , i noticed it seems common for the brass to hit the red dot on the way out. so is this basically something they all do? yeah yeah i know they are tool and expect them to get beat up, but to me i like to keep my stuff looking good if possible
  11. this one should be a good one . i have a monntz one just like it and its awesome https://www.ebay.com/itm/Tohnichi-50RTD-Torque-Screwdriver-10-40-lbf-in-1-4-Drives-TESTED/202610145970?_trkparms=aid%3D555018%26algo%3DPL.SIM%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D57921%26meid%3Dfaaa927d5f7c43ffae7b84fbe382ba94%26pid%3D100005%26rk%3D3%26rkt%3D12%26sd%3D264363643884%26itm%3D202610145970&_trksid=p2047675.c100005.m1851
  12. we will just have to agree to disagree. pump up that load a bit . maybe 4.0 of TG and watch the issues disappear.
  13. not enough juice. the re dot and extended barrel add weight. its the reason factory ammo works fine. i suggest you purchase a chrono. i bet your load is not passing 1000fps out of the g34
  14. the caspian slide on my open gun cracked right where the ejection port is at the front. cool no big deal as its warranted for lifetime. i called them and ask them the process. they told me to send in the slide and they will take a look at it. if they determine that its got a lot of rounds through it by looking at the breech face, they will decide to warranty it or not. looking at the warranty online it says nothing about limiting the amount of rounds for warranty. it just said lifetime. did not bother to send it back as i dislike these kind of shenanigans
  15. the 4th is coming up. need to stock up on some bullets. any sales going on?
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