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  1. So...a gun that is 100% reliable still doesn't have it right? That's funny. Only Tacom and Ruger can get it right? Rugers PCC jam almost as much as rimfire carbines. Not sure about the tacom ramp - don't need one.
  2. I understand it's about making the lowers work but why not address that issue with the lower instead of adding a feed ramp? JP isn't the only one getting it right, others don't require them - or at least that's how I understand it.
  3. I never really understood feed ramps. My GMR doesn't have them - feeds 100%. Why are they needed? Can the geometry be that different from my GMR? I've seen the barrels with built-in feed ramps also - I don't understand those either. Can anyone explain why some PCCs need them, some don't?
  4. My JP takes Glock mags. I am not a fan of Glock and have bias against plastic magazines (and guns for that matter), even ones with steel liners like the OEM mags have. It seems like they should not be durable. Again, this is just my own personal bias. So I would absolutely recommend setting your PCC up for Glock mags despite my own feelings. My reasons - Better aftermarket options for extensions, accessories, etc. Unbelievably reliable - none better. Reasonably priced. If you leave your mags at home, someone at a match will always have one to borrow (don't ask). And last but not least - MBX now makes steel Glock mags! I haven't tried one yet - and they are pricey but might be worth it. Might want to upgrade your mag release to a steel one if yours i aluminum like mine. Good luck.
  5. ..."jack hammering my shoulder" - a 9mm does this? No expert here but I've shot a lot of different PCCs and the recoil was never hard at all - definitely lighter on some than others but not an earth (or shoulder) shattering difference. Is there a specific reason that the combination of parts you used made the recoil heavier?
  6. I don't see them often at the matches I attend. I do remember the trigger being.....marginal. If you do go that route, get one that takes Glock mags - many options and pretty cheap. Good luck.
  7. Good topic - where did you take your length measurement? I would think the important dimension would be from the underside of the "head" to the tip. I'd also be curious to see how much they wear down and if that affects reliability. Or maybe they break first. I'll measure my JP after work today to add to the comparison. Thanks Phil
  8. If it has run perfectly for thousands of rounds with X buffer weight, why would it all of the sudden need to be changed? Mine runs with 0 tungsten, 5 steel, 1 and 4, 2 and 3 and 3 and 2 - no failures - although some changes in recoil impulse. Mags do go bad from time to time (I hear, can't say it has happened to me).
  9. I would think the nose dive issue is mag related. Most of the mag extension manufacturers say that you can get a bad mag from the factory and to try several if there are issues. I had issues with my GMR and the Goliath related to the OAL of the ammo but you're running stuff well within spec. Maybe try the Glock mags without extensions to see if there are issues. Good luck.
  10. What he said. BHO works on my Gen2 short stroke GMR-15 but I'm told it won't with other combos. I don't think I've ever needed it, I use big mags.
  11. There's a reason they are taking so long - they're the best. Email them and try to talk with them, they'll get you in the queue.
  12. I ordered extra heavy duty Ziploc bags from Amazon that do this job for me. Order 6 or 8 mil and look for a double closure. The exact ones I ordered are no longer available but many others are. I also leave a small (3"x 5") microfiber towel in the bag to give me something to wipe with. Good luck!
  13. I've had mine for a few years - don't really use it much honestly. It's been 100% reliable, seems well built and is really cool. Has a terrible trigger that everyone says will get better with time - we'll see. Not much in the way of aftermarket upgrades last time I looked. It's my bedside gun. Whether or not you made a mistake depends on what you want to do with it. Phil
  14. GMR-15 from JP has LRBHO. Works everytime.
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