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  1. Interesting thread - I have the flat faced JP modular trigger - I can't say that I"ve had "trigger freeze" that I didn't cause - mainly because I didn't let it reset properly - is this the same problem you are having? That doesn't mean the JP trigger can't be reworked - maybe for a shorter reset? Just for kicks, I just ran out and measured my JP - Average 2lbs, 8oz from 12 pulls. I had a Timney 2lb (AR, not 9mm) trigger in my other PCC and it would double and triple fire randomly so there must be something to the dedicated PCC trigger. RSOs don't like that so I changed it to a CMC dedicated 9mm which is really good, probably similar to the JP, maybe a little heavier. Keep us posted.
  2. Other than a 5.5/16 barrel and of course my 14.5 pin/weld, the only other shorter than 16" 9mm I've had a chance to shoot was a 10" - no shroud, just a shorter barrel - an SBR. That shot really well but I don't think it was giving the same advantage as the 5.5/16 - which, in my mind, is not just the weight savings, but moving the center of the mass of the gun further back. Does the shrouded 10/16 or 13/16 do that enough to make a difference - I shot those a while ago and there are too many variables with ammo, etc. Would be nice to get a bunch of different sizes together for a side by side comparison. It seems the velocity difference might be a factor but according to http://www.ballisticsbytheinch.com/9luger.html , the difference between 5" to 10" is about 87 fps (115g Fed JHP) and 115 fps jumping to 13" from 5". Is that significant? I confess I shoot mostly commercial ammo, I don't reload so maybe you guys are exploiting the barrel length to gain power factor. Phil
  3. Yes - I am aware that the Taccom is less expensive. Cost was only one factor in my decision. Thanks Phil
  4. Decided to take the path of least resistance - ordered the JP ultralight and associated upper. Just seemed to be the least finicky. If it feeds as good as my 14.5, I'll be ecstatic! Thank you everyone for your input - helped a lot. Now to order the smoke PCC handguard - unless someone wants to talk me out of that! Should be much lighter - hopefully red dot bounce won't be too bad. Thank you everyone. Phil
  5. Thanks Sniper - I plan on staying with my JP bolt - was planning to build just a swapable upper - and reuse my bolt, charge handle, etc. Not really a fan of notching my bolt. Thanks for the information - I probably would have missed the bolt mod issue. Time to S*** or get off the pot - decision tomorrow. Thanks everyone. Phil
  6. Texaspaul - thanks - that's a lot of good info. Matt - I sometimes shoot flatnose 147g for falling steel matches - have you tried those? Question - The Taccom barrels have "extreme feed" ramps - basically an extension of the bottom of the barrel - I see what this does - make sense. What I don't understand is why does this barrel need the extended feed ramp when other barrels without this feature feed 100%. And if it is so effective, what is the purpose of the "super feed" ramp recently (I think) introduced? The guns I am most familiar with are the JP and the MBX, I know the JP doesn't have extensions and I'm 99% sure the MBX doesn't either. I've not seen either fail. A friend shoots a Palmetto based gun with a Faxon (not sure) barrel and it is also rock solid. Is the ramp needed or just overkill (which I appreciate)? Phil
  7. Lots are happy with WilandUSA Do they make a shrouded barrel? I can only find conventional length ones. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  8. Great information guys - thanks! Tampa - can you name the barrel that split? Certainly want to avoid that one. So far, my list of pros and cons: JP - Pros - reliable, very robust, cleaning port. Cons - Expensive Taccom - Pros - cost, reliable. Cons - no cleaning port Odin Works - Pros - VERY cool looking - blue with a twisted barrels, reasonable price. Cons - questionable reliability - web search shows some issues, Revolution says it is. I think I'm missing one manufacturer of this type of shrouded barrels - any ideas? Not looking for conventional length barrels that are light. Thanks Phil
  9. I'm looking to build an very lightweight PCC upper for steel challenges. I've decided I want to use a shrouded pistol length barrel - meaning a short 5 - 6" barrel pinned to a shroud (sleeve) to get to 16" length. The upper will sit on my JP GMR-15 lower with short stroke buffer. I understand I will need to tweak the weights on the buffer. The build will incorporate a Smoke PCC CF handguard. So the question is: What shrouded barrels are reliable - I'm used to my JP eating anything I throw at it. 99% isn't good enough. I'd like some suggestions based on actual experience as to the reliability of various shrouded barrels. I'm aware of the following manufacturers (I know I'm missing one) of this type of barrel: JP - https://www.jprifles.com/buy.php?item=JPSM9-5.5UL10 Odin Works - https://www.odinworks.com/product_p/b-9mm-16-sl.htm Taccom - https://taccom3g.com/product/taccom-ar15-ulw-9mm-pcc-ramped-barrel/ Another topic will address the upper - dedicated 9mm or AR15 style. Many will say "just go with the JP - buy once, cry once" and that is a strong possibility but I wanted to look at other options as well. Thanks Phil
  10. 5 Tungsten? JP recommended to me the all steel short stroke version for the 5.5 barrel - why did you order this configuration and does it work well? Should really tame recoil.
  11. I have the pinned 14.5" with the 3-port comp, not the new vertical one. The only advantage I see to the 16" threaded model is cleaning of the comp as it would be easier to soak (maybe ultrasonic?) and it is easier to get to the barrel crown. They get REALLY dirty and are tough to clean when welded. I'd still go the same route if I did it over again. PHil
  12. The CMMG looks like a beast to me. I was thinking of one for pin shooting - then reality set in.
  13. Can't say as I blame you, those things just plain suck. Will you upgrade to a steel mag release or is yours already steel? My JP has an aluminum release and I'd worry about the steel mag wearing it out.
  14. I have and love them both the goliath +20 and the 41. The way the goliath mounts is much stronger than the 41, it seats more of the mag body in it. It is the strongest I've seen. Should be close to unbreakable. The 41 mounts very much like the stock baseplate so it isn't as strong but feels stout enough to survive because it isn't as long. Goliath is MUCH cooler looking too.
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