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  1. I'm not sure who makes the lightest PCC, that wasn't one of my goals when I bought my JP. Since then, shooting rimfire carbines at a steel challenge enlightened me to the advantages of a lighter gun. I bought the JP ultralight barrel - a 5" with a sleeve along with a Smoke composites 12" CF handguard - put it on a JP upper - the difference is unbelievable! The whole gun (GMR-15, with ACE stock, holosun 510C, magwell, short stroke buffer with steel weights) weighs 5lbs, 10 ounces (I think). The biggest difference is where the weight was lost - from the front of the gun. To me this is the b
  2. I have a Q5 SF Pro - stock except for a Precision Overwatch trigger. About 1500 rounds, no failures of any kind. I'll be really disappointed if it starts to act up. While I agree that a gun might not be "race ready" out of the box, it should absolutely be reliable. To me, failure 1 in 200 means you have a failure at every match, more or less and that means I can't live with it. I bought the SF because I was having issues with my Shadow 2 that I haven't sorted out yet, still working on it. Again, very disappointed to hear of your issues - I hope you get them sorted out.
  3. I own the Shadow 2 and Q5 SF Pro, I've shot the G34 but not many rounds. I feel like my S2 has a little better recoil feel than the Q5 due to the lower bore axis - it pushes straight back vs. a flip. Either one is insignificant in my opinion, especially with softer ammo. The Glock is not in the same league with either of these, a function of mass of the plastic vs. steel. I've left the stock grips on my Q5 but several friends have changed them to Loks and they say this makes it even more controlable. Good luck.
  4. I went with the Doublestar ACE ARFX (I think) - fixed stock, I never move it from fully extended and I like the rigidity. I'd love to have a "Fang" made for it.
  5. My opinion: I went with the drop in trigger, sounds like you are going with the separate components. I wanted to be able to change trigger shoes, not sure you can do that easily with component trigger. I orderd the flat trigger and love it but just ordered the roller trigger to give it a try. The 2 Tungsten, 3 steel buffer is perfect for factory ammo, I use Fed 124gr most of the time, but it functions perfectly with everything I throw at it. Zero malfunctions. I didn't do the thermal dissipater, although the cool factor alone is probably worth it. I fellow shooter with one doesn't
  6. JP all the way. MPX has the cool factor going for it, no doubt it is bad *ss - but for ultimate reliability, go with JP - that is what I did after a LOT of research, talking with owners, etc. I narrowed it down to MBX, Scorpion, MPX and GMR-15. All great guns and I am huge CZ fan but every owner except the JP's said they "had to use XXX ammo", or "flatpoints don't feed" or "won't cycle with", etc. Not with JP. Just goes bang every time. For competition use, the options available for the Glock style mags is reason enough to choose the JP. Good luck. Phil
  7. Interesting - I'm only at about 2500 (GMR-15 SCS short stroke) rounds and I check the o-rings every time I clean, they look perfect. Have they worn away and finally gave out or did they just fail suddenly? Could it be just some sand in the buffer tube? Are the new o-rings showing signs of wear? I also run Lucas oil in my guns - much thicker and stickier than CLP and not much of the "C". Keep us posted - curious.
  8. philmadxx


    I have the Q5 SF Pro - comes with 17 round mags but they are just 15 round bodies with extensions on them. When I put +5/6 basepads on them I got 20/21 - because the mag body is a 15 rounder. I don't think there is actually a 17 round body. I haven't tried the grams follower/spring combination Brit suggests, sounds like it's worth a shot. Phil
  9. I haven't had a failure of a "normal" trigger in a PCC but did experience random double and triple fires - during a match no less - had to "slap" the trigger to finish the match. Timney 1.5 lb Calvin was the biggest culprit - awesome trigger in my .223, but issues in the 9mm. Replaced it with a CMC .223 trigger, no issues at all. Go figure.
  10. If you like to tweak, tinker or fiddle with with your guns - save money and buy one of the generic guns out these or build one. If you something that just goes bang every single time - JP is the way to go. Not cheap but definitely the best. Good luck
  11. I don't those other sights to compare it to but I have 2 510c and have never run it on max brightness, even in near desert conditions. I find that having the reticle too bright makes me concentrate too much on it and not enough on the target. Come to think of it, maybe that's why I think it is bright enough...because I don't like it very bright.
  12. Interesting thread - I have the flat faced JP modular trigger - I can't say that I"ve had "trigger freeze" that I didn't cause - mainly because I didn't let it reset properly - is this the same problem you are having? That doesn't mean the JP trigger can't be reworked - maybe for a shorter reset? Just for kicks, I just ran out and measured my JP - Average 2lbs, 8oz from 12 pulls. I had a Timney 2lb (AR, not 9mm) trigger in my other PCC and it would double and triple fire randomly so there must be something to the dedicated PCC trigger. RSOs don't like that so I changed it to a C
  13. Other than a 5.5/16 barrel and of course my 14.5 pin/weld, the only other shorter than 16" 9mm I've had a chance to shoot was a 10" - no shroud, just a shorter barrel - an SBR. That shot really well but I don't think it was giving the same advantage as the 5.5/16 - which, in my mind, is not just the weight savings, but moving the center of the mass of the gun further back. Does the shrouded 10/16 or 13/16 do that enough to make a difference - I shot those a while ago and there are too many variables with ammo, etc. Would be nice to get a bunch of different sizes together for a s
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