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  1. Not to jack this thread but when shooting this way are you usually focusing on the target or the dot?
  2. TheButler

    P210 division

    Someone needs to talk me out of buying one lol. Also are there any 10 round mags floating around? I understand the mags for the old p210 couldn't be extended because the European mag release but for the newer model it should be possible right?
  3. TheButler

    P210 division

    Well I made the mistake of trying out one of the new P210's.... I am currently trying to justify buying one and I can't seem to figure out what division it would fit into for shooting uspsa. It should fit into single stack but because it has a 5" barrel and doesn't have a bushing. Also, it is not listed on the production gun list. So it seems limited 10 is the best option? Thanks for the input
  4. Thanks everyone for the responses. Would you advise staking or using some loctite to hold it in? I realize staking is probably a more permanent fix but loctite seems to be like a better fix for avoiding problems like bending the pin. Unless I am overthinking it
  5. All the work was done by cajun gunworks. are those pins peened in place? Or is that from having to punch it out of the hole? EDIT: I see now that race1911 said they needed to be peened
  6. I have a cajunized SP-01 Tactical that I absolutely love. For some reason, the pin (#9 on the schematic) connecting the hammer (#16) to the disconnecter (#17) likes to walk out of the hole. The pin then hits the frame of the gun and prevents the hammer from moving backwards and I have to completely disassemble the gun to slide the pin (with my fingers) back into the hole. Has anyone had this issue and if so, how did you fix it? Aside from ordering a new pin I can't figure out how to prevent the problem. The problem can be cause by tilting the gun on its left side (oriented pointing away from you) and tapping it or just storing it for extended periods (the pin can only come out on the left side when the gun is assembled). On the bright side, I've gotten pretty good at disassembling and reassembling the gun. Also, I am not certain which sub-forum this belongs in because the gun has been modified so please move it if I am in the wrong place. Thank you for all the input and advice.
  7. Hi all, I've caught the revolver bug and I was wondering what kind of holster options I have for a S&W model 29 with a 8 3/8" bbl. I found some custom leather ones but they're all prohibitively expensive or shoulder holsters and the range I shoot at doesn't allow shoulder carry or crossdraw due to the direction of the barrel. I was looking at the Ernie Hill revo holsters or the safariland 002 holsters but I don't think they are long enough for the barrel. Could anyone shine some light on this? Thanks
  8. Thumbs up for Pine Tree Pistol Club. Also hello from Carbondale..... or Mundelein sometimes
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