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  1. This guy has always been helpful with DAA products: Josh Lentz Sales & Technical Support Alpha Dynamics USA 2908 Betz Court Orefield, PA 18069 Tel: (610) 366-9752
  2. Mark: Thanks for bringing this to our attention! IMO, it just keeps getting better and better for us reloaders!
  3. SubMOA Pro for the Apple devices: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/submoa-pro/id1079101633 IIRC, it's called Range Buddy for Android. A little steep learning curve, but the online help makes it much easier!
  4. Absolutely NOT! But I do know that if I miss it's me and not my ammo! Per the OP's request, I did share my recipe and RR test target to back it up.
  5. I got a notice that these were in stock: https://czcustom.com/cz-p01-slide-stop.html Since this SKU# is not one that I'm familiar with, I sent Angus Hobdell a PM to see if this was the SAME part that I had been waiting for which was an exact replacement for my Shadow 2 Orange. His reply was this is the correct part. So I ordered a couple of them. I hope they are indeed the same part that comes stock on the S2O.
  6. I'll also chime in to share that one of the things that makes it easy for me to "brag" about the Redding dies is the consistency/repeatability of the Pro Micrometer dies! IE, if I change bullet type/size/profile, and I need to shorten/lengthen the OAL say .005", I can refer to my notes and move the seating die micrometer .005" and it will be very, very close to my desired setting! As Mark mentioned, much easier to reach up and adjust the micrometer vs "trying" to adjust reset the 1" die nut! IMO, they are very much worth the additional costs!
  7. Rocketman: I don't have a CZA01.......yet......, however I do have a Shadow 2 Orange; and I have to say it is one of the most accurate pistols (out of the box) that I have ever owned! And I feel the Orange and A01 probably share a similar level of accuracy and performance. This is my current favorite out of the Orange: Hope this helps!
  8. boatdoc173: As Boom stated, definitely remove the spring from the Seating die for a bit more consistent OAL. If you notice any "sticking" from the crimp die, the insert can be easily polished/smoothed up to all but eliminate that. I followed the written instructions that come with the dies, and they have operated flawlessly! My OAL and Crimp consistency has been EXCELLENT! Good luck!
  9. ddc: Thanks for the detailed feedback! I think I'll just pay attention to everyone's input and see how the new Dillon is accepted with Forum members here offering feedback. Have to honestly say I've never paid a lot of attention to the Ammobot unit; but have always thought the M7 "appeared" to be very smooth during the YouTube videos I've seen. And I like seeing the M7's various sensors that are available. I think our options are going to be plentiful with all the "players" entering the market. Thanks again!
  10. I have to say of the Eemann Tech items I have ordered from DOT40, they have been the exact parts that I ordered. Most recently I ordered an Ultimate Trigger for the S2O, and later that evening, I decided I really wanted the gold/brass unit. Sent an email to sales: and very shortly after, I received an email from Pablo stating he would be glad to do the swap to the brass unit. Also gave me the July 4th sale price since I missed the cutoff by a day. So, do your homework and order the exact parts you want/need. I have found DOT40's order fulfillment very timely as long as it's an item that's IN STOCK. Any doubts? Call! My biggest complaint, and it's not any fault of DOT40, is if you use USPS for your shipping carrier, the service from the Miami area is VERY SLOW!!!!!! Use another carrier if you need something quickly!!!!
  11. Awesome view! Now I remember your setup from previous posts! Great job!
  12. OEM if you don't mind the weak value of the dollar and LONG shipping times............ https://www.ericgrauffelonlineshop.com/en/cz-shadow-2-orange/964-cz-slide-stop-shadow-2-.html TBH, I would have no problems keeping the Eemann Tech unit as a spare when needed.
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