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  1. KL: I think AHI is offering up some very solid information! IIRC, I have some of the SNS bullets to spare............
  2. Received this from Dillon: I really like the machining/looks of the FW Arms plate. Think I'll ask a few questions concerning that one with the manufacturer. Right now I'm thinking the aftermarket has improved the plates to the point that if a user decides to automate, then they are already covered. Thanks for all the info!
  3. Thanks George! I'll research this tomorrow when I have some free time.
  4. Cuz: Can you find me a link to Sigarm's post? You've got me thinking about what are the improvements other than thickness........... Thanks!
  5. I see the #5 shellplate still has the old part number listed on Dillon's website. How can we tell if an RL1100 has the new or old shell plate?
  6. George: Received my 1100 first week of May 2020. Not sure if it has the "new and thicker" shell plate or not; but I can honestly say it's not given me any problems whatsoever! But, I have been eyeing that great looking shell plate from FW Arms! https://fwarms.com/shop/reloading/pre-order-1-plate-for-dillon-super-1050-1100-cp2000-by-f-w-arms/
  7. After shooting a few matches, I have to say the ET Ultimate Trigger has been working flawlessly in my S2O. I was able to adjust the pre and over travel using the included screws. I also installed the competition trigger pin and competition TRS that was included in the kit. At this point, and I feel this could be merely personal preference, I'm feeling like the ET TRS is causing the trigger reset to be a bit "mushy" or weak feeling. Thought I would take the stock CZ TRS that I removed from the pistol, and install it to see if I preferred a bit more "push" when returning the trigger during reset. Unfortunately, the ET Ultimate trigger doesn't have a pocket or relieved area at the top rear to allow the stock TRS short leg to get in between the back of the trigger and the front of the trigger bar. I did try to shorten the TRS short leg just a bit, but that proved fruitless. I may end up after the season is over trying the CZC Short Reach DA/SA Trigger Kit with the 85 Combat Trigger. I see that kit does include the new style TRS. I definitely don't want to put any fault or displeasure towards the ET Ultimate Trigger. It definitely works as advertised, and is a very good compromise between a stock full curve trigger and a full flat DA/SA style as @Tunachaser showed above. I think my XL (trigger) finger may just need a bit of help getting my reset up to speed!
  8. ys: I NOW SEE you are using the HTC funnel which I am not familiar with at all.......... https://www.photoescapeinc.com/products/9htc-ptu.html My above references was to the standard MBF powder funnel that has this conventional shape:
  9. ys: To further expand on my post above, attached is an old pic that clearly illustrates the results of the MBF powder funnel creating a "seat" for the bullet at the very top of the case. Also, I have a few MBF funnels laying around. I grabbed the one that came with my MBF and measured the two steps. The lower step that expands the deepest into the brass is .352". The upper step measures .357". HTHs
  10. Are you sure? From my experience of using the MBF/Photo Escape/UniqueTek powder funnels, the very top step expands (.358") the top 1/8" or so of the case for providing a bullet seat. The first expansion is smaller....... And RePete's info is right on the money!
  11. I agree! Tell us what powder(s) and bullet weights you have to test with and then you'll get some better recipes!
  12. Could be............ Angus shared that he ordered 100K of the Zero 125g JHPs........
  13. Totally agree! Contact Roze Distribution as they usually have sample packs available of their EXCELLENT JHP and/or JHP Conical bullets! http://www.rozedist.com/mm5/merchant.mvc?Screen=SFNT&Store_Code=RZD Highly recommended!
  14. IMO, the RL1100 needs specific maintenance at certain times/round counts to operate smoothly. Especially the priming system. So, that was my big draw to the Armanov unit........
  15. cb: Great pics and THANKS for posting! Got a couple of questions: 1) Was the stock case ejector screw long enough to mount the chute that comes with the case counter? 2) Do you remember if the stock locator buttons and tabs would work at station #8? Or does the Armanov chute require an aftermarket tab/button? Thanks again as I'm about to pull the lever on purchasing one of the Armanov digital counter for my RL1100.
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