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  1. IIRC, the Federal NT brass all use crimped primers. I would definitely be checking the pockets of the NT headstamps to see if they are not getting correct swage at Station #3........... These will help identify any questionable brass you may come across: https://ballistictools.com/store/small-and-large-primer-pocket-gauges
  2. I would always have a good estimate of how many rounds I was going to load, and put more than enough cases in the feeder and more than enough primer tubes filled and waiting. Cases are easy to estimate by weighing (if necessary) before dumping in the feeder, and always have more than enough primers ready to drop in the magazine once the alarm goes off if your not done loading. Excess primers are very easy to eject on the XL650. The XL650, by design, should not run out of primers if following good loading procedures............
  3. Here: https://www.amazon.com/Redding-Reloading-Competition-Handgun-Seating/dp/B000PW6548 https://www.grafs.com/catalog/product/productId/14741
  4. Mark: Great to see you posting here with some very helpful info!
  5. +++1111 Great advice! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  6. Like AzShooter above, Federal Match is all I"ve used for many years on the XL650 and now the RL1100. Never an issue in 9mm or 45acp!
  7. This sounds like a great idea.........................only I don't have an old "metal" grip laying around to swap out.............. Thanks!
  8. I happen to find a local shooter last year that has a decent setup behind his house for using his Ransom Rest. He's been a long time Bullseye Competitor and has only used his rest for 1911 style pistols. I purchased a set of grip panels for the STI/McCormick widebody and we used it with (what I thought) pretty good success. Of course he did the setup and operation. Fast forward to this year and we decide to get together again to test some of my RL1100 ladder loads. Don't think we ever got the STI settled just right as results were all over the place. Michael Ransom shared that
  9. Hey Robert! Wondering if your planning on using the Redding Premium Expander on your RL1100, and if so, what station? Thought you might be using it at Station #4 with your CNC toolhead........... Looking forward to your user report; and would like to see some closeups of your CNC toolhead and how it clears the Primer System; especially the Lever Arm Bracket and the base of the Primer Feedbody Assembly............. Thank you Sir!
  10. These are being built to the same specifications as his original design.............according to Rick Koskela. https://www.photoescapeinc.com/products/powder-funnel.html https://uniquetek.com/product/T1736 Had one remachined to .357" and repolished. Works like a charm!
  11. That's ok...........whatever amount out of plumb your bench is, then use that same bubble level for your target of the outer magazine.........
  12. Have you considered using the Mister Bullet Feeder Powder Funnel? https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/205711-fix-for-shaving-lead-bullets/
  13. I should have directed my post to the OP as I’m sure many have suffered under-expansion with oversized bullets.....[emoji106][emoji6] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  14. You may very well need a bit larger powder funnel..................... https://www.photoescapeinc.com/products/9htc-ptu.html
  15. Stick: Had an upper level tech tell me how to check the outer magazine tube. Take a 12" or less level and check for plumb on both sides "if" the bench is level in both directions. If the mag tube is bent/out of plumb a little, grab a fist full near the top and bend/tweak it back to where it should be. Didn't mention removing the inner tube; but had I found it out, I would have removed the inner tube.
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