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  1. Another vote for the PE/Uniqtek/DAA powder funnel! Will expand for any coated lead/fmj bullet I've tried. BTW: PE does offer oversized powder funnels...........https://www.photoescapeinc.com/products/9htc-ptu.html
  2. Thanks Darrell! I was totally surprised with this one as I was shooting off an inexpensive, plastic rest that wasn't very stable: https://www.caldwellshooting.com/rests/shooting-rests/the-pistolero/562771.html#start=1 But, I'll take it as there were a few more that weren't far behind that one. At least I've now got a good baseline! CZ Reload: 3.5g N320, Round 1 Digital Link Zero 147g JHP, OAL=1.125" Temperature: 55* Pressure: 30.07 Bullet Weight: 147.0 Power Factor Average: 132 Power Factor Low: 129 Power Factor
  3. Darrell: I think this group and a couple others are ready for the Ransom Rest!
  4. As I'm setting up a new rig for (first time in) Production, it now appears the restrictions on holster/mag pouch placement forward of the hip bone have been removed: https://youtu.be/FxyKdBnsQIw?t=30 https://uspsa.org/announcement/738
  5. Tuna: That falls in line with data another shooter has shared with me. Your COAL was just a tad longer; but only accounted for a few fps difference. THANK YOU!!!!
  6. Thought I'd give some feedback on an older thread as I just purchased this combo and had problems with the mounting hardware........... Production rig for CZ Shadow2 consisting of Red Hill Tactical Competition holster, Boss Hanger, Shooter's Connection belt combo, and Ghost 360s pouches. Once I got everything in from Shooter's Connection, I ran into post nuts that came with the RH holster were way oversized (OD) for the Boss Y-Plate hanger. Talked to owner of RHT, and he thought, since he claims every holster maker uses the same hardware, I had a y-plate that had not had the fina
  7. I too primarily shoot my reloads except for the fact that I shoot/carry factory ammo in my CCW weapon. And I have several boxes of factory ammo that I purchased when I started making the transition to 9mm. I fully realize after plunk testing a few different bullets in the S2O's barrel, that bullet profiles and weights will require different OALs! I don't prefer a shorter chamber either. Maybe it's because CZ is producing these pistols in European markets that normally use the shorter chambers.........I'm not sure, but I do know they are much shorter than my 1911/2011/Glock platf
  8. I have read that in several posts. Thanks for your feedback!
  9. moto: I agree with your assessment as I'm trying to get information from other shooters that will get me "close" to my desired PF. And with components as hard to come by as they are right now, I definitely don't want to waste a bunch of primers, powder, and bullets getting where I want to be. Yes, I think I'll end up around 3.5g-3.7g of N320 based on feedback I've received so far. VihtaVuori has published data using the Hornady 147g XTP type bullets which IMO, the Zero 147g JHP resembles very well. The do publish with an OAL of 1.142" and I have used this length in several o
  10. tdz: I've got several boxes of various 9mm factory ammo that show OALs averaging from 1.064" to 1.110". So, I don't think loads in the 1.080" range would be that unusual.
  11. https://forums.brianenos.com/topic/293961-trying-a-new-platform-in-production/?do=findComment&comment=3258633 I understand! And since wasting hard to come by components is not my desire, I'm trying to get solid info from others that have used my combination of bullets & powder. Thanks!
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