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  1. the vista are great guns mines in 38 super have about 5k on it atm haven't had any problems so far super tight and mine is fitted right doesn't locked up on the link or any of that stuff
  2. welcome! there's so many great guys here that know so much, you'll love it
  3. i wet tumble then put it in the oven on about 175 with the door cracked for about an hr or so then it hits the press and gets reloaded. unless I'm trying to reload match ammo then i deprime and resize then wet tumble. just to make sure my primer pockets are clean. I've never really noticed much of a difference.
  4. i've used c-more slide rides all of my time in open so maybe thats one reason even tho it's only been a few years
  5. i know this is gonna sound dumb and i know that it's not about looks, But imo C-mores look so much better and they work i shot one micro now that i think about it forgot what brand and the dot was so small i think it was 3 moa
  6. I've been thinking of switching from the c-more. just lots of cash to switch since i've never shot a micro.
  7. as others have said close your eyes and shoot the stage i also try not to watch whoever is shooting right before me so if they shoot the stage differently i don't have that on my mind. i do watch everyone and how they shot just not whoever shoots right before me.
  8. i always dry fired outdoors unless i was working on reloads or something like that
  9. anyone tried one of theses looks decent from the videos i've seen for open practice here's the link if anyone wants to check it out https://www.evike.com/products/67340/
  10. i'd look into the ck arms also awesome guns for the price imo
  11. i feel like if i went with the short id want to add popples who did yours. also did you need to have the holes redrilled when you switched mounts
  12. Thanks for the tip.after read im thinking a switch to super might not be that bad. i really like the 3 port comp and longer gun
  13. I think you guys about got me talked into one. My open glock has about 10k on it atm. Wish i could find one in 9. Thankfully i can shot at home so picking up brass isn't that bad if i switch to 38
  14. That's one clean looking blaster. They seem to be good from what you guys have said. From the videos I've watched them seem to be fitted well
  15. i was just looking at that gun i think it's still there. still trying to figure out if i should wait until the season is over and get a higher end used gun. not that i feel my glock is holding me back it's more of a "want" it goes bang everytime
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