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  1. JM pro series has been out for years. Its a 930
  2. I shot one for years. It ran anything. Just have to make sure the piston thing is free moving
  3. kpbaer


    This was Steel Challenge
  4. kpbaer


    There squad finished the match but other squads were still shooting went into a bay and started shooting checking something with his gun.
  5. kpbaer


    How about Steel Challenge match Questioning 10.2 in there rule book
  6. kpbaer


    You shot all the stages and say got DQed at the safe table. Do the scores stand? Rule #
  7. Why would it be REF ? Where was it hit?
  8. kpbaer

    TSO 40

    Being new to CZ's what spare parts should I carry for a TSO 40?
  9. I tried being nice and taking guys aside and telling them to watch there finger . Most times they don't believe you and kind of give you attitude. So now if I'm 100 % sure the word is STOP.
  10. the next command is IF CLEAR HAMMER DOWN HOLSTER. not the RO's fault if it goes bang. That's why its IF clear.
  11. Kraig where did you buy the MRO from?


    1. kpbaer


      I won it at area 8 last year. They were the match sponsor so it came from them. 

    2. BD Williamson

      BD Williamson

      Awesome did you get the MO yet?

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