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  1. Why would it be REF ? Where was it hit?
  2. kpbaer

    TSO 40

    Being new to CZ's what spare parts should I carry for a TSO 40?
  3. I tried being nice and taking guys aside and telling them to watch there finger . Most times they don't believe you and kind of give you attitude. So now if I'm 100 % sure the word is STOP.
  4. Shooter doing the course of fire drops his whole belt with pistol in the holster . The pistol was empty and did not come out of the holster Is this a DQ?
  5. the next command is IF CLEAR HAMMER DOWN HOLSTER. not the RO's fault if it goes bang. That's why its IF clear.
  6. Mine has run everything I put thought it for 4 years. Must make sure the piston rings are clean.
  7. One of the biggest problems with 3 gun. The lack of rules or not enforcing the ones they do have.
  8. Prizes are given when you size in. The difference of a level 3 match is more stages and more RO eyes watching you. If your finger is in when it should be your properly get sent home. Things like that. As long as your safe your have a great time. Its a great match at a great club.
  9. I worked one match and was the only RO on the squad. That doesn't make for a good match for myself. That's why if it was all staff each person could focus more on shooting and have less stress. We have a good core group that works and shoots together so why cant we shoot together on staff day. I feel its my responsibly to help out but it would be a much better shooting day if I just paid and shot on the regular day.
  10. What's everyone thoughts on non staff shooting on staff day. I think the non staff paid there money and just want to shoot leaving the staff to run and score everyone. I don't blame them for that but think it would be better for the staff only to shoot on those days.
  11. Mid Atlantic Shooting Sports has a calendar that has most listed. there are also steel shoots and 3 gun shoots
  12. There is a match every weekend, no more than 40 min drive from reading. Just come out and watch one and see how's its done.
  13. Do you know the gun was empty? 1st stage could have brought it from home loaded. Just because nothing happened doesn't make the DQ go away.
  14. The score keeper needs to be the 2nd RO and needs to be at the right spot to see 180's . If the main RO is behind the shooter its really hard to see it.
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