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  1. What list are you guys looking at? Magwell must be removed straight from the USPSA website.
  2. Stacatto XL, LH, retention. https://hammerarmament.com/product/thunder-3-gun/
  3. Depends on connector and spring. I just got back from a deployment and Timney had sent me a red spring while I was gone. Threw it in and its more of a rolling break now compared to the silver spring with the same connector because it requires a more force to get to the wall, so breaking the wall needs less differential pressure. A dot or standard connector will give a really solid wall if the thats what you’re looking for.
  4. Not sure if you’ve read all the replies, but have you tried this? If you feel there’s any sort of drag, binding or sticking, you may need to tune the connector if it is bent outwards a little to much pushing the trigger bar against the frame. You can check this by just taking the slide off, give the trigger a few pulls/reset and note and drag. If the slightly push the connector tab inward away from the frame and pull the trigger, you should feel no drag. If you push inward to hard, the bar will jump the connector. If you push it outwards towards the frame, you’ll feel the connector pushing the trigger bar against the frame which could cause your sticky reset. I initially had occasional sticky reset, but after adjusting the connector, i have zero. This is with the lighter silver trigger spring as well.
  5. I know. Pop it off = removed from holster flipped open, not locked, etc= installed on holster but not closed
  6. https://hammerarmament.com/tactical/ I got the level 2 so I can use it for 3 gun. I can just pop the hood off if i dont want the retention.
  7. Like this? https://truenorth-usa.com/product/modular-holster-adapter/ https://www.invictuspractical.com/holsters
  8. Does it make contact with the locking block? Mines on a ZEV OZ9 so it doesn’t have a locking block pin so it’s like a 2 pin gun. Since the block is integrated into the chassis and cant be lifted out of the frame like a Glock, it's machined open enough to allow the trigger to be removed so I would assume that yours would actually fit better.
  9. I’ve never owned one, but that’s because I saw my buddies RHT holster for a Stock 2 and it had a really weird fit. There are so many options that offer vacuum formed, CNC billet mold, dual layer Kydex holsters nowadays that I’d be hard pressed to consider a foam pressed (my personal opinion from the lack of definition) holster with a long lead time. Currently using a holster from a small shop, great build quality, and short lead time.
  10. Yes same footprint/mounting holes. Only difference is the SRO’s glass hangs out over the front, so it’s recommended that it does not cover the ejection port.
  11. Take a gander at the first reply. It’s a magnetic race holster. The other one was edited out after I pointed it out. I see your reading comprehension is about as good as theirs.
  12. Is your RHT molded to accept the ELS pattern? If so, drilling a new hole is easy.
  13. So why are people recommending race holsters? He’s looking for a hanger to attach a kydex RHT holster.
  14. tt350z

    G17 mag well

    Agency, ALG, Carver, Dawson, Glockstore, Magpul, Overwatch, SJC, TTI, Tyrant, Zev just to name a few.
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