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  1. Using a DAA Racemaster with my Limited. I didn’t have any sort of issues. Solid lockup and easy release.
  2. NX8 = $1700 ATACR = $2700 Bigger thread on the NF 1-8x
  3. Haven’t used the MK lever, but I had a 3D printed matchsaver that split in half before I made it to the range. I’m not to confident in them.
  4. It does look to be the same physically. Thanks for the info! Man, I'm digging that blue one...
  5. Anyone seen or put hands on the Shooting Innovations LMB? I was gonna get the Faxon but I saw this and it was $80 cheaper than the Faxon. I ordered one but I'm deployed so mines just sitting in a box at a friends house.
  6. I’m running an Odin Works adjustable. Has nice detent adjustment and it’s not to expensive. I really wish they made them in .936 so I could use one with the BSF carbon fiber barrel I purchased. Your gas tube will work, nothing different about that.
  7. I’ve got a more in depth look at the scope here: https://www.ar15.com/forums/ar-15/Burris-XTR-ii-1-8x24/18-705242/
  8. I have the Burris XTR II 1-8x24 second focal point and it’s aimpoint bright.
  9. For me, that was the easiest and most economical route since I already had 2x 1.5” belt And 5x racer pouches. Going to an ELS setup would require a 1.75” belt and modifying the plates so it didn’t make sense for me. They also work great, so just on that merit I would still go with them.
  10. I've owned DAA stuff for awhile and they are my go to setup so using the Alpha rail was a no brainer since I already had the pouches for it. The Alpha rails take up very little space and that naturally works better for smaller things like mag pouches because I can get them closer together. The tek-lok is awesome in it's own right. Easy to attach and detach from the belt, and a lot of pouches/holsters are made in that configuration. The invictus practical caddys wouldn't fit on the alpha rails since it's to wide, its mounting location are made for either blade-tech tek-lok/TMMS or S
  11. IMO, it will depend on what division you want to shoot that will determine if a cross discipline belt setup will work easily. I shoot Limited/Production/PCC for USPSA. My Production rig gets used for PCC and Practical Division for 3 gun. My Limited setup only has one use, due to the holster and mag pouch location. I shoot a Tanfoglio Limited Custom Xtreme for Limited and a Stock 2 for Production/3 gun. This allows me to cut down on required mag pouches as well since they have the same dimension. USPSA Production rules forces you to place mag pouches no further forward than you hip
  12. Oakley prizm works pretty good. I use dark/light purple Rudy Project Genetyks for clays but they make red/orange pop out as well
  13. Thats seems about the same as the Delta on my Limited Custom Xtreme (which fires 100%). Seems like my Titan has soft steel. Mine probably has 500 live rounds through it, if that and has a noticeable raised area arounf the dimple from the displaced steel.
  14. I'm having issues with my DA as well. Im about 70% light off. PD firing pin, 15.5 lb hammer spring, light FP spring, titan, xtreme sear. I noticed that my titan Has a pretty big dimple. Can anyone check their titan and compare?
  15. You're name is Alvin too?? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Sure is!
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