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  1. Wish I had a video. Saw one guy try to go really fast. Had to reload pcc after shooting 41 rounds really fast. lol. I studied it before the match and came up with a shooting sequence that worked very well. Cleared it in 20 sec.
  2. One of six great stages at the Hogue action pistol range yesterday.
  3. Unloaded start from box to either left or right. Run to bridge that is suspended by four chains and shoot all the steel.
  4. Talked to the owner of dream plastic. Nice guy. I am going to try one of his. Much cheaper and I like the idea of a softer material fo the cover. Thank to all who responded. I will give an update later.
  5. The price looks great and I could use two. My slide is cut so l think I would have to cut a little off in the back and the front. Cutting front would also remove that tab. Do you think the cover would stay on after those modifications?
  6. These ones look very nice. Do you know what they are made of. Soft rubber, plastic, tpu?
  7. I have a shadow 2 cut by cz custom with rds plate and Trijicon sro. I see that range panda makes a cover for $18 for the sro. Is this a good one? Does it work with the slide cut? Or maybe there is a better one?
  8. Please set up a carry optics sub-forum.
  9. Hwansik Kim Switch from the DeltaPoint pro to the SRO and says he loves the SRO.
  10. What does Trijicon say about this 2 dot problem.
  11. With this 2 dot issue is it still worth replacing my dpp. Since I have sent it back I have had no issues.
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