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  1. I have had no issues with the flat tip bullets. Whatever length you load you can always drop them in to your barrel and see if they spin freely. If they do not you need to shorten the load. I use range brass that has been swept up or picked up. I simply clean it and run it through my square deal press. No other prep needed. I case gauge all my ammo that I use for matches. I’ve ran 5 to 6000 rounds of this without A single issue of any kind.
  2. That’s what I had for my previous gun and it was accurate in the gun.
  3. I run 11 lb recoil spring, and an 8.5 hammer spring My load is mixed brass, federal primers, 3.1 titegroup, 147 bayou, 1.14 oal. Power factor at several level 2 matches has been consistent at 132.
  4. Looking at switching from a DeltaPoint pro to an SRO on my Cz Shadow 2. does anyone know what the weight difference is between the two? I am close to weight limit with my dpp.
  5. Tad pants?

    1. McKinney


      Triple Aught Design

    2. jeremy kemlo

      jeremy kemlo

      O.... I spelled it ought when it should have been aught. The prana waist is a little smaller. 

  6. I just got another pair and I will stay they were much tighter than my older ones. So they loosened up overtime or they are now a lot tighter.
  7. I have had pro ears gold for 6 years. They are great.
  8. Go with factory go with factory Glock mags.
  9. Do the revolver grips have a palm swell or are they flat on the sides?

    1. matteekay


      Great question! They have a slight palm swell (it looks like Hogue's standard one).





  10. CZ shadow 2 Cary optics. CZ custom did the slide Lightning delta point pro, using 11 pound recoil spring. 147 grain bullets 3.1 g of titegroup 132 power factor. Zero issues of the last 5000 routes.
  11. I got a pair of Rudy tralyx xl glasses. They came with clear to black, clear to laser red, and clear lenses. I absolutely love them until I put my hat on. The hat blocks the sunlight which means they do not get more than 20 to 30% of the darkness they would with your half off. They offer no other impact lenses for this frame. The only other color they offer is multicast orange (not impact rated)which to me looks a little weird. So not much options for that frame. You would think for as much money as they sell these for they would offer a few colors that work under a hat. Included a picture of what the glasses look like in full sun under a hat and without a hat.
  12. Do you shoot with a hat on? I had two photochromatic lenses and they would not get very dark when wearing a hat.
  13. Maybe the people designing the classes don’t shoot. One of the pictures on their website shows a guy shooting with these glasses, no hat, and using the saucer and tea cup method for his grip.
  14. When shooting I don’t like a super dark lens so these get plenty dark but not if wearing a hat. These were also the ones recommended to me by one of the Rudy team shooters. You would think that they would make an impact rated lens for shooting in different colors that was not for chromatic.
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