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  1. I got a pair of Rudy tralyx xl glasses. They came with clear to black, clear to laser red, and clear lenses. I absolutely love them until I put my hat on. The hat blocks the sunlight which means they do not get more than 20 to 30% of the darkness they would with your half off. They offer no other impact lenses for this frame. The only other color they offer is multicast orange (not impact rated)which to me looks a little weird. So not much options for that frame. You would think for as much money as they sell these for they would offer a few colors that work under a hat. Included a picture of what the glasses look like in full sun under a hat and without a hat.
  2. Do you shoot with a hat on? I had two photochromatic lenses and they would not get very dark when wearing a hat.
  3. Maybe the people designing the classes don’t shoot. One of the pictures on their website shows a guy shooting with these glasses, no hat, and using the saucer and tea cup method for his grip.
  4. When shooting I don’t like a super dark lens so these get plenty dark but not if wearing a hat. These were also the ones recommended to me by one of the Rudy team shooters. You would think that they would make an impact rated lens for shooting in different colors that was not for chromatic.
  5. So I was looking for a new pair of shooting glasses. I was at a level two match where there was a rudy booth set up. I tried on the Tralyx XL that were recommended by the rep because I have a big head. They seemed great! They recommended the kit with three lenses clear to black, clear to laser red, and clear. They are they are photochromatic lenses. Tint looked very good in bright California sun! But here in lies the problem! Just about every shooter I know wears a hat. Once the glasses are taken off the table that are in full sun and placed under a hat........minutes later the tint is almost gone. I tested them from a dark room where the lenses were clear to underneath the hat in full sun and then without a hat. Without a hat it darkes up very nicely. With a hat on it only goes to about 20% of the darkening capacity. Which is not tinted enough for what you are seeing! Here’s the problem if you want an impact rated lens, Rudy does not sell any impact lenses with tint for these glasses that are not photochomatic. They only other lens they offer that has any tint to it is the multi caster orange which I know some people like but I do not like the bright red orange color and it is not impact rated. So the glasses that are marketed with impact lenses for shooting don’t work for shooting unless you are one of the rare few that do not wear a hat. They also do not work well for driving because the car does not let light in to darken the lenses. Rudy project needs to make an impact lens that is not photo chromatic. They should also offer more than just one single color for an entire line of frames (tralyx xl) that is not photo chromatic At a retail price of $400 dollars you would think that there would be an option that worked better. So it’s either lenses that don’t work with a hat or in the car or bright orange lenses that are not impact rated.
  6. I think drones should fly below the berm, in front of the shooter, at any three gun match When a shot gun is to be used. I actually like to see drone footage. But it would make a very fun and expensive moving target.
  7. I have a big level rwo match coming up. I don’t get a chance to do a lot of live fire. The last time I did it was just over a week ago. I can shoot at the public side of the range Saturday morning before it is my turn to shoot Saturday afternoon. Any advantages or disadvantages to doing this the day of.?
  8. He has a much older version of this one. Not sure what model.
  9. Hotter temps clean clean better and faster than cool temp.
  10. The machine sit directly over a big laundry sink so there’s no set up or clean up. basic field strip, spray with steam, spray with air hose (although it really isn’t wet) spray with eezox, spray with air, reassemble. Only takes a couple of min. It takes longer to run brushes and patches through the barrel.
  11. I think it is around $1,100. I like it. Fast and easy. He has a jewelry repair shop but I think half of the time is spent on guns. He is 800 yards from my house so no need for me to buy one. He also has all kinds of tools that work great for trigger jobs etc.
  12. https://dryvaporcleaner.com/ this is the machine.
  13. It is actually called a dvc cleaner. Dry vapor cleaning. The high pressur,e high temp steam, is at a much lower water amount then regular steam.
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