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  1. jeremy kemlo

    Any Experience w/ Aimcise Supplements?

    Your better off spending your money on fresh organic healthy food. Not as easy as a pill or a shake but better for you in the end. Maybe add some b12 and d3 since most people are very low in both vitamins.
  2. jeremy kemlo

    Cold weather clothing

    I know this is a late response but I believe a tight fitting merino wool base layer is best. That’s what we use when backpacking when it gets cold. Wicks moisture and if you do get sweaty it will still insulate while wet. Expensive but worth it. I have a (smart wool) and an (icebreaker) long sleeve.
  3. jeremy kemlo

    Just picked up a CZ Shadow 2 - now what?

    Blade tech holster ,boss holster hanger, double alpha racer Mag punches , 11.5 pound mainspring 11 pound recoil, extended firing pin and spring, narrower front sight.240 x .1, henning or lok Palm swell grips. Those are my favorites. There is so much you have to do to make this a great gun that you might as well sell it and buy something else. I will help you out and give you more than you paid for it. How does $800 sound. Or I would trade you straight up for am m&p pro with Apex parts.
  4. jeremy kemlo

    lok palm swell vs henning grips

    I contacted lok and henning and both of them said if I did not like the grips I could return them. Lok will actually let you shoot them for quite a while before returning. So I purchased a pair of the lok palmswell, and a pair of the henning grips. I’ll report back after I evaluate both.
  5. jeremy kemlo

    lok palm swell vs henning grips

    I have tried the thin bogies. I thought I liked the texture but the tips of my strong hand fingers felt like they were going to have holes in then after 10 min of dry fire. I will blame that in my strong grip and not my soft hands. Became very painful. So I would be looking at the full diamond pattern on the lok palm swell
  6. jeremy kemlo

    lok palm swell vs henning grips

    Just got a shadow 2. Medium size hands. Any one try both lok palm swell and henning and have a reason for liking one over the other? Looks like lok will make grips that extend a little higher but don’t know if that makes that much of a difference.
  7. Shadow 2. 9mm 147 grain flat point bayou bullets. mixed brass Federal small pistol primers titegroup powder. Who’s got a good recipe for me?
  8. jeremy kemlo

    will this load work well in a shadow 2

    So if it passes the plunk test in my barrel, it’s good to go? Will that length and profile be fine for the magazines?
  9. jeremy kemlo

    will this load work well in a shadow 2

    Getting a shadow 2 and wondering if I will need to do any changes to the load I was using for my M&P. 9mm 147 GR. FP Bayuou Bullets, 1.15 oal, 3.1 grains of Titegroup. Thanks
  10. jeremy kemlo

    Shadow 2 Buffer - When to replace?

    When should I swap out the buffer? As soon as you get the gun. After removing it from the gun it will last forever.? Cajun gun works recommends removing it from day one also.
  11. jeremy kemlo

    Shadow 2 Carry Optics

    Looks like he removed the extra protective metal on the outside of the sight. This would also make for a better field of view.
  12. jeremy kemlo

    Shadow 2 sights

    Don’t think it would need to be that small because your not measuring the actual size of the front sight and rear notch. If you hold the gun at arms length does it Apear be 50%
  13. jeremy kemlo

    Shadow 2 sights

    .9 vs .95, vs 1.00 front sights. Does any one know which of these options gives you 50% light in the factory rear sight. In other words when you look down the sites the rear site gap would be composed of 25% daylight on the left followed by 50% of the gap being filled with the front site and the last 25% daylight in the rear gap on the right. Not sure if that is clear for if I am confusing people goal is to have one site only fill up about half of the space In the rear notch
  14. jeremy kemlo

    Shadow 2 sights

    What are some good options for sites on the shadow 2. I like a fiber optic front sight and solid rear but would like to see more light on Both sides of the front sight. New front and rear combo or just a thinner front sight?
  15. jeremy kemlo

    PCC magazine movement

    Not sure exactly where or how he does it. But a friend of mine has worked on most of the PCC guns out here. He puts in set screws in the gun to get rid of any wiggle in the magazine.This has fixed feeding issues.