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  1. Can I convert from 38 super to 9 mm or 40 for shooting USPSA? If so average cost, reliability, best gunsmith,?
  2. I use the 8.5 pound hammer spring with extended firing pin and light firing pin spring. Sets off federal’s reliably.
  3. Now what bullet, powder, oal, etc to get that group?
  4. Those 2 articles are great. Based on that I need less crimp and a little shorter oal.
  5. Oal works at 1.143. Doesn’t sprin free until It gets to 1.149. Pulled several bullets and there is no scraping of the coating but there is a small impression/ring around the bullet. Would it be better to go with less crimp? I will load some with 3.2 Of n320 as well for the test run.
  6. Working up a new load. Will try it out on saterday. Amy one shooting this combo that could give me feed back as to what worked for then or it I should adjust anything before heading to the range. Shadow 2 147 bayou Bullets flat point. 3.35 of n320 brass belled to .383 with ssi alpha powder dropper. 1.143 oal crimp .375
  7. The double alpha powder funnel flares the case at top and expands it a little more down lower. It also makes it much easier to set the bullet on top as it drops down in slightly. Would never reload again without one.
  8. Make sure that you don’t have the flat point bullet seater. I had that problem with 147 coated Bullets. Double alpha bullet feeder powder drop fix that.
  9. I am guessing bayou coated Bullets will be a little faster than copper plated. So maybe 3.2 will get me around 130
  10. I have a shadow 2. 147gr bayou Bullets and a new can of N320. Alway shot 3.1 grains of titegroup at 131 power factor. How much N320 to get close to that?
  11. I shoot a cz shadow 2, bayou 147, and 3.1 grains of titegroup. Makes 131 power factor. I am going to try some N320 and would like like to stay at the same pf. Is 3.1 grains of titegroup equal to 3.1grains of N320? If not what would be close?
  12. Just got a 750. Going to be loading 9mm 147 bayou Bullets. 1. Dillion dies or....? 2. Inline fabrication handle or Dillion roller? 3. Inline fabrication mount or Dillion strong mount? 4. case feeder from Dillion. 5. Mr.BulletFeeder by DAA Powder Funnel This helped a lot with my sdb to eliminate shaving. 6. Light suggestions? 7. Powder check? 8. Any upgrades or add-Ons to make life easier or things run better.
  13. I had a lot of this happening with coated Bullets. Mr.BulletFeeder by DAA Powder Funnel Fixed the issue. Also made it easier to set the bullet on the case.
  14. My grams followers lock my slide back and I can put 23+ one in. Your best bet is to call the manufacture they will gladly help you.
  15. Leaning towards the Fort Knox but, VAULTEK Looks interesting. Feedback or recommendations?
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