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  1. I have a shadow 2. 147gr bayou Bullets and a new can of N320. Alway shot 3.1 grains of titegroup at 131 power factor. How much N320 to get close to that?
  2. I shoot a cz shadow 2, bayou 147, and 3.1 grains of titegroup. Makes 131 power factor. I am going to try some N320 and would like like to stay at the same pf. Is 3.1 grains of titegroup equal to 3.1grains of N320? If not what would be close?
  3. Just got a 750. Going to be loading 9mm 147 bayou Bullets. 1. Dillion dies or....? 2. Inline fabrication handle or Dillion roller? 3. Inline fabrication mount or Dillion strong mount? 4. case feeder from Dillion. 5. Mr.BulletFeeder by DAA Powder Funnel This helped a lot with my sdb to eliminate shaving. 6. Light suggestions? 7. Powder check? 8. Any upgrades or add-Ons to make life easier or things run better.
  4. I had a lot of this happening with coated Bullets. Mr.BulletFeeder by DAA Powder Funnel Fixed the issue. Also made it easier to set the bullet on the case.
  5. My grams followers lock my slide back and I can put 23+ one in. Your best bet is to call the manufacture they will gladly help you.
  6. Leaning towards the Fort Knox but, VAULTEK Looks interesting. Feedback or recommendations?
  7. Speedcross for me is a size 12? purchased supercross in 12 and they are too long. Never even took the tags off. Should gave purchased 11.5
  8. jeremy kemlo

    CZC Flat Trigger

    My friend has one on his shadow 2. I like the feel of the trigger. I like that the single action is a little more forward. I don’t like that the double action trigger pull is more forward. Don’t think that I will change mine.
  9. I have the reg lok palm swells. I love the shape. Do the brass palm swells have the same shape/size as the reg lok palm swells? any difference in how the gun shoots.
  10. Anyone do this and have a recommendation for what tungsten powder and epoxy to use?
  11. I have lok light weight palm swell grips. Is there a way to add weight to then by filling the void/milled out portion? Tungsten powder and epoxy?
  12. The supercross come in a Gtx version with Goretex For an extra $20
  13. Just got a got a pair of the new Salomon supercross. https://www.salomon.com/en-us/shop/product/supercross.html#color=14678 For those of you who have tried the Salomon speedcross and thought, if they were just a little wider, then the supercross will be that shoe. The supercross has one of the widest toe boxes that I have seen on a Salomon shoe. I also like the tread pattern better. They have very grippy lugs that are v shaped and larger diameter than the speedcross. So if you have ripped the lugs off the speedcross and thought if they were a little bigger then they would hold up better, the supercross is your shoe. The supercross are also more flexible than the speedcross. The soles of the supercross feel softer than the speedcross yet still feel springy-more of a rebound effect. The rubber on the bottom of the sole feels soft and grips well on Concreete and Falt line. Supercross need no break in. So unless you have narrow feet the supercross shoes looks to be a great choice. They are also cheaper than the speedcross. If I could change one thing on the supercross and speedcross it would be to have a lower drop from heel to toe. Both are a 10mm drop. I would like it to be a 4mm drop but that’s me. One other thing. Since Solomons are usually on the narrow side I have ordered a half size larger. I am thinking that I will have to go back down to 11 1/2 for the Supercross as the size 12 Feels a little big. I know this is a newer line of salomon shoes but if anyone has any long-term Durability update I would love to hear it. I will also update after I use them for a while. Another shoe that looks interesting is the Saucony peregrine 10 ST. If anyone has tried that shoe and would like to give some feedback that would be great.
  14. Wish I had a video. Saw one guy try to go really fast. Had to reload pcc after shooting 41 rounds really fast. lol. I studied it before the match and came up with a shooting sequence that worked very well. Cleared it in 20 sec.
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