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  1. jeremy kemlo

    CZ CO basepad

    Henning for me.
  2. You only need 2 but I always run three. In case there’s a jam , Dropped Mag, or something happens where one gets knocked out when I grab the other. I run my third one a little bit further back to keep it safe.
  3. I wonder if running a buffer would lengthen the life of the dpp. Like hitting something with a metal vs plastic hammer. Seems like it would take the edge off.
  4. I ended up removing the front sight going with the lok palm swell lightweight grips and switched my extended base pads to Henning. Now I am good with the shroud on the dpp.
  5. I ran a storm like 40 to 9 conversion in my 5 inch M&P pro. Used it for several thousand rounds without any issue. It was drop in.
  6. I run a shadow 2 for Carry optics. With the delta point Pro 2.5. Love the set up. If it were me I would try a dovetail mounted optic and if you like it have the shadow 2 milled for the delta point pro. You could also have CZ custom do their RDS plate, that way you could switch between different optics. I also run the Henning +5/6 bass pads with my Mecgar 17 round mags. I get 23+ one. Those couple extra rounds have come in very handy in several stages.
  7. I would go with the tso and the if you want a red dot just get a slide mounted optic like the delta point pro 2.5.
  8. Just go slow. If you’re patient you shouldn’t really mess it up
  9. I love the lok palm swell grips in checkered pattern and you can order a lightweight version that is milled out on the inside. henning plus five pads are the lightest plus 5 that I have found. I ordered the cajun gun works gun Smith fit disco. It took a lot more time but the trigger was better than the drop and disconnect.
  10. I have had READY TACTICAL make some custom things in the passed. They do a great job. Just contact them and let them no what you want. I am guessing they would make some lower for you.
  11. What base pads would you recommend. I believe the grips are already lighter than the factory aluminum grips but I could change them for the palm swell lightweight grips. Hopefully I can leave the large safety on there. I have gotten used to that and rather like it. Maybe with changing the base pads and grips I would be able to put the shroud back on the site.Maybe with changing the base pads and grips I would be able to put the shroud back on the delta point pro
  12. Seems like CZ custom should find a way to remove a little more weight from the slide. After paying that much money to have it carry optics ready for a delta point pro it seems silly to have to start changing guide rods or removing safeties or removing protective shrouds or finding grips that are lighter than factory in order to make weight. Why not remove a little more weight while it’s there. Looks like the new Carry optics slide from primary machine has removed quite a bit more weight. Anyone know what the weight difference is between the CZ custom carry optic slide and the primary machine Carry optics slide?
  13. Just shot my first level two match in Clovis this past weekend. The chrono and gun check was our stage III. They let me bring my gun over to check the weight before I started shooting. Good thing because the gun was overweight on their scale. CZ shadow two large safety lock palm swell grips, which I believe are lighter than the stock grips. milled by Cz custom for Carry optics, delta point pro sight. Mecgar 17 mag with Taylor freelance plus 5 pad and grams guts. After removing the metal shroud on the delta point I was still slightly overweight. Remove the front sight and it came to exactly 45 oz. I thought it was supposed to make weight a little easier than this. I may need to look into getting the lok palm swell light grips, Has this been the case for any one else or could the scale have been off.
  14. jeremy kemlo

    Lok grip texture

    I have had the thin grips and the palm swells. I prefer the palm swells over the thin grips or any other grip that I have tried. I do not like the bogie texture. I know it is very aggressive but I think the full checkered grips just as well and feels much better in my hand. For my hands I don’t think more aggressive equals better grip. I can move my hand easier on the gun with checkered and there are so many very small sharp points that the traction is amazing.
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