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  1. Sarge


    You mean Precision Delta I presume. PD are a little cheaper but both are great Bullets. I will most likely shoot MG 124CMJ if I ever get serious about PCC.
  2. Sarge

    147 gr bullet tip deformation

    Correct. Softer coatings combined with heavier bullets are more pronounced.
  3. Sarge

    Drills for getting used to red dot

    Dry fire, dry fire, dry fire. Strong hand, weak hand, table start, around corners, etc until you get the dot EVERY TIME.
  4. Sarge

    What LB Recoil Spring for DVC Open 38 SC

    Wolff 8# variable.
  5. Sarge

    What to do with STI mags

    Grams guts for sure. I like Bolens/TTI pads.
  6. Sarge

    Switching to Red Dot - need help

    I’m not big on dry fire but when I switched to Open it is what helped me acquire the dot. Took a few solid weeks to be able to draw and get the dot instantly. Then a few more weeks of dry fire weak hand, strong hand, around corners, table starts etc. weakhand is murder if you don’t Drill it a lot
  7. CODA Evolution. Awesome product and great customer service from a small company
  8. I am never dismissive of people. PCC on the other hand....😂
  9. But if an RO is taught something it doesn’t make him a fanatic does it?
  10. Why would I sit in on a “local thing”? We don’t allow local rules in our game. It was a USPSA level I Seminar. I heard if the rifle is uncased and sweeps at any time it’s a DQ. You don’t have to quote rules to me. I sat and read them after the seminar and certainly see the contradictions.
  11. A $10 light and paying attention eliminates the need for a powder check
  12. Nope. But I gathered there are still significant issues regarding PCC
  13. I may tend to agree but that’s not what’s being taught. Your fault, my fault, anybody’s fault, if it sweeps, DQ.