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  1. #6 is generally N/A when it comes to 9MAJOR. I initially got all of my load info from these forums.
  2. Ha, no. A handful of top 5’s but mostly top 10’s.
  3. Works great. Only concern is powder drop was waaay different after installed. .6 grains lower?
  4. Oh yeah. If you have a gunsmith local then by all means let him iron it out in 30 minutes instead of guessing.
  5. Oh then that kind of rules out ammo. So if it’s brand spanking new maybe it just needs oiled generously, shot, cleaned, repeat and see if it gets better?
  6. No two guns/barrels are a xactly the same. I would say if your gun runs factory or other ammo then you have an ammo issue
  7. I use an FCD for ease of adjustment only. I have it set to just crimp and not really sizing. Just do some searching on these forums for crimping 9mm. All you want to do is remove the bell, nothing more. Measuring the loaded cartridge case mouth should be in the neighborhood of .378-9 or so.
  8. No clue. But I don’t work those matches anymore.
  9. This ALL depends on the RM. I was ROing one of the Indiana sectionals. I looked at the stage a dozen times and saw no problems . First squad had a shooter start to index on a target that was uprange but he stopped himself in time. I called the RM OVER and asked about a barrel stack to block them and he said absolutely no way because it changed the COF. In fact it changed nothing but making the stage safer. I spent the whole weekend reminding squads that target Xx is uprange and taking guff for not fixing it.
  10. When I read 10.5.5 I don’t read it as competitor only. It just says sweeping 10.5.5 Allowing the muzzle of a firearm to point at any part of any person’s body during a course of fire (i.e. sweeping). If the RO is swept, the Range Master must be called to determine if it was RO interference or a DQ.
  11. Roller bearing then just one washer on top. Putting washer under bearing makes it too thick.
  12. Well they would sweep themselves...
  13. I don’t think I have ever seen a slide removed to knock a squib out. That’s probably because 99% of the time they are just barely in the barrel. Squib rod knocks them out pretty easy when banging on table. I typically see the rod laid on table hanging over the edge so muzzle can scoop it up.
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