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  1. I have a spare. When I get home Sunday night I’ll see if the package is labeled
  2. Is the scale no longer working properly? Mine is only around 10 years old and still works like new. I can’t imagine changing a scale unless it no longer works.
  3. Yeah, but my ears rang for two days after wearing them to shoot Open indoors. They are OK outdoors but not nearly as good, or comfortable for that matter, as my peltor Tactical pro’s.
  4. These pins are stainless that stick to magnets
  5. Yeah, it’s bad practice to ask things like this of the shooter. It doesn’t make any difference to me what way they turn.
  6. 100 round boxes for me since the Hundo makes it so easy. One good thing about loose storage is it makes it easy to spot loose primers when they fall out from shaking around.
  7. Yeah, I’ve seen it referred to as primer crunchers. Even after reaming it’s still tight but I load it with my mixed brass for locals/practice
  8. To each there own. Shoot what you like. I personally do not like the look of long dust cover guns. So much so that I think the STI Edge slabsides were Fugly.
  9. Go through pocket pro’s ? We still use some of the originals bought years ago. Pretty reliable, simple device.
  10. Store it almost any way you want. You can’t hurt it.
  11. I can’t with a clear conscience send anybody to Target World. They love to take advantage of the political climate.
  12. Yeah same here. It’s posts like that that give products a bad name. I use WAC exclusively and load 8 grains with 115’s over and over.
  13. That must be very dependent on location. I literally can’t think of one of the regulars around here who isn’t at least an RO with many being CRO’s. Half of any given squad at our locals are probably certified.
  14. Holstered ed guns slide lock scream “I have no idea what I’m doing”
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