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  1. Sarge


    So piling on is good to go? Sweet. But alas, it really isn't. And we all know it. Probably never would have gotten noticed except by a forum member so a thank you to the OP seems in order. I also saw nothing nefarious in the OP.
  2. Sarge


    Of course they are violating their own rules. Email the head shed and see how far it gets you.
  3. He shoots Rafferty custom guns now
  4. We were talking about this at the range last week. Eventually will be carbine, unlimited and limited divisions
  5. If the MD/RM are not trying to stick to a shoestring budget targets should be changed before they get difficult to score. In my matches the CRO is free to change targets as he sees fit, period.
  6. While I have great faith both of you guys knowledge I only know when I did a simple test of just firing a primed case in a dark garage my Fed SRP’s were louder and shot more flame out of the comp and barrel than any SPP I compared with. BUT I do completely agree that in loaded ammo they all performed about the same as far as velocity etc
  7. What is the concern? It’s a 125 JHP. 7.2 WAC at around 1.165 and test. Just make sure it plunks.
  8. No. If loads are really light sometimes the harder rifle primers do not expand in the case enough to stop harmful gas cutting of the breech face.
  9. Breech face erosion can be a major issue.
  10. Sarge


    Par time means you get a start beep and a stop beep for however long you set it. Basically if you want to draw and hit a target with two shots within X seconds you try to beat the stop beep.
  11. That would lead to RO’s expecting an incentive to recert every year. And let’s face it, a GOOD, experienced RO is more valuable than an FNG.
  12. Geeze, what are you guys paying for seminars? I think mine was MAYBE 30 bucks? That included donuts and pizza. I sometimes wonder why I volunteer so much because it really costs more than one might think. But unless a club is flush with cash classes will never be free.
  13. Not arguing one way or another. I like good looking guns too. BUT several gun builders stand behind their products as well.
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