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  1. I know this. What I meant was DJ rule applies and can not be used for extra shots because they are already covered elsewhere.
  2. As much as I disagree with restrictions I have seen enough stupid s#!t at ranges to understand the steel rule. I saw a guy shooting steel from about 6’ at our club once. He was basically mag dumping into a fixed popper as fast as he could pull the trigger. I tried to make him see the danger but he acted like I was nuts
  3. After reading some more it looks like DJ only applies to extra shots.
  4. I THOUGHT double jeopardy got taken out of the equation?
  5. Failing to reload when mandatory is indeed a steep penalty.
  6. That has been there for quite some time. At least a year. I emailed them last year and they never answered. The year before that they did.
  7. That .40 die is not a roll crimp. It’s a taper crimp just like 9mm. I use an FCD in 9mm but only to crimp
  8. Tried emailing Metaloy and am getting email rejected as no longer valid. It's still listed on their website though?
  9. Hmm... I guess I get it. I have just a sizing die in a tool head to deprime before wet tumbling. Then swap to loading tool head which sizes again with a Udie.
  10. Hit or miss? I don't know anybody who roll crimps 40 or 9. You need a nice clean edge for the case to bottom out on when chambering. Just set taper crimp to remove flare, don't really crimp at all.
  11. Hang a cheap mirror from the ceiling. I found a 12" square one at lowe's that lets me see inside of both.
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