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  1. Those simply are not fitting all the the way in the chamber. I’m flabbergasted those fired though. Where is the primer strike? Is it off center?
  2. Do you shoot dots already? As in Open? If not, do yourself a favor and dry fire for an hour or so tonight and focus on just finding the dot.
  3. Depends on a number of things. Can you keep up with your demand with the 550? Are you planning to add the casefeeder to 650? If not stay with 550. I had a 550 for less than two years before switching to a 650 because I wanted a casefeeder and eventually a bullet feeder and the 550 couldn’t get me there. And of course somebody will always throw the obligatory “get a 1050” into the mix but that’s more press than 99% of us really need.
  4. Take a file to the tip of the deprime pin. It’s a common die problem.
  5. Nothing like a change to the operation without a little heads up or maybe a quick notice. It seems to not be working but when you come back in it's back to new unread content. Not to mention the extra buttons to figure out.
  6. No, Rudy Project. By far the clearest lenses I have ever used. Red makes the Dot really pop.
  7. This thread, like many others, eventually turned into a s#!t show. I am more than happy to take a newb to a match to let them check it out and yes, I'll forgo trying to shoot well and walk them through their first match if they want to shoot. But it pretty much ends there for me. They either come back or they don't. I don't have the time to make the sport more appealing by nurse maiding them all summer. We rarely see tactical nerds around our matches here. Most of those guys really can't shoot anyway and I was in the Army long enough to know there are more poor shots than there are good ones among actual military vets. Every unit I was ever in had a good sized group of troops that just couldn't shoot for crap. It's just not something everybody does well. Same goes for LEO. Carrying a gun all day every day for work does not equate to an expert with that gun. We have some pretty good LEO shooters around here but not all for sure.
  8. Just curious, You military? What branch and when?
  9. No don’t worry. Many of us reload 9MAJOR over and over and over. Don’t load any of the stepped junk and you’ll not be able to tell a load with new brass from a load with brass on its 5th or 6th loading
  10. I run Rudy Racing red lenses always. Indoor, outdoor, sun, rain , etc
  11. Not 100% sure for the E2 but I would presume it takes the SV METAL GRIP insert just like the legacy grip does.
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