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  1. Not announced but it will be at Briar Rabbit Shooting Sports, Zanesville ,OH the weekend AFTER Labor Day.
  2. Sarge

    Plastic vs Metal 2011 Grip

    I tried a steel grip in Open and quite frankly the gun was just too heavy for my taste. I have heard of some guys who just leave them bagged all day instead of wearing because of weight. It wasn’t quite that bad for me but it sure felt good to take it off after a match. I’m currently using stippled polymer but may try an aluminum Cheely next year. I think it’s only 2oz heavier than poly.
  3. Sarge

    New to 9MM reloading COL problem

    Sort by headstamp lube cases tighten shellplate only measure from full shellplate
  4. Sarge

    Ruger PC Carbine

    That would be a deal breaker for competition.
  5. Freedom Gunworks. Bobby Keigans
  6. I think Bobby At FGW used to have a video that showed how to measure and drill holes.
  7. Sarge

    Funny shooting video

    Easy Jack... That's Chuck Norris you're doubting! LOL
  8. Sarge

    Forum issues

    Just now did it again on PC using Chrome. But, try again button opened it up
  9. Sarge

    Funny shooting video

    Somebody recently asked if we knew of any funny shooting videos with people falling down. This one popped back up on my FB feed https://www.facebook.com/MenteAbiertaRevista/videos/407193763048432/
  10. Sarge

    Brass Dryers

    I ordered one last night.
  11. I can ream a surprising number of primer pockets in very short order with a reamer chucked in a drill.
  12. I still think some video instruction before the hands on weekend would be a good idea. Two days(Actually usually only a day and a half) is not much time to go over much. Heck we argue for months on here over one rule!
  13. Sarge

    Brass Dryers

    Yeah, we had a dehydrator in the 80's. Never used it and sold it in a garage sale. Who'd a think it would come in handy 30+ years later.