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  1. Agreed. This is why it's easier just to design a few little speed shoots instead.
  2. 176 in Open isn’t going to hurt the gun.
  3. If I understand things now level II and up are automatically submitted as classifier matches as long as certain criteria is met, so there really isn’t a need to include a classifier per say.
  4. Yeah, I eventually figured that out. Stage consistency is an age old problem with postal matches.
  5. Yep props are fun until they’re not. I use a few in level II but for level III I prefer the KISS principle.
  6. If sear breaks and gun goes off it’s still an AD(DQ) if other criteria is met. Ejector hitting round on reload is covered in the rules. That’s a detonation and not a DQ.
  7. I think pulling really hard on a rope etc is a lot different. In those cases the target eventually gets exposed if you yank it. In the OP SCENARIO the target never got exposed to the shooter at all. That can’t be anything but REF as I see it.
  8. Joe your point is not made any stronger by you continually calling it an ND and not an AD as defined in the rule book. I realize you don’t agree with the rules but they are pretty good in the AD department
  9. My sensibilities are fine, it’s just that NIKE is a POS company that I won’t support.
  10. No way I’ll ever wear a Nike product but to each their own. Solomons are so overrated. In ear protection doesn’t cut it when shooting open. But you can get muffs that go behind the neck for straw hats etc.
  11. If you send them an email and say you are a member on Enos you should be able to find out.
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