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  1. Sarge

    inconsistent OAL in 9 major

    What powder? Compressed load? Compressed loads will lengthen on there own. Lubing cases? Lubing cases decreases variations significantly. Sort brass by headstamp. Oal is more consistent within same headstamp.
  2. Sarge

    38 super comp brass

    9mm brass is tougher than you are giving it credit for. 38 super is not really designed for the pressures you put on it either. Store bought 38 super is pretty mundane ammo. I probably have 10 or more loadings on some of my 9mm brass with 8 grains of WAC and it still keeps going and going....
  3. Sarge

    Who makes a good Iwb holster

    Same here. I carry a G19 in an Alien gear and it’s much more comfortable than the crossbreed was. Seems to be holding up well
  4. Sarge

    650 Sitting or Standing?

    What? Do a search before asking the same questions over and over. Every forum member owes it to Brian to keep the forums streamlined. If you can’t figure out how to search just ask.
  5. Sarge

    Montana Gold vs Precision Delta

    Same here. PD’s slower than MG AND MG are already slow!
  6. Sarge

    Preferred 9mm plated bullet?

    FMJ will lead and smoke too. Need an enclosed base like a JHP or a Montana Gold CMJ
  7. Well, it was about paper GM's.
  8. I'm trying to remember when or where I said I wanted to be a GM? I'll never make it because I don't qualify. After all I'm just a retired Grunt who drives a school bus. You remember, your buddy said I needed to take out a loan to buy a gun because I was just a school bus driver. Pretty much a burden to society based on what I have read hear. Shooting a gun well does take natural talent. Alvin York didn't practice much. If a GM doesn't need legs or back that works to get his card then he is by definition a Paper GM because he'll never win anything other than an all classifier match. Nobody is born with the knowledge to keep cell phones working so of course it's not natural talent based. But if one is born with a good head on there shoulders they can learn almost anything.
  9. Sarge

    STI Base Pads

    I always heard Grams pads were fragile. What is your experience with them?
  10. Figures... ask for a BS button while you are at it. It’s attitudes like his and apparently yours that make the 90+% of shooters out there who, no matter how hard they try , won’t even make A, want to use the term paper GM even more. So I’m not a GM because I don’t try? Got it. I’m glad it doesn’t take at least a little god given talent, better vision, better knees and back, reflexes of a 20 year old, and enough money for countless thousands of rounds a month for practice. (Oh wait, the reason I can’t afford the ammo is because I’m only mediocre at life.)
  11. It was pretty damn dumb. Now majority sample? I know surgeons who might not even be B class. I know orchestra members who are maybe B shooters. I’m retired military and feel I’m much more than an A class member of society but that’s about all I can muster in USPSA. Most any competitor in any game or sport tends to be an A type person but that doesn’t always translate to GM. Heck, the percentage of guys who make A in this game is a very small number.
  12. What it “is” is bulls#!t! Dumbest thing I have ever read on the internet.
  13. Almost any gunsmith can do this job. Get ahold of Matt Cheely at ccgunworks.com