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  1. They had 45% on most for Memorial Day
  2. generally don't pick it up anyway so magnetic feature means nothing. 9mm brass is almost free since I like to process it myself.
  3. I meant that from a manufacturer standpoint mostly. Guns can be, and often are, 100% reliable with lighter spring setups. I have an Open gun that will run fine with a 7lb spring but if it gets even a little dirty it will start failing to feed 100%. With an 8lb spring I can shoot it for weeks with zero problems. And STI used to ship with 9 or even 10lb springs.
  4. I’m pretty OCD too but I always take dirty guns to matches
  5. Hence, why I said at least run a mag through it. I have seen guys travel to major matches and detail strip their guns in the hotel. Th y go to their first stage and gun won’t run
  6. At least you’re honest with your thread title.
  7. I think guns are inherently more reliable with heavier springs up to a point.
  8. Best practice is to thoroughly clean THEN shoot a practice session or at least take it to the range and run a mag or two through it before you shoot it in a match. This way if you screwed something up on assy it doesn’t kill your match.
  9. I know I have allergies pretty bad. I take medicine to control it. If I don’t take it that’s my fault.
  10. For plated bullets you want to look at lead bullet loads for comparison
  11. I’m surprised they recommend 340. Is this a MAJOR gun?9 or 38?
  12. Sure it’s not your eyes? Best way to tell is take a pic of the dot with your phone. If it’s a perfect dot it’s your eyes causing starburst
  13. We had this debate a few years ago. I forget what the actual result was. I personally feel the rule stating shooter is always responsible allows me as an RO to start a guy who forgets to rack a round into the chamber.
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