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  1. Id be suspicious of heavy bullets first. Seems many guns tend to dislike 147’s
  2. Agreed. When I was having problems with a loose comp it was really hard to see any evidence of bullet strikes. Gunsmith tightened comp up and checked reaming etc and everything was good to go.
  3. Edited. I just called the 800 number and they said because of pandemic they are not taking phone calls, so email only.
  4. Research their free battery replacement deal. There is an 800 number associated with it. They always answer as generic customer service.
  5. Yeah it’s a pretty thin mixture. Just barely turned yellow is how I gauge it
  6. Amazon liquid lanolin and 99% alcohol. $25 worth of stuff and you can make your own lube for decades.
  7. Touted to be more consistent ignition. Other than that just more expensive
  8. Stand my ground and clearly explain what I know. Not only did previous shooter have two alpha but I know it is those two holes right there. I saw current shooter Transition too soon and pull off target with his second shot. Or shoot high and put THAT hole in the target stick. Etc. Challenge from the shooter means little if I know for a fact what I saw. I once saw a shooter take one shot at a target and he tried to argue for a double. He had no idea I was watching so closely
  9. Wrong sorry. An RO’s “primary” job is to watch the shooter. But it’s not his only job. When shooters run up to a fault line I glance down to see if they are faulting, when they are reloading, clearing a malfunction, when they are moving etc. But if they draw the gun and engage Close targets especially I watch for hits, mikes, no shoots etc while also keeping the gun in my line of site.
  10. This isn’t all that hard. If I KNOW the score that’s how I call it. If I’m in doubt it’s a reshoot, regardless of what the shooter thinks.
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