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  1. I thought about saying that but I have to be very careful here.
  2. As long as it’s flagged and I don’t sweep, nothing.
  3. You kidding me? If you’re an RO you need to get your money back. If not you need to take the class. Unlike Poppers, metal plates are not subject to calibration or calibration challenges. If a scoring metal plate has been hit but fai ls to fall or overturn, the Range Officer shall declare range equipment failure and order the competitor to reshoot the course of fire, after the faulty plate has been rectified. A plate that has been hit more than once and falls or overturns before a Range Office
  4. To be honest I still only see the occasional PCC get taken from a vehicle uncased . Everybody got tired of the misunderstanding of the rules in the beginning so now they are typically cased. I stand by the theory that if I come to shoot a match I am in the match when I come through the gate. I figure that way I can’t screw up.
  5. Every great once in awhile I will feel on my 650 that a primer had little to no resistance so I’ll put it in practice bucket. But it’s rare. I generally lose brass before it goes bad.
  6. So now I’m stupid because I point out USPSA affiliation has specific expectations of a club? A USPSA CLUB CAN NOT apply local rules without permission from HQ. That’s not my rule. 3.3 Applicability of Rules USPSA matches are governed by the rules applicable to the discipline. Host organizations may not enforce local rules except to comply with legislation or legal precedent in the applicable jurisdiction. Any voluntarily adopted rules that are not in compli ance with these rules must not be applied to USPSA matches without the express written
  7. REF. Reshoot. Same with hitting a plate that doesn’t fall over.
  8. Yes. If it’s match day and you are there to shoot the match. Look at it like this, if you go to your car to get more ammo and drop your gun, would you pick it up?
  9. In another thread you recommend DG bullets. I know you are trying to bump your post count but at least be consistent.
  10. I have reloaded some 9MAJOR brass more than 10 times.
  11. How is a shooter coming from 2 states away to shoot one of your matches and finding out he can’t do a LEGAL reload not an issue for you? That is EXACTLY the issue.
  12. You should see if you have an exception. If not, try getting one. If that fails I would lose USPSA before the range for sure. It’s fine that your shooters meeting mentions no muzzle over the berm but ideally it would be displayed prominently on Practiscore registration page so nobody gets surprised.
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