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  1. I’m in Denver this week and was looking up some matches. There is definitely some driving involved for most.
  2. I think I read it is less processing involved. I also believe the ledge supports the bullet to prevent setback
  3. I agree. I run 8# in my open guns. I tried 7# one season and found the gun would start hiccuping very quickly. If I kept the gun super clean it lasted longer but eventually would fail much sooner than an 8. I can run an 8 all season with very little gun cleaning. One pound makes a world of difference
  4. More uniform base that is often concave.
  5. But 340 does work in 38 super. I know some guys that run it
  6. Sorry for your loss. He looked like a cool little dude.
  7. Loading progressively, that is actually counter productive to the process. These presses produce the most consistent ammo when you let them run.
  8. Sorry I have been traveling. I throw 10 at the start AFTER I throw a few and dump them back in the hopper. I dump 10 in the pan and get an average. My load is 7.8 WAC and I usually get 78 exactly. If it is very far off I repeat the process before making any adjustments. After reading one poster saying they only check if they change bullets etc I must remind you to re chrono if you change jugs of powder as they can vary quite a bit
  9. MAYBE every 500 rounds. I have a uniquetek micrometer bar and it’s always right where I set it every time I check. My 650 throws accurately no matter how much powder is in the hopper.
  10. Do you have a gun built for you by a builder? My gun builder is not just some guy when it comes to what is best for my guns. LOL
  11. Most comfortable holster I’ve owned
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