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  1. Yeah, and if s#!t has really hit the fan you won't even notice the loud noise until the next day. ;). Won't be worried about shooting glasses either. LOL
  2. It really isn't. I started USPSA in 2008. Remember what happened that year? I was lucky to order 20k primers and several jugs of powder. Things dried up for years. Then Sandy Hook happened and it was worse. Couldn't even get bullets. Lasted for years. Now this. The lesson is damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead when things come in stock. Buy as much as you can afford and stockpile, stockpile, stockpile.
  3. We're here for you if you ever need anything from the Ohio boys. So sorry for your loss
  4. maybe. but it was one ragged hole. and it didn't give the gun or shooter any problems. Just the RO's. Found out later he was roll crimping 9mm with a 38 spl die. LOL
  5. I have posted before about a shooter at a local afew years ago who had tumbling bullets so so bad that the targets looked like a rock was thrown through them. No grease, no round hole nothing. I stood behind him and watched the rounds go from gun direct to target. An RO tried to call them mikes based on the grease ring rule. I pointed out, when asked, that there was noting but air between the gun and target and it was impossible to be a mike.
  6. Sarge

    Slide Stop Issues

    Check and recheck the installation of the stop and spring. If the spring is in wrong it will have slop and lock the slide back randomly.
  7. Yes. And blue bullets leave blue/black rings. Once had a guy shoot through a NS onto a target. One nice blue ringed hole and one clean. I called it a mike. He argued. I showed him the NS with blue ring. He said it wasn’t his. I said you are the only guy on the squad shooting blue bullets. His buddy says, “he’s got you there”.
  8. Weak MD and RO’s get tripped up all the time by these: All such barriers are considered to represent a solid plane and are considered hard cover unless designated as soft cover. Cover provided to hide all or a portion of a target will be consid ered hard cover WITHOUT UNDERSTANDING THIS: 9.5.5 ENLARGED holes in cardboard targets which exceed the competitor’s bullet diameter will not count for score or penalty unless there is visible evidence within the remnants of the hole (e.g. a grease mark or a “crown” etc.) First, it’s a perfect hole correct? If it even nicked a barrel it wouldn’t be a perfect hole. Second, if the barrel isn’t maintained to show hits then we can’t really call them hard cover now can we? If the MD had any major match experience at all they would know if a barrel isn’t maintained you can’t say a competitor shot it. Third, An absent grease ring gives the RO cause to see if MAYBE something was hit prior but it doesn’t mean something was hit. A perfect hole with no grease ring is typically the result of passing through cardboard prior. So I would have looked for a NS hit or a shoot through on another scoring target. Fourth, the RO should not allow other shooters to interfere. It should not have been left to the shooter to feel like telling him to STFU. RO should have known better. It’s sad that he was also the MD.
  9. Pretty sure there are limits of powder or primers in a private residence. FFL needed maybe to exceed limits? At least here in Ohio private possession of more than 20lbs of powder or 10k primers is a violation of Ohio code.
  10. And probably “technically” illegal. That’s why I don’t post pics or comment much on my stash.
  11. If you google your questions or search these forums you’ll find enough answers to read for days
  12. Curious. In all those 30+ years you never figured out that loads vary from gun to gun or how to drop check ammo?
  13. Sound too long to me too. Just turn the seater down a smidge and see what happens
  14. Brand new as in never fired before? Most don’t need it but I’d put at least 500 rounds through it before worrying too much. Lubed as in slobbering wet for those 500 rounds?
  15. Norwalk power came back on yesterday afternoon so they must have just gotten brushed by the storm. Glad I got out of there Monday morning. edit to add the storm name is not Isaac. It’s Isaias
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