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  1. Sarge

    PCC rule

    Both are addressed. Chapter one and in chapter 10.
  2. Post some match videos on your FB pages. Let people see how fun it is. One of our clubs does a USPSA intro class a few times before season starts. They max out at 25 students each and they are always full with wait lists. I think those things will help a ton
  3. We developed a FB page for Southwest Ohio Practical Shooters. It gets a fair amount of traffic and seems to help with all of our matches at the local clubs. Maybe you could hold a match in nice weather where you wave the fees for first timers? You’ll probably snag a handful on newbies.
  4. Seems like this pops up every so often. All I use is WAC. No issues either. I'm running about 8 grains under 115's.
  5. Depending on how much crimped brass you end up with you can either remove the crimp or sell it as is. If you sell it as crimped brass somebody with a 1050 will buy it.
  6. What is the load? My guns seem to feed better the longer I load. So I stay above 1.165. For me upping the charge would be preferable to shortening the oal.
  7. It was/will be 14 stages. The two day format was based on input from several different folks both locally and across the area. Buckeye Blast (Ohio State match) is 10-11 stages and shot in one day format. The previous year it was 12 stages and the unpredictable weather gave us high heat and humidity and some staff and shooters nearly went down. With a few shooters choosing to DNF instead of stroke out. That played into the equation for Area 5 as they are held at the same location. I realize most people are never truly honest when they give you the obligatory “nice match” when done, but there were several top shooters who said they liked the way A5 was split up. Plus not one person who shot the match gave me any negative feed back even after I strongly encouraged them to do so if needed. Anyway Area 5 is a fine match with very little circus atmosphere. Just solid stages from several different designers.
  8. I use a few drops of silicone. Then rig up some small clamps or stuff with material to compress the silicone. Unless you dump CLP or shoot them with too much brake cleaner they won't come loose. Yet easy enough to get out if you want. Just dump CLP or spray with break cleaner to dissolve. Been running mine like this for a number of years.
  9. I understand and get that these would be a tougher call.
  10. Almost every time I order from MG tracking says they were delivered but they always show up the next day.
  11. I know we are talking about knowing something was hit before the target but the evidence of a hit rules need common sense applied on occasion. I RO’d a guy early last year and his rounds were tumbling horribly or maybe even disintegrating in flight. I watched him shoot several wide open targets at about 10 yards and it looked like a piece of gravel hit the target. There was technically no evidence of a hit per the rules but he certainly did hit the targets.
  12. Can’t find any info on it so thankfully they dropped it.
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