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  1. I hate cold hands for shooting but fortunately I only deal with that occasionally due to the climate where I live. Sometimes I've had the opposite problem when the temperature here is 115+. An all-steel gun can get too hot to comfortably hold. It's not enough to actually burn my hands, but there's pain and pain is a distraction. At the least the fingers work well, unlike when they're cold.
  2. Production and Single Stack are great divisions to build fundamentals. I stick with Single Single due to my love for the 1911.
  3. This concept and the TGO Aiming Is Useless video should take care of it. Lots of dry fire too. Stuff about prepping the trigger and the surprise break don't apply to action shooting. The break is never a surprise because you're pressing and releasing the trigger with pure intention. You can slap the heck out of the trigger as long as you know how to keep the gun still during trigger action.
  4. I haven't kept the supply low but when Bruno's gets small pistol primers, I'll be buying all I can get. I can afford as many as Lester will sell me. So if you want 'em from Bruno's, you'll have to beat me to 'em. I'll then be one of those jerks keeping supply low.
  5. This shortage will go on for a lonnnngggg time. Once availability ticks up, those who swore they'd never fail to stock up again will keep supply drained.
  6. For me, Dawsons ended up being the ones the provide best overall reliability. The others I tried were Tripp and Wilson.
  7. Have to disagree. I think it's fine to try different things in search of what works best. I've changed a couple of grip related things in the last five years and am convinced they helped me score better.
  8. I shoot at two nearby ranges and keep encountering the same people, so most everyone I shoot with is a buddy if not a friend. And if I end up on a squad with people I haven't met, I then have some new buddies. Don't even think about how it affects my shooting. I shoot how I shoot.
  9. Winter increases my ammo usage since that's the nice shooting season in Phoenix. Might have to switch to .45 if primers don't come back online sometime next year.
  10. The Dawsons worked flawlessly last night. No dropped bullets when removing a mag to barney up, all mags dropped free on reloads.
  11. I do have that issue with Tripp mags. Also, I sometimes get hangups during reloads when the top bullet nose is sticking out beyond the front of the mag. It's a tradeoff. These mags are easy to de-load but we see these issues. Might try the Dawsons next match.
  12. Thanks 4n2t0. Based on that data and Hodgdon's load reference data, 3.7gr CFE would be my starting load.
  13. Hi all. Currently I have a 9mm load I like, using Titegroup powder. I happen to have a lot more CFE Pistol powder than Titegroup right now, and powder is a bit hard to come by lately. My current Tightgroup load is 3.0gr under a 147gr Bayou or Black Bullet International 9mm. Either bullet works fine. This yields a PF of around 128-130. I seek an equivalent load using CFE Pistol instead of Titegroup powder. Recommendations? Thanks, Bob
  14. My workouts aren't super structured. I do something every day. The trick for me is to simply get up early and go to the gym. When the gyms were closed, I depended on my home chin-up bar and a few pairs of dumbbells. I couldn't do all the exercises below due to lack of equipment, but I could do a lot. I pick from this menu: Situps or ab machine Squats Leg extensions Leg curls Calf raises Pull-ups and chin-ups Seated rows Upright rows Shrugs Pushups or bench press Overhead press Side raises Tricep extensions Bicep curls Wrist curls Grippers I'm 61 and lost 33 lbs over the last six months, not because of these exercises -- which I've done most of my life since age 17 -- but because of the foods I avoid. You can get full on foods that make you gain, or full on foods that let you get to a weight you want. Simple choices to make, really. I'm quicker, more agile, and everything takes a lot less effort. Used to be physically tired after a match, not much at all now.
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