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  1. Proper technique sacrificed to beat the par time, hmm. I suppose that's a thing. I don't feel drilling to par times has ever hurt me.
  2. I think a lot of people go to electronic -- or even non-electronic -- ear buds to solve that problem. I don't shoot carbines in competition but if I did, I think I'd use ear buds or just the cheap orange banded ear plugs.
  3. I've seen guys shoot SC fast with major loads. But those same shooters are going to be faster with softer loads. That, however, is not necessarily the primary consideration. It's nice to have one load that works for all the games you choose to shoot. I stick with one load -- happens to be 9mm at ~129PF -- for USPSA, Steel Challenge, club practice matches.
  4. Wilson, with an extra-power mag catch spring to prevent unintended mag drops. I was skeptical that the stronger spring would do the trick, but it does, and I can still drop mags when needed without difficulty.
  5. Welcome from Phoenix! Come say hi at the Ben Avery Practical Pistol range. Great people and matches.
  6. I feel this way. I've been happy on a couple of occasions because I had a backup gun with me. No interruption to my match.
  7. Yes we are. But I think most of us are reminded of how we shoot after the first couple of shots on a stage. We quickly go to our own familiar cadence. It takes a serious effort to break out of that. I find there are enough other distractions that I'm not very influenced by the pace of the open gun or PCC guy that shot just before me. I watch them shoot and KNOW I can't get away with that pace. I know my lane and I stay in it. Getting out of it is a bigger issue for me than being lulled into shooting as fast as the last guy.
  8. You seem to, enough to post three times about it.
  9. You're trying to tell people how to think when it comes to what they derive satisfaction from. THAT'S what's dumb.
  10. How do you translate my comment about one of my inexpensive guns (the one I've competed with the least) into an assumption that I have relatively little disposable income? I do derive my enjoyment that my performance, when a match turns out especially well for me, is because I dry fire a good bit more than most of my competitors. But if you want to talk about what guns we can afford, I'll pay that game.
  11. That would be just about all one would need. In my case, I am genetically long-legged and find it easier to maintain upper body mass and strength than in the lower body. So I put some time into basic lower body strengthening (squats, leg extensions, leg curls, calf raises). If I do more of your type of activity on top of what I already do, it will serve me well.
  12. Just had mine tested. It's at 4. No concern. I don't load bare lead and I haven't been reloading or shooting that much lately. My main source of exposure I suppose would be lead dust from handling dirty brass. If I go back to seven matches per month and practice more, I'll have it tested again.
  13. Honestly, that's one thing about the classification that gives the most satisfaction for me -- beating higher-classified shooters in matches. Even better is beating someone who has a gun that costs several times more than mine does (sometimes the case when I'm shooting the Glock in Limited).
  14. I have 17# hammer springs on my PM9s. I also installed Dawson extra long firing pins. Ignition reliability has been 100%.
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