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  1. I shot a Glock at matches for six months after three and a half years of competing with 1911s. I was surprised at how well I was able to do with the Glock. I was able to go faster with the Glock in some of the Steel Challenge stages, partly owing to soft 9mm loads. Occasionally I would struggle with the Glock where finer precision was called for on Texas Stars at distance or high disaster factor paper arrays, but overall felt like my shooting was on the same level as with the 1911. I did enjoy not having to change mags much (was shooting Limited with 22-round mags). Now I'm returning to the 1911, but with soft 9mm loads rather than .45 major. I'm sure I'm going to love it. Everything I want other handguns to be, the 1911 already is. At the end of the day, it's still the King of Pistols.
  2. I have some specific thoughts on 1911 trigger jobs since I just finished up my latest two. Feel free to PM me.
  3. There is always some steel on Thursday nights but there's paper too. I've always liked the Cactus Thursday night matches, except when they're really crowded. I do believe there is appeal in matches where little or no target resetting is needed.
  4. Buy some Colt replacement leaf springs in case you overtweak one. As you've gathered I'm sure, there's a good bit to know about 1911 triggers. It's not rocket science but it's very easy to create an unsafe trigger. The videos above are good. Get really comfortable with frame detail stripping and reassembly. That helps a lot.
  5. I exercise a certain way for reasons mostly unrelated to shooting. My energy level for the duration of a match does benefit, and my general well being benefits both from exercise and shooting. Certainly one can exercise in ways that will more directly improve shooting performance. And one can exercise little, if at all, and get better at shooting.
  6. Do any of you guys have experience with Dawson extended no-gap basepads and the Techwell mag wells? I have both Dawson mag wells and Techwells. My basepads are for Dawson no-gap Ice magwells, meaning the mags have a little vertical play with Techwells installed. I have in the past experienced issues with .45 1911s when there was too much vertical play in the mags. However, the PM9's with Techwells on them run fine with the no-gap basepads. There doesn't seem to be much vertical play with the Techwells and Dawson no-gap basepads, though. And all seems well with my break-in and zeroing shooting so far.
  7. I've watched a bunch of Adam's videos on YouTubes and really like his no-nonsense down-to-earth way of approaching 2011s and 1911s.
  8. You must already be a student of dry fire or you wouldn't have Stoeger's Dry Fire Reloaded book. So you are probably on the verge of working it out. Maybe more attention to it in your live fire - dry fire feedback loop and you're there. For me it was getting the right balance of relaxed trigger finger and firm enough support hand grip. This might not make sense but certain things settled in for me when I started doing more draws into WHO followed by six or more fast trigger presses. The rapid weak hand trigger presses seemed to make something click that transferred over to normal two-hand (freestyle) shooting at speed.
  9. Slap it all you want as long as you keep the gun still during trigger press. That takes practice, a lot of which can be gotten in dry fire, which you don't mention. You have a solid grip, that's a great start. Maybe just a little more emphasis on keeping it solid as you slap is all you need. Or, tame the slap a bit if that's what's needed.
  10. Marines are their own biggest fans, in case you hadn't noticed.
  11. There are plenty of top shooters who do not emphasize the need for a super crushing grip. Having strong and big hands is an advantage, but not one that might not be outweighed by other advantages, like seeing faster, moving faster, being more consistent, making fewer mistakes, etc.
  12. It's simple. Practice it more and you'll get better at it.
  13. Aside from a DQ under USPSA rules, a decent club would insist on eyes and ears for everyone on the range when any shooting is going on.
  14. To avoid MSH tilt, realized the MSH bottom needs to allow the Dawson magwell to slide back in a straight line while riding the bottom of the frame (the gun's built-in magwell). It wasn't. The Dawson magwell was bumping into the MSH so I removed material from the MSH bottom until the Dawson magwell could slide all the way back. Now the MSH does not tilt when tightening down the magwell screw. This did the trick, Dawson magwell is solidly seated and hammer fall is consistent.
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