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  1. Yes sir. Gen 5 with the Marksman barrel. I probably have 2000 rounds through it with syntech 150's with no issues so far... knock on wood.
  2. I use the Federal Syntech 150 grain in mine and they shoot very well.
  3. Ben Stoeger's books are great. I also listen to the Make Ready Podcast and Shoot Fast Podcast. They have lots of good info.
  4. I shoot limited as my main division but recently began shooting PCC as well.
  5. I already have a KKM 9mm conversion. I got it with the gun when I bought it, just havent used it yet. I was mostly just wondering how the OEM compares to the KKM in the same caliber and if it is worth going for.
  6. Thanks. And yes, I have thought about getting another MPX as a backup anf I probably will eventually but it may be a while still.
  7. Awesome good to know. This is kind of what I was thinking but I feel better knowing you tried the parts in the 2 and they work. I appreciate it.
  8. I recently bought the newest MPX PCC and I am looking to get some spares to keep on hand. About the only place I have found with a good variety of parts is In Lead We Trust. I do have a question regarding generations. Is the new PCC considered a gen 3 or is it still gen 2? Forgive my ignorance as I am still very new to this platform. The reason I ask is on In Lead We Trusts website, all of the parts are either gen 1 or gen 2. I have not been able to find a spare complete bolt so far either. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I appreciate it. I started shooting USPSA about 9 months ago shooting limited minor with what I had. I am a high C class 58% trying to get to B. I know I will stick with it so I am wanting my Glock 35 set up right from the get go. I don't plan on being a national champion because with my job that would never happen. I work offshore for months at a time and cannot do any training during that time. I am in it for the fun and learning, but I still want my equipment to be able to perform as best as possible.
  10. I will be shooting a Glock 35 in USPSA limited. I was wondering if anyone knows if the KKM barrels are any more accurate than the stock barrels. Just a side note I do not reload and shoot all factory ammo.
  11. Roger that. Good to know.
  12. I currently shoot limited major but I am thinking about dabbling in production for a little while to see how I like it. I have a Gen 5 Glock 17 and I do not reload... I work overseas offshore so my time home is limited. I will most likely use Federal Syntech 150's. What would be a good recoil spring weight to start with and also what striker spring would I need to go with it? I am familiar with how striker fired pistols work but I am not sure how low of a recoil spring I could go with before I would have to change the striker spring. Thanks.
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