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  1. If your OAL of your ammo is too long, you will need to use the .40 +12 basepads. That is what I had to do and they work flawlessly in my open Glock.
  2. This is just my personal experience / opinion, but Ive had Glocks from gen 3 to gen 5. From my experience looking for competition upgrades, it is easier to find stuff for gen 3 and 4 than it is gen 5. Both of my competition glocks are gen 4's and couldnt be happier. I have a G35 set up for limited and a full race open G34 built by Carver Custom. I dont think you can go wrong with a Gen 4 but that is just my opinion.
  3. Thank you for the reply. That is very unfortunate as far as the issues with the ASR as it sounds like the Omega is a great suppressor from everyone I talk to. Right now, I have the chance the buy a Griffin Recce 7 from my dealer for almost half price as it is a demo. Before I do, I am trying to read as many reviews as possible before spending the money. He as well said the Omega is his favorite.
  4. When you recommend the Dead Air Nomad, would you go with the Nomad-L or the Nomad-30?
  5. I appreciate the replies guys. I will definitely look at the options you guys suggested.
  6. Hey all... I am finally looking to dive into the world of suppressors. I have been doing a lot of research and shopping but I wanted to get some first hand advice and suggestions on which to get. This will be my first suppressor and it would be used on a few different guns until each get their own. The main use will be for a 300 blk that I plan on buying / building. I will most likely go with a shorter barrelled pistol. It would also be used on my 308 and 6.5 creed bolt guns when hunting / shooting PRS type matches. Although it will be a 7.62 can, I would probably use it on my 5.56 as well to
  7. I would look at SGT Of Arms. They deal Tbox barrels which have phoenomenal accuracy. I had a Tbox on my grendel and it shot amazingly accurate with factory ammo. He builds some really nice stuff as well.
  8. As everyone else said, anything suggested by Ben Stoeger is the way to go. My favorite drill is doubles which is suggested by Ben and Hwansik Kim.
  9. I agree that dry firing outside is more fun than inside. I feel like it is more like the real thing when I can run around since my dry fire space inside is limited.
  10. Evryone else is correct. You are doing yourself a disservice by shooting limited minor. Find something you like in .40 if you want to shoot limited. Otherwise, shoot 9mm in either production or carry optics.
  11. I am in South Louisiana and all of our local matches are cancelled for now.
  12. Very interested in reliability of the Rugers. As soon as I find one available I will be buying one of the pistol versions.
  13. Ive used the Talon in both the rubber and the sandpaper. Also, I just installed the sandpaper "Handle it Grips" on my Glock 17. I personally like both and would use either one. For competition, definitely go with the sandpaper style. They grip much better than the rubber.
  14. I like Overwatch Precision but I've felt a Johnny Glock trigger and it is amazing.
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