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  1. mrvip27

    Shadow 2 Magwell

    What is the best magwell for the shadow 2? Is the cz brand one the same as the armory? Does one blend better than the other?
  2. Does the CZC extensions make it 140mm?
  3. Its funny for me..because you sit there and hold the gun and press the mag release and it feels heavy...Then I go shoot a match and it never phases me and it works.
  4. mrvip27

    shadow 2 recoil spring

    the shadow 2 stock recoil spring is a 13? i thought it was 16
  5. mrvip27

    CGW Shadow 2 upgrade.

    So what are the must haves for the "best bang for your buck"?
  6. for my short barrel SBR i was using a U9 heavy buffer for suppressed use.
  7. I was going to say.. Not sure...hows the taccom?
  8. Any issues with these two? The QC10 lower already has a ramp to help feed and the barrel is ramped on the ULW. Just want to make sure there are not problems. Thanks
  9. I held one of the new MPX pcc's and they are nothing special in finish, etc for the price they want for it Trigger is nothing special either. Hiperfire still wins.
  10. I was looking at putting the ar buffer tube adapter on it to add a b5 bravo stock. Seems to raise more inline with the recoil and what not.
  11. So would you say the SF is worth getting over the Q5 poly? at least if its sprung correctly? Is it less "snappy"? trying to decide if I should upgrade or not from my q5 poly
  12. About what size equivalent backstrap on the q5 poly matches the SF?
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