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  1. Then you should be good to go...maybe something else going on
  2. did you get the correct HBI kit? The older variations won’t work with the new OR models. HBI has a picture/warning about it in the description..or at least at one point.
  3. I could only think something wasn't quite installed right with the trigger...but hard to say without looking at it.. Hope someone here with more knowledge can help.
  4. How much weight would you gain with a tungsten guide rod matched to the same size cut as the Cgw?
  5. They told me they haven’t had any issues with any 147grain. I am using impact ammo. I mean I can try a bunch of different ammo but I really can’t afford to do that. the feed ramps are def shallower on the primary machine.
  6. Break it in. Also magazine with ammo goes a lot easier vs on a dry magazine/dry firing.
  7. I went back to the factory barrel. I kept getting malfunctions/feeding issues with the primary machine. It cost me valuable time in matches. Every match I have at least 1-3 feeding issues. Last match put the factory one back in...no problems.
  8. Understood. Just relaying information. I emailed USPSA about that rule with my primary machine barrel since its around 4.35 or so and doesn't meet the rule. That was his reply. Also to note, the new 2020 rules updates were posted yesterday. Item21.3 changed: “Barrels: You may replace the barrel with an OFM or aftermarket barrel of the same length, contour, and caliber as the original barrel for that model of gun.” To: “Barrels: You may replace the barrel with an OFM or aftermarket barrel.” Item21.3-Deleted: “Special Notes/Clarifications:A barrel within +/-0.1”of OFM is the same length. Barrels of the same length and caliber but with different crown profiles are authorized.
  9. Well he is the Director of the NROI. So idk. Just what he told me.
  10. Im using Impact Ammo 147gr that is 1.135 using the primary machine barrel. I need to run it in the stock barrel still. I just like squeezing out the most accuracy I can get. I talked to henning. I can still get 22 in the magazines without having to trim the follower. It just makes it easier to load the last round in if you trim it down. Doesn't affect feeding (so they say..) I should probably trim them down a bit anyway. Per Troy McManus, if you don't have to cut the slide down to make the barrel fit, its legal.
  11. Factory, primary machine, killer innovations (unfired), factory. I still get occasional hang ups on the primary machine barrel with round nose getting stuck. Not sure if it’s my ammo I’m using (bad bullet) or the feedramp. Going to run the stock barrel for a bit to see what happens.
  12. That is very interesting to note. I will have to take a look and compare my barrels when I get back home. I have two p10Fs and a primary machine and killer innovations barrel as well to compare.
  13. Anyone having issue with 147gr round nose as well hitting the barrel at the feed ramp? Does this gun only like 115/124gr?
  14. Got that coming. Also have some derby putty/weights coming to mess with on the back strap.
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