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  1. I ordered one myself a few days ago. Excited!
  2. Im excited for the full size. and the grip length will be a plus for many people.
  3. i would like to know the difference between the original and intermediate as well
  4. Thank you! Looks great and it seems like its fully supported
  5. Any pics of this optic on an 320 X5 legion? Cant seem to find any. I know a few of you here do. Also, what plate?
  6. do you have a picture of this setup? I can’t seem to find any.
  7. 15lb CGW and guide rod shoots great Testing out a cut down Jentra tungsten guide rod and g19 recoil springs shortly per Earlans testing
  8. I emailed him. Apparently he is using Wolff Colt commander length springs at 15lb.
  9. I guess I am just lazy and want someone to make me one xD
  10. What does the cajun gun work stainless weigh in comparison? what springs do you need for the w74?
  11. I use the 15# gold and their guide rod. (CGW) They never used to offer anything below 15... Now i see they offer 11 and 13 as well.... BUT i am almost positive the 11 and 13 are shorter....the 15 and 18 are proper F length. The P series tuner pack shows working for the C and not the F. But yes, buy a HBI kit or the springs from CGW.
  12. I just leave the followers alone now stock. Still can load 22 easily so it works haha
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