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  1. 512 is nice. Just stuck to absolute cowitness if you use it. Otherwise youll need to use a pic riser. No biggy.
  2. I bent it over and test fired it today. Shot perfect and launching those motha bleepers out like no tomorrow. Appreciate it! I am looking forward to shooting it more.
  3. Trying to get a hold of PSA but they just want me to send the whole gun in or just the bolt. Trying to see if they will send me an ejector. *EDIT* They refused to send me a new ejector. I need to send the whole firearm in. I just want a replacement ejector to test out before sending the gun in. But they won't do that. Going to take a look at the ejector and see what I can do.
  4. Make sure when you are tightening it down that the detent piece is not sitting on of the teeth. It should be sitting in between.
  5. Did you use the oring? Also here is another view of my ejector. It looks rolled over.
  6. Just built up my AR-V. Having troubles ejecting rounds. Extractor will pull the rounds from the chamber, just not eject it out. Does my ejector look to far away from the bolt face?
  7. Springer plates work great.
  8. Yes, I forgot about this. Some gun rails even fit better than the 1913 insert on the pic rails.
  9. Just interesting to me....maybe federal had a bad batch?
  10. Thats pretty sweet. Like that more than the PWS.
  11. The lights on the legions just do not sit back towards the frame like a glock, etc. If you want longer activation levers, phlster sells some.
  12. Ironically Syntech 150gr works flawless for me and all my buddies that run legions...
  13. I dont think it has that safety lever spring... PS. still have the double reset...its just sporadic now..not sure whats catching or why I have it...but I can make it happen and then it wont happen...confused
  14. Ten-fold better than staking. Easier.
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