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  1. How exactly are you measuring the distance? Also, have you not messed with the different spacer options? BS offers shorter and longer ones. You can also cut the spacers/screws/bolts down. https://nroi.org/rules-insights/holter-position-redux/
  2. Gray Guns says it does and suggests to not use it with their kit.
  3. mrvip27

    X5 trigger work

    Yet guys throw in CGW kits and parts in their shadows all day long...
  4. mrvip27

    X5 trigger work

    I thought taking pretravel out with the AC trigger risks affecting the guns drop safeties, etc
  5. mrvip27

    X5 Grip weight

    Thanks for your input!
  6. mrvip27

    X5 Grip weight

    What exactly did you not like in the changed feel? Did you balance it out with a heavier guide rod?
  7. mrvip27

    X5 Grip weight

    That price though. Ouch.
  8. mrvip27

    X5 Grip weight

    is the one osage sells the same as the factory x5 legion? or is the legions weight heavier?
  9. Anyone know how much weight over stock the springier precision or glock store tungsten guide rod are?
  10. Didn't think about that.
  11. mrvip27

    I Need Some Loctite

    VC3 seems to be hit and miss for me. It works great when there is no real heat near it. (scope rings, etc) If there is some heat involved in the area, it still seems to break loose...
  12. Companies make inserts etc. Even the plugs for Glocks. CH even made one. But the real weight addition is grip panels... Can't do that on plastic guns
  13. Been using this optic quite a bit now. I really love it. The quick on feature and the dot brightness being where it was left last is awesome. The 8 moa really helps in the AZ sun and the ability to turn it down for a perfect round dot...couldn't do that with my SRO. Cheers!
  14. Well we can't strap brass grips to a plastic gun haha
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