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  1. My thoughts on your one handed shooting experiment. I think it makes sense if it is close and you are shooting from the hip like Taran Butler does because you are eliminating the presentation from your draw stroke and saving time. I also think it could save some time on a really really ridiculous lean. The way you did it on those stages it looked as though you were not firing from the hip on the first stage and on the reload if you are bringing up your support hand far enough to do the reload, it is not that much further to simply put the support hand on the gun and shoot normally. On the othe
  2. As you can see, I am not much for posting in the range diary section. However I feel as though I have had some recent breakthroughs this year in the last couple matches that are worth sharing. I am currently classified as M Class in Production and CO. I have been shooting Production for the last 5 years and switched to CO in 2020 due to a bit of boredom/frustration in my progress shooting Production. I certainly feel reinvigorated in my drive to train and compete. So aside from a newfound drive the train and compete with the switch from Production to CO (which many would have imagined already
  3. will one of y’all send me how the firing pin is supposed to sit in the firing pin block. Is it possible to put the firing pin in wrong?
  4. What is STI? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. If the firing pin block does not work, how do you go about fixing it?
  6. Same here. Sounds like we are still like 3-4 weeks out from getting them. They told me they would ship mine out before yours though.
  7. You did a great job too! That SRO runs like a champ on that slide. Don’t even notice the cut you made with the optic on there. Almost GM with it!
  8. Out of curiosity, how would one check to make sure the firing pin block is still working? Asking for a friend of course.
  9. Put in an order for one of these slides today! Super excited!!!!!
  10. Crazy to me to think you are getting light strikes with a titan hammer and 15.5 lb hammer spring. Has to be something to do with the firing pin and firing pin spring. Get the PD optimized firing pin spring and PD firing pin and get that fixed.
  11. Awesome info. Would love to hear what you decide to do. I keep getting really close to just going ahead and buying one, but then I talk myself out of it. I can’t decide if I want to go ahead and get one or wait to try and pick one up used and just keep shooting the stock 2 for now. I do really want one though.
  12. Looking to hear from folks who purchased this what they thought. I have a stock 2 and am thinking about getting one of these.
  13. I don’t know much about PCC, but that looks like a great group for 200 yards to me.
  14. Welcome to the forum! Great to hear you have already started to do a good bit of dry fire along with live fire. Have you purchased any dry fire books yet? Ben Stoeger and Steve Anderson both have books on dry fire if you don’t already have them.
  15. Welcome to the forum. You are at the right place for all things competitive shooting! Awesome to hear you plan to get a 550 or 750. Sooner the better to start saving in ammo!
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