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  1. RangerTrace

    CCG XWF Limited gun

    If anybody is looking for a wicked Limited gun at a great price, here you go: https://ccgunworks.com/pistols/
  2. I use and EGW U-die in station #1. I haven't had a round fail the case gauge in years. I guess my only complaint would be the locking nut is bigger than the Dillon dies and it's a PITA to get a wrench in there to tighten it.
  3. RangerTrace

    Cheely E2 grip and Racemaster holster

    Looks great, I hope to have my Cheely 3gun pistol in my grubby little hands very soon........
  4. RangerTrace

    M2 vs B12i

    I've got a brand new Roth Performance XB3gun (aka M2 with his Quad vacuum receiver) and I love it so far. It has been utterly reliable with every shell I've ran since day one. I would imagine that there are more parts available for the M2.
  5. RangerTrace

    Own a Hornady LNL progressive, how good is a 650?

    I love my 650 and have had very few, minor issues over the last 8 years and many thousands of rounds loaded. The RF100 is was of the best additions I've made.
  6. My appreciation and admiration for companies that give LE/MIL discounts. I've been a cop for 27 years. I have no idea where or how it began, but business people have been giving me and my co-workers discounts for as long as I can remember. For the most part it has always been discounted or free food. Maybe to get cops in the door for free security, hopefully because they appreciate our service. Those things continue today and are still greatly appreciated, just like the checks picked up by the random, anonymous customer. We do appreciate it and we usually try to tip the waitress the amount the meal would have been. I've never walked out without at least paying what the tip would have been. Moving on to the firearms industry. Many, if not most firearms related businesses offer anywhere from a 10-30 percent discount to LE/MIL customers!! That is a HUGE discount that must greatly affect (or effect) their bottom line!! I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I just want to say that I greatly appreciate what you all do for us. I continually witness these kind and generous acts and I will always be thankful for the support. Most recently for me.....Mark Roth, Jan Marak Davidson (Alamo Precision), Matt Cheely (Cheely Custom Gunworks), Paul Oglesby, (LANTAC-USA), JP Enterprises and many, many more that you could never read.....seriously. DSG, DFW Shooting Sports, 1800gunsandammo....and on and on. Danny Wisner (Atlanta Arms and Ammo) was always one of my biggest supporters. I will be forever gratetful.
  7. RangerTrace


    Not sure why there would be a difference between open and PCC with it comes to comps getting fouled, but JP warns that it is an issue with coated and FMJ 9mm bullets.
  8. I'm gonna vote for middle weight (125 grain) and just less than supersonic (1077fps). My load is shooting through the same hole at 15 yards.
  9. RangerTrace

    When Enos members Win

    I just learned that one of our Enos members was able to buy the CKARMS Limited pistol I had listed on the Enos forums a few weeks ago. He saw it on Gun Broker and was able to win the auction at significantly less than what i was asking for it. It makes me happy that one of our Enos family members was still able to buy the pistol, even if it wasn't from me. And I was happy to provide him with load data and other information as well.
  10. If you gotta watch it load all 100, you might as well just use pick up tubes. Mine loves CCI small pistol primers and hasn't loaded one upside down since I started running it on the lowest setting.
  11. RangerTrace

    Strange Mishap on Dillon 650

    Do you have to make adjustments when you change bullets?
  12. RangerTrace

    Strange Mishap on Dillon 650

    It was weird and of course the case couldn't rotate with the pin sticking down, it was a mess for a few minutes. Nothing like experience to make you a better reloader. After loading around 3000 rounds this weekend, I caught myself thinking about a bullet feeder. I'm really not a high volume shooter, but that would make things a lot faster if they don't cause a lot more tinkering. The RF-100 has been an amazing addition. i LOVE it.
  13. RangerTrace

    145 gr Bayou RN with N320 powder

    I tried my pistol load which is a 147 grain BBI with 3.3 grains of N320 in my GMR-15 with the 14.5" barrel. It was virtually identical to my 5" pistol. Somewhere around 910 FPS. The N320 burns up within the first half of the barrel for sure.
  14. RangerTrace

    Strange Mishap on Dillon 650

    With all the rain this weekend, I put in a couple of good reloading sessions yesterday and today. I was on my last couple dozen rounds when my U-die decapping pin pierced through a primer and was pulled out of the collet bushing. After many thousands of rounds, that was the first time that has ever happened.......weird.
  15. He had a business called Velocity Shooter for a while snd sponsored a ton of shooters in the DFW area. I shot with him at the Double Tap Championship a couple times. Just a super, fun guy. I noticed on FB that he's looking for a practice range in the Austin area. He told somebody he wasn't leaving Texas ever again......we'll see.