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  1. Well, I will give you another perspective. Cop gets his gun taken away from him, all the bad guy has to do is pull the trigger on most striker fired pistols. With a 1911, he has to be familiar enough with the platform to know how to deactivate the thumb safety.
  2. Just call and ask. I didn't see one on the website either, but Tony Pignato gave me one. FWIW, all the Ranger guns are going to have them as well.
  3. They make one for a commander......
  4. I've been shooting a Staccato P quite a bit lately. The trigger could certainly be a little lighter and I replaced the recoil master with a Dawson tooless guide rod, mainly because the RM is a birth to remove with the FLDC. There are many smith out there that could smooth it out a bit more for you. Maybe look at Dawson Precision or Brazos Custom?
  5. the press, case feeder, two quick change calibers, strong mount, bullet tray......powder check, carbide dies with Lee U-dies for 40 and 9mm. I probably let it go too low, but I saw someone on here sell their's with a bullet feeder for around $750......
  6. That is the one I plan to order. Since I helped put the deal together, I'm gonna be a little more high maintenance.......I need a bushing barrel to lighten things up a bit and keep it IDPA legal...They way they've buried the rear sight is pretty sick.
  7. These are the first two pistols made for our Texas Ranger group pistol purchase. The Commander length is in STIs new black PVD coating and the government length pistol is Hard Chrome. Both in 9mm/bull barrels. I picked them up yesterday at the STI Experience at Defender Outdoors and will be taking them to In-Service training this week. I thought you STI nuts would enjoy the pics.......
  8. Well y'all cost me $$. Sold my 650 for $700 and I'm buying the 1050 for $1300. I'm looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about........
  9. Negative. New Gen STI mags with 11 coil ISMI springs. Work like a charm
  10. So far it does. 1300 rounds without a failure of any kind..........
  11. I've not held or shot an Atlas, but I've spent a lot of time behind an Infinity. It you want/need "one of a kind" cuts, colors and designs, nobody can touch them. If you demand a 1# trigger, they can deliver that as well and they absolutely have one of the best resale values I've seen. BUT, there are lots of builders out there who can build you an extremely accurate, 100% reliable pistol for much less money and shorter lead time. I drank the blue koolaide for a long time, but they are not the only game out there......
  12. Y'all got me thinking about selling my 650 and buying a 1050. I've got a local shooter with a practically new 1050 for $1300. Not sure what I could expect to get for a used 650 with a casefeeder......
  13. Stay away from the ZEV until they get all the kinks worked out. Keep watching the classifieds and pic up a clean/used widebody 1911 that catches your eye. I frequently see great deals on here sub 3k.
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