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  1. RangerTrace

    About to take the dive on a custom 2011 for limited

    Don is just an all around good guy.
  2. RangerTrace

    Atlanta Arms - 100Gr. Steel Challenge

    So how fast is this 100 grain ammo moving? Will it knock down poppers and other falling steel?
  3. RangerTrace

    scopes for AR.. 1-6, 1-8?

    So, you have to choose between higher magnification and a less distorted dot on 1 power. If I had unlimited funds, I'd be trying a SB of some kind. With that said, my Vortex Razor 1-6 had really impressed me. Bay stages are nearly as good as an Aimpoint and I've hit steel out to 550 in a match. If you have the funds, the Swaro 1-8 would probably be badass......
  4. RangerTrace

    About to take the dive on a custom 2011 for limited

    There are a bunch of great gun builders out there these days. Matt Cheely of Cheely Custom Gunworks is building guns again after a few years of building parts for CKARMS. I'd give him a call......
  5. RangerTrace

    ZEV G35 KC Limited gun

    Glocks are still glocks no matter how much slide lightening you do or how light you make the trigger. FOR ME, nothing will ever replace a high quality 1911.....
  6. RangerTrace

    ZEV G35 KC Limited gun

    Invisible trigger
  7. Try a LANTAC-USA Adjustable Buffer System........ ABS™-ADJUSTABLE BUFFER SYSTEM Unlike many rifles that rely on adjustable gas blocks that can fail, the LANTAC RAVEN™ utilizes a proprietary Patent Pending Adjustable Buffer System that allows the user to 'dial' in extra spring tension. This feature creates additional pressure to the carrier causing the bolt to remain in battery longer and additional energy from the gas system to be required in cyclic operation. The user dials the buffer until reliable operation is achieved. In this way the gun is fully functional without any excessive carrier recoil into the shooters shoulder through the buffer tube. This creates the most reliable and softest shooting experience and can be easily accessed if future adjustment is required.
  8. RangerTrace

    Case pro 100 for 40 cal

    All of my brass is once fired LE brass. I run a U-die for 9 and 40. It works so well, I quit case gauging my ammo a few years ago and have never had one cause a failure.
  9. RangerTrace

    svi vs Atlas Titan

    Yeah, if that's true that's lame......just like Max.
  10. RangerTrace

    RCI M2

    It's an Older SBE. I'm not 100% sure if it's an ammo issue for a mechanical issue. It ran just fine without the extended tube and before it was Cerekoted, but I was only loading 2-3 shells then. I'm pretty sure Kurt gave the info I need to get it running, I just haven't had a chance to tweak it.
  11. RangerTrace

    RCI M2

    So in the short time I've been shooting 3 gun, I learned that it doesn't matter how fast or how slow you are at quad loading if your shotgun won't run........I'm ordering a full blown custom M2 from RCI today. Thanks again Kurt for the advice!! Thanks to Alamo Precision Rifles for picking up the tab!!
  12. RangerTrace

    Enos members helping Enos Members

    I've been having some shotgun issues with the Benelli Super Black Eagle I traded for on here a few years ago. Until recently, I'd only used it for some dove hunting and clays. In the two 3gun matches I've used it in, it just won't run consistently. It will shoot 3-4 rounds and then fail to eject, feed or both. With WInchester AA and Rio ammo. So, I hit Kurt Miller up for some help and he bent over backwards yesterday sending me pics and instructions on how to get it running. He doesn't know me from Adam, but he took the time to share his knowledge. That is what it's all about!! Thank you Kurt!!
  13. RangerTrace

    Breda b12i

    Seems like the most appealing thing about the Breda is the loading port is opened up from the factory, right?
  14. RangerTrace

    Grip Strength and Enducrance Training

    Yep, I'm fighting a minor case of tennis elbow right now, when I really need to be dry fire training the shotgun reload......
  15. RangerTrace

    PT Aluminum grip

    I'm running one on my CKARMS/FGW 9mm Commander. If you want the grip safety to function, you have to go with the old style, which I really like anyway. Matt is building me a 5" version with a bushing barrel to make it IDPA legal.