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  1. Mine only does it when a case gets stuck in the opening and gets thumped the wrong direction when it clears. I'm about to switch from Dillon case lube to One Shot. Dillon is just to sticky.
  2. I think they may be chasing the money. The USPSA market is pretty small in reality and there are dozens of custom smiths building Open and Limited guns. The IDPA, LE, MIL and tactical timmy market is much larger.
  3. I'm extremely jealous/envious of folks who have the patience to read. Since school, I've probably read less than 10 books. All non-fiction and one of them is Brian's. I wish I had a love for reading.....
  4. I've used more CCI small pistol primers than anything else and exclusively since I got my RF100. I've never had a single failure, period.
  5. One of the things that has been saving me time since I got the 1050 is that its inconvenient to remove the power, so I don't. My only, slight, worry is humidity in the garage. Now it appears I have a way of taking care of that easily......
  6. All it needed was the nose guide adjustment to come down about .01" and to use just one of the thick spacers. I just loaded 200 rounds without a hiccup as long as I kept a little bit of pressure on the brass part of the dropper. Now I just have to figure out which method I want to use to take care of that issue.
  7. I've read the recent thread on here where adding side tension with a spring may fix the doubles, but what could be causing the upside down bullets?
  8. I got my bullet feeder this week and GM Lee Neel came over last night to make sure I had everything set up correctly. I'm loading 147 grain Zero JHP bullets. So far, no matter what we tried, I'm getting an occasional upside down bullet and occasional 2 bullets at the same time. We positioned the BF far enough to the rear that it's not pulling on the dropper and it's not letting bullets stack up in the spring tube. This is probably happening once every 25 rounds or so. It's still faster than no bullet feeder, but I wish I could make this go away. Thoughts?
  9. Yes. I didn't read all the posts, but I did this same testing with ZEV, KKM and stock Glock with a G34. The KKM grouped better than all the others. Not by much, but it was better. It locked up tighter on the slide than the other two.
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