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  1. Alamo Precision Rifles 20" 6.5 Creedmoor, MullerWorks barrel, Trigger Tech trigger, McMillan stock and trued Remington 700 left handed action with bottom metal of some kind that I can't remember. It's kind of a PRS/Hunting hybrid. Putting a Athlon Ares 4.5-27 on it. Not a top shelf optic, but won't hold me back.
  2. I'm very happy with mine and it's a must if you have an RF-100...unfortunately.
  3. The SAME jacket material * The SAME nose shape. *The SAME diameter. *The SAME weight. *The SAME cartridge OAL *The SAME propellant charge weight *The SAME brass case headstamp *The SAME primer *Fired from the SAME barrel/firearm with the barrel rifling chemically cleaned BETWEEN shots. Well, pardon me, but wouldn't that make it an identical round of ammunition? I think people do it to give the reader/reloader a place to start or stay away from.
  4. Well, the only real issue I have with my 1050 is the primer feed/slide. So, I have to remove that assembly and the primer magazine to clean out the primer slide area. A real PITA, but I know how to do it now, and as long as the magazine is empty is no big deal.
  5. We broke the one on my super 1050 when we were getting it set up. Thankfully I had a spare parts kit. Now, I'm extra careful when I remove/install that part as it comes off pretty frequently.
  6. Well, honestly, you waited too long. I'd find a friend near you to do them and give them half of the bullets!! Otherwise, get a cheap single stage press and an RCBS bullet puller. It's going to take A LONG time, no matter what puller you use.
  7. I just purchased my first PRS style rifle and would like to enjoy a forum dedicated to that sort of shooting. What's your favorite? Thanks, Trace
  8. You will likely have to wait on hold for over an hour, but it sounds like a call to Dillon is needed. They are pretty new as well, so maybe your warranty is still good....
  9. Depends on your barrel. My SVs were slow and took more like 5.4 grains at 1.20" with a jacketed 180 grain bullet.
  10. I bought this one yesterday. Alamo Precision Rifles is just down the street from my office. They are a huge supporter of LE and I've been fondling their rifles for years now.
  11. Well, I tend to agree with you, but it's not like the aluminum frame on a pistol that takes a beating from pretty serious force. These things just have bullets dropped into the holes. With that said, if they made them out of stainless steel, I would buy one......
  12. I had the issue with too much bell. Less bell, less shavings for me......1050 here.
  13. I got a used one from them that was used by a commercial ammo company, so it's seen A LOT of use and still seems to work just fine. It is certainly tighter than my stainless Dillon single case gauge.
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