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  1. RangerTrace

    Contact for Practiscore

  2. RangerTrace

    Contact for Practiscore

    I looked all around the site and couldn't see one. I noticed on some local match results that some of the final scores were out of order, meaning a shooter with a slower time was listed above a faster time. Weird. Anyway, I'd like to send them an email to let them know.
  3. RangerTrace

    SVI Sight Tracker vs Atlas Nemisis

    Buy this one and be done with it...... https://infinity.americommerce.com/paradise.aspx
  4. RangerTrace

    3 Gun Kydex Holster

    Robert with Red Hill Tactical says he has a holster for the Chaos in stock.......just FYI
  5. RangerTrace

    3 Gun Kydex Holster

    I just sent Robert a text to see if he can make you one for the Chaos.
  6. RangerTrace

    Why not a custom Wilson combat for SS?

    They did me the same way when I was still wearing their Team shirt. Now I don't.
  7. RangerTrace

    Why not a custom Wilson combat for SS?

    Pretty useless in that case........
  8. RangerTrace

    Why not a custom Wilson combat for SS?

    There is a like new SV for sale in the classifieds for $3600. Buy it and be done.
  9. RangerTrace

    Why not a custom Wilson combat for SS?

    I assume you want a .45 right? If so, a CQB with a magwell would be a solid choice. Wilson's customer service is extremely good. Super Grades are very pretty, but I doubt they would give you any better match results.
  10. RangerTrace

    3rd Place Open Nationals

    Congratulations!! I didn't shoot my first match until I was 38!! I wish I would have started at 18!!!!
  11. RangerTrace

    No muss or fuss 2011

    How old are you? If you are younger than 40, I'd say go with iron sights and master them while you still have your near vision. Save the red dot sights for your late 40s and beyond. There is nothing more enjoyable than a pistol that runs and nothing more frustrating than one that won't. Take a little time and research on there and other forums to help make your decision. We all have our favorite brands. My experience has been that spending a little more (+500) up front for a custom build is worth the expense to keep from tinkering with a bone stock 1911/2011 to make it work.
  12. RangerTrace

    Plastic vs Metal 2011 Grip

    I just got my Cheely Custom Gunworks 3gun pistol with the metal grip. It weighs 13 ounces more than my CKARMS Commander with an aluminum grip. If you're shooting 40 major, I think the non-reciprocating mass helps, but it's not really needed for 9mm or open guns. The best thing about them to me, is they make reloads faster because they are so slick inside.
  13. RangerTrace

    Upgrade STI tubes or buy MBX

    I can honestly say, other than changing guts and basepads, I've never had to "tune" a stock STI magazine ever....in 10 years of doing this.
  14. RangerTrace

    Finally did it - Atlas Gunworks

    Sure. I'm not bashing Atlas at all, I just have person experience with other brands that ran 100% from day one too.
  15. RangerTrace

    Cheely Custom Gunworks XWF 3gun Pistol

    Thanks!! I've always wanted one with the Bronze/copper PVD and Matt finally made it happen. Unfortunately the coater made the process difficult, so I don't think he will be offering that color again.