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  1. Yeah, that sucks. I buffed out 60% of the damage yesterday and ordered some touchup paint. I will have it repaired, eventually. But, since I can't see it, it's going to be after some other, more important purchases and savings. At least the rodents some seem to like GMCs!!
  2. So, June 1st I started a new chapter in my LE career. After 25 years with the Texas DPS (17 years in the Rangers), I retired and took a position with the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office as the Narcotics Task Force Commander. While it will be mostly an administrative position, I will help my Team with surveillance and search warrant execution when time allows. Anyway, quite opposite of my Ranger job, they prefer me to cover my gun and not look like a cop, so I had an excuse to have LANTAC-USA build me one of their 9ine G19s. I love the way it turned out. I'm still going to be carrying 1911s when I go meet with Department heads, but on a daily basis, this will be my new work gun.
  3. He was only 63. Had some heart attack symptoms, ignored them and went back to bed. Listen to your body folks......
  4. Very sorry to hear this. Chip's Grandfather was a Texas Ranger and he did some really cool stuff for us over the years.
  5. I'm not doing anything to cancel my warranty on this beast!! 445 HP is enough for me, i think.....
  6. It cut me deep. Thankfully I have a check coming for 355 hours of unused vacation. That should take care of the 2k body shop bill, get me a bed cover and still have 7K to put in savings. NOT what I wanted to use it for, but at least its there.
  7. Yeah, I guess I'm glad I didn't make it past the security arm where the concrete would have wedged me in there. On a positive note, unless you are standing in the bed for driving an 18 wheeler, you can't see the damage. So, I'm just going to save up the cash and pay to have it repaired rather than use my insurance.
  8. It certainly ruined what was supposed to be a pretty cool transition day. But, i have to remember how blessed I am with the retirement and new gig.......
  9. Just bought a 2021 GMC Denali HD, Black Diamond Edition in celebration of my retirement from DPS and new job with the Sheriff's Office. I have a house built in 1984 with a very standard size garage and the truck fits in the garage. Go downtown Fort Worth today to do HR stuff for my new job and ATTEMPT to park in the parking garage..........I now have 2K worth of damage on the top of the cab from the 6'8" warning device......who would have thought a parking garage entrance would be shorter than my own residential garage. Ruined my week.
  10. Yes, they've turned out to be really nice pistols.
  11. Atlas NYX here, but 147 grain Zero JHP over 3.5 grains of N320 to 1.125" works all day long in any of my 9mm 1911s.
  12. As long as it has a bushing barrel it is.
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