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  1. I think you will agree, once you fondle one.
  2. The Stacatto serrations are far more functional than the old standard STI style serrations. They're deep enough that they probably do give a bit of slide lightening as well.
  3. I don't think they've made it back into business, but my favorite armor is Dragon Skin by Pinnacle. I bought my own back in 2007 or so when two of my Henderson County Deputies where murdered. While it's out of date, it's still the armor I carry in the back seat and wear when the need arises. I'm not really a fan of ceramic plates because of their multiple hit performance. We are issued some really light weight plates from Point Blank. If I had some decent/current soft armor to wear under it, I might wear it instead of the Dragon Skin.
  4. ^^^^^^this is a good solution to the grip safety issue. My Cheely IDPA/Duty gun arrives today!!
  5. I think we have the best of both worlds. We have a Department issued pistol/rifles, but my Division allows us to qualify with 2 in-lieu-of pistols and 2 in-addition-to pistols.
  6. Guns blowing up are generally an ammo issue, not a gun issue. I'm pretty certain those LAPD guys are paying for those STIs just like we are. But who knows....
  7. It is good to know. Digging a little deeper into my memory, I do recall some training with various positions on the ground, but they were all prior to this model Safariland holster.
  8. These holsters are certainly not as tough as Safariland's hardshell material, but if I'm ever found to be rolling on mine, the pistol will still be in it. And since I've not rolled on my holster in 27+years....I doubt it's gonna happen in my last few!! LOL.
  9. They don't currently make one for the X300......but I'm nagging the s#!t out of them!!
  10. It's only a few ounces. I assume you wear a full blown Sam Brown duty belt? You'd never notice a few ounces. I'm plain clothes, so my daily wear is a 1.5" pants belt that really digs into your lower back. After 27 years of doing it, I really can't tell the difference between 28 and 35 ounces. They all hurt my back!!
  11. yeah..... I have some cool ones at home. I'll post next week.
  12. Lee U-die is all you need. ALL of my brass is once fired LE brass from Glocks. I use a U-die and never even have to case gauge any more. Best 25 bucks I ever spent......
  13. Here is the FDE one on my tac rig. The model number I gave you is for a black one.
  14. 7378-51 14/18 Commander. Keep in mind I'm left handed, so one of those numbers signifies that.
  15. Don't misunderstand me, we pay for these guns, not the State. DPS issues a Sig P320 and you can carry that if you like. Some do, most don't. I just prefer 1911/2011 pistols. Infinity was never a great choice because the steel grip makes it weight quite a bit more than a single stack. I think the Stacatto weighs around 35 ounces, which isn't bad at all. STI is giving us a very generous discount, which makes these only 3 times more than a Glock!!
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