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  1. I have a Strike Eagle and a Razor. The SE is a POS compared to the Razor. Don't judge the company based on anything you hear about that line. I dropped my Razor from chest high to a hard wood floor and it didn't do anything to it. And if it had, they would have repaired it.
  2. That round is arguably best out to 200, so a 1x4 or even a dot would be fine. WIth 1200 free money I'd go with an ACOG
  3. I'd just add a nice trigger of your preference and a JP low mass BCG to your current rifle. It will make a huge difference.
  4. The friend I mentioned here was sent a bunch of pictures a couple weeks ago as well. They have a very pretty lady working there it seems......
  5. Ahh, don't be too worried about marking or numbering you mags. Next time you have an issue, just set that magazine aside until you isolate the issue to the one mag. I've made it since 2008 without numbering magazines.
  6. Yeah, that 5.4" gun is going to make things a little harder for you.
  7. I have them on all of my ALS holsters. You really only need them for 1911s because of the beaver tail. But I still install them on Glock holsters as well.
  8. Yes, Safariland has an ALS holster that fits commander length pistols with or without a light rail. Not 100% sure it will work with the 4.4" pistol though. It works on 4" to 4.25" for sure, single or double stack. Just add the Nub Mod to the button and it's awesome for matches as well.
  9. I agree, the long classifier is a far better skills test than the 5x5.
  10. Grip harder with your weak hand and torque the heal of your thumb into the grip. It counteracts the effect of pulling the trigger on the sights.
  11. You seem to have answered your own question. Most semi-auto firearms depend on a quality magazines to feed reliably. I don't know what a SGM magazine is, but apparently the JP likes Glock mags. So use Glock mags. I have a Colt pattern PCC that likes the black follower magazines vs. the orange followers magazines. I bet you can guess which ones I own now!!
  12. Yep, I had an single stack Infinity that would not feed the first round of a full mag with hollow point duty ammo unless I used an extra power mag spring. Of course that dropped capacity down to 7, which was a no go for me. In it's defense, it would feel ball ammo with no issues. Has one of their 40s that did the same thing.
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