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  1. RangerTrace

    Glock shooters, do you leave the trigger stock?

    Sounds really good. Too bad you have to send him the gun. Or at least I think you do, right?
  2. RangerTrace

    Glock shooters, do you leave the trigger stock?

    To me, one of the worst things about a Glock trigger is the narrow trigger shoe. It appears to me that Johnny Glock just uses the stock shoe. ZEV's wide aluminum shoe feels much more comfortable to me.
  3. RangerTrace

    Are all lubricants created equal?

  4. RangerTrace


    They ship 5000 guns per day. Thats pretty good sales I think. I've decided to go with the G48 since I already have a 43. Glock rep said I would be able to run my G43 slide on my G48 frame if I needed the shorter set up.
  5. RangerTrace


    Oh Glock is smart. They will sell many thousands of these new models. Apparently there are base pads available to get you to 10 rounds already for the 43. So, I will probably go with the 48 for an off duty rig........It felt really good in my hand and the stock trigger was pretty nice.
  6. RangerTrace

    How did you do at your first match?

    I was dusted by even the little old ladies........
  7. RangerTrace

    Cheely E-2 Stainless Grip

    It's pretty darn close to perfection. Lots of grip, without any pain. Too aggressive for a carry go unfortunately, it tore up a shirt on the ride hope from qualifications.
  8. RangerTrace

    18-04 Don't You Send the Mailman

    I agree. As much as I like to see my videos, it's just not worth the extra little bit of concentration to make it happen.
  9. RangerTrace

    CK Arms Open Solution

    I've had really good luck with stock STI mags IF I replace the spring with an ISMI. I've also had good luck with MBX.
  10. RangerTrace

    CK Arms Open Solution

    Not any more, but yes that used to be the case.
  11. RangerTrace

    3gun rifle ammo selection 200+ yards

    Thanks Kurt!!
  12. RangerTrace

    3gun rifle ammo selection 200+ yards

    Submoa. Free at the App store. Kyle Marsh actually used it on my target. I don't know how to use it just yet.
  13. RangerTrace

    3gun rifle ammo selection 200+ yards

    I think an 8X scope would help me do a little better at group shooting as well, but I just hate to spend the $$.
  14. RangerTrace

    Upper for JP 15 Lower

    Unless you are deploying the rifle out of a vehicle, I don't think that extra 4" is going to hurt you as a defensive rifle. Short rifles look cool and may be a tad easier to transition, but honestly, I think 18" is a good choice for a multipurpose rifle.