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  1. CKARMS IDPA gun is perfect for IDPA ESP, USPSA Limited Minor and 3gun
  2. RangerTrace

    SVI versus STI versus KKM bull barrel

    I've been extremely impressed with the KKM barrels in my CKs.
  3. RangerTrace

    trijicon 1-8 vs razor gen2 1-6

    Selling/shipping by razor to fund the new glass......
  4. RangerTrace

    trijicon 1-8 vs razor gen2 1-6

    I"m glad you asked the question......I've got the Razor. Two more power sounds good, but not sure if its worth the trouble and expense.....
  5. RangerTrace

    Forum issues

    When I click back, after reading a thread, it is taking unusually long to reload the unread content with Safari.
  6. RangerTrace

    AR triggers (2018)

    I've got a Rise Armament single stack trigger in my LANTAC. Very nice 3# trigger with a reset that is about 1/2 the length of a CMC.
  7. RangerTrace

    Atlas, Akai, or CK

    Sure. If I ran hollow point ammo in either of them, I had to use plus power mag springs (which cost me 1 round of capacity) to keep from having nose down failures to feed on the first 2-3 rounds of a full magazine. I had the same issue with an STI Hextac in 9mm. The only single stacks I've ever owned personally that didn't have this issue where a Wilson Combat and Springfield with the traditional non-ramped barrels. Which reminds me, I had two WC 38 supers that had the same issue. Drove me nuts.
  8. RangerTrace

    Immersion Training Plan...

    Look at it like this, I would assume that the AMU does nothing but train/shoot all year long and they have all the resources to do it. Ask one of them what their training regimen is.
  9. RangerTrace

    E-2 x 2

    They look great. If I start shooting Limited enough to justify the cost, I'm gonna add one of those to my 40......
  10. RangerTrace

    First Match Win

    Nice work!! And you beat a PCC GM!!
  11. RangerTrace

    Benelli Super Black Eagle

    I traded an Enos member for this a couple years ago. It had a carbon fiber dip that just didn't work for me. So, Josh Beauchamp at Alamo Precision Rifles Cerekoted it for me........
  12. RangerTrace

    New Duty Gun from CKARMS/Freedom Gunworks

    Safariland ALS. I pestered the heck out of them and Bill Wilson talked them in to finally making one for a commander.
  13. RangerTrace

    Hello from San Antonio!

    Welcome to the Enoverse......
  14. RangerTrace

    Atlas, Akai, or CK

    I've had two Infinity single stacks 40 and 45. Both of which required mag tweaking to get to run 100%.. I think ramped barrels in SS pistols are the issue.
  15. RangerTrace

    Pistol Mag Pouches/Shotshell Caddies?

    I already had the ELS belt and ordered 3 of the 8 shell, dual loaders this week from Safariland..