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  1. My experience with SV pistols is that you can shoot them for 2-3 years and sell them on here for 80% of that you paid in a day or two. I've not experienced that with any other brand.
  2. The most important thing to remember is "which way" the door opens!! Ask me how I know.........
  3. It basically makes the frame flush with the slide on the sides.
  4. I love the look of them with a lift and bigger tires. But, I had my left rear tire come off the ground this summer on a trail in CO.
  5. I think these are a great compromise between the Tundra and Tacoma.
  6. Are you chasing capacity or reliability? Grams combo is a good one for sure. I replace the stock STI springs with ISMI and leave everything else alone. But I'm fine with 17/20 rounds.
  7. I wish I still had that burning desire I did 10 years ago. I applaud all of you who've done the work and got that GM card. At this point, I will be happy with "M" in both sports.
  8. Yeah, i have that same issue with coated bullets. I've tried every combination of the plastic shims and can't get to 100%. But with jacketed or plated, it works perfectly!!
  9. One shot isn't a group for sure. If you'd previously zeroed and shot the gun, then maybe.
  10. I'm a lefty and had a similar, but opposite issue, diagnosed by TGO. Make sure he his camming the weak hand, lower thumb into the grip.
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