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  1. Wolff is one of the few places I've seen carry commander length springs. Sprinco is my choice for government length springs. I called them a while back to see if they would add commander springs to the lineup and they advised they would not, anytime soon. He also told me that clipping coils from a government length spring wasn't the correct way to make a commander recoil spring. Wilson Combat probably has some.
  2. I've ran all three colors and really can't tell the difference.
  3. I'm running all Dawson tool less guide rods in mine.
  4. RangerTrace

    ZEV OZ9

    Sure, but ZEV specifically builds/sells trigger kits along with the OZ9 guns. While I agree the Johnny Glock triggers are better, ZEV would probably want consumers to believe their triggers are the best, no?
  5. They gotta pay for all the new machines, employees, etc. when the demand drops off. No shocker really. I will gladly pay an extra 10% for primers if I can buy them any time I want/need.
  6. RangerTrace

    ZEV OZ9

    I appreciate your honestly here. But I'm surprised ZEV let's you run the non-ZEV parts in your guns since you are sponsored by them. Usually that is a deal breaker for sponsors. Or, if you do run other brand parts, you do it on the "down low".......
  7. The Strayers (SVI) had several of them for their presses and gave me one probably 10 years ago at least. It was badly rusted and it takes 3 men to move it, but I love it. It's 37" tall, 48" wide and 24" long. The table top is .38" steel plate and is an absolute PITA to drill holes in. I'd imagine you can find used one in machine shops that go out of business..
  8. So you knew the answer, but asked the question anyway........and then reiterated the answer to me again?
  9. Because they don't want to pick up their brass. If I ever have an open gun built, it will definitely be 9mm major.
  10. Extractor hook broke at like 7k rounds. A buddy's SV open gun shot the reverse plug out the front of the gun during a major. My point is, like has been said, no matter the brand, that all will break at some point. There is a difference between "not running" and breaking.
  11. They all break, period. I've had my SV go down and I've seen it happen. I'd say open guns are more likely to break than anything else.
  12. I've come to the (expensive) realization that I just shoot metal gripped guns better. I've shot my Atlas NYX in three matches so far and I'm winning ESP and placing much higher against the CO and PCC guys than I was with my STI CO gun. And I REALLY like the new Alpha grip. Building up the right side of the grip is exactly what I needed to fix my grip issues.
  13. I think taking these apart goes with the old saying, "there is more than one way to skin a cat".....
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