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  1. Yes, repost in the classified section. I wasn't able to move this for you.
  2. Best investment ever made. I rarely even case gauge anymore because I haven't had a round fail to chamber since installed.
  3. LOL, he's telling his friends he's outrunning a USPSA Open Shooter!!
  4. Awesome...the day "after" I load 1800 rounds of 9mm........
  5. He's a super good guy and I'm glad we have him back on the forums more often now!!
  6. I had Black Nitride on my CKARMS commander and loved it. Carried for about a year in kydex without a single mark on the slide or frame.
  7. So, I was one of the early Rudy Project Competition Squad members. I didn't reload at the time, so all I ended up with was a nice set of shooting glasses and a couple jerseys that I had to pay for. Probably the biggest benefit was advice from Pro Team Shooters at matches. Somewhere during this time, I fell in love with Infinity pistols. I bought one, loved them even more and posted about it everywhere. Got a call one day from Brandon Strayer saying I was on Team Infinity. At the time, it felt like I had won the lottery. Free jerseys, a free pistol for every 10 pistols sold and factory support. It was a good deal for me at the time and got me to "A" class Limited and top of the heap for DFW Limited shooters at that time. But life happens. 8 years later, I had a kid and the blue koolaide lost it's flavor. My current sponsors continue to give me huge discounts on guns and more importantly to me....ongoing support. Free shirts too. They understand my parenting/financial constraints and simply expect me to shoot when I can and represent them well when I do. I'm well aware than my good fortune has a lot to do with the Cinco Peso I wear on my shirt during the week and I'm grateful for their support.
  8. This is pretty close. We qualify twice a year with all our guns. Some agencies do it quarterly and most SWAT/SRT teams shoot monthly.
  9. RangerTrace

    ZEV OZ9

    It's still a few ounces lighter and it makes a difference. And even the best glockish trigger can't match a decent 1911 trigger.
  10. I'm 50, so I try to stretch a little before every stage. I focus a lot on my achilles tendons to keep from rupturing them. I pulled one at an indoor match a couple years ago and it was horrible.
  11. Glocks require you to roll your wrists forward which in my opinion helps manage muzzle flip and therefor gives you a flatter shooting gun. You are bored with the Glocks and I get it, but you shoot them well. If you really want a change, go 1911. That is when you will notice a real significant difference.
  12. I've never been to this range, but search for Mission 160. It should be very close to you and I've heard great things about their matches. ETTS will be about 45 minutes south of you in Waxahachie. They put on all kinds of matches and have a 1000 yard rifle range. I think it's $600 a year to be a member or $45 a day. I'd go ahead and get on the waiting list for the Dallas Pistol CLub (DPC). It will probably be a 3 year wait, but it's a great place for pistol training. Cross Timbers Action Shooting Association is my club. They put on various IDPA/USPSA matches on the west side of the Metroplex. Their USPSA match is one of the best club matches I've ever shot.
  13. I hope it makes finding the dot easier. I shot my first carry optics match yesterday and finding the dot on hard leans with the RMR was tough.
  14. I confess that I'm not a PCC or CO snob, but for me, as long as the sight is ultra reliable and tough, I'm not really worried about clarity.
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