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  1. 45 Raven

    SP-01 barrel wear

    I like to run all my CZ's "wet", because . . . . . . they run that way.
  2. I have two different Uplula loaders that I have used extensively on 10 different 9mm Gen1 STI 2011 magazines without a single problem , so it appear the Gen1 (both 40 and 9mm) might be good to go, and the issue is with the changes in the newer magazines. Grasping at straws here, but perhaps a call to the people that make the Uplula?
  3. What division do you intend to participate in at tomorrow's IDPA match? I'm asking, because it makes a difference on the condition of your pistol at the start of a stage. To answer your question to the best of my ability . . . . I have never experienced an issue with a "tight" safety on an SP-01, nor have I any personal knowledge of other shooters experiencing similar problems. You aren't attempting to engage the safety with the hammer down are you?
  4. I cannot answer your question, but I called and spoke with CS at Ed Brown and discussed these pistols. I came away with a conclusion similar to yours . . . . disappointed that they will not or cannot tailor the desired features to the customer's choice. The "funky" threaded barrel is the biggest turn-off for me, too.
  5. Completely agree. Awesome. Buy once, cry once.
  6. IDPA: My CO gun is a CGW CZ75 SP-01 with a Trijicon SRO My ESP gun is a a CZC Shadow 1 converted to SAO My SSP gun is a CZC Shadow 1 that is SA/DA My CDP Gun is a CZC CZ97B converted to SAO I carry a CZC Shadowline Compact or a CGW RAMI 2075B All the pistols (competition and carry) have been modified by CZ Custom or Cajun Gun Works
  7. I like the Verifi Smartsafe S6000
  8. I am think Tony at JMCK (JM Custom Kydex) could build you just what you need. Try giving them a call.
  9. For competition I like the Blade Tech Classic OWB holster. For OWB concealed carry I recommend the JMCK OWB2 holster.
  10. 45 Raven


    427 Cobra: Great post, with some great advice. Thanks. We need a lot more folks in this world that have the same outlook. This too shall pass. Despite the challenges and BS, we are blessed.
  11. I would agree that it sounds like a grip issue. And add some visual patience so when you go slower you go faster.
  12. I've been hit by jacket/bullet material hard enough to draw blood a few times over they years, and a couple of them occurred when I was not shooting. Glad you were wearing your eye protection. The title of your post is excellent advice. And I'll add to it . . . . insist that others on the range wear glasses too.
  13. Man, I was thinking EXACTLY the same thing!
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