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  1. 45 Raven

    STI question

    Yes. A 5.0 Tactical in 9mm. Extensively. Initially had an extractor problem but STI sent me a new one and the problem was solved. About 1500 rounds in, the hammer began to follow, and I adjusted the left leaf of the sear spring. Zero problems from that day forward until I sold the pistol and replaced it with an STI Eagle 5.0. Only about 500-600 rounds on that pistol so far (zero problems), as I have been shooting CZ 75 Shadows for the last 1 1/2 - 2 years. I very much like the STI pistol, and apparently I have been fortunate enough to own a couple that were not plagued by unacceptable quality control issues that others have referenced on this forum.
  2. 45 Raven

    IDPA Stage Design

    A mix of challenges among the stages, as described in Joe4d's post. 12-18 required rounds per stage. Don't try to make the stages into steel challenge or USPSA stages. Not opposed to those shooting disciplines in any way, but stick to stages that might be unique to IDPA. I see zero evidence of a conscious trend towards reducing round count or simplification of stage difficulty in IDPA matches here in the Phoenix, AZ area. A deep and intimate knowledge of IDPA rules is required to design a good IDPA stage. Often, a skilled and experienced IDPA shooter with more extensive understanding of the rules can circumvent the intent of the stage designer.
  3. I'll ask an obvious question, but worth checking . . . . Are you using the correct shell plate for the cartridge being loaded?
  4. 45 Raven

    Holster for CZ 75B sao

    Blade Tech WB holster with Tek-Lock attachment. (IDPA)
  5. 45 Raven

    M&P 2.0 5" in IDPA

    https://www.idpa.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/IDPA-Rulebook-2017.pdf This document is your friend. Refer to Section 8, Page 24
  6. 45 Raven

    Non-reloaders -- what ammo?

    I have heard Aguila ammo quantified as "dirty", but have shot multiple thousands of rounds of their 124 gr. FMJ ammo in IDPA and steel matches, practice, and training classes over the past several years. This ammo has been used in 1911's from Dan Wesson and Wilson Combat, in STI 2011 pistols, CZ 75 SP01 Shadows, CZ 75 SP-01 (non-Shadows), CZ Pro-Tek 1, and Glock G43, G19, G17, G34, and G26 pistols as well as a Springfield EMP with 3" barrel. 100% reliable ignition, and no crimp or primer issues. None. I clean all my pistols after a maximum of approximately 300 rounds fired, so if this ammo is "dirty" I haven't experienced any issues because of it. It chronos at minor power factor reliably in every pistol except the 3" EMP, and then it just misses the 125 PF about 1/3 of the time.
  7. This is not limited to just car dealerships. I can think of half a dozen businesses that I have visited in the past six months that exhibited the "don't care to be bothered" attitude. Unfortunate, but it seems to be more normal these days. Merry Christmas, everyone!
  8. 45 Raven

    Powder measure springs?

    Saw 'em off. It works.
  9. 45 Raven

    Powder measure springs?

    I live in AZ and am near Dillon in Scottsdale. The last time I was in their store and needed some of the springs, one of the employees reached in a drawer behind the counter and handed me 4 or 5 of them . . . no charge.
  10. That is most assuredly Ross Seyfried.
  11. 45 Raven

    ESP pistol rules

    The gun was built with no grip safety. So there was no grip safety to disable. So the rule about disabling safety devices are not applicable. An important notation from Jim Watson concerning the fact that the builder does not refer to that part of the pistol as a grip safety.
  12. 45 Raven

    Looking for a specific range cart

    This looks like it has some appeal for pistol shooters. Anyone know if it would be possible to replace the stock wheels with pneumatic tires/wheels?
  13. 45 Raven

    Starting weak hand only

    The pistol must be started from decocked position if shooting SSP, but can be started from cocked, and the thumb safety can be OFF if shooting CDP/ESP.
  14. 45 Raven

    Lok Grips - Thin Bogies or Thin Full Checkered? Thoughts?

    Another fan of the thin Bogies on CZ's. Very grippy and feel just right for me on these pistols. Have them on two CZC CZ75 SP01 Custom Shadows and one CGW CZ 75 SP01 non-Shadow. Recommended. I prefer the Matrix (thin) grips for a carry pistol and have them on a CZ Pro-Tek1.
  15. 45 Raven

    Montana Gold vs Precision Delta

    What about COAL and bullet profile? (i.e. is the Precision Delta bullet longer than the Montana Gold bullet?) Does the Precision Delta bullet sit deeper into the case, reducing powder capacity? If powder capacity is decreased, it wouldn't have to be a whole lot to increase velocity with the same COAL.