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  1. I shoot that exact load in four different CZ pistols. Three Shadow 1's and one non-Shadow SP-01. COAL is 1.140" and average MV is 115 FPS. Zero signs of pressure, and no functionality issues. 11 lb. recoil springs used in all pistols.
  2. Top quality product, and absolutely outstanding customer service. Highly recommended!!
  3. For a pistol used at ranges that are typically 35 yards or less, I zero from a standing position, and almost always do so at 20 yards. Works for me.
  4. Our IDPA club takes rules very seriously and offers SO training periodically. The opportunity for improvement is in stage design. It is not as easy as it looks, and it is always a challenge. But almost everyone in the club are open to learning opportunities, and there are a few shooters that have a very high working knowledge of the rules and are always available to assist others.
  5. You have a 407K (unused and unmounted) that you are preparing to return to Midway USA, correct?
  6. The K series are "mini" red dot optics, designed for mounting on pistols with narrower slides. Several gun forums are chock full of discussions about the 407K and 507K, and in most cases, the feedback is positive. I have had a 407K for my Sig P365XL on backorder for a while. No modifications required for that optic on that pistol.
  7. 45 Raven

    CZ 75 P-01 optic cut

    To get an answer from an expert who would surely provide you with the correct information, I suggest you call or email Stuart Wong at CZ Custom in Mesa, AZ. He is the man when it comes to providing CZ guidance..
  8. Refer to the following for opportunities to get into competition with a pistol in the Gilbert, AZ area: Phoenix Rod & Gun Club https://phoenixrodandgun.org/ Rio Salado Sportsman's Club https://rsscaz.com/ PM me with any questions you might have, and I will be glad to get you in touch with the appropriate contacts and resources that can assist you.
  9. 45 Raven

    CZ 75 P-01 optic cut

    I'm as OCD as they get, and am completely satisfied with the machining and mounting of a Trijicon SRO on my CZ 75 SP-01 (non-Shadow) that Stuart and the gang did at CZ Custom. So much so that they currently have a CZ 75 SP-01 Shadow 1 doing the exact same work to it.
  10. Good luck. I'm certain you will find the right combination that works for you, with patience and practice. Oh, one more tip . . . . . don't overthink it!
  11. I was raised shooting 1911's and the use of a thumb safety seems natural to me. I only shoot 1911's occasionally these days. I shoot CZ Shadow SP-01's and non-Shadow SP-01's regularly. They all have ambidextrous thumb safeties. I shoot them all with the strong hand thumb on top of the LH thumb safety when shooting freestyle and SHO. I shoot them all with the support hand thumb on top of the RH thumb safety when shooting WHO. It is a consistent approach that works for me, but as in most things about shooting pistols, one size usually does not fi
  12. None of them have the market on poor service cornered. I have experienced equally distressing issues with UPS, FedEx, and USPS. Amazon even biffs one now and then, just to keep things interesting. Sometimes it is an honest human mistake. More often, it seems to be human laziness and lack of responsibility/accountability.
  13. 45 Raven

    Cz rami issues

    Given the new information you have provided, I agree with the post above. Send it back to CZ and include all your data and photos. The gun should run factory ammo, and it doesn't. Tuning it or getting someone to tune it on your dime are also options, but you should make CZ stand behind their product, and I think they will. Good luck.
  14. 45 Raven

    Cz rami issues

    Is your ammo factory ammo or hand loaded? Are your problems occurring with just one type of ammo? Have you tried different ammo with different weight bullets, different bullet profiles, different OAL's etc.? A little more information would help in attempting to offer suggestions to help you out. Are you using factory OEM CZ magazines? If so, are they the 10-round or the 14-round magazines? Is your problem occurring with more than one magazine? Not sure what you mean by your statement that you have knocked down the sharp edge at the bottom of t
  15. Less: Range lawyers More: Contestants helping with taping, setting up steel, and picking up brass
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