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  1. 45 Raven

    1911 magwell options

    Fore those of you using the Techwell . . . . . was any fitting/modification to the mag well required for proper fit to your pistol?
  2. Having trouble finding the results on Practiscore. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks.
  3. Absolutely!! Don't deprive yourself of an opportunity to shoot and enjoy the sport. There may be a chance that the SO is simply ignorant of the rules, and "doesn't know what he doesn't know". If he is any type of a sportsman and fair of mind, he should be receptive to input and questions . Unless he is the ONLY authority in this particular club when it comes to fairly administering rules for the benefit of fairness to all competitors, there should be someone (or several someones) who will listen to a legitimate, clearly stated complaint and be willing to get this straightened out. You have every right to seek answers to your questions about rules and to speak up if they are being administered incorrectly or unfairly. Good luck!
  4. If the stage description called for three shots to the body and two shots to the head and three were in the body and the other two were in the not in the head box, then the target should be scored "Down 10". (That's assuming all three shots in the body were in the "0" box of the body). Your score keeper is mistaken and if he continues to use this approach to scoring, will discourage shooters from participating in the sport.
  5. I always shoot 14 gr. bullets and always use 11 lb. springs.
  6. 45 Raven

    Return to IDPA

    The Blade Tech holster (https://blade-tech.com/products/classic-owb) and double magazine carrier (https://blade-tech.com/products/signature-series-double-mag-pouch), paired with a Wilderness belt (http://www.thewilderness.com/belts/original-instructor-belt/) is a great setup. About anything, including a large shirt will work for a cover garment, but a stiffer and heavier vest similar to the 5.11 vest (https://www.511tactical.com/taclite-pro-vest.html?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_term=5.11+tactical+men's+taclite+pro+vest+(khaki%2ftan)&utm_content=ap) is easier to clear away from the holster when you draw (at least for me, it is).
  7. 45 Raven

    New to the CZ world

    If you are looking for aggressive LOK grips, goes with the Bogies. For a less aggressive LOK grip, try the Matrix model. I like the thin Bogies on my competition CZ's and the thin Matrix gips on my carry pistol.
  8. 45 Raven

    Classifications from one division applies to others?

    That is correct.
  9. 45 Raven

    Looking for suggestions: 9mm EMP4

    I like the 124 gr. bullets over 4.0 to 4.2 of Titegroup for the 9mm. COAL adjusted to meet what your pistol likes for the profile of bullet you have chosen. Montana Gold JHP's are my personal favorite.
  10. 45 Raven

    Fiber optic size for Shadow 2

    Pretty sure it is a 1.0 mm F/O
  11. 45 Raven

    XDm10mm on SA website as of 10 10 18

    Just because you CAN do something doesn't mean you SHOULD.
  12. 45 Raven

    Cz accu shadow won’t go to slide lock

    PM sent
  13. 45 Raven

    CZC vs Cajun vs Automatic Accuracy

    And I have three pistols built by CZC and one by CGW and haven't a single complaint about any of them. I live very near CZC and they are extremely helpful and responsive to any questions I have posed to them. CZC is currently building another pistol for me (a CZ 97B).