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  1. Last two posts: Really? That's what you guys think we need to discuss on BE Forums? The same plac that has for years been used as a reference point for shooters and people who want to learn about shooting, including youngsters? I am by no means a prude, but that crap is 8th grade stuff . . . . grow up!
  2. This is a really interesting post. Can you guys that are advocating the use of a red dot optic without iron sights in competition share how you feel about a red dot optic on a carry, self defense pistol without BUIS? I ask because I shoot CZ's with Trijicon SRO optics and no rear iron sights in competition, but haven't convinced myself to make that change for my carry gun. Not worried about a red dot for carry . . . . just have reservations about using a red dot with no BUIS for that purpose. Thoughts?
  3. Another vote for LOK Bogies. And you can get them in different thicknesses, depending on your need/preference.
  4. I don't work for IDPA. I have never claimed that I was speaking for the organization. I have no "inside contacts" with anyone in the IDPA organization. I enjoy participating in IDPA sanctioned shooting matches. So I do. If I didn't enjoy it, I wouldn't participate. Because participation us not mandatory. You appear to be extremely displeased with IDPA rules. I've never spoken with anyone from IDPA HQ. Perhaps you could contact them directly? It might be time better spent than asking ME if I think it is "okay for Safety Officers to screw ov
  5. ????????? Sorry, but I can't find anywhere in this thread where I even inferred that.
  6. I am not trying to argue the merits of IDPA vs. USPSA. USPSA is the more popular shooting sport. USPSA and IDPA rules for competition and equipment are different. One should be able to shoot either or both disciplines if they desire. All I have said from the beginning (and also said in another shooting forum) is this: If you don't like the rules, participation is not mandatory. I'm not speaking on behalf of IDPA when I say that. It's just a fact. I find it odd that this appears to be such a hot button when pistol competition is discussed. Don't
  7. What's your point? So what if I made the same statement on a different forum, or if I got an answer similar to yours? ? I made a simple statement, which is a dead-nut fact . . If one doesn't care for the rules of a sport, they don't have to participate.
  8. Nor does it change the fact that one does not have to participate in any sport they don't like.
  9. And of course the great thing about rules that are declared "stupid" by some shooters: Participation in said sport is not mandatory.
  10. I am undoubtedly in the minority here, but I have found the inexpensive KYTEX (not a misspelling) single mag carriers work best for me in not only IDPA competition, but in daily carry as well. They are (as stated) inexpensive, of high quality, and normally available on a reasonable schedule. They hold the magazines firmly, stay on the belt without slipping or sliding around, and because they are single carriers, allow the wearer to place them on each side of belt loops, allowing for more flexibility in positioning., They allow easy access for rapid magazine
  11. Yes, I have had one in 9mm for several years. 3" barrel. The pistol is surprisingly accurate, a dream to carry, and easy to shoot. I mostly carry 1911's in caliber .45 ACP, so this one isn't getting much use.
  12. I shoot that exact load in four different CZ pistols. Three Shadow 1's and one non-Shadow SP-01. COAL is 1.140" and average MV is 115 FPS. Zero signs of pressure, and no functionality issues. 11 lb. recoil springs used in all pistols.
  13. Top quality product, and absolutely outstanding customer service. Highly recommended!!
  14. For a pistol used at ranges that are typically 35 yards or less, I zero from a standing position, and almost always do so at 20 yards. Works for me.
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