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  1. But if you purchase a Shadow 2 and intend to shoot it in IDPA competition, you will end up spending MORE than $200 over the S1, because you will have to pay someone who knows what they are doing machine metal from the gun so it meets IDPA weight limits.
  2. This isn NOT directed at any specific individual comments that have been posted. It's just my opinion. If one is a competitive shooter and pays his own entry fee and follows all the safety and behavior rules all the time, it's absolutely nobody else's business. If someone believes that their chosen shooting sport is "real world" and you disagree, so what? Are you their appointed savior assigned to show them the "truth". Are you even qualified to do so, or do you simply have preferences and/or beliefs different than other shooters? If you are an IDPA shooter and don't like USPSA, then don't shoot USPSA . . . . . shoot IDPA If you are a USPSA shooter and don't like IDPA, then don't shoot IDPA . . . . . shoot USPSA This doesn't seem that complicated. These discussions remind me of the old "Revolver vs. Auto" and "9mm vs. 45" discussions If it's shooting, it's all GOOD, folks!
  3. LOTS of shooting CZ 75 models in competition and training classes over the past three years with four different pistols (2 Shadows, one non-Shadow, and a Compact). Numerous slide lock magazine changes (IDPA competition). Factory ammo and reloads. In all that time, I have had a few fiber optic rods come out of the front sight and have broken one (1) trigger return spring. No other problems. I am not aware of any of my fellow competitors that shoot CZ pistols experiencing a broken slide stop (though they may have, and I am just not aware of it).
  4. Want to make CERTAIN nobody thinks I am referencing myself or my personal shooting skills. With that disclaimer out of the way, please let us know when you intend to shoot some IDPA matches in the Mesa/Phoenix, AZ area. Looking forward to watching you revel in your "Shooting God-ness"
  5. IDPA is not perfect. As far as I know, no shooting sport meets that definition. It's pretty true (in my experience) that no two matches are the same. And if they were, there are a lot of shooters who would tire of the sport fairly quickly. I have only been shooting IDPA matches for nine years, but I have never witnessed a match (including Level 1 local matches) where the rules were "made up as they go along". Never. And I remain perplexed why shooters engage is endless battles against the sport of other shooters. Shooters have enough enemies without arguing with each other about their choice of shooting discipline. Constructive criticism is fine, but it doesn't seem that hard to just pick another discipline in the shooting game if you find one you don't like.
  6. I would recommend "With Winning in Mind" by Lanny Bassham
  7. That's supposed to be "shots fired". Most likely, actual "shots fired" will be "about" 8:00 AM.
  8. Rio Salado Sportsman's Club https://www.rsscaz.com/ Phoenix Rod & Gun Club https://phoenixrodandgun.org/ Both are within 45 minutes of Sky Harbor Airport, and both have pistol matches galore. See the "Calendar" feature in each of the provided links. Have fun and good luck.
  9. 45 Raven

    Shadow holster?

    Blade Tech OWB Classic
  10. Mike: Call CZ Custom in Mesa, AZ and ask for Stuart. It might take a bit for him to get back to you, but it will be worth the wait. He is extremely knowledgable, shoots competitively himself, and is always helpful and patient in answering questions and providing guidance to help you find the right pistol for your needs.
  11. Don't know if you are a student of history, but the Dallas (Texas) School Book Depository and Dealey Plaza are definitely worth a visit.
  12. The only thing worse is people who do everything they can to infringe on the right to keep and bear arms. Maybe followed by those who denigrate shooting sports of any kind and those that participate in them. And yes, I have a sense of humor.
  13. Very nice pistol. With an abomination/ugly accessory rail. Like a Corvette with an Edsel grill.
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