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  1. I am a member of PR&GC and I shoot IDPA matches there regularly. Very seldom miss one.
  2. Thanks for that clarification. I could not see the port you referenced, as I have been looking at the photos on an I phone. Now that I have it up on a laptop screen, I can see it. Thanks.
  3. Please accept my most heartfelt condolences. I cannot imagine the pain you must feel, but hope you and Loren can find comfort and strength from prayer. God bless both of you and your family.
  4. Thanks for sharing the rules. The objective of my question was to make certain I understood correctly that in order to reduce the Shadow 2 weight to become IDPA SSP compliant, ALL the material removed was INSIDE the frame and slide, and that after removal of that material, none of the modifications were externally visible. Upon review of my earlier post, that point was not clear. Now that we have someone that has shown that it can be done, are there any details available regarding WHO did the work, HOW it was done, etc.?
  5. Thanks for this information. Is there any further information on these modifications, including specifics? By specifics, I mean details on exactly where and how much material to remove from the inside of the frame and slide? Any gunsmith that is currently performing these modifications? Any so-modified pistols currently in use by a shooter that would provide specific details? If a Shadow 2 is modified as described, does it still qualify as an IDPA legal pistol for SSP Division, or do the modifications themselves negate the weight loss?
  6. I have LOK grips on several CZ pistols and one 1911. I have never had a single problem with any of them, response to my questions has always been timely, and delivery time has been great. Sorry to hear about your problems.
  7. I in no way meant to imply that in my experience I was witness to, part of, or have even observed the "enforcement of rules that are not understood". My comment was intended to convey the fact that I have occasionally witnessed discussions and/or inquiries about IDPA rules. In my experience, those discussions result in clarification. That doesn't mean everyone in the discussion agrees with the rules. But I guess that applies to about everything from IDPA rules to speed limits, to HOA rules.
  8. I shoot IDPA competition regularly with two different clubs and occasionally with a third and fourth club. I have witnessed competitors who disagree with the rules or occasions when the rules are not fully understood. I absolutely DO NOT witness SO's or clubs that "frequently make up rules", nor is there any perceived notoriety of such action/behavior at the matches I attend.
  9. Blade Tech OWB "Classic" holster would fit your needs nicely.
  10. The CoF specified reloads on the table. So yes, it would be a PE if the shooter used a reload from anywhere else but on the table. It's also important to remember that if the CoF also specifies that the shooter is to start with an empty gun, then any magazines placed on the table, in a box, on the belt, etc. must be loaded ONLY to the appropriate division capacity. More than once, I have seen shooters (correctly) penalized for starting such a CoF with that extra cartridge in the magazine like they do when they are going to make ready with a loaded gun.
  11. Thank you guys. Greatly appreciated. I would welcome further feedbck from anyone else with experience with this ammo.
  12. This isn't a reloading question, per se, but I couldn't find an "Ammo" topic, so I will put this here. Does anyone have any experience with Federal American Eagle Syntec 9mm ammo? I'm interested most specifically in their 150 gr. bullet in this cartridge. I was given an opportunity to try out a handful of this ammo at a recent match and with a very limited sample size, I was impressed. Has anyone used it in matches? If so, have you checked MV over a chronograph in your pistol? Any good (or negative) feedback regarding recoil, functionality, accuracy, etc? Thanks in advance for sharing your thoughts/experience.
  13. Didn't mean to do that, and I'm not complaining. My point is that if my old fat ass can do it, anyone can!!
  14. Yes, getting old sucks. But it beats the alternative. Seriously, if you are "tired all the time", there is a reason. Get a physician you trust to give you a good checkup. Then follow his advice. It may be that you have an unidentified health issue. Or it could be your diet. Getting up, getting busy and exercising does WONDERS for aging. Sometimes "old" is between your ears. YOU have the ability to address the issues. Good luck!! Been there, done that. (Age 71) Over the last five (5) years I have had: Plantar fasciatis surgery Cataract surgery and implants - both eyes "Mini-stroke+ (TIA) Cancer Severe hypertension Supraventricular tachycardia Open heart double-bypass surgery, followed by tough recovery - kept going for 6 days on a ventilator - diagnosed with pneumonia Spine surgery (bilateral hemilaminotomy) All of that crap is behind me and under control. Weight is better than it has been in years. I work with a professional trainer three times a week, and seldom if ever miss a session. Shoot two pistol matches every week. Take care of both my homes and the work associated with them. (One in the Phoenix area and one in the mountains). Get out and explore the desert and mountains in my Jeep and UTV when I can find time. Just do it, man!
  15. Highly recommended: http://www.kytexgear.com/
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