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  1. Thanks guys for all of the above. Joe that gun/load is almost exactly what I'm running....same powder, same everything. In live fire sessions I work a lot of partials and tough transitions, but very little aggressive work.
  2. When working an aggressive target or array I find myself with a lot of low charlies, the occasional low C/D pair, or even a C/M. Only happens when I'm approaching max rpms. Shooting open. New to open, not new to the sport. Is this a simple matter of poor dot placement or something related to the gun/spring combo. Ammo is about 172pf, spring is 8lbs.
  3. The juice on this cannot possibly be worth the squeeze. Gotta be a better way to get her shooting major.
  4. PM Sent. Cliffs: Don't tinker and don't forget to practice.
  5. I think my default would be #3 unless I can draw a pretty clear line from supporting a match to a measurable sales increase. I would have to be selling a REALLY niche, competition specific widget to get pushed to do 2 or 4.
  6. I swagged it to be about $40/shooter. It might be a horrible idea, but I would not balk at $40 additional. Maybe some of that could be offset by reductions in other areas i.e. no match tshirt, maybe some savings in plaques/trophies; maybe we don't need to recognize 3rd Place Transgendered Law Enforcement L10 Champion. Just thinking out loud; again it might be a horrible idea.
  7. I've shot about 80 majors...... 1. No circus stages; if the squad can't get a good handle on a stage in a 5 minute walk through it's too complicated. 1a. Squads no bigger than 10-12. 2. Echoing what someone else said; I have no interest in a plastic bag with a bunch of flyers and a pair of foam ear plugs. 3. Go easy on the props; I'm here to shoot not ride a roller coaster or push a little spaceship around while I shoot 7 yd targets. I'm neutral/indifferent to provided food. If the line's not too long I'll eat it. Going in a different direction here......….I'd pay a higher match fee to compensate the ROs. Hotel and food and travel expenses should be the minimum they get. Sarge having to pay extra to have his own room is unsat. When paying ROs has come up before I've heard some say "my time is more than you'd be able to pay" and I'd reply that $75 a day for three days just bought you a keg of powder or a few thousand primers or whatever. Could you have a match without ROs? Of course you can, but I think to count on the same guys to RO again and again and again and again at majors is taking advantage of them. I'd also be in favor of paying some type of tear down/set up staff. Again.....not as much as you'd make at your regular job but way better than $0/hr. I shot club matches somewhere in Area 2 that had a paid set up and tear down crew. They got some pocket money and credit for work hours for the club. There's a time and place for "this is a volunteer sport" and there's a time and place to cut back on generic wooden plaques and give that money to the guys who run the match.
  8. I think another part is the cost to reload .45 vs. .40. I know you don't plan on reloading but many/most do. .40 brass is plentiful, and the typical 180gr .40 is cheaper than a 230gr .45. Switch to 200 or 185 and it probably gets closer in price.
  9. I went to Gunsite in 2009 and found it to be a whole bunch of nothin'. No instruction of any type going on. Instructors unable to answer basic questions from students. Silly student:instructor ratio. Both classroom sessions were not prepped at all; powerpoint projector was not working. Two of the instructors were nice enough guys. The third one was a disaster....total disaster. I think they are riding on reputation, hype, AND the fact that many of their customers quite simply don't know any better.
  10. I have put about 2500 rounds through this gun with no problems. Saturday during a match I had a "stuck" trigger a couple times during a stage; thought it was possibly me engaging the thumb safety. Gun was clean prior to match. Practiced yesterday with no problems. Gun was clean prior to training session. Today during practice I again had a "stuck" trigger that would not unstick. Removal of the slide revealed a stuck disconnector. Disconnector was stuck in the "down" position. Fiddled with it for a bit but it remained stuck. Gun was clean prior to this session. Top of disconnector was just below the flat surface of the frame. Disassembled the gun at home; no breakage, nothing out of alignment, but disconnector was still stuck. Removal of the sear/disconnector pin allowed the sear/dis to fall out freely. Removal of grip safety revealed that sear spring appeared to be in place. Detailed fiddling revealed that the middle leg of the sear spring was BARELY in contact with that bottom part of the disconnector. Bending that middle leaf obviously increased tension but there appeared to be only minimal engagement with the disconnector. Help please.
  11. I've had this happen and If I remember right I gently....very gently.....used a tip of a small round file. Just opened it up a squillionith of an inch.
  12. I remove the slide racker weeky for cleaning; would purple or green be appropriate for that? Really looking for a solution that does not require me to send the gun off. This transition to Open has been hard enough.
  13. Slide racker is nominally held in by a screw. As of late the screw does not stay tight after shooting 100 rounds or so. Was thinking about rubber cement to temporarily hold the screw tight but still be able to remove the racker for cleaning. Any thoughts?
  14. I am in the process of a very difficult transition to open from shooting iron sights for a long time. It has been very very very hard for me, but I think going from a hi-cap dot gun to another hicap dot gun should be fairly smooth. The drills you've been doing in live and dryfire will transfer, and most of your stage analysis practices will transfer as well. Going from minor to major might actually be the biggest difference, but I wouldn't change my accuracy standards. There will obviously be less recoil but that's the smallest area of transition.
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