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  1. If $4200 is an actual no-kiddin' price it's a no brainer. You could do the math a couple ways on that; buy a $4200 open gun, or buy a $3600 open gun with money for........well, probably not for ammo but for mags or training or something.
  2. Anybody know firsthand if the MBX Caspian mags will work in older style/Gen 1 Caspian guns?
  3. "....new gun owners have shot the 100 or so rounds they bought......" True dat! Actually made me laugh out loud.
  4. Had one built about a billion years ago. Bull barrel, aluminum frame. Was a bit of a handful with defensive ammo.
  5. Beretta 96 Lots(!) of time with it. Strongside hip and......yes....a fanny pack. #stillcool M in L/L10/Pro/SStk 4 in 1911 in .40 sometimes.
  6. That does seem like a lot of problems with a lot of different guns but I don't think his experiences should be disregarded.
  7. Happened to me back in the day. New springs solved the problem completely.
  8. You learn a LOT about people by how they post on a forum. Very disappointing.
  9. @Rowdy-Exactly my point. Most of these guys are not looking to shoot better......just easier. They're not looking to maximize the platform.
  10. Mixed feelings. It seems that a some shooters want to take the easy route. They don't want to aim. Or plan reloads. Or do basic stage breakdown. Or draw from a holster. In trying to make it "Easier" they end up missing out on what makes this sport what it is. Production includes everything this sport is about.
  11. Hey Tom. I am reluctantly considering CO. Elbows and s#!t, eyes are s#!t. 


    I have $1500 (max) to spend. 


    What do you recommend? Gun has to...absolutely must...run 100%

  12. Have shot both over the years. Yes, it's only "one inch" or.......20% more. There's nothing a 5 inch gun can do that a 6 inch can't do better. An overly spring 6 inch gun CAN be a little bouncy.
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