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  1. BritinUSAs idea has been suggested before and is a great one. Another point that's been made is that everyone knows that Shooter "X" is better than Shooter "Y." "Y" has made GM through classifiers and "X" just hasn't connected on classifiers enough to get bumped. GM or M or D....everyone can readily establish who's better, regardless of classification.
  2. 14 pages of this, and who knows how many on "Limited Minor." Same people typing at each other in the same way as always. What I've never seen with USPSA is the BoD asking the members what they want. A poll from USPSA. You'd have to phrase your questions and multiple choice options carefully. You'd have to decide who would be allowed to vote on the division in question. I've only been shooting since 2000, I've lived in Areas 1, 2, 6 and 8 and have never once been asked by anyone in USPSA what my opinion was. As this forum slowly withers away, I (again) wish that USPSA had a legit forum. Somewhere between this forum and Doodie on the civility spectrum.
  3. Manually excluded. Maybe the club reported that they setup a classifier wrong?
  4. Interested. Also interested in what the builder has to say about these issues. There's more than one way to skin a cat, but sometimes they skinned the cat wrong.
  5. Beretta 96. Remember a typical self defense gunfight is 3-5 feet.
  6. What day will you be at VA state. I'd be interested in a jug of tite group.


    1. konkapot


      I shoot Saturday. Squad 209. 843-324-4543 cell

  7. .140 is monstrously big. Try .090 and be prepared to be amazed and what you were missing before.
  8. When did this forum get so snarky? Did it happen suddenly or gradually?
  9. Very very very cool post/topic. Any chance you can post the various videos?
  10. That was the first thing that came to mind. There's others, but that's where I went first. Ordering a zillion primers from Eastern Europe isn't like ordering from Amazon, and I understand that.
  11. I spoke to them by phone late yesterday; seemed polite, articulate, reasonable. I am curious that they are no accepting credit cards for payment anymore; lots of possible reasons for that. BBB is not great, nor horrible. Yelp is the same.
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