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  1. konkapot

    Shadow 2 malfunction

    I had this problem with one of my two S2s. At first it had 5 FTEs per 200 rounds or so, then got much better, down to 1 per 5000. It has since come back. There is no correlation between frequency and cleanliness of gun or type of ammo.
  2. konkapot

    Trigger Pin

    Thanks guys.
  3. konkapot

    Trigger Pin

    Trigger pin in a Shadow 2 with about 10k rounds through it is starting to walk itself out while shooting. Is this a Thing or just One of Those Things
  4. konkapot

    New Shooters at Matches

    A tough topic; most new shooters actually think they're pretty darn good, and have no need of education. There have been threads on how to grow match attendance over the years, and the threads that stick in my "brain" are those that question the compelling need to have MORE shooters. More does not necessarily equal better when it comes to club matches that, in many cases, are already at the 60+ shooter level. I've done a lot of firearms training over the years, and another thing that sticks out is that we put all this effort into this New Shooter. This New Shooter will show up, shoot, come back, shoot, join USPSA, shoot, become an RO, shoot, help run matches, and so on. The reality is different; sometimes we put a lot of effort into bringing in a new shooter who shows up, waves his gun around for 5 stages and then leaves, never to be seen again. Anecdotally it doesn't seem that we get much ROI on all this effort to bring in new shooters.
  5. konkapot

    New Shadow 2 owner, contemplating mods.

    Another option would be to simply shoot it as-is. Gun probably isn't holding you back, you have piece of mind re: the warranty, and you get a lot more familiar with the gun before you decide whether/if/when to modify that thing. I picked mine up as an impulse purchase, with no intention whatsoever of switching out of Limited. Touched the gun, bought it, and switched to Production on the spot.
  6. konkapot

    Self stopping

    Shooter makes ready under RO direction. Shooter assumes start position. Buzzer goes off, shooter draws his gun and then stops himself, saying that the time delay between "Stand by" and the buzzer was less than 1 second. Shooter wanted a re-shoot. Thoughts?
  7. Generally most new-er shooters are in Condition Black when shooting, so a warning that happened 6 seconds and 6 targets ago doesn't register. They are unaware of what they did.
  8. konkapot

    Immersion Training Plan...

    Might be tough to be productive for 40 days straight. Fatigue/knowledge absorption etc. Seems counterintuitive but maybe schedule breaks in there? Every 4 or 5 days have a regeneration day?
  9. Would like to PM with you Nick.
  10. konkapot

    Shadow 2 DA pull... what can we do?

    Another option....rather than making further modifications....would be to stick to a really solid dryfire routine. Livefire too. Then more dryfire.
  11. konkapot

    A tale of two guns

    I polished the chamber lightly, ensured the gun was well oiled, and tightened the crimp on my ammo. This helped a lot but the issue still occurs with less frequency. Will play with it over time; the gray one runs 100% and will be a match gun. Will advise as I cipher through this.
  12. konkapot

    A tale of two guns

    Swapping slides is genius. Will try that today.
  13. konkapot

    A tale of two guns

    I have done nothing yet; was really hoping that new gun(s) wouldn't already need new springs. The pin that holds the extractor in; is that a reusable pin?
  14. konkapot

    A tale of two guns

    Gray CZ Shadow 2. 2500 rds of reloads/factory ammo with 100% reliability. Black CZ Shadow 2. 500 rds of same ammo. 5 failures to extract. Two left empty cases in the chamber and 3 left the empty case partially extracted, but being pushed from underneath by the next live round in the top of the magazine. I am new new new to the platform. Suggestion?
  15. konkapot


    All good replies; thank you very much!