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  1. Third. Spent 2000-2003 fighting this thing on multiple guns. Another issue could be that, in the case of a plastic grip that might also be cracked, that he's causing it to happen. Gripping just tightly enough that the grip is flexing.
  2. Extractor looked pretty good; did some very light dressing. Put a more appropriate recoil spring in the gun. In 60 rounds there was one instance of the rim getting stuck under the extractor. Will check the extractor for clocking. If none will try a new extractor.
  3. John

    I have a new range officer in 9mm that I am selling.  I bought it a while ago but never shot it. It has a bomar type rear sight and a black front sight. It came with 2 mags, I think 9 rd mags, holster, mag holder, the stuff springfield includes. I am selling it for $700. I can bring it to palmetto Saturday if you are interested. I'm in sq 2 with Mike and Dianna.


    Paul Richardson

  4. It is currently passing that extractor test. I will get in the shop this morning with better light and maybe a magnifier and take a look at the hook itself. Thanks to all. Will update.
  5. Agreed/understood on the tension being a "false negative." Just seemed to be the opposite of the problem. Just hand cycled a dozen or so dummy rounds; the gun consistently extracts rounds. Had one instance of not sliding under the extractor. In "creating" the malfunction it appears that, like ltdmstr mentioned, that the hook is making a LOT of contact with the case wall. Although a solid 1911 guy, I am not familiar with 38 Super external case dimensions. Is there a chance that this could be a 38s extractor? The hook itself appears to be too "long" for the rim on this case.
  6. I was not overly optimistic about the 12 lbs spring; had it laying around. Heavier springs are on the way. Got into the slide tonight, fully expecting to find an extractor that was a hair too tight. Get the firing pin out, tilt the slide down and..............the extractor fell right out of the gun. It was straight; no curve or tension at all. Failure to extract has not been one of the problems, so to find an extractor with NO tension at all was a little disorientating. I will look at it tomorrow in better light, but the hook appears to be smooth, polished, and generally like someone actually fitted it properly. How do I reconcile a tension-less extractor with rounds not sliding under it?
  7. I felt frisky and bought a 4" 1911 .40 caliber on Gunbroker. Was built by.....a guy. Felt good about the purchase, knowing that there was some risk. I am not new to 1911s. The builder emphasized using some "special" oil he sent with it. I have not used his "special" oil. Gun is beautiful; excellent parts list. Trigger is probably the best trigger I've ever felt. The gun also seems to be mechanically/intrinsically accurate. It came with a 10lb recoil spring. Gun kicked like a mule and out of 300 rounds had about 4 instances of the round getting caught on the feed ramp; light tap of the back of the slide chambered the round. I put a 12lb recoil spring in there; out of 150 rds I've had three instances of the rim of the new round not fully seating under the extractor, and one instance of a round getting hung up on the feed ramp. Gun is properly lubed, ammo is factory. My inclination is to up the recoil spring to 14lbs, but am now concerned about the new issue of the round getting hung up under the extractor.
  8. I called Caspian; they were charming and helpful. They have a record of selling the frame to the shop in question about a year ago. The build sheet gives me a rough dollar value of the parts; the total price minus the value of the parts seems reasonable to build a gun. I will reflect on it tonight.
  9. Is Caspian making complete guns now? I know they've made parts for a million years, but complete guns? There's one on Gunbroker with a legit looking build sheet; seller says the work was "done by Caspian."
  10. Cylinder and Slide makes some very nice kits; almost totally drop-in. Saves you time, shipping, and gets you more familiar with the internal workings of the gun. Brownells has them, I'm sure others do too.
  11. What magazines/basepads work best with the ICE magwell? Singlestack gun; the gun (Max 1911) came with mags but they have basepads that are too short for run/gun stuff.
  12. In some ways it's a moot point; most new shooters struggle at the beginning with so MANY elements of the game it's almost like the first couple matches are some hellish tribal initiation rite. That Texas Star at 14 yards is gonna leave a mark on your soul, regardless of whether you are shooting a Glock or a plasma rifle in the 40 watt range. Of more interest than the gun they shoot is whether they come back at all.
  13. konkapot

    CZ Shadow 2

    Just trying to get a feel for what people are doing with these guns.
  14. When this thread started 13 years ago there was a Classifieds section; at the time it was a pretty good place. "Coming soon" on the new website has been coming soon for a while now.
  15. +1 to Cha-Lee and RowdyB. It's a match not a class. We recently had a squad who felt the match was an appropriate place to give an impromptu class and to test fire a gun.
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