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  1. konkapot


    I called Caspian; they were charming and helpful. They have a record of selling the frame to the shop in question about a year ago. The build sheet gives me a rough dollar value of the parts; the total price minus the value of the parts seems reasonable to build a gun. I will reflect on it tonight.
  2. konkapot


    Is Caspian making complete guns now? I know they've made parts for a million years, but complete guns? There's one on Gunbroker with a legit looking build sheet; seller says the work was "done by Caspian."
  3. konkapot

    Remington 1911 needs trigger work

    Cylinder and Slide makes some very nice kits; almost totally drop-in. Saves you time, shipping, and gets you more familiar with the internal workings of the gun. Brownells has them, I'm sure others do too.
  4. konkapot

    ICE Magwell singlestack

    What magazines/basepads work best with the ICE magwell? Singlestack gun; the gun (Max 1911) came with mags but they have basepads that are too short for run/gun stuff.
  5. konkapot

    USPSA Division for New Shooter?

    In some ways it's a moot point; most new shooters struggle at the beginning with so MANY elements of the game it's almost like the first couple matches are some hellish tribal initiation rite. That Texas Star at 14 yards is gonna leave a mark on your soul, regardless of whether you are shooting a Glock or a plasma rifle in the 40 watt range. Of more interest than the gun they shoot is whether they come back at all.
  6. konkapot

    CZ Shadow 2

    Just trying to get a feel for what people are doing with these guns.
  7. When this thread started 13 years ago there was a Classifieds section; at the time it was a pretty good place. "Coming soon" on the new website has been coming soon for a while now.
  8. konkapot

    Council after the COF

    +1 to Cha-Lee and RowdyB. It's a match not a class. We recently had a squad who felt the match was an appropriate place to give an impromptu class and to test fire a gun.
  9. I wouldn't mind buying a CAR from you Eddie.....it's the bodies in the trunk that would be a turn off. @sfinney I thought so too; again, I fully understand wanting to get home for Xmas Eve, but five seconds of followup would have been reasonable.
  10. Noon on Christmas Eve. Beautiful weather. Go to a major name brand car lot to test drive two cars we are interested in. Drive up and they are open; gates are open, doors are open, people around doing car lot stuff. Walk inside and things are a little more quiet/ghost town-ish. Find a guy who says "We are closed and have been for a couple hours." And......that's it. He walks away; NOT "Sorry we are closing but let me get your contact info...." or "Hey we are about close but let me give you a business card." Anybody else think this is poor sales-fu? Would love to hear from someone in the industry.
  11. konkapot

    Buying a used STI?

    If they let you shoot it before you buy it that is absolutely awesome and should eliminate most of the risk involved.
  12. @motosapiens-I don't dispute that as a definite possibility. I guess I'd modify my statement with the qualifier "....Off the top of my head......" I'll stick with my closing statement; across the board most of us would benefit more from more focus on other stuff.
  13. At club matches there's sometimes a way to game a stage. Rarely, there are ways to gain an actual advantage gaming a stage. I've seen people act like they've cured cancer or smashed an atom by gaming something, only to need 12 rounds to finish a plate rack, or forget to engage something, or get an A/M/NS on a 5 yard target. I can't think of a single stage at a major match where there were any substantive opportunities for gaming. For 99% of us, we'd probably benefit from more focus on getting better points, or doing better visualization before the stage.
  14. konkapot

    Which DIY upgrades would you do to a Shadow 2?

    Shoot it. I put about 12k through the guns and put some Scales grips on. No other changes needed.
  15. konkapot

    Shadow 2 malfunction

    I had this problem with one of my two S2s. At first it had 5 FTEs per 200 rounds or so, then got much better, down to 1 per 5000. It has since come back. There is no correlation between frequency and cleanliness of gun or type of ammo.