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  1. If possible shoot this same load out of that gun without the compensated barrel in it. You are on the road to madness if you don't take a very deliberative approach to troubleshooting. Also try factory ammo with the compensated barrel.
  2. Would like to correspond with someone who is intimately familiar with HR practices for government contractor jobs in the DC/NOVA area. Not LE/DoD related.
  3. Myrtle Grove is closed until August...………:(
  4. Found some good matches at a reasonable drive. Any recommendations for a place to practice? NOVA or off to the east in Maryland.
  5. Take a long hard look at the industry before you jump into it. There are LOTS of guys with similar background/skillset who hung their shingle/website out. Very very crowded market. Not a jab at you at all, just relaying what I'm seeing from the instructor side of the curtain.
  6. Possibly moving to Arlington, VA. Done the obligatory clicking on various links and have found some ranges that don't appear to have hosted matches recently at all. Need some intel on club matches within 3 hours from Arlington, and a some guidance on ranges I can practice at. Again, I've done the internet work, would love to hear "no kiddin" info from people who live there. Thanks
  7. New to me open gun. Have had it for about one month. Even when turned "off" the dot is still faintly visible. Until today, I'd set the switch to the middle setting for dryfire and indoor shooting. I cleaned the gun and after cleaning it...... The dot is not visible at the middle setting. I have to turn it to about 80% of max power. New battery does not help. I've cleaned the diode thingy with a qtip and alcohol. No improvement. While cleaning the gun I do not believe I got any solvent on the scope or diode thingy. Frame mounted, non-click switch. Help
  8. Thanks to all. Switched to a 10lb spring and started loading my own ammo and, like magic, the problem went away.
  9. On an indoor range so the casings bounce a bit but they are NOT flying out of the gun for sure; disregarding the bouncers there were 5-10 that were basically at my feet.
  10. The rounds that aren't ejecting aren't ejecting....so no landing. Cmore scope and a plastic cmore mount.
  11. 2011. Unknown builder, but previous owner (also a gunsmith) has generally seconded what's been posted here so far. The recoil spring feels heavy to me; previous owner recommended an 10 or 11; what's in here now is much heavier than that. Will try any suggestions to get this figured out.
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