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  1. Thanks Optima. They still had some.
  2. Too windy to fly RC toys. Home gym is marginal. Primer shortage. Serious First World Problems.
  3. konkapot


    Platform has never been removed. Snipthedog-did this result in fat rounds?
  4. konkapot


    Chamber of gun is clean. AHI my assumption is also the crimp station; I'm using a regular Dillon crimp die. In the early stages of this mess, I opened the crimp out to .380, which only made things.....worse. Anybody have any thoughts about the lopsided/uneven crimping evident on pulled bullets? Right now I think I'm going to just start from scratch and literally disassemble the toolhead, pull the dies out, and act like I'm just getting started loading 9mm. I've been doing this long enough to know it's almost always the guy pulling the handle that causes the problem but man this is frustrating.
  5. konkapot


    ckinninger-I've heard about that undersized die over the years, but I've not had this problem before....plus when I run a casing through Station One it passes a chamber check perfectly. I think that this bulged Glock brass issue is only with .40; I might be wrong on that but I've never heard it being an issue in 9mm. Superdude-You are bringing up things I had discussed previously. Station one works perfectly, and the reason I brought up the sizing die is because one of the suggestions in this thread was to check it for cleanliness. Guys the brass at Station One is being sized completely; THAT is the only thing I'm sure of. I have pulled a couple of bullets and the crimp was not only overly tight but also seemed to be applied unevenly; on one side of the bullets the powder coating is gone, leaving about 1/3 of the bullet silver and shiny.
  6. Years? Good grief. I shoot about 4000 rds a month...…….or used to, till now.
  7. I've found some small rifle benchrest primers available. A little expensive but better than nothing. Hopefully they are actually available and not just internet available.
  8. Have been livefiring like an animal for two weeks and only today looked online for primers. The hoarders have struck, and I missed it. Any thoughts as to when primers might be back in stock? I was stocked up during the previous shortages so didn't watch that closely for their return to inventory
  9. Any thoughts as to when primers might be in stock again? I was unaware that small pistol primers are useful against the coronavirus but here we are....
  10. konkapot


    Post #3 wasn't helpful; the swollen base of the casing is what's preventing it from chambering. The die at station 3 (seating die) was spotless. Absolutely spotless.
  11. konkapot


    I will try that. Is there anything occurring at: Station 2-Belling the case mouth OR Station 3-Seating the bullet OR Station 4-Crimping That could be undoing what's been done at Station one? The only thing I do know, for sure, is that Station One is doing it's job. Opening the crimp up to .380 did not help the situation.
  12. konkapot


    @124gr9mm Dillon 550. Same bullets, same dies. Crimp die is clean and without obstructions. NO changes. I just got off the phone with Dillon after a nice 50 minute hold. Station one creates a properly sized casing. That, per Dillon, indicates that it's being sized properly. Dillon thought that the problem was still too much crimp, that too much crimp was squishing/flattening the case. Changing the crimp from .3755 (where I was before, with a 10% failure rate) to .380 only made things worse. Even removing the crimp entirely only seems to have.....made things worse.
  13. konkapot


    No; a loaded round with a coated bullet. Bullets are .355
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