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  1. Salient point to me is that this problem just started. If no variable has been changed, then the only possibility is a "wear and tear" issue on the magazines...…...or the gun. Maybe something with the gun itself changed; mag release worn so mags sit lower (or something equally crackpot.)
  2. There's probably plenty of ranges with the acreage/bays, but probably 15 that have the footprint and reasonable logistical stuff.
  3. konkapot

    Scope help

    He sure did; hadn't seen his response. Eric I've moved from SC so won't be making any of those deep Area 6 matches. I'll explore options locally.
  4. 5000 rounds a year, to me, is nowhere near the threshold to justify reloading. Many of us shoot or have shot that much...…………...in a month. What typically happens is people reload to "save money" and then find that they just shoot more. If that's true for you then shooting 10k a year might also help you out re: match performance.
  5. konkapot

    Scope help

    Cory unfortunately I don't live in CHS anymore. Sauza I saw Bob's article, but there are several challenges for me in his instructions. Things like "go slowly" and "be careful" are red lights for me. I'm also lacking some of the tools needed. I think I'm going to suck it up and buy an Allchin mount and a Slide Ride. Still trying to confirm whether my current set up (plastic mount with only one side screwed in) will or wont' work.
  6. konkapot

    Scope help

    scooterj what will happen? It is the plastic mount, with the legs molded onto the sight. HIpowerjack-Is your mount plastic or metal?
  7. konkapot

    Scope help

    I can get 3 screws on the left side; there are no holes on the frame on the right side
  8. konkapot

    Scope help

    Had a DDP take a dump on me at a match today. In a tough spot re: guns, training, and match prep. I have a spare C-more; I if remove the DPP and replace it with the Cmore, only the left side of the cmore is actually mounted to the frame. There are no screw holes on the right side. Will this work at all? Will it hold zero? Still new to all the Joys of Shooting Open, and trying to keep training.
  9. Old news. If you shoot into your class at the Nationals, you are a true, no kiddin' stud. You used to hear the phrase "Paper GM" a lot; someone who earned a GM card by shooting classifiers rather than match placement. Normally a phrase only used by people who weren't any kind of GM..... paper or otherwise. Like an income distribution graph, there are GMs...………...and then way at the top of the food chain are the guys who shoot top 4-6 at Nationals. As a paper GM I never, ever, got treated poorly by the top top top GMs. I made GM super quickly, like 30 months. Then, after about 10 years of struggling to be competitive at the GM level I petitioned USPSA to be re-classified downward. I had the data to support this and USPSA got me reclassified within about 72 hours. So you can get yourself moved down but given that this was your first Nats I would not go that route.
  10. I've been high before, and if I remember correctly the "half life" was 30 days. So if you were a 30, after a month we no exposure you should be a 15 or so. If I recall correctly that math was applicable in my case.
  11. Rich Dettelhouser used to make awesome steel frame Limited guns out of Springfield armory frames; used para mags.
  12. I would not change it; shoot it and check brass for signs of overpressure.
  13. My ejector is broken, specifically the front prong. I do not have a spare ejector in my pockets or in my couch cushions. I do have matches (club and major) coming up. If I put the ejector back in the gun as is will it run? What about loctiting it in there just as a temporary fix?
  14. This is an really old discussion. To me the underlying theme is "I want a division that makes MY life easier and caters to ME." I want to shoot a revolver but hate picking up moonclips and only having 6-8 rounds and a long trigger pull and I don't like getting beat by people who practice more than I. So change the division to something it's not. For me. A variation is when somebody knows somebody who would shoot his P220 or 4506 if only it was allowed in Singlestack.
  15. konkapot

    Query 2

    Looking at various options; if I were to shoot 9Major through an STI Steelmaster or a DVC-S what's gonna happen? Is it going to run or explode in my face or divide by zero or...…?
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