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  1. I identify as a a guy who has a Browning High Power in .40 but I only have 12 round magazines. Obviously Limited division should be limited to 12 round capacity magazines.
  2. If there's a hide/seek type of stage, the diagram helps me (when shooting STSK or Prod) break down my positions and reloads. As others have said, I do NOT create a stage plan based on the diagram, but helps me identify particular stages or arrays within stages to go look at FIRST. If I can identify array 3 on Stage 5 as tricky, I will prioritize that when I walk the stages. Getting that one array squared away in my head clears my mind and reduces my stress level. IF they publish stage diagrams early enough, I'll spend a little more training time on oddball start posit
  3. Every region has their own local gunsmith. Not shadetree gunsmith but a legit dude. Using a local smith gives you a local contact for "I broke my gun the match is tomorrow" situations.
  4. Ditto on magwells for carry or duty guns. I am politely skeptical of that. This thing of never ending rule changes to placate sub-sub-subsets of shooters is tiresome.
  5. In 2003/4 I decided to have a custom gun built. 18 months and a couple of "Where's my gun?" phone calls later i said "I could have had two Edges for what this gun cost." The builder missed a couple of delivery dates and added expensive features that I hadn't asked for. There are some people on this forum (and in this very thread) who are discerning and knowledgeable enough to truly make a distinction between quality of work and quality of parts. I am not one of them, and I suspect that most shooters are not either. This discussion, or a variant of it, come up on this
  6. Shot with a guy that had one and........pretty much all of it was removed. Like 98% of it, looked like.
  7. Too quickly. About 20 months from U to GM. GM in Production came in roughly-ish the same timeframe. I was shooting about 50k rounds per year from 2000-2009 -I think the "bar" is much much higher now than it was back in 2002. -In 2010 or so I petitioned USPSA to move me down from GM to a more reasonable M. They were very accomodating.
  8. I'm moving to Maryland and would like to correspond with a current MD resident.
  9. Hmmmm. I have been shooting a fair amount of new brass. IF it only does it with new brass, do you think it's still an indicator of overpressured ammo?
  10. That makes sense. Perfect sense, actually. Thanks
  11. Open gun. 38SC. Finding what appear to be brass shavings around the guiderod head. Moly bullets. Cause?
  12. I've shot in clubs from Area 1 to Area 8 and generally people have been great about taping/resetting. I've seen Todd Jarrett and Travis Tomasie tape and work the timer.....and do a great job at it. The C Class crew, who's generally more interested in socializing, has a slightly higher tendency to need to be reminded to help. One reminder from other shooters or ROs has always solved the problem, regardless of shooter classification. Agreed 100% about 8 guys going down range to stand by 8 targets; that's asinine.
  13. konkapot


    $30 for 100 rds of 9mm? That is very 2019. It's almost triple that now.
  14. Oh and welcome to USPSA and welcome to the Forum and all that.
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