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  1. One of the most common stories in this sport. Getting USPSA folks on the board is the only way to get it done. Waiting until the old timers die off sounds good, but the perplexing thing is that somehow there are always more "old timers" to take their place.
  2. OP this happens a lot here; people want a division created that encompasses some specific thing they like or want. There was recently a similar thread; someone bought a gun and then was unhappy that the rules put his gun in a division he didn't want to be in. The responses and invisible eye-rolling was not a personal attack, just a sense of "here we go again...."
  3. Not AT ALL busting anybody's chops or trying to be s#!tty here, but before you buy something for an organized sport it seems that Step 1 would be to read the rules. I want to get into boxing, so I bought these brass knuckles. WHAT??? I can't use them? What a stupid rule! If you just want to go punching people for shits/giggles, then brass knuckles seem like the way to go. If you want to participate in a structured, scored, regulated activity, though...... Not a poke at the OP, just a general observation of people new to this sport.
  4. Hmmm. I hadn't thought about hoarders. That's a big "x" in the equation
  5. @rustychev- Agreed but remember we are talking about fired brass which will still be around for some time....long after an agency switches their brass lives on. If 5-10 years is correct the brass should still be around for a bit longer.
  6. LE is not switching away from .40 all at once. There are probably 18,000 police departments nationwide......there's gonna be .40 brass around for a long time to come.
  7. Would love to correspond with someone who's familiar with the Ban the Box laws in DC. Ideally an HR or employment law wizard. Thanks
  8. Had this happen to me about 15 years ago; was shooting a LOT of factory frangible ammo. Not as deep cuts as yours, but it was a tidy little ring around the firing pin hole.
  9. konkapot


    New to open and dots. C-MOre Intensity was at max. EVERYONE running a dot had problems. We were shooting into the sun, and when the sun was behind us it was still bright reflection from the berm/walls/targets
  10. konkapot


    Still struggling with Open. Shot on a bright sunny day yesterday; dot was very small. Bright, but small and tough to find/place. In dryfire training can I lower the intensity of the dot to simluate this? If I do this, will it train me to look too hard, or train me to spend too much time finding the dot?
  11. Thanks guys for all of the above. Joe that gun/load is almost exactly what I'm running....same powder, same everything. In live fire sessions I work a lot of partials and tough transitions, but very little aggressive work.
  12. When working an aggressive target or array I find myself with a lot of low charlies, the occasional low C/D pair, or even a C/M. Only happens when I'm approaching max rpms. Shooting open. New to open, not new to the sport. Is this a simple matter of poor dot placement or something related to the gun/spring combo. Ammo is about 172pf, spring is 8lbs.
  13. The juice on this cannot possibly be worth the squeeze. Gotta be a better way to get her shooting major.
  14. PM Sent. Cliffs: Don't tinker and don't forget to practice.
  15. I think my default would be #3 unless I can draw a pretty clear line from supporting a match to a measurable sales increase. I would have to be selling a REALLY niche, competition specific widget to get pushed to do 2 or 4.
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