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  1. There's probably some trolling going on. A normal human shoots a couple matches and observes what the societal norms are. It would take about two seconds to realize club matches are a non-profit, volunteer sport. This is an old topic that gets brought up from time to time..."I'm a customer and I blah blah blah...." Bottom line is you help tear down, you help RO, you tape targets, you hold the door for old ladies at the grocery store, you buy Girl Scout cookies from the neighbor kids, etc. It's just something you do. If I've driven more than abou
  2. Not looking for anyone's secret source, but has anybody been able to purchase primers from a business, anywhere, in the past 7-10 days?
  3. @mike not challenging you at all. I struggle with having the discipline to take a break. My understanding (I read it somewhere?) was that most of the primers go directly into ammunition. Winchester/Federal/CCI et all prioritize ammo vs. reloaders. i would love to see a legit spreadsheet with hard numbers as to where the primers go. I, like probably most of you, check pretty religiously online and I've yet to see the tide come in or go out on primers. The tide, at least for the past couple weeks, is always out.
  4. Everybody's year is different. Wasn't setting this up for people to posture/brag about how much they shoot; just sniffing around a little bit to see when participation in matches might start to significantly drop off. Mike-Do you normally take that much time off during the year?
  5. Not looking to know many primers you have, just curious how long you'll be able to keep shooting. I know winter is coming, and for some shooters that reduces their ammo usage. The question assumes that you might have to cut back on practice or matches.
  6. Off the top of my head I've never experienced any RO picking what ammo was going to be chrono'd. Sample size is about 60 majors, from deepest Area 1 to Area 8 and points in between. I've always been the one providing the chrono ammo.
  7. This is not quantum physics, or a criminal investigation. Do what Joe4d said; give them 8 rounds for chrono and get back to shooting the match.
  8. Brand new Tripp mags and so far 400 trouble free rounds.
  9. What did you have to do to the followers?
  10. My last post was light on details. "New" extractor was working great in a limited gun. Was installed onto this gun and has passed all the usual tests. I triple checked the extractor hook; no obvious burrs but hit it quickly with some Flitz. Also hit the feed ramp with a felt wheel and some Flitz. Looked for but could not see any definitive impact point on the ramp. New mags came today; will be testing tomorrow. Also trying some different factory ammo that is NOT Gold Dot. I did have some problems with my Blue Bullet reloads early on, so switching ammo is not likely to dramatically
  11. New recoil spring, new extractor. Same mags. Problem continue but less often. ZZT I emailed you.
  12. I try to shop local. Not just gun stuff. I needed some Hoppe's and a bullet puller. Wife and i were 2 miles from a gun store I'd not been to. Walk in and they've got lots of guns. So far so good. Tactical gentleman behind the counter offers to help. I told him I'm looking for some Hoppe's. His response is a blank look. He asks "What's that?" I tell him it's a gun cleaning solvent. "Oh! Gun cleaning kits. Well we've got several here....." Shows me a bunch of those kits with all the little odds and ends in it; a great v
  13. NT means non-toxic.......can't think of lead ammo that would be non-tox.
  14. I've shot a lot of frangible over the years and have had breech face erosion. Not sure if this is 100% your problem but frangible life can be a rough road. Can't beat the price though
  15. There is no emoji to adequately express my sadness. I need buddies like that!
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