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  1. New to me open gun. Have had it for about one month. Even when turned "off" the dot is still faintly visible. Until today, I'd set the switch to the middle setting for dryfire and indoor shooting. I cleaned the gun and after cleaning it...... The dot is not visible at the middle setting. I have to turn it to about 80% of max power. New battery does not help. I've cleaned the diode thingy with a qtip and alcohol. No improvement. While cleaning the gun I do not believe I got any solvent on the scope or diode thingy. Frame mounted, non-click switch. Help
  2. Thanks to all. Switched to a 10lb spring and started loading my own ammo and, like magic, the problem went away.
  3. On an indoor range so the casings bounce a bit but they are NOT flying out of the gun for sure; disregarding the bouncers there were 5-10 that were basically at my feet.
  4. The rounds that aren't ejecting aren't ejecting....so no landing. Cmore scope and a plastic cmore mount.
  5. 2011. Unknown builder, but previous owner (also a gunsmith) has generally seconded what's been posted here so far. The recoil spring feels heavy to me; previous owner recommended an 10 or 11; what's in here now is much heavier than that. Will try any suggestions to get this figured out.
  6. New to me Open gun. Cleaned and properly lubed. Have fired 300 rds of Atlanta Arms 38SC ammo. Have had three failures to eject. Casing is caught in the ejection port, open end of the casing facing outboard.to the right. All 300 rounds have been fired through the same magazine. What should I check first?
  7. konkapot


    My Dillon is set up to load 9mm. What do I need to change to load 38sc? I know I need a shellplate…...different dies? Why?
  8. I can't cite the rule off the top of my head but I believe your second source is correct; if the reload needs to be done between arrays then...…...it needs to be done after one array and before the other.
  9. konkapot


    "Just keeping my mouth shut and watching" was super helpful to me back in the day as well.
  10. Exhausted my short list of DIY options and took it to my local gunsmith; took him about .5 seconds to realize that it was actually a 9mm slide. He confirmed this with Caspian. He opened it up a tiny bit and gun runs 110% perfectly now.
  11. Made GM in about 30 months. Was in A class for about 6 months. Struggled to be a legit, competitive GM. Shot a LOT; probably 50k rounds her year, about 6 majors per year, about 36 club matches per year. Never really shot well at a major; came in 20th at the.....2005(?) limited nationals. Made GM in Production somewhere in there. M in SStck and L10. Historically was "Last" GM everywhere I went. About 2010 petitioned USPSA to lower my classification down to M which they agreed to do. Took 2014-2015 or so off from shooting; came back in 2015 and have struggled getting back up to speed, and settling on a division. Currently shooting about 24k rounds per year, about two club matches a month, one major a year and dryfiring 7 days a week. Shoot a 100% on a classifier two months ago.
  12. konkapot


    itioning to Open possibly. Long time iron sights guy. 1. I understand a properly designed/loaded Open gun will shoot flat. What will the recoil impact be on my elbows? Not talking about muzzle flip... concerned about.transference of Energy/Joules/Newtons of misery to my elbows...……. 2. It sounds like 40 Open is seditious and un-American; basically the belief is that 40 doesn't generate enough gas to make to comp work effectively...which means that dot is now moving. Is this correct? 3. The STI DVC 9x19 gun....if I got the chamber lengthened to accept 9 Major, what would happen shooting 9 Major in this gun? Sudden catastrophic horrible-ness or just a general destruction of the gun? 4. Will an STI Aluminum grip crack if used for a Open gun? They cracked repeatedly on my Limited Major guns, but.....? Thanks in advance for answers
  13. No way is it an accurate HHF. I approached it as a survival stage.....stayed in 2nd gear, and just got my hits. I do train strong/weakhand a good bit but I'm a worn out/burnt out shooter with elbow problems and crap vision.
  14. I don't think this hhf is accurate for this one; seems much much too low.
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