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  1. We allow walk-on registration. I would rather have a registered no-show than a late arrival forcing a redo on stage tablets delaying match start.
  2. It has been done. I've used all the PractiScore web and tablet services for the local USPSA club. I've also run a tablet only match and shared results to the website without having to do anything else on the PS website.
  3. Southwest Steel Shooters does combo RCSA/SCSA at Founders' Ranch, but probably not until March or April.
  4. Sign up as unclassified. The Match Director has the ability to Update Classifications on his master tablet from the most recent USPSA classifications, and should do so just before the match gets underway. You can edit your registration information on PractiScore using the personal management link you will receive from the initial registration.
  5. AMG Labs posted a video with timer clipped to shooter, using remote start from tablet.
  6. I don't use one myself. Locally we can drive into the bays, so most work off their tailgate.
  7. Like a 1 pound plastic coffee container?
  8. The only relevant perforation on a no shoot is the outer perimeter. The scoring zones you see are vestiges of the zones punched on the opposite side.
  9. HQ used to go back 30 days from joining and automatically match names with new member numbers.
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