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  1. NMBOpen

    Ammo Containers for the Range

    I don't use one myself. Locally we can drive into the bays, so most work off their tailgate.
  2. NMBOpen

    Ammo Containers for the Range

    Like a 1 pound plastic coffee container?
  3. NMBOpen

    Scoring a noshoot question

    The only relevant perforation on a no shoot is the outer perimeter. The scoring zones you see are vestiges of the zones punched on the opposite side.
  4. Yes, stages are posted in the match book.
  5. NMBOpen

    If I want to be classified...

    HQ used to go back 30 days from joining and automatically match names with new member numbers.
  6. NMBOpen

    PractiScore Change Log Page Gone - Forbidden!

    I see announcements on PractiScore's Facebook page. Don't know about other outlets.
  7. NMBOpen

    PractiScore Change Log Page Gone - Forbidden!

    From answers.practiscore.com: The blog didn't get transferred over with the new update. You can get the APK from http://practiscore.com/blog/android.php We tried to bring the blog back online yesterday however it turned out to be a bigger task then expected. We will get it back up as soon as we can. answered May 25 by PS_Bryan (14.8k points) selected May 25 by L2450
  8. NMBOpen

    Practiscore contact needed

  9. Couldn't get a narrow enough search to see if this is old news. I hadn't reloaded any .45ACP in over a year, but needed some today. During my RL550 size and decap process there were problems with Blazer Brass cases. Closer inspection revealed they used small primers. Fortunately this precedes my loading run, so I wasn't trying to force a large pistol primer into a small primer opening. They went into the scrap metal bin.
  10. NMBOpen

    Using wrist wraps for lifting

  11. NMBOpen

    Using wrist wraps for lifting

    Where to wrap the band for this flossing?
  12. Number remains the same, prefix changes from A to TY or FY. The number will change if you choose to get a Life membership.
  13. NMBOpen

    Practiscore wrong stage scores entered!

    1.Created a test match on my Kindle Fire with PS 1.5.8 as SCSA: Blank. 2. Then did Build Stages with stage name Showdown, 5 strings, remove worst. 3. Then Edit Shooters/Squads to add a shooter. 4. Enter Scores for the shooter on the stage and Approve, as you would during the match. 5 Back to Build Stages, tapped on 3 dots on the right of the Showdown stage, selected Edit, and replaced the stage name with Smoke and Hope, hit tablet back button to dismiss onscreen keyboard, then scrolled down and tapped SAVE. Change was accepted with no error messages.