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  1. Match Director can add Divisions in PractiScore under Shooters. Just created a test match as SCSA, and added RFWI and RFWO (W for wheelgun, RFRI and RFRO already used for rifle).
  2. I have an ionbonded Schuemann 6" Tribrid barrel that has taken several ultrasonic baths in Lucas Extreme Duty Cleanere, heated. No effect on the Diamond Black finish from 2005. Looks like new.
  3. Area 2 a while back, Open Major declared; made major but mag didn't fit gauge. They had to mark me as sub-minor to properly get to no score. The slash in my earlier post was to indicate failed equipment check OR sub-minor.
  4. Failed equipment check/chrono sub-minor bump to Open (not recognized for this match so shooting for no score.
  5. Possibly a higher level of trust among people engaged in a defined activity where you feel confident about your abilities. Fewer unknowns than in general life activities.
  6. Hits while faulting should be scored as shot, plus the procedural(s) per occurrence or per shot if significant advantage.
  7. It looks like there is something above the funnel spacer card.
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