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  1. https://matchshark.com/collections/tablet-shades-and-accessories
  2. 30 minutes in the corncob after loading, then gauge all rounds.
  3. I treat new brass (also Starline, but .38 Super) the same as used brass: 90 minutes in corncob media, One-Shot lube, size/decap, deburr. then it's ready to be loaded.
  4. Got my Firebird billet receiver in the white, sent it off to Ion Bond, along with the barrel and comp from JP. Only shows wear when there are parts that impact on each other, like the back radius just below the buffer tube. About eleven years of use at least twice a month.
  5. Burris Speedbead mount. Docter Optic red dot, going strong since 2010.
  6. Found at local lumber yard in Bozeman, MT (https://www.kenyonnoble.com) while visiting relatives. They cut it into 24"x24" pieces for me. Also bought the steel strip 3/4x1/8.
  7. I rebuilt ours a few years ago. Marine plywood, added a steel strip on the edge that contacts the release lever, and covered with Line-X. Holding up very well.
  8. What do Revo Major shooters do, being "Limited 6"?
  9. USPSA needs to initiate action with PractiScore when there are additions/removals to the Classifier library. Can the classifiers be updated independently of PS version updates?
  10. Most recent Android 1.6.38 doesn't show the 19 series. Neither does iPad 1.723.
  11. They were posted on the Classifier Stage Diagrams page for a bit, but have since been removed. Not the standard format.
  12. Should be automatic. HQ looks for matching name with new member number. Doesn't hurt to follow up with your MD.
  13. If you joined within 30 days of shooting that classifier it should count.
  14. Member Statistics 66,666 Total Members 1,887 Most Online Newest Member Jessica0423 Joined 49 minutes ago
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