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  1. Can't speak for Steel Challenge, but that's what I've done for USPSA scoring. The USPSA upload has a verification process to match member number and name. Sometimes a member uses a different name in match registration that what is on file with USPSA. James D. Doe in USPSA registered as Dave Doe for the match. Uploader has to confirm they are the same person.
  2. USPSA? Comstock, Virginia? 1 Procedural for engaging 2nd array before reload. If Virginia, penalties for extra hits, still score best 2.
  3. Multilaser is red mirror coating on dark lens, not a red tint. I use the Racing Red autochromic for shooting, multilaser for driving in bright sun of desert southwest.
  4. Notice how the ground is chewed up by the splatter. It's within one foot and parallel to the popper face. Targets beside and just forward of the poppers are the ones that get chewed up. 8 feet behind should not be an issue.
  5. I'm guessing it's the novelty factor of the new divisions plus more economical entry to optics than full blown Open.
  6. Mandatory reload before reengaging might comply.
  7. About to post a Benelli m2 Field set up for open division. PM if interested.
  8. Any reason not to go with the loaner brand/model?
  9. Gauge should be flush or below. S&W will replace bolt if gauge surface is above bolt face, per their instructions.
  10. We allow walk-on registration. I would rather have a registered no-show than a late arrival forcing a redo on stage tablets delaying match start.
  11. It has been done. I've used all the PractiScore web and tablet services for the local USPSA club. I've also run a tablet only match and shared results to the website without having to do anything else on the PS website.
  12. Southwest Steel Shooters does combo RCSA/SCSA at Founders' Ranch, but probably not until March or April.
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