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  1. Managed to put 4# in cart, gone at checkout.
  2. My G21 is there now for DPP milling and nitride refinish.
  3. I've lined my gun bag with an electric heating pad, run off car 12v with an inverter of sufficient wattage. Low heat setting is plenty. Came in handy at 2017 Gator Classic.
  4. Does RangeTech now include an onboard display. I got an early one without, which significantly reduces price (and usefulness).
  5. Set them up manually, like any other stage, but check the classifier box, until PS posts a new release that includes them in the stages library.
  6. For the angled XDm basepads, I got a flat blade screwdriver and cut a notch in it so I can push the spring down, out of the base pad.
  7. Anything recent from ibejiheads? Trying to make contact since your post, no response. Website accepted an order and took payment 9/13/20. No follow up so far.
  8. I was told a club order of 8 or more would be given priority when I inquired a few months ago.
  9. https://matchshark.com/collections/tablet-shades-and-accessories
  10. 30 minutes in the corncob after loading, then gauge all rounds.
  11. I treat new brass (also Starline, but .38 Super) the same as used brass: 90 minutes in corncob media, One-Shot lube, size/decap, deburr. then it's ready to be loaded.
  12. Got my Firebird billet receiver in the white, sent it off to Ion Bond, along with the barrel and comp from JP. Only shows wear when there are parts that impact on each other, like the back radius just below the buffer tube. About eleven years of use at least twice a month.
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