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  1. It's 3.7gr Titegroup with 125gr bullet, PF: 130, 1050fps It cycles nice with my shorty STI but the Tanfo with compensator eats up so much power. I can't find a variable 7# Tanfo spring. Anyways, I ordered a 6# long slide spring - I'll try it. And I'll try clipping a coil at a time with the 7# longslide spring.
  2. Hey guys, For the life of me I cannot find the thread on this, I thought it was on Enos. I may be mistaken. Anyways, there was a thread on guys using different # recoil springs to make a sort of Frankenstein DIY variable spring. Some even use 3 different springs. I have a load I really like, my STI loves it but my Tanfo doesn't quite cycle it. I tried 8# Patriot Defense RS and a 7# Wolff long slide spring. I am thinking of trying a 6# Wolff long slide spring and clipping 3/4 of it, then clipping 1/4 of a 8# spring to make my own variable spring. An
  3. I prefer the feel of the Tanfo with iron, and my STI for optics.
  4. BEFORE:AFTER:STI Steel Master 2011 (3# trigger, 15# MS) Limcat Steel grip SV Trigger Bow Limcat Heavyy magwell Zig Racker C-more RTS-2 6 MOA RHT thumbrest Brazos Slipstream RTS2 Mount Sagisi Customs "Gloss Black" cerakote with red accents
  5. They all cycled woohoo Recoil is super light, maybe 380acp'ish
  6. For sure am going to try these 100rd out before loading more. thnx
  7. Damn, I hope not lol. I've read on here dudes charging Titegroup and 147gr with 2.7gr loads...
  8. Hey guys, I've been loading some nice light 115gr RN: 3.7gr Titegroup, 115gr copper plated, CCI #500 primer, 1.12" OAL, PF: 120, 1050fps I came across some 122gr FN bullets and used the same setting on my die but adjusted the powder drop to 3.0gr. The OAL went to 1.07" I realized this after printing about 80rd, so I slowly tapered the last 20rd to 1.10" Does anyone think this will be a pressure issue with such a light 3.0gr charge? thanks!
  9. Haha fair enough, yes a buddy has a 1050 and it smokes. I acknowledge that. As a first press I am happy with it. As the years go by I may try the blue kool aid
  10. I've had a month to play with the Lee Loadmaster, my first reloading press. It's been a fun experience and I take a lot of joy in reloading my own ammo. Here's my Lee Loadmaster with upgrades/mods galore. Very happy with how it runs. The total up front cost is equitable to a barebones Dillon 550XL.
  11. That's a great store, tell Pablo hello
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