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  1. 38 super mag worked FINE in my Gold Team 9mm. Not one failure
  2. Dang, I ordered a MecGar 38 super, will try in my 9mm gold team next week
  3. Hey guys, I only have access to a 38 super mag, will 9mm rounds function in it? thanks N
  4. Hey guys, Quick question - will small frame Witness mags work in a Large Frame Tanfo? thanks N
  5. So far so good! Took it for another spin yesterdayy, flawless
  6. LOL I know right, put the slide ride on my Mark IV. My RTS2 was oldddd, now it's v5. Tested 50rd worked fine!
  7. Just got it back! Went from v1 to v5, testing tomorrow...
  8. Damn, thought it was a low battery issue, nope. Did a prelim search on here and it seems quite common that the 2032 3V wafer battery loses contact, so people put a spacer in there. I think I'll try stacking two 1.55V LR44 wafers to get the correct width and more juice. Thoughts? thanks N
  9. It's 3.7gr Titegroup with 125gr bullet, PF: 130, 1050fps It cycles nice with my shorty STI but the Tanfo with compensator eats up so much power. I can't find a variable 7# Tanfo spring. Anyways, I ordered a 6# long slide spring - I'll try it. And I'll try clipping a coil at a time with the 7# longslide spring.
  10. Hey guys, For the life of me I cannot find the thread on this, I thought it was on Enos. I may be mistaken. Anyways, there was a thread on guys using different # recoil springs to make a sort of Frankenstein DIY variable spring. Some even use 3 different springs. I have a load I really like, my STI loves it but my Tanfo doesn't quite cycle it. I tried 8# Patriot Defense RS and a 7# Wolff long slide spring. I am thinking of trying a 6# Wolff long slide spring and clipping 3/4 of it, then clipping 1/4 of a 8# spring to make my own variable spring. Any insights?
  11. I prefer the feel of the Tanfo with iron, and my STI for optics.
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