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  1. I got a new Gold Team in 45acp, and put a 9mm upper on it. Swapped in a 13# hammer spring and 9# recoil spring. And getting cycling issues (FTE, FTF). Shooting factory ammo. I think I need to put a lighter RS, I am currently using a 9# CZ75 spring. So here's my question: Browning Hi Power recoil springs works in CZs. CZ recoil springs work in EAA/Tanfoglio. Will a Hi Power recoil spring work in a Tanfo? Wolff sells a variable 8# spring, and it might be the ticket. My 1911s love variable recoil springs. Thanks!
  2. Argh, I bought Springer Precision +0 base pads for my Gold Team and they don’t work with the magwell. Does anyone know what base pads will work with Gold Team magwell? thanks!
  3. How were they with shipping? Mine still hasn't been shipped after a week
  4. Thanks guys, gonna have J&L Gunsmithing install front/rear sights.
  5. So, I assume they won't work either on a SPS Pantera?
  6. Will these mags work in a pre-2015 STI?
  7. I've seen here and there people using STI mags on their Para or Rock Island double stack 1911s. And the RP9 mags worked for me when I had a Para/RIA 1911-A2 2011. So, can it work the other way as well - will P-18 or RP9 mags work in a STI? thanks N
  8. The Uplula does well with 9mm double stacks, but not 45acp double stacks. Using SPS mags, STI copies
  9. I am having a hard time finding a C-More RTS2 micro red dot mount for my Tanfo. I see occasionally mounts that are labeled as Tanfo/CZ. Are they compatible? It might be easier for my to find a CZ RTS2 mount...thanks
  10. Damn, I got that one and it doesn't work well with my 2011 45acp mags
  11. hey guys, getting tired of loading these one by one, anyone have a good recommendation for a good speedloader for a double stack 45 ACP? Thanks
  12. Tanfo noob here. I have a bunch of CZ75 9mm mags (regular frame and Tac Sport frame). Are they compatible at all with Tanfo 9mm large frame (Witness Gold Team)? Thanks! N
  13. Hey guys, I'm getting a Gold Team in 45, and another upper in 9mm. I'd like the option to go iron sight, since both slides have a rear dovetail. There is NO cut for a front sight, though. I think the compensator may be a good place for it. Two questions: What rear sight goes with this slide? What is the best front sight to put on there - and where is the best place to get it done? thanks! N
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