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  1. When it was stuck that crossed my mind as well. Just remember to remove the bag inside the vav before you do it haha. I wonder if it would still pick up the steel bearings. A small magnet on a dowel would maybe work for that, no idea if the bearings are magnetic or not.
  2. Sure thing. I don't have any finished pictures from that angle but here are some John sent me while he was building it. It's got dykem all over it haha. He makes the comp from scratch himself.
  3. So I ran into this issue the other day on my 650 whilst doing some maintenance. As you can see in the picture the ball bearing that the shell plate rides on has fallen into the hole where the shell plate bolt goes. Now I have ran into this issue once before, and only once on my dillon 550 a few years ago. The 550 was easy enough to get out because a pick can be inserted into the retaining screw hole on the side of the ram and it can popped up and out of the hole. From that day forward I made sure to simply put the shell plate bolt back in its hole as soon as the shell plate was removed. Well I broke my own rule and down my bearing went, but this time on the 650. The retaining screw hole doesn't align the same as it does on the 550. So I had to use another method. Seeing as my bearing ball is teflon and quite light I grabbed a large brass punch handy on my bench and put a glob of generic silicon on the end of it. Carefully inserting the punch into the shellplate hole I pushed it against the bearing ball to adhere on it for a few moments and gingerly lifted it out of the hole. So that was my method. My next option would have been to plug up the air compressor and try and simply blow it out. Also maybe yet another good reason to keep a can of compressed air on the bench. Curious to hear other solutions and hopefully this thread will help some poor soul if they make the same mistake. When it happened I scoured the web and couldn't find a similar thread. I wanted to share my method and see if anyone else has ever encountered this. Surely I'm not the only doofus to have done so.
  4. JPL Precision just finished turning my Springfield loaded 1911 into an open blaster for steel challenge. It took exactly how long he said it would, 4-6 weeks. Mine was done in 4. John was very easy to communicate with and I'm excited to put hands on this thing. I get it beginning of next month when I get home from vacation. Now that matches are back in full swing I'm ready to break it in and start competing in OPN steel! I might even take it out to a few USPSA matches and shoot open minor 10 just for fun and to see some buddies. The plan for now is to add some LOK grips, leave the gun in the white and shoot the heck out of it. I also might out an 8moa dot in it. I like the 12moa for my RFPO/RFRO, but I think 8 is a a good size for a centerfire pistol for open steel.
  5. Thats what I ended up deciding as well. Everything else I shoot is stationary/frame mounted CMOREs so actually ended up ditching this Burris. Great little sight though. My gun is with JPL now and should be done this month it sounds like.
  6. I got a used 650 from an estate auction a while back. Got around to setting it up (bullet feeder/case feeder) and loaded about 5k 9mm. It was running great except for the occasional case miss feed. A few cases fell on their side and I pierced/dented probably 8-10 with decapping pin. Anyway I kept loading on it and all of a sudden my cases were no longer lining up with the sizing die. They were "falling/sliding" out of the the shellplate. I was just a few mm off. I adjusted the case slide every which way at the advise of dillon. No dice. I loaded about 200rd like this adjusting as I went trying to figure it out. I would always stop when I felt a case hit the size die (about 1-2 every 10rd). Anyway I got frustrated and sent the handle downward anyway crushing the case. Like stepping on an empty coke can. I did this 2x and then realized I had broken my new shellplate from forcing it, of course when does that ever work (I felt better for about 5min) Time to call Dillon a 2nd time. So I call up Dillon and explain my frustration over the misalginment and the breakage of the shellplate (ultimately my fault). I spoke with Tim and he had me measure the platform area. Turns out that platform hasn't been put on the 650 since 1998. That platform had a tendency to become unlevel with force on station 1. My press is older than I thought. It doesn't have the grease zerks so that was one indication. Tim sent me a whole new platform and case slide/ram assembly along with a new shellplate and station 1 locator to replace the ones I had abused. I'm finishing the press assembly tonight. I'm pretty confident this will work. Can't beat that kind of CS. Thanks Tim!! My advice is call Dillon or simply mail them the press for a rebuild. I probably should have mailed mine but he sent the parts out and they were here in 2 days.
  7. Why do you have a toilet paper roll electrical taped to the press handle?? Nice job on the casefeeder! What is your RPH with it? I can load about 300 rph for 223 on my 550. 9mm I can do 500rph. But I let the 650 do the 9mm loading nowadays haha.
  8. When/if my 22/45 mk3 lite ever becomes an issue I'm going to get a scorpion. No way I'm going to a Mk 4 22/45. Just wish the VQs were a bit closer in weight to the LITEs but you get used to whatever you shoot so meh. 2lbs is a little hefty for a RFPO. Good choice on the paint job! I also love the flag, but I'm not crazy about "Ameriflage" on guns.
  9. I think that safety off and finger out of trigger guard is the best combo for SCSA rimfire/PCC. In USPSA you have to realize that there is not an aiming flag and that PCCs are not always being pointed at the ground (stock on hip type positions, etc.) nor squarely down range when they are pointed at the ground. Due to the variety of start positions with PCC in USPSA I think it is wise to have them start with safety on.
  10. I'm finishing up a light weight 10/22 build as well, using a tac sol barrel, factory receiver/bolt, and axiom stock. Curious to see what final weight is. I will be adding the axiom cheek rise though so that will add a few ounces. I'll put up pics. Nice rifle!
  11. +1 for brazos kit. The extreme engineering litespeed II is nice as well. I put a litespeed II disco and hammer in my single stack gun with stock sear. 2.5-2.75 and very crisp.
  12. Here is my feeder mounted with the range panda mount. It's great. The cutout for the pipe makes it great to loosen the u-bolts and lower the feeder for setup, etc. Due to my press location I mounted on the right side of the press. The 650 on a Dillon strong mount required a 48" tall pipe to get it high enough. Just added an endoscope camera and will mount my monitor/tablet to the pipe.
  13. I called Rick today and he told me the same thing about being retired but that he was getting several requests to make some mounts. No idea what that means timeline wise. I went ahead and ordered the range panda. Thank you for posting the link!! No idea they made one until now. Seems like that is the only option besides DIY mount.
  14. Awesome, thank you. Orders the parts from Titan reloading. Surprised to find they carry small Dillon press parts. No paying msrp and faster shipping! As soon as I get back to the office I will print the manual. Just didn't want to sift through the digital version and I was ready to submit my order. I already have skylight (light kit) on the way with all the upgrades you mentioned
  15. I'm setting up my 650 for small primer. I bought the press as is at auction and don't have what normally comes with the press. Is the list below all I need from Dillon to load small primer? Rotary primer disc- small 650 primer magazine -small Primer seater assembly-small I have this all in my cart along with some extra pickup tubes etc. Just want to make sure before I pull the trigger on ordering. Also if anyone has upgrade recommendations I'm all ears. Is it worth getting the crank upgrade kit to get the pins with grease zerks?? Mine has the old pins. My upgrade list so far Dillon Roller handle Skylight Primer stop switch Case feed stop switch Spent primer tube catcher Strong mount Shell plate bearing kit And I can't decide if I'm getting the arredondo stabilizer or the little rubber washer things that go on the locator pins FYI: I was going to call Dillon today. Took me 25min to get through as the 4th caller. The line got disconnected and I immediately tried to call back and I was now the 6th caller. Sounds like they are swamped right now.
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