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  1. Awesome, thank you. Orders the parts from Titan reloading. Surprised to find they carry small Dillon press parts. No paying msrp and faster shipping! As soon as I get back to the office I will print the manual. Just didn't want to sift through the digital version and I was ready to submit my order. I already have skylight (light kit) on the way with all the upgrades you mentioned
  2. I'm setting up my 650 for small primer. I bought the press as is at auction and don't have what normally comes with the press. Is the list below all I need from Dillon to load small primer? Rotary primer disc- small 650 primer magazine -small Primer seater assembly-small I have this all in my cart along with some extra pickup tubes etc. Just want to make sure before I pull the trigger on ordering. Also if anyone has upgrade recommendations I'm all ears. Is it worth getting the crank upgrade kit to get the pins with grease zerks?? Mine has the old pins. My upgrade list so far Dillon Roller handle Skylight Primer stop switch Case feed stop switch Spent primer tube catcher Strong mount Shell plate bearing kit And I can't decide if I'm getting the arredondo stabilizer or the little rubber washer things that go on the locator pins FYI: I was going to call Dillon today. Took me 25min to get through as the 4th caller. The line got disconnected and I immediately tried to call back and I was now the 6th caller. Sounds like they are swamped right now.
  3. So your 2 screws that secure the Optic now extend until they touch the slide? Almost acting as a set screw as well? Or you just cut them longer to engage more threads on the EGW mount? Might have to look into that.
  4. I just got my new 8moa Burris FF3 mounted for open steel. I'm really surprised so far by the dot clarity and brightness. The Burris FF3 battery cap was a pain to put back on but I solved that issue. The battery retaining\positioning tabs on the sides of the battery housing push the battery and therefore the cap upward prevent the threads from meeting. Using the small screwdriver that came with the sight I bent\pushed them outward and voila! The EGW mount was perfect. I did LIGHTLY file the mount with a triangular needle file to make installation easier. I would definitely try the mount first without filing. Basically I removed the coating from the mount and not even 100% of it. I'm using blue 242 loctite on the mount. I don't think it will need red but time will tell. Maybe I can even sneak into CO division using my rebranding sticker LOL Well I'm very excited to get to a match if this COVID-19 panic dies down. For now it's practice, which is good cause I need it. Many thanks to @zzt for recommending this setup and his opinions\experiences with the varying red dots available today.
  5. Do you actually use the safety in SCSA?? I've never use a rim fire safety at a match. And I actually prefer the mk3 safety vs say the mk4. Its out of my way and makes my grip more comfy. But yes Tandemkross and volquartsen are the best places for aftermarket parts.
  6. Exactly. Might need to look at getting one of those fancy toolheads that locks down or something. I think uniquetek makes one. And its also good to have a backup press. If my 650 went down before a match it would suck to load 300-600rd of pistol ammo on a single stage.
  7. the 550 and 750 are exactly the same from what I can tell. the ONLY advantage is the parts on the 550/750 are simple and it only feeds primers on demand. But with the 650 primer stop switch and casefeeder stop mods you get a lot of control back over the shellplate. I loaded just over 300rds on the 550 yesterday and I was tired of standing there. About 1hr is the most I will/can spend in front of the press. I'm keeping the 650.... now just to budget for a new casefeeder and another $200 of parts to get up and running. I'd almost sell my 550, but its great for small runs and I'm sure as I acquire more low volume calibers it will be my go to for loading on. I'm even tempted to set it up for my 308 at some point.
  8. I voted banner ads, but I believe a hybrid of that and annual membership fee would be the best option. At the very least I hope that the info here is accessible indefinitely. Even if it is archived with no members or new posts. I myself have learned from posts that are 10yr old+ and would enjoy those being around long term. A tiered annual membership system would be great. I am a member on a GA resident forum for people selling guns/ammo/etc and general discussion. They have recently went to a paid system for classifieds and it seems to be doing well. That forum is https://www.theoutdoorstrader.com/
  9. Did you make a decision and order one yet?? I recently got another 2011 and it came with swenson safeties on it. Once I do a normal grip reduction I believe it will be perfect. It is a much better angle than other safeties I have used. I actually sold the gun I had my EGW low ride safety on, but swapped the original safeties back on before I sold it. If you want the EGW low ride safety I might sell it to you. Would have to make sure I was 100% good with the swensons, but I'm thinking I will be.
  10. Yep I could see that. Thats another issue... if I went 1050 I would just HAVE to automate and I don't need that much money in a press lol. If I can shoot 12k-18k a year in 9mm that will be plenty for me with practice a match or 2 every month. Shooting 22s in SCSA fills up some of my shooting time. I hope my 650 works. All I did was bring it home and put some oil on the ram piston and I have cycled it a few times. Everything seems to move smoothly like it should. I only got it at the auction because of the deal on it. IIRC I paid $465 for the press on a strong mount, 2 toolheads with powder dies, 1 powder measure, one mistmatch conversion kit, and 44MAG dillon dies. I sold off the dies/conversions and left it sitting since until I was ready to use it. Picked up the MBF for a deal from a buddy along the way who was upgrading his small ammo company to the mk7 evolution press. And its been boxed up since too lol. All said and done I will have a 650 with a bullet feeder for $1200 plus some extra upgrades I do for my preferences.
  11. Sounds like an ideal setup. I need to get a list of 650 upgrades. I'm pretty sure I have seen a thread for that here on enos... I won't be setting the pres up until June/July most likely. Wedding in May so shooting wont pick back up for us until we have settled in from that. and this stupid virus is killing all our shooting right now... sucks. Thanks for all the responses guys. I was already leaning toward keeping the 650 and this confirms it. I will most definitely inquire with Dillon about getting the linkage pins with grease zerks and swapping them.
  12. Well I already have the 550 and dont plan on it going anywhere. In reality I think the "best" press setup is a 550, a 1050, and a single stage. but I am not about to save up and drop $2k+ on a 1050. I don't shoot enough bullets to justify that. So the amount of time I will sit in front of the 650 vs a 1050 is negligible. The 1050 swages so thats nice, but for 9mm its not a major problem buying quality brass.
  13. I didnt even think about that. Great to know. I might do that before I set it all up. I just found snowshooze, thanks for the lead on that. Also on swapping primers. I don load anything for large primer progressively anyway and dont plan on it. If I ever do I will just setup the 550 to do it. You are right, definitely more money out on the 750.
  14. I have been loading on a dillon 550 ever since I started shooting USPSA/SCSA 5-6 years ago when I was still in college. Now that life has settled down and I have more gun money I'm wanting to upgrade in the coming months. I'm planning on loading only 9mm and using a dillon casefeeder and a mr bullet feeder. I already have the bullet feeder purchased. I also have a 650 press that I picked up at a local estate auction 2 years ago for a good deal. It has been sitting in my gun room since and I was setting it aside so I could upgrade when ready/needed. Now with the 750 on the market I'm wondering if I should sell the 650 and go for the 750. Here is what it would take to make my 650 operational Small primer parts, it's setup for large. Looks like ~$65 in parts from dillon (primer disc, punch arm, and primer magazine) 9mm Conv kit $85 Casefeeder - $300 And likely a roller handle and skylights later on, but not absolutely necessary to get up and running. My 650 as it sits is on a strong mount with no conversion kit. It also has 2 toolheads with powder dies and one powder measure that I would sell with the press. It's an older generation, no idea of its actual age but it doesn't have the grease zerks on the linkage pivot pins. I have seen some nice deals on 650 packages so who knows what I could sell mine for... $450? im not sure. It's old but looks good cosmetically and I don't think its loaded a ton of rounds. He was loading 45 ACP and 44mag on the press. My main complaints with the 650 based on studying the design are the complexity of the priming system, tuning and breakage seems par for the course. I would say another con is constant primer feed, but there is a simple mod for that so it's a non issue. Pros, it seems the 650 is priming system is self cleaning which I like and all the bugs have been diagnosed and there are lots of great inexpensive mods for the machine to make for smoother cycles and loading. If my 650 has the grease zerks and the small primer parts installed I think it would be very hard to convince me into a 750. My #1 complaint with the 550 is it craps where it eats. Every ~500 rounds the primer bar and surrounding area has to wiped down. I like the simplicity of the system, but if the 750 dumps case residue/media just like the 550 does in the same spot I'm not real crazy about it. I've also seen that the powder bar prevents a user from using a powder check die and a MBF. I however do not intend to use a powder check die. From what I can tell the empty primer chute is offset to the primer seater bar on the 750. Assuming I can sell my 650 for $450 I would be looking at an additional $150 cost for the 750 out of the box, but I get the conversion kit included. Would need a strong mount as I will probably sell the 650 with the one it is mounted on. Casefeeder has to get bought no matter which press I pick.
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