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  1. Thanks for the replies so far, I’m looking for a holsters that’s a bit flashier than just a black kydex holster that blade tech and comp tax make, looking for something with different kydex options.
  2. I started with an old baby jogging stroller and after a while switched out to a Mac Sports folding utility cart. Since my brother and I travel together to matches having two strollers in our vehicles took up way to much space. The two folding carts together take up less room than one of the strollers did, the stroller however did move over rockier terrain better then the cart does.
  3. Starting a new project and will be looking for a holster for an SP-01 carry optics pistol, I know Red Hill Tactical will make one just want to see what other options are available. Thanks
  4. I’ve found that if I’m shooting a stage that requires a reload I’ll always start with the shorter mag in the gun and use the big stick to reload, it’s just easier to get a better grip on the longer mags and shove it in the gun.
  5. I’ll 2nd the UM Tactical big stick holder, been using for over a year and have had zero issues.
  6. Just make sure that the bcg and the JP buffer have a bit of tension against each other when it’s assembled. If the sound is the JP moving make sure you read the JP instructions on how to have the correct tension, you don’t want to fire the gun if it’s not correct. https://www.jprifles.com/document_pdfs/JPSCS29MM_766.pdf
  7. They will work no problem as long as the weight has been removed, I use the Taccom bolt with a JP short stroke buffer and it runs 100%.
  8. I picked up two of these a while back while they had a sale going on, can’t wait to get my new builds finished up so I can install these. I did a ton of research and feel that this brake is going to be very effective.
  9. Silver sharpies work the best I’ve found to mark the mag bodies, I also get colored base pads from Springer and have them engraved with numbers and my initials. No way anyone’s taking mine.
  10. I’m hoping these will be available state side soon, I have no desire to grind down tap the factory part.
  11. I just switched mine out to a BCM Ambi Mod 3X3, it’s huge compared to the standard BCM I was using before. Should be real nice for unloaded starts.
  12. What do you like about the Elftmann over the CMC trigger? I swapped a 24c for the CMC and couldn’t be happier, just wondering in regards to the Elftmann.
  13. Brass Juice is the best, stopped using ss media a while ago and will never go back. Less time consuming not having to sort out the ss media.
  14. I recently switched to the JP short stroke and it’s been working very well. Ended up with 3 tungsten and 2 steel. Ammo is 124gr RMR round nose loaded to 138pf. I Use the CMC 9mm trigger and have had zero issues so far. The rifle shot very soft before but with the short stroke it has less dot movement and the split times seem to be quicker. Highly recommend it
  15. Mec-gar works well, I’ve always bought my mags from either CZ custom or gregcotte
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