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  1. mveto

    Finally! JP 4 to 5 mass conversion.

    That’s strange I’d call JP and find out what’s going on. I ordered 2 kits this past Friday and got shipping notification later in the day with a tracking number. Mine should be here this Thursday.
  2. I run a Strike Megafin grip on my pcc, I like the design better than the basic Strike featureless grip. Also get the Strike Switch safety, makes a world of difference when using a fin style grip.
  3. mveto

    Preferred 9mm plated bullet?

    I switched from Xtreme to RMR’s and for around the same price I’m getting much better results with RMR’s. Plus I know they have them in stock and will be shipped quickly.
  4. mveto

    650 Sitting or Standing?

    I sit while reloading, built my bench the height I did for that reason then found a wood working stool to sit on. Can’t imagine standing for 2+ hours during a reload session.
  5. mveto

    Reaming Shadow Barrel

    Just make sure that you don’t have a black melonited barrel, they will no longer ream them.
  6. mveto

    X-Treme Bullets - anyone buying lately?

    I switched over to RMR bullets, had to many issues with shipping times with extremes and the uncertainty of the company made the decision easy to make.
  7. mveto

    Magazine alternatives for the TS

    It would be nice if someone else made the mags, maybe with the popularity of the TSO mecgar or someone else will take notice and make an aftermarket mag. But in the meantime like everyone else I buy mags from Greg Cote.
  8. mveto

    lok palm swell vs henning grips

    I prefer the Hennings as well, they provide great traction and the contour of the grip seems to fill the voids really well.
  9. mveto

    TSO fail during reload

    I’ve used the stock springs/followers on 8 different mags with the CZC extension and have had zero issues with any of them over the last two years. Mine are 9mm and can get 23 loaded in each mag with zero seating issues on a full mag.
  10. I have a shop local to me who’s a Dillon dealer and usually just buy from them, if they don’t have what I’m looking for I just buy from Dillon, prices are the same, I’ll either pay tax or pay for shipping so it’s always the same.
  11. mveto

    Winchester primers.......

    Winchester’s have been great for me, I loaded up 12k this past year and have zero issues. I have never culled a single one, actually never even thought of doing it.
  12. mveto

    18" or 16"?

    I prefer a 16” barrel, for me it seems easier to swing towards targets, I previously had an 18” and find no accuracy difference or to much velocity loss when shooting out to longer distances with the shorter barrel.
  13. mveto


    Since I live in Cali and we have dump laws I use a Strike Industries Megafin grip, when I go out of state I swap it out for a Ergo Deluxe grip. I have big hands and the Ergo fills the gaps really well.
  14. I regret not buying the 1050 over the 650. I originally had an LNL and quickly bought a 650. All the time I spend processing and loading .223 would have been much quicker on the 1050 and I’m sure my failure rate would be cut drastically. Just need to save up for a 1050 now.....or wait till tax return time.
  15. mveto

    CZ TS Grip Reduction

    I tried the grip trape strips before, but it didn’t feel right over the factory checkering. I’ve tried the LOK bogies as well as the SSI Scale grips and they helped a bit, I have since switched to the Henning grips and they are much better for me. The profile as well as the texture really fill up the palms, just looking for more texture on the front and back strap, plus removing the checkering will give me the excuse to have the gun refinished in Black Nitride.