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  1. I have a shop local to me who’s a Dillon dealer and usually just buy from them, if they don’t have what I’m looking for I just buy from Dillon, prices are the same, I’ll either pay tax or pay for shipping so it’s always the same.
  2. mveto

    Winchester primers.......

    Winchester’s have been great for me, I loaded up 12k this past year and have zero issues. I have never culled a single one, actually never even thought of doing it.
  3. mveto

    18" or 16"?

    I prefer a 16” barrel, for me it seems easier to swing towards targets, I previously had an 18” and find no accuracy difference or to much velocity loss when shooting out to longer distances with the shorter barrel.
  4. mveto


    Since I live in Cali and we have dump laws I use a Strike Industries Megafin grip, when I go out of state I swap it out for a Ergo Deluxe grip. I have big hands and the Ergo fills the gaps really well.
  5. I regret not buying the 1050 over the 650. I originally had an LNL and quickly bought a 650. All the time I spend processing and loading .223 would have been much quicker on the 1050 and I’m sure my failure rate would be cut drastically. Just need to save up for a 1050 now.....or wait till tax return time.
  6. mveto

    CZ TS Grip Reduction

    I tried the grip trape strips before, but it didn’t feel right over the factory checkering. I’ve tried the LOK bogies as well as the SSI Scale grips and they helped a bit, I have since switched to the Henning grips and they are much better for me. The profile as well as the texture really fill up the palms, just looking for more texture on the front and back strap, plus removing the checkering will give me the excuse to have the gun refinished in Black Nitride.
  7. mveto

    CZ TS Grip Reduction

    I’ve thought of that but don’t have the patience to try it. I’m thinking of removing the checkering and the sticking on grip take to get the traction I need. I use the gun for both 3 gun and USPSA, and need more traction.
  8. mveto

    CZ TS Grip Reduction

    Thanks for all the advice, I’m thinking I’ll buy a belt sander if I attempt to do this. I keep going back and forth on if it’s worth it, I hate the factory checkering but the grip size is really good and I’m not sure if I want to mess with it.
  9. That’s good to know, thanks for the advise.
  10. mveto

    Bell width for coated

    When I tried coated with Dillon dies and mbf funnel I had to bell to .392 or else I’d get shaved bullets always found the shortest car to use to set the bell, I’ve since gone back to plated bullets and only bell to about .382 and have no issues.
  11. mveto

    CZ TS Grip Reduction

    For those of you who have done your own grip reduction what method did you use to remove the factory front/back checkering. I’ve been thinking of removing the checkering and wonder what the best method would be, I don’t have a vertical belt sander so it would be either a file or dremel. Thanks for any advice.
  12. mveto

    Brass Dryers

    I picked up a cheap dehydrator from Wally World and have to complaints I only use it in the fall/winter time to dry brass. In the summer since it always over 100 I’ll just lay the brass out on a towel on the patio for a few hours and that does the trick.
  13. mveto

    Glock 33-Round Magazine Deformation?

    That was the reason I put the feed ramp into my PCC, I never had any feed issues with my barrel but could see that the front of the mag was not supported at all, then I read a thread somewhere that mentioned the feed ramp and that it also supported the front of the mag. Installed it and have not had any issues with it and no blown out mags.
  14. mveto

    Best 223 die for Dillon XL 650

    I’ve had great luck with the Dillon dies for my .223 rounds. My rounds are very consistent but I use a Whidden tool head over the factory one. I get sub MOA rounds loaded on my 650. My rounds are used for 3 gun. My my process is to de-prime, size/trim on a separate tool head and then reload on another with a carbide neck expander die set up in station 1, this seems to get me the most consistent rounds on the 650.
  15. mveto

    SP-01 OAL Issues

    I have been using Everglades 147gr rn in my CZ loaded to 1.135 and they all pass the plunk test, when I tried the BBI 147’s I had to load them at 1.100 to pass the plunk test and my gun did not like that short of a round. I have just settled on using plated 147’s. The Xtremes, Berry’s and Everglades all worked for me at 1.135. I didn’t want to get the barrel reamed since I know plated rn’s work at 1.135 for me. I’ve had the bulge issue as well a few times and while they may not pass the hundo gauge they have always fit the Dillon gauge and have had zero issue using them.