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  1. LAG Tactical M.C.S mag pouches work very well for 3-gun and mount up to els forks. http://www.lagtactical.com/m-c-s-pistol-mag-carrier/
  2. The LAG Tactical M.C.S mag carriers will work for the TSO mags, I have them set up on els clips and use them for 3-gun matches. http://www.lagtactical.com/m-c-s-pistol-mag-carrier/
  3. I recently switched over to DAA Alpha-X pouches and after using them I wish I had made the switch long ago. The shear amount of adjustability and being able to get the pouches in the perfect position makes the price worth it in my opinion. I used them for the first time yesterday in a match and it was the first time I can remember were I didn’t fumble any reloads.
  4. I’ve had great luck with 124gr round nose bullets, my TS likes RMR 124’s and Acme 124’s. Length 1.125
  5. I have one and really like it, it’s my first backpack style range bag and it’s way more organized than a standard range bag. I like having everything in a specific area and not needing to search through big compartments looking for something. The only downside is the area that holds the ammo is not as rigid as I would have liked.
  6. I’d send it straight to H&M as well, they have a plant in Arizona as well so depending on where you are located you can either send it to Ohio or Arizona.
  7. I’ve had that same issue when ordering from them, I wish they would just have a live inventory tracker like shooterconnection does. When I order from Ben Stoeger now I always call to make sure they have the items in stock. I really like the TTI extensions, never had any issues with them. I do use the henning grips and if I wanted to match colors between the grips and extension then I’d use the henning extensions.
  8. I’ve always ordered from shooters connection or Ben Stoeger pro shop, both have a great selection and fast shipment. I’ve only ever ordered from Safariland if I have a discount code then I always expect a delay in getting my items.
  9. mveto

    TS with blue bullets

    I tried blue 147’s and had to load them way to short compared to the 147’s from extreme. They had to be loaded to 1.110, the extremes were at 1.125. I also tried the blue 135 tc bullets and could load them to 1.130 but my cz’s don’t like blues so I’ve been using acme 124’s and can load them to 1.125.
  10. I had two come back in 4 weeks after being quoted 8 weeks. I’m sure it’s all based on the amount of work they have.
  11. Here’s the data I have for Sport Pistol Acme 124gr Round Nose length 1.125 federal primers CZ SP01 and Tac Sport 3.8gr SP01 Velocity - 1015 Power Factor - 125.86 3.8gr Tac Sport Velocity - 1050 Power Factor - 130.20 3.9gr SP01 Velocity - 1038 Power Factor - 128.71 3.9gr Tac Sport Velocity - 1065 Power Factor - 132.06 4.0gr SP01 Velocity - 1044 Power Factor - 129.46 4.0gr Tac Sport Velocity - 1078 Power Factor - 133.67 I’m going to try some BB 135tc bullets in the next few weeks and will post those results when I do.
  12. mveto

    CZ CO basepad

    I use TTI with the mecgar mags, 21 reloadable for me.
  13. Slip 2000 EWL, I use it on all my firearms always stays where I put it and seems to not burn off as quickly as other oils I’ve tried
  14. I’d be interested in what cz custom has to say about the warped rds plate.
  15. This was taken off Instagram a while back, these are for CZ mags.
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