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  1. I believe the BOSS hanger comes with the correct screws to mount the plate to the holster, at least that’s how I remember it with the one I have.
  2. Yeah the chamber was very short, I was loading for my SP01 at 1.135 with the 135tc’s, in order to get the rounds to plunk in the Bull Shadow I would have had to load them at 1.10, that was in 2 different Bull Shadows.
  3. I had my Bull Shadow barrel reamed so I could use the same round as my SP01, which is a BB 135tc at 1.135.
  4. I like the fact it is Carry Optics specific, no front sight option keeps it targeted to a specific crowd.
  5. That’s weird I just ordered one from him just over a week ago, had it in 4 days. Works great btw.
  6. Grams followers and springs for both, I prefer them over the CZC springs and followers. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/CZ-C1163.aspx
  7. I’ve had 100% luck with every grams spring and follower kit I’ve ever used with CZ 75 mags and Henning or taran extensions. That’s over 4+ years, 6 different guns and 20+ mags.
  8. In order to be able to use a BHO with a short stroke recoil system you need a bolt that has been designed to work with a short stroke BHO, like the Taccom ESSB or the JP Enhanced bolt.
  9. I personally like the SP01 Bull Shadow, it just looks cool. Plus I’ve been shooting one all last year and really like it.
  10. I shoot the 135tc’s and I haven’t seen any increase in build up over the fmj rounds I was using prior. They are stupid soft shooting and very accurate out of my PCC with MBX barrel.
  11. Just seeing if anyone has tried these mag pouches yet and if so, what do you think? Been thinking of giving them a try and wanted to get some feedback.
  12. I run the 135 tc in all my CZ’s and PCC’s and the feed and run great, no issues at all.
  13. 11# in my SP01 and Bull Shadow, 128-130 pf.
  14. I did that when I had my Venom, and ruined the plate. It was recommended to torque to 20 in/lb and it destroyed the plate threads, I would be very hesitant to go over 15 in/lbs on the CZC plate.
  15. I just switched from Lok palm swells to the new SSI Scale 4.0’s. Really like them so far, it’s the shape and size I’ve been looking for.
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