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  1. This, when I got my 1100, had the same issues with Federal primers, had to adjust primer slide till it was lined up correctly, since getting it adjusted it’s been 100%.
  2. I really like the Caldwell chrono, having the app is great to save data and it’s very accurate. It’s always been on with the chronos at level 2 matches when comparing to my saved data.
  3. mveto

    CZ Custom optics cut

    I’ve got the CZC RDS cut on both my Bull Shadow and SP01, both have been great with zero issues over the last 2.5yrs. I’ve even taken the dot off a few times and never lose zero on them. Highly recommend it, for the main reason of not being stuck with one type of dot.
  4. This 100%, over the years I can’t keep track of how many optics I’ve had to send in for warranty work. The customer service has always been top notch, but now I stick to optics I don’t need send back on a regular basis.
  5. I’ve ordered from this shop before. It looks like they have them in stock https://store.dot40.net/competition-arena/eemann-tech-4724/eemann-tech-flat-sada-trigger-for-cz-color-black-3393030
  6. The DAA bag is the way to go, it holds up to 12 targets, a tape gun, stapler, extra pasters + more.
  7. Does this thumb rest/slide stop work with existing holsters, or did you need modify the holster? Thinking of getting one and wanted to know what to expect, I currently use a RHT holster.
  8. I believe the BOSS hanger comes with the correct screws to mount the plate to the holster, at least that’s how I remember it with the one I have.
  9. Yeah the chamber was very short, I was loading for my SP01 at 1.135 with the 135tc’s, in order to get the rounds to plunk in the Bull Shadow I would have had to load them at 1.10, that was in 2 different Bull Shadows.
  10. I had my Bull Shadow barrel reamed so I could use the same round as my SP01, which is a BB 135tc at 1.135.
  11. I like the fact it is Carry Optics specific, no front sight option keeps it targeted to a specific crowd.
  12. That’s weird I just ordered one from him just over a week ago, had it in 4 days. Works great btw.
  13. Grams followers and springs for both, I prefer them over the CZC springs and followers. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/CZ-C1163.aspx
  14. I’ve had 100% luck with every grams spring and follower kit I’ve ever used with CZ 75 mags and Henning or taran extensions. That’s over 4+ years, 6 different guns and 20+ mags.
  15. In order to be able to use a BHO with a short stroke recoil system you need a bolt that has been designed to work with a short stroke BHO, like the Taccom ESSB or the JP Enhanced bolt.
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