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  1. You won’t be able to shoot a single action CZ in carry optics, as eerw stated guns with hammers must be decocked at the start of the stage.
  2. I tried blues in .355 in both the 135tc and 147rd and none of the 4 guns I was using liked them. The accuracy was not very good, I should try them in .356 and see how they work out but for now I’ve been using Acme’s and they are working very well. When it’s time to get more billets I might give them a try again.
  3. Short answer is yes, it’s not illegal to own or use “standard cap” mags, you just can’t import/buy/make/sell them in the state.
  4. I’ve reloaded CBC brass with 124 gr bullets and they always pass the gauge, the issue I ran into was with Winchester primers, it seemed that I needed a little more force to get them seated and sometimes they would not seat fully. I recently switched back to federal primers and they seat fine in CBC brass no more high primers.
  5. I used them for a while and the jacket did not seem soft at all. The never deformed while seating, they were very consistent in weight and were very accurate in my guns. Only reason I switched was to go to a coated bullet to save a few bucks since I’ve been shooting way more. They are also made in house so they pretty much always have them in stock and they ship quick.
  6. Same for me, got about 1500 rounds ea on two Venoms before they went out and ended up buying the SRO hope that it will last longer. Haven’t had a chance to use it yet however, still waiting for the RMR plate to come back in stock at CZC.
  7. Shooting a PCC really does feel like cheating at times, I’ve noticed that as long as the stages are set up to not screw with a PCC shooter you really only need to focus on the positions you plan on shooting from and how to get to those positions as quick as possible. Then just pull the trigger as fast as possible once that dot is on the target.
  8. mveto

    SP-01 Carry Optics

    They quoted me 8 weeks and I had it back in 4, I think it all depends on their work load and how quick you’ll get it back.
  9. I first started off with a jogging stroller and soon switched over to a cart like the one posted above. The reason, the cart takes up way less room in the car. My brother and I attend matched together and we quickly ran out of room while trying to pack up the car, with the carts it all fits into the trunk of my car. Thats 2 carts, 2 rifle/shotgun cases, 2 range bags, 2 ammo cans. While pushing a stroller is easier over the varied terrain at most ranges, pulling a cart between bays is not a big deal to me.
  10. Its all depends on which butt stock you prefer to use. You can get any buffer type to be reliable but if you want to run a carbine type stock such as a magpul moe you'll need a carbine length tube and if you run a fixed stock such as a magpul moe rifle stock you'll need to run a rifle buffer tube and a rifle buffer. Personally I like the JP Silent Capture Spring set up, it can be used with both the carbine and rifle buffer tubes you just use a delrin spacer when using it with a rifle buffer tube, but it is expensive compared to standard buffer set ups.
  11. I ran a canted optic for a few matches and never really liked it. I've seen a need for one on hard weak side leans but thats it, personally its not for me I'd rather just lean real hard if needed or shoot weak shoulder. Also every time I used the offset optic I would get tons of blow back right into my face that alone was enough for me not to use it.
  12. mveto

    SP-01 Carry Optics

    I set my SP-01 up for carry optics earlier this year, I pretty much went with the CGW Pro Package but I went with the CZ Competition hammer instead and an 11lbs hammer spring. I polished all the internals and my trigger pull is under 6lbs DA and 2lbs SA. I also had CZC mill the slide with thier RDS plate system. I like the option of being able to swap out different optics if I want. I've been using the TTI extension but I have also heard great things about the Hennings as well, both are easy to take off and clean if needed.
  13. All my CZ’s have these marks as well, it’s the design of the pistol. I wouldn’t relieve the material on the frame, no reason to try and “fix” a problem that doesn’t exist.
  14. I just received my two sets of these grips yesterday, wow they are nice. The size and shape are perfect, not as thick as the Lok palm swells but a bit thicker than the hennings. I think these are going to be a great option. It’s nice to see more options for CZ grips becoming available.
  15. I have the Boss set up and really like it, plenty of adjustability for me and has been very solid for the last 2 seasons.
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