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  1. This why I went with a CZC RDS plate system when I had my slide milled, it allows for different optics to be used by switching plates. I originally had a Venom and it broke pretty quickly and I ended up getting a SRO shortly after. Like others have said there is no plate system for your dilemma but fortunately you could always spend the money and purchase a Shadow 2 OR slide and use a different optic. Just have to find one in stock and be willing to spend the cash on one. (The plate you ordered is for the S2 OR slide)
  2. It’s a really cool concept, but the total price is a bit more than I’d be willing to spend.
  3. Look at the Dominate Defense Mach 1 belt, it’s pricey but it should meet your needs.
  4. I was in the same boat had my 650 for 2+ years and recently bought a Mr Bullet Feeder, it’s 100% worth it in my opinion. Now my shoulder doesn’t get sore from placing bullets, wish I would have bought it years ago.
  5. I had two Venoms that were defective with its elevation, had them mounted on two separate SP01’s and they both literally went out during the same match in during a stage. Sent them back to vortex and they got replaced. I never noticed that the dot disappeared in the window however.
  6. I have the CZC RDS plate on both my SP01 and SP01 Bull Shadow, I really prefer the the plate system for the ability to change optics if you want like I did. I originally had a Venom mounted to my SP01 and switched to an SRO when it came out. If I had direct milled the optic no way I could have used an SRO without paying someone a ton more money to re-mill the slide to fit an SRO (if that’s even possible).
  7. I just switched to clean shot from sport pistol and had to increase my load by .2 grains in order to make min pf. My sport pistol load was 3.4gr with a 135g bullet loaded at 1.135, making 130-131 pf. With clean shot 3.4gr was only 124 pf, 3.5 was 126 and 3.6 got me 129-130, with the same bullets loaded at 1.135.
  8. Wonder if the oil or cleaner you use is somehow degrading the oring, I’ve shot several thousand with my PCC and AR and my orings still look brand new. I’ve heard if others having the same issue and always wonder what oils and cleaners they use.
  9. You got some good info above, one thing I will add is to purchase the Alpha Dropper from shooting sports innovations, it is by far the best powder funnel available. My set up is: Station 1: Redding pro series sizing die Station 2: Powder Station 3: Bullet feeder Station 4: Dillon seating die Station 5: Redding Crimp die https://shootingsportsinnovations.com/alpha-dropper-powder-funnel/
  10. mveto

    Blue Bullets

    I ordered 4 cases of 135tc’s .356 on 7/28, I’ve got 2 cases within 2 weeks of ordering, still waiting on the other 2, but I’m in no hurry, they are for next year anyways.
  11. I had my Bull Shadow reamed so I could stay with the load I currently used in my SP01. Using 135tc’s loaded at 1.135 they would not plunk in the Bull Shadow. In order for them to plunk I had to load them at 1.1, having the barrel reamed didn’t affect the accuracy of the gun at all.
  12. I’ve reseated many rounds with no issue, even coated and they always work just fine. I’ll always reseat and then crimp as if I was loading the rounds. If your rounds already already pass a Hundo gauge I would say that the crimp is good, but the oal is to long if your rounds won’t plunk in your new gun.
  13. You would need to open up the inside portion of the s2 mag release since the tso mags are wider than the s2 mags if you plan on using the s2 mag release on the tso. Or as the above poster stated you would need to drill and tap the factory tso mag release to add the paddle. There was a thread on here awhile back regarding this.
  14. Those look nice, I really like LOK grips, have them on my Bull Shadow and SP01. LOK grips fit the best on CZ’s out of all the grips I’ve tried.
  15. Here’s how the number stack up for my section championship happening in 4 weeks, Production is still the largest in our area since we live in Cali. I started with Carry Optics last year switching from PCC, honestly can’t see myself going back.
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