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  1. The biggest issue with the Springer pads is that they require a set screw to secure, I stripped one out the first time I installed one on my TS mags. The hex is only a .050 which is tiny. They are a pain in my opinion to remove if you need to clean the mags at the range. I wish Springer would adopt the same type of retention system that both TTI and Henning uses then I’d use them.
  2. Wool socks for me as well, either a pair of snowboard socks or a pair from 511. Can’t stand clunky boots.
  3. Yes I do, I use mecgar 17 round bodies w TTI pads and grans guts, gets me 23 easy
  4. I went with the CZC RDS plate system for one simple reason, it gives me the option of switching optics if I want. My brother and I both have SP01 with the RDS plates and when we first set them up for carry optics we had vortex venom dots and they both literally broke during the same match. Both optics elevation went out, while vortex does have great warranty service I ended up switching the optic out to an SRO. The larger window has been much better for me on the SP01. While I agree Primary Machine does fantastic work I like not being stuck with only one optic choice.
  5. I had the same issue with the Dillon die, tried all the tricks with the decapping pin and still had issues, ended up just switching to a Redding Pro series titanium carbide die and I no longer have the primer suck back. I’ve loaded close to 10k rounds with Redding die and it’s never once sucked back a primer, I’m still on the original decapping pin
  6. I wish I had gone with a 1050 over the 650. I’ve been loading up on a 650 for about 3 years now and while I like it very much (way better than the LNL I was using prior), what I miss is a built in swager. It always sucks when you miss a piece of crimped brass and start priming it on a 650, eventually I’ll upgrade.
  7. I’ve had good luck with the Dillon D-Terminator electronic scale. I’ve tried a few others but they seemed to be a bit less accurate, the numbers tended to fluctuate which it doesn’t do with the Dillon.
  8. This is exactly the same thing that I do. I tried to use a DAA backpack and it didn’t work out as well as I’d hoped. For pistols I prefer a backpack style bag but PCC I use the midway bag.
  9. I’ve never been able to get a good cheek weld while wearing muffs. I’ll wait her use electronic walker ear buds or custom made silicon molds when shooting rifles.
  10. Here’s mine mounted on an SP-01, it can be mounted a bit lower on a Shadow but this gives you a good idea what it looks like.
  11. My brother and I each have about 1.5k rounds on our SRO’s and dry during about 4 days a week for the last 2 months and zero issues so far. Battery has been fine, but I do need to pick up a spare just in case. Really happy with the SRO so far. It did take a bit of time to get used to the shape of the lense but it’s much better than any other dot I’ve tried.
  12. Only thing I did to my TS was switch out the safety detent spring to a dsperman extra power, and the Shadow 2 wide safety.
  13. I’m really happy with the CZC plate system. It allows for switching optics if you don’t like the SRO and want to try something else later and the also have a cover plate do you could go back to iron sights if desired.
  14. I use the round nose side of the stem, it’s been working great for me. Just finished up loading 3k and they all seated just fine.
  15. Check out LAG Tactical, they are very nice and they ship quick.
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