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  1. https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/triggers/czc-straight-da-trigger.html https://benstoegerproshop.com/czc-cz-shadow-2-flat-trigger-by-cz-custom/ I believe they are out of stock both places however.
  2. I’ve had great luck with the CMC PCC trigger, it’s been 100% reliable in the 2 guns I have it installed it.
  3. Watch this link, it has very good tips on prepping the mag for extensions.
  4. This, I’ve straight up flattened a few primer and never had a detonation, they’ve gone in upside down a few times as well, just don’t over force it if you feel any resistance. I do know someone who did however have a detonation, but he believes that he sheared the anvil in the primer during the indexing and when went in to seat the primer it detonated, only person that I’ve ever talked to that’s had ha detonation.
  5. mveto

    New straight CZC trigger?

    Got my triggers today and installed into my SP-01’s without any issues. They work great with the CGW reach reduction and short reset kits. Will be a while till I get to test with live fire but I really like the way the flat face feels.
  6. mveto

    New straight CZC trigger?

    Very nice, got my tracking info today so should get my two by Thursday, looking forward to getting them installed.
  7. mveto

    New straight CZC trigger?

    This is the updated description on CZC website
  8. Same thing I do, have had zero issues so far with my SRO doing it this way. I figure it’s better than repeatedly pushing buttons.
  9. mveto

    New straight CZC trigger?

    Well I ordered two so I’ll report back when I get them installed.
  10. mveto

    New straight CZC trigger?

    It will be interesting to see if it works with the Cajun reach reduction and short reset kits. Might need to pick one up and see.
  11. +1 I’ve used the GLS for the last 2+ years with my CZ TS and it’s awesome, I never worry that the gun will come out while running, it’s also one of the smoothest drawing holsters I’ve tried.
  12. My SRO has been flawless with about 2k rounds. I previously had a vortex venom that maybe got to the 1.5k mark before it broke.
  13. Here’s what I carry: 1) 2 mags on a normal stage they are 33 round mags with TF extension so 41 rounds in ea mag, I’ll carry an extra just in case there is an issue with the 1st mag. For classifier stages I’ll take another mag if needed for reloads. 2) I take 4 mags to a match usually, 2 - 41 round mags a 27 and a 10 round mag 3) I personally like the TF extension that makes the 33 round mag into a 41+1 mag, the Goliath is also a great option but it’s very pricey.
  14. Very good info, thanks for posting. I guess I’ve gotten lucky with my SRO, I have yet to get the double dots that others have complained about. Keeping my fingers crossed.
  15. I use a DAA medium backpack. Tried using regular range bags but after a while they get annoying, really like the backpack style of bags, makes transporting all that weight a bit easier.
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