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  1. I have the Odin Works Rune on mine, it’s light weight and has no rail cost is about $130 I believe.
  2. My SRO’s have been great, have them mounted on an SP01 and SP01 Bull Shadow. The 5moa is super bright and really easy to pick up in all light conditions. I would also suggest if you do like carry optics is to just buy the Shadow 2 optics ready slide, I know it’s a bit of coin but you have the option to always use the factory slide in production if you want.
  3. In Cali we have a roster of handguns that have been certified by the Cali DOJ as being “safe” to sell in the state. The issue is no new models of handguns can be added to the roster unless they meet the safety requirements, which include but not limited to micro stamping and loaded chamber indicators + a bunch of other dumb requirements. The manufactures have to submit guns for certification and pay to keep the guns on the roster every year. There are multiple lawsuits filed that will hopefully one day overturn the legislation, but until then anyone in Cali that’s not exempt has to pay a premium for off roster guns.
  4. I would also slug your barrel if possible to actually see what the dia is, when I was running a bullet that was only sized at .355 in my barrel I would get leading. I slugged my barrel and found the dia was .3555 so I switched to a .356 dia bullet and the leading went away (using blue bullets)
  5. I’ve got the RDS plate system on my SP01 and SP01 Bull Shadow, both with SRO’s. The SP01 has 4K and the Bull has about 1k no issues with either one. When I had my Venom on my SP01 I maybe had 2k rounds on it before the dot went bad, pretty sure it was a defective dot I lost all elevation on that one.
  6. I use Blue 135tc and sport pistol, with 3.4gr out if my Bull Shadow it’s about 131pf, with my SP01 it’s 128pf
  7. I’m sure this was a typo but he case flair for 9mm should be .385-.388, not .535 it would destroy the case.
  8. mveto

    Mag Release Question

    Check Ben Stoeger Pro shop or CZ-USA I've purchased the mag release from both places before.
  9. mveto

    Mag Release Question

    No it won’t fit unless you mod the mag release. It’s not wide enough inside the frame to fit the TS mags. There was a thread floating around here on Enos awhile back were someone showed how they did it.
  10. Because than you’d be basically shooting limited 10 and creating a limited optics division. Plus USPSA isn’t really geared towards duty/carry applications that’s IDPA.
  11. In my SP01 my power factor is around 130, with my PCC with a 14” barrel it’s around 138-139, that’s with a MBX mid weight barrel.
  12. The DAA's would be my choice as well, I've been using the Alpha-X pouches for carry optics and really prefer the bullets out and being able to adjust the cant angle is great.
  13. Unfortunately that's 100% accurate out here, off roster CZ's go for a crazy amount it's not uncommon to see S2's for double the retail price and TSO's for 4k. What's even crazier is that people actually pay that price for these guns in Cali.
  14. For me YES!! When I was using the MBF and Using One Shot lube I’d get the occasional stuck case, sometimes it would require a bit of force to unstick it, with the Alpha dropper it’s running so much smoother, not saying cases won’t stick but it won’t be nearly as bad. They seem to just release with a lot less effort now and it seems to be a more consistent bell on the cases.
  15. Redding Pro Series Titanium Carbide sizing die Shooting Sports Innovations Alpha Dropper powder funnel Dillon Powder check Dillon seating die Redding Pro Series crimp die Just finished loading 4k over the last few days with all range pick up brass, this setup has been fool proof for me for the last few years. Was previously using the MBF powder funnel but prefer the alpha dropper I thinks it’s a much better design.
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