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  1. mveto

    CZ CO basepad

    I use TTI with the mecgar mags, 21 reloadable for me.
  2. Slip 2000 EWL, I use it on all my firearms always stays where I put it and seems to not burn off as quickly as other oils I’ve tried
  3. I’d be interested in what cz custom has to say about the warped rds plate.
  4. This was taken off Instagram a while back, these are for CZ mags.
  5. I tried the 510c and it was not for me, I found I was trying to focus to much on the large circle when I’m used to just a dot. The dot is to small for me to use by itself. I really wanted to like the 510c but went back to what I know and prefer and that’s a Vortex Venom 6moa.
  6. I sent in two SP-01 slides and had them back in 4 weeks as well, the plate system is great. You can remove the sight and re-install the roll pin that’s how I have both of my SP-01’s set up.
  7. I’d start with at least with a 650, when I first started reloading with a progressive press I bought the Hornady LNL, I quickly sold it as it always had issues and it seemed I spent more time fixing it than I did reloading on it. If I had the money I would have bought the 1050, that will be my next big purchase when it’s time to get another press.
  8. Take a look at long’s shadow holster inc, they make great holsters. https://www.lsholster.com/
  9. Vortex Venom 6moa, same dot I run on my PCC, light weight and I can pick up the dot quickly.
  10. mveto


    Saucony Peregrine 8, they are a trail running shoe with an aggressive cleat pattern and are very comfortable, they are available on clearance on the web for a very good price.
  11. I really like the Redding pro series dies, I’ve loaded about 6k rounds through it after switching from a Dillon die and it’s been great. No more bent recapping pins or broken clips.
  12. I really like my Stoeger, mines been all set up by MOA and I’d buy it again if I was looking for a new shotgun. With the price of the gun and all the work and upgrades I’m still in it for less than a stock M2. It’s been 100% reliable as long as I don’t put cheap ammo in it, I use Remington gun club shells. Would highly recommend.
  13. mveto

    Solvent/oil suggestions

    I’ve used Slip 2000 for the last few years and it worked great, I recently purchased some Hoppes Black to try since it was time to get more oil/cleaner and so far I’m pretty impressed I personally like how thin the oil is and seems to leave a nice thin coat on everything, time will tell how it does in the summer heat compared to the Slip oils.
  14. I have mine set up with two tungsten and three steel, I haven’t tested it with split times but it’s 100% reliable and stays in target and I know the follow up shots are quick. Before I upgraded with the short stroke kit I ran two tungsten and two steel so the set up is pretty close as it was stock but with way less felt recoil with the short stroke.
  15. The rules for PCC are listed along with all the other rules in the 2019 competition rules. Just need to look through the rule book, however appendix D8 pertains to PCC.
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