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  1. A while back, I put a new aftec in a 9mm. I couldn't get it to work consistently. I bent it slightly and it has been 100% for @ 3 yrs.
  2. I like the metalform 10rd mags. They work fine in all my 9mm 1911s
  3. I had an issue with my 650. The drops were inconsistent also. Turned out the washer under the powder adj screw went bad. I think it is called a crush washer. Dillon sent me a new one, and it has been fine for several yrs.
  4. I had one break in my edge. It was a number 4. I replaced it myself and called STI, and they sent me a replacement link.
  5. John

    I have a new range officer in 9mm that I am selling.  I bought it a while ago but never shot it. It has a bomar type rear sight and a black front sight. It came with 2 mags, I think 9 rd mags, holster, mag holder, the stuff springfield includes. I am selling it for $700. I can bring it to palmetto Saturday if you are interested. I'm in sq 2 with Mike and Dianna.


    Paul Richardson

  6. I have been using the metalform 10rd mags in my ria 9mm' s for about 2 years with no problems.
  7. I had a bad batch of winchester primers a couple yrs ago. What a pain. I finally got thru them all. I have since used some winchesters without a problem. I have used cci, have had no issues with them, and they seem to load smoother than winchesters.
  8. After you have done it a few times, you will realize it's very easy to do. CLP is a good cleaner/lube. The frame doesn't need to be cleaned very often. Clean everything and apply a thin film of lube where parts rub each other. I clean my slide after shooting @ 2500rds. You want to keep the firing pin and extractor clean. Gunk will build up there. I use pipe cleaners on the extractor and firing pin tunnels. Safety check the gun after re-assembly.
  9. I have been using wilson 47d s for years. Just change springs when needed.
  10. I doubt Lowes will have it. Try a true value hardware or similar.
  11. Yes Then call sti, they will send you a new screw. Probably take a week to get it.
  12. The screw on the bottom is shorter and won't work.
  13. Is the part inside the frame still there ? If it is, I would take it to a hardware store and get a screw that would work. Then call STI. I wouldn't shoot it the way it is.
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