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  1. broadus123

    Mecgar and Metalform 9mm magazines

    I have been using the metalform 10rd mags in my ria 9mm' s for about 2 years with no problems.
  2. broadus123

    Winchester small pistol primer issue

    I had a bad batch of winchester primers a couple yrs ago. What a pain. I finally got thru them all. I have since used some winchesters without a problem. I have used cci, have had no issues with them, and they seem to load smoother than winchesters.
  3. broadus123

    1911 Complete Disassembly, Cleaner, Lube

    After you have done it a few times, you will realize it's very easy to do. CLP is a good cleaner/lube. The frame doesn't need to be cleaned very often. Clean everything and apply a thin film of lube where parts rub each other. I clean my slide after shooting @ 2500rds. You want to keep the firing pin and extractor clean. Gunk will build up there. I use pipe cleaners on the extractor and firing pin tunnels. Safety check the gun after re-assembly.
  4. Check the over travel adjustment.
  5. broadus123

    Which mags? (1911)

    I have been using wilson 47d s for years. Just change springs when needed.
  6. broadus123

    Grip screw fell out

    I doubt Lowes will have it. Try a true value hardware or similar.
  7. broadus123

    Grip screw fell out

    Yes Then call sti, they will send you a new screw. Probably take a week to get it.
  8. broadus123

    Grip screw fell out

    The screw on the bottom is shorter and won't work.
  9. broadus123

    Grip screw fell out

    Is the part inside the frame still there ? If it is, I would take it to a hardware store and get a screw that would work. Then call STI. I wouldn't shoot it the way it is.
  10. broadus123

    When do you disengage thumb safety?

    It has become so automatic that I had to draw the gun numerous times before I could answer. I disengage the safety just before placing my weak hand on it.
  11. broadus123

    local club says I can't shoot Appendix.

    That makes sense
  12. broadus123

    local club says I can't shoot Appendix.

    I know a club that does not allow pcc at their uspsa matches. I think the club can set their own rules.
  13. broadus123

    New Classifier Percentages

    Keep in mind , if they did this once, they can do it whenever they feel like it.
  14. broadus123

    New Classifier Percentages

    I didn't say your classification would change. I meant if you are in the bottom of your class, your next scores just dropped into the lower class.
  15. broadus123

    New Classifier Percentages

    With a stroke of a pen they just moved everyone in the low end of their classification down one class. This will probably cause some classified to go to a "U" when their membership expires. Too bad this couldn't have been voted on.