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  1. I would try a new recoil spring . It's an easy first step. The one you are using could be weak.
  2. I have been loading my mags the day before for @ 10 yrs. It also lets me check each bullet for any defects.
  3. I have used brake cleaner as well as carburetor cleaner
  4. I have had that issue. What I found was that the mag release was too tight in the frame. I had to sand it down a little so it didn't stick. Try removing the spring and the release pin and see if the catch is tight when you put it all the way into the frame.
  5. thanks for all the help. I'll use both springs with a rubber spacer.
  6. I'll try the o ring. I guess I should use both springs. thanks
  7. Its up @ 1/8" Should I use both springs ? It has a small spring inside a larger spring. I never had one break in over 10 yrs shooting edges. The rubber sounds like a good idea.
  8. I got some from a buddy. It felt a little weak !! LOL
  9. I just had the second elevation screw shear off the bomar sight in my edge. This is the second time in @ 2 years. I never had one break prior to this. Is there anything I should check ? Should I use a lighter spring in the sight ? Maybe I was just lucky in the past. Any suggestions? thanks
  10. Happy birthday, dude❗🎂🎈

  11. I use 10lb variable wolff springs in my 9mm. I am loading to 130 pf.
  12. I would use blue loctite also. You don't need heat to loosen the screw with blue.
  13. Both reasons are exactly why we reload.
  14. Hard to beat zero bullets, but blue bullets are much cheaper and get the job done. I use 180gr but have also used 200gr. 200gr are a bit softer.
  15. I am using an svi guide rod in my sti edge. No problem.
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