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  1. I'm using A Czechmate with Everglades ammo and no problems here, Very flat shooting. Love it. Have tried ormtech and Atlanta arms as well. Everglades is cheaper and definitely as good.
  2. Have to agree, it was the ro's call.
  3. Funny thing was the guy that won( last place) had finished shooting before the prize draw. The gent who won the random drawing for the revolver( is associated with I core) and decided he was going to donate the revolver to last place.
  4. Somewhat similar, but on a slightly different theme, at the New England Icore match last weekend, we had 5 people not make power factor(120 for icore), in icore thats a 360 second penalty. I think 4 out of 5 were shooting factory ammo that did not make power factor and they just assumed it would. One box we tested listed velocity as 770fps, a 158 gr bullet, best we got was around 755, which didnt cut it. One of the guys ended up last place because of this, and as last place won a ruger redhawk 8 shot revolver, so at least he was happy.
  5. Mags ran great today, broke a slide stop, thanks goodness I had extras
  6. i think you guys are right on the 10 rounders and the dimple, i had to take them apart to clear the jam, OAL on all the bullets are the same, its "factory Major" from moderndefense.com oal 1.14" Will try and polish the dimple, Another local match tomorrow so i'll see how they run
  7. Yes the dimple on the sides is what limits them, good thought, I will check this out.
  8. Factory 10 round mags, factory springs and follower, did clean them, got another one jammed last night. definitely thinking of investing in the grams follower and spring, or sending them to him. Thanks
  9. Was shooting first stage of a Uspsa match today w/ my czechmate, 1st round goes bang, 2nd shot click, then tap,rack and click. at this point i was panicking a little as I had taken it down the night before for cleaning and thought maybe I screwed something up. Turns out the follower on the mag was jammed, haven’t checked the mag yet, maybe it was dirty. Next stage was the classifier, glad it didn’t happen then. I’ve been shooting open for a few months, started with an sti matchmaster, then got a great deal on the czechmate, i’m A cz guy, sold the matchmaster. Gotta say I love the czechmate, jammed magazine and all.
  10. pmills2001

    Shadow 2

    This i would buy in a heartbeat!! Stock shadow 2 not so much, my cajunized cz85 combat fills the bill for production uspsa
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