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  1. I did manage to find a long slide. Don't think they have it available with an optic cut yet. The long slides only get produced every now and then. Hopefully the next batch the run will include an optic cut.
  2. To pile on, I have been running it since it came out. It doesn't seem to group quite as tight as standard off the shelf ammo but still great for competition use and the recoil difference is very noticeable. Very clean burning as well.
  3. Does anyone have one of these on their TSO or 97B? https://czcustom.com/czc-97b-picatinny-accessory-rail.html If you do and are using a light, what light are you using? Are the light controls comfortable or do they seem to low?
  4. So going this route, did they bill your insurance company directly or did your insurance company issue you a check and then you pade HoH?
  5. Hoping to pick one of these up myself in the very near future for limited major.
  6. Hey guys & gals, One of the ranges I shoot at is having a HK only USPSA match. I will post more details as they become available. I shot it last year and we had a pretty good turn out. Everyone walks away with a prize and it was fun meeting a bunch of other HK guys and gals. 2nd annual HK or HK VP match as of now will be set for April 4th at Owensboro Rifle & Pistol Club Inc. Located in Lewisport KYIt will be a LVL1 USPSA. Looking at 5 field stages with 2-3 classifiers
  7. I knew ETS was going to have mags available but I have not seen any in person... Do they suck? if so, what is the issue with them?
  8. For the ultimate in round count MBX. I have a couple of the PR9 magazines with Taylor Freelance extensions and they have worked well for me.
  9. Right now I am using a Crossbreed holster with my 365. It is a 2 clip holster. It works great but would love a more compact holster. I really like the look of some of the single clip holsters I see in this thread. My question is, Do they stay in place? Or shift around? I am often climbing up and down ladders, in attic & crawl spaces and upside down in cabinets :). Want something that will stay where I put it.
  10. Looks like we are finally getting the VP9 Optics Ready pistol along with some 17 round magazines. Now if I could just get a long slide version.
  11. Bringing this back up, I see one person doesn't recommend the Springer magwell. Are there any others that don't require the short grips?
  12. I have been looking at getting a TSO in .40 for limited major. Stock, out of the box would you guys recommend the AO1-LD or the TSO? I'm just a middle of the pack shooter typically although this year I am striving to do better and have been dry-fire practicing every night along with a weekly trip to the range.
  13. At the moment I have him shooting a M&P 22 that is suppressed to help keep him from flinching. He has no issues racking it back but the gun seems to have "bad days" when it just doesn't like to function properly.
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