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  1. Good info in here. Would love to see a print version of it....
  2. What is your overall goal for shooting in competitions? From my limited experience (I'm in it for the fun ), I've seen guys blow through stages at super fast paces with charlies, deltas, & mikes and still come out in the top 5 or higher for that stage just because they completed the stage so much faster than everyone else. Now at larger events where there are many more high level shooters this doesn't work out so well for them. They have to slow down a little and make good hits.
  3. I would love to have a steel frame X5 grip. From sig would be nice but I'd settle for any 3rd party grip as long as tolerances were good on it.
  4. robbiespratt

    P320 X5 Thread

    Is anyone running the SJC frame weight on thier X5? I installed on mine and if I tighten all of the screws down on each side of the rail the gun will not return to battery after being fired. I've sent an email to SJC to see what they say but just wanted to see if anyone else has had any issues.
  5. Why are you only getting 8 or so good shots? While I don't have a VP9 kit, I do have one for my P320 and also a 1911 and I typically get 15-17 good quality shots before the recoil starts getting weak. My son has the trainer kit for his VP9 and I would swear he told me he usually gets 14-16 shots before recoil starts getting week. Are you using the refiliiable CO2 tanks or the puncture style?
  6. I have also heard that the XDM pads fit but have not confirmed. Are you looking just for replacement pads or extensions? HKParts.net has both nice metal pads as well as various round count extensions.
  7. I have recently started working on my arm muscles as well because I noticed that as I have gotten older it is hard for me to hold my pistol steady for any duration at all. I have been using 15 pound dumbells daily working the different muscle groups and after only a couple of weeks I have noticed a huge difference in my grip and my abilitly to keep the weapon stead on target.
  8. Looks like I have a lot of work ahead of me to get to calling shots.....
  9. Hello all, I have been shooting a VP9 for the last year or so in USPSA and Steel Challenge events along with just recreational shooting. I purchased a Sig P320 Full Size Tacops on a deal I could not pass up. Anyways, did a lot of dryfire practice with it for a few months and then a buddy and I went to the range. At about 10 yards everything I shot was low. After 150 rounds or so I pulled out my VP9 and was immediately hitting on targer. So I had my buddy shoot the P320 and he hits everything on target. I then have him shoot my VP9 and he is shooting high on everything. About the same offset that I am with the P320. We did confirm with each other that were both using the same hold pattern on the target. The P320 is bone stock. The VP9 has aftermarket trigger & springs with a pull weight at 2.75 pounds. Stock sights on both weapons. I'm just trying to figure out what is causing the varience between me and my buddy. It would be one thing if he shot on target but both guns but I find it intriguing that he shoots exactly the opposite of me with the same 2 weapons.... Thoughts, opions, greatly appreciated.
  10. Hello all, New to competitive shooting but not shooting. Having a blast (silly pun) so far and learning a lot reading through the forums.
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