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  1. I say run what you got if your not in a hurry.
  2. Did y'all see MOA's video on FB. It makes me tingle inside
  3. Best of luck. Pics or it didn't happen Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J320A using Tapatalk
  4. I had no issue's with my pro until 1.5k rounds I mushroomed my firing pin. There is a huge pro thread in the shotgun section about the pro.
  5. maybe it's just me but i would go and shoot the shotgun and make sure it runs before putting new parts on it
  6. I don't have access to high speed. I have dsl with 3mbps and have no issue streaming on 2 tvs at same time. How slow is your internet
  7. Wish they made one for xdm Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-J320A using Tapatalk
  8. So I've decided to order parts for my 5.25 XDM. Pistol is used for 3 gun. This is going on my backup gun so it has less than 1k rnds through it. Trigger = PRP Extreme Magwell = Largest SP makes Base Pads = SP with Gram follower Front Site = Dawson .100 FO Extended Mag Release = ?PRP? Guide Rod = ?SP Tungsten? Is the PRP extended mag release the largest available? And is SP tungsten guide rod the heaviest available also? Is there any other parts I should swap?
  9. So I have my Pro set up to hold 10 shells with my xxl end cap. I want to go to be able to hold 12 in tube but I just looked and nordic components quit making the old EXT tubes. What are my other options?
  10. Man I just found out my Oct opened up. Wish I could have registered way back when. Have fun guys
  11. I said screw it and ordered one of each. Ffp amd sfp I'll put Ffp on my 18" and sfp on 16
  12. how accurate is the BTR-1 reticle? What grain is the reticle made for? A friend of mine says his Vortex JM is spot on with 68 grain.
  13. Does anyone know somebody who would like to shoot this match for free? I have a slot that I cannot shoot tomorrow so I need to have someone take it.
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