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  1. I agree that it's all personal preference. I shot an Shadow SP-01 for a few years, did a season with the S2 and didn't like the difference in the frame so I sold it. I currently shoot a CTS LSP with the short dust cover. Adding Lok palm swells feels perfect to me. I would love to try a Bull shadow but can't justify the expense.
  2. Haywizzle

    CJ Maven

    I just bought a Phantom from PrimaryBruce which CJ did the work. He installed the CGW Pro-Package. Feels real nice and comparable to my Rami which CGW installed the pro-package on.
  3. Haywizzle

    Yes, they do break

    The 75 Shadow/SA uses the tumbler style safety. The SP-01 Shadow and newer SP01's use the "D-style" safety. The extended D-style safety has a relief cut so the safety can fully engage when using the extended slide stop. Check out this pic. I actually just bought a non-extended 75 slide stop by mistake if you want to trade me for that extended. Hit me up in PMs.
  4. I have been using a LSP I picked up on the forums here for the last three months and love it. My transitions have improved shooting the 42oz LSP compared to the 47oz S2 I shot last year. I decided I didn't like the new grip profile of the S2 (I have large hands). Prior to the S2 I had shot a Accu SP-01 for a few years. I'll take the longer slide of the LSP over the heavier dust cover of the SP01.
  5. Haywizzle

    Shadow 2 LOK Grips

    They look great! I might have to order the same.
  6. I bought the limited/open magwell from CGW but as stated I can't find it offered any more. You can still buy from SP direct here: https://shop.springerprecision.com/product.sc?productId=400&categoryId=99 You would have to get their magbreak as well. I prefer SP's style over the CZ-UB magwell that flares out the bottom of the grip and requires shorter grips to install.
  7. What did Cajun Gun Works customer service say? They have seen it all and will tell you whats up.
  8. Haywizzle

    Shadow 2 Safeties

    Doh sorry! I saw add to cart.
  9. I use the hornady 9mm bullet feeding system. I've cracked three of the collets. On my last call to customer service I was informed my issue was brass and expansion related. I was told I need to expand the brass way more than you would think, .384 at a minimum. If you aren't that wide the mouth of the case will go too far into the collet and eventually crack the collet. I use xtreme plated and I've stopped breaking collets and get about 97-99% of the bullets to drop. I still have to "loosen" a bullet or two with a push from the bottom with a tool. Reading these replies i might have to switch to MBF if I get another major issue.
  10. Haywizzle

    Shadow 2 Safeties

    Ben Stoeger shop has the CZ Shadow 2 Extended Ambi Safeties set in stock for $50 http://benstoegerproshop.com/cz-shadow-2-extended-ambi-safeties/
  11. Haywizzle

    Shadow 2 LOK Grips

    I recently switched from LOK palm swells to LOK S2 palm swells on my shadow 1 frame. The top portion on originals flared too far and messed with my weak hand grip and occasionally my trigger finger would drag. I took a file to them and it helped. Once I saw the S2s i gave them a shot and have been satisfied. I took some pics. As you can see they don't come up as high as the non-S2 version. LOK did offer to exchange grips but couldn't accept them since I modified them. They gave me a very nice discount to but a new set.
  12. Hey Joe! It's been a long time. After some time off I've been getting back into it. I shot Greyson's plates on Wednesdays a few times and I hear some of the guys are getting BPT back up on every other Monday nights opposite of IDPA. I haven't made that one yet because of work but my schedule might change soon. Hope you are well. -Dan
  13. I used an EGW for a few years and just bought the shockbottle this month... why did I wait so long?
  14. Great thank you, I'll check them out. Always looking for local places to compete.
  15. Great advice from many above. I will be making some dummy rounds over the weekend using nickle cases and some pulled weird (to me) bullets. Thank you.
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