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  1. A local club puts on an Intro class. The first half was classroom where some of the rules and safety aspects are gone over. After lunch, we shot three stages of varying difficulty. The fee for your first match as this range is waived if you take the class.
  2. Much better match today. Started out hitting really well but got sloppy towards the end of the day. Need to work on the quickness. Practice, practice, practice.
  3. I believe I was trying to go too fast too soon. For stage planning, I generally will follow a seasoned competitor and watch what they are doing while keeping a shot count to reload in my head.
  4. Fourth match was a complete disaster. My shooting was off and I couldn't get back into it all day. Looking back I think I was trying to go too fast too soon. Have another match this coming up weekend where I will slow back down and focus on target placement.
  5. Second match went well. Need to make some gear adjustments but the 1911 performed well. Need to get some base pads as the magwell made it difficult to fully seat the magazine a few times while trying to quickly reload. Also will be adding an ambi safety as well.
  6. This went off the rails rather quickly....
  7. Been listening to a lot of podcasts and watching a lot of vids on Youtube. Second match is tomorrow. I did switch to single stack just because i like shooting 1911s more than the 320 X5 that I had.
  8. Obligatory not a lawyer statement. Here is a link to a lawyer's page discussing possession of a firearm in MA. https://criminal.altmanllp.com/gun-charges-weapons.html Basically, you need a LTC to possess a firearm in this state. For CYA purposes, the way I would do it would be to have a resident with a LTC take possession of the firearms for you and send the mags to a Fed Ex holding in the free state of NH.
  9. Do you have an out of state LTC for MA and are the high caps pre-ban? If you don't have a LTC for MA I would have a friend meet you at the airport to take possession of the firearms once they are unloaded from the plane.
  10. Never had any of the other shoes mentioned but the Merrells. Had one pair hold up for four years and they were very comfortable. Need to find a place where i can try on the Salomon shoes.
  11. Was at Harvard. Bradford is a 2 hour drive for me.
  12. Had my first match this past weekend. Followed a lot of the advice given to first timers on the board here and didn't worry about time. Focused on safety and learning the rules. Had a great time and have been bitten by the bug.
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