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  1. Are they brass or brass colored steel? Checkem with a magnet to be sure. I think freedom munitions is the only one doing that weird stuff but you never know these days.
  2. Are you just looking for a trimmer? This is what I use https://www.giraudtool.com/giraud-tri-way-trimmer.html It trims, chamfurs and deburrs all in one step. You have to resize first. I have mine on an old blower motor from a heater with the shaft sticking out of a barstool (stop right there lol) and on top I have about a 2 foot by 18 inch pice of wood with wood around it so it holds 2 of those plastic shoe size boxes with the trimmer head in the middle. I wear those rubber dipped gloves for grip, take them out of the front bin, cut them and drop them in the back bin. If you want a picture send me your email. I don't know why it has to be so complicated posting pictures here. The easiest way to get that trimmer head going is to get a small bench grinder from harbor freight and a shaft coupler from eBay. It has to spin counterclockwise when looking at the opening. Some guys just put it in a drill but drills are loud. Believe it or not the cheap bench grinder is pretty quiet.
  3. Welcome to the forum. I can't really help you with those specific questions. I really don't think that table would be good for a press. I think the constant wear a press would put on something like that would break it. What's your apartment like? Is there units below and on both sides of you? A reloading press can be pretty loud and don't forget about a tumbler.
  4. Men have been known to fight to the death over decapping first lol Personally I like to decap first because to me it's a hobby and I enjoy it. I also do not want to do any kind of weird drying process or have trouble later with water in the primers. Use about 4-6 ounces of armorall wash and wax, about 1 brass full of lemi shine and about 2 ounces of cascade rinse agent. You don't have to be exact at all. Fill it to the top with water. For the pins, again guys fight to the death over weather to use them or not. I use them, about 10 pounds to 1 1/2 gallons of brass. Weird measurements I know but my tumbler is 2 gallons. Again that is not an exact science either. Just put as much weight in as you can handle and go for it. Brass juice is the new kool-aid to and about half of the posts you get will tell you to go buy it. You'll probably get a few posts saying to use the search and then they will later tell you their methods witch I always thought was strange. If you decap first you can just lay the brass on a towel for a day and they will dry themselves. If you don't your going to have to make a drying table with a fan, use a food dehydrator or put them in the oven
  5. ? Banner ads type forums make money. I'm asking as to why he doesn't want to go that route
  6. Just out of curiosity, is this a just for fun gun or what division would you shoot it in?
  7. Care to tell us why you don't want ads? That's how every other forum on the internet works. Edititd to add, would just like an answer as to why the only "social media" type of thing I use is going to end. I don't have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or any of that weird s#!t. Just this, Harley forum, the doodie project and national match forum.
  8. I don't know where you guys are getting $20 a year from, he said $15 a month
  9. What are you saying, that the rules are not that great? Asking because earlier you said you would DQ them. What rule would you do that under?
  10. I was kinda joking using the word trolling, I forgot how offensive it is lol. I am hoping he comes back and answers some of the questions. I understand the rules but at what point does club rules and safety Trump uspsa rules?
  11. I kinda feel like this thread has run its course. I kinda feel like the OP trolled us, where ya been man? I definitely feel like we weren't there and there's not enough details in the OP. Was the RO a real RO that uses ALL the proper range commands or was he just one of the guys helping out, sometimes forgets the standby command and just hits the go button randomly? Not that there's anything wrong with that I'm always happy to see guys getting involved and helping even if they don't know exactly what they are doing. Yes, I understand the rules and how they are worded. I am the kind of guy that absolutely hates DQing anyone. Yeah I know the RO never DQs anyone the shooter DQs themselves. Here's the thing, ROing is actually a huge responsibility. You have to keep the people behind you safe and you have to represent the safety of the club even if it's not your club. As said above by a few guys, it's always obvious when someones gun goes off and they didn't mean it. That, for the safety of the club and the people around us is means for disqualification. We are playing with real guns and real ammo, you own and are responsible for that bullet forever.
  12. I really don't know why you don't just sell banner ads and have options for paid premium members like every other forum in the world. They all actually make money every month and is still free for most. I actually like the banner ads and sometimes buy stuff from them.
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