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  1. Yeah I know somone will chime in here and say they've been using clays in 40 for longer than Abe Lincoln blah blah blah... There are tons of threads here and on other forums saying not to do it and lots of guys have had case head separation in PMC brass as well as other brass brands. Don't do it, there's tons of better choices out there. I'm using Alliant sport pistol and it's awesome, pretty much never have to clean the gun
  2. I know it's not the newest coolest thing but I really like the pocket pro 2 because with some of these super quiet pcc's and 22 rifles in steel challenge I can keep an eye out the screen while pointing the mic at the barrel to make sure I get the last shot. No recent experience with the newer Bluetooth stuff but when the shotmax watch got started they tried it at a few matches and it added another hour to the day of f*#king with it and if I remember correctly it caused a couple of reshoots.
  3. This... I have the M3k and it's supposed to come with 3 chokes. I forget what the names are but they have 3,4 and 5 notches cut into the end of them. The 3 chokes that come with it are really all you will ever need. You should call Stoger and they should ship them to you for free. I believe the 5 notch is cylinder and they get tighter with less notches. If you enjoy the match and want to stick with it you need to take the time to pattern each choke at every distance.
  4. Cool thanks man. I just ordered 1 for the wife's gun to try out. She likes the Dawson mags but they don't make them any more
  5. What gun do you have? Did it come with any?
  6. Asking witch kind of press to get on Enos forum is like asking what kind of Ford to get on a chevy truck forum
  7. Are you guys talking about these ones? https://gunmagwarehouse.com/mec-gar-1911-9mm-10-round-anti-friction-magazine.html
  8. I can't believe the level of suck in this thread.
  9. Are you talking about the one this weekend?
  10. A couple of more tips for ya Check your crimp buy pulling a couple of rounds apart with an impact Puller hammer thingy. Make sure your not cutting the jacket with to much crimp. Fire a round, slowly rack out the next round in the chamber and measure it making sure it didn't get jammed deeper into the case from the impact of the feed ramp. This makes sure your crimp is tight enough. Do this a few times as well. Use the Lee factory crimp die, it's awesome and also has a chamber checker ring built in. The regular Lee seat die is good enough but when I use them I add a better locking ring like the Hornady one or something similar.
  11. So for someone like me without Facebook can someone please tell us norms what is going on here?
  12. Yeah I wet tumble too and that's just part of it having brass dust all over the press. If you use a spray case lube it will help eliminate that but it's really not a problem to worry about. The lube pad only lubes the outside obviously, the shavings/dust come from any part of the brass that isn't lubed.
  13. Are you wet tumbling? No you really can't harm the dies they are way harder than brass and lead. You want to use as little flare as possible. Just enough for the bullet to sit in and stay there while the shell plate advances. Also enough so it's not shaving the bullet.
  14. There's a lot of data on the Hodgdon reloading website for that powder. Most guys use H4350 for 6.5 C.
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