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  1. Saw the title got excited, saw the date and got ready to sign up! Then I read the f*#ked up way to distribute prizes, pass.
  2. http://shop.fiberopticproducts.com/Fiber-Optic-Lighting/Fluorescent-Fiber?page=2
  3. You're not the only one buddy. I ran into it all over the country and it's very strange. Especially when those guys don't know a single word of the proper range commands. And no I'm not talking about idpa matches, I don't shoot those.
  4. Yes I've always said f*#k bass pro shop but I use to be a big fan of cabelas. Cabelas always had great sales and pretty much everything went on sale at least 2x a year. They also sponsored a lot of the local matches. Now they never have anything worth buying on sale and don't sponsor anything. So now I reluctantly say f*#k cabelas. And the prices are a lot higher...
  5. Rte targets from Pennsylvania! Tell him Lou Scarborough sent you
  6. Is the prize table order of finish or that random draw BS?
  7. Take the Dawson mag and cover it with sharpie marker, let it dry it may take a couple coats to get nice coverage. Carefully insert it and see where it's rubbing. Tap it with a brass hammer or gently squeeze it in a vice to make it work. Use calipers to monitor your progress.
  8. Just send the receiver and tube to https://moaprecisionllc.com/ for 125 bucks it's a no brainer and it's done right. Call them first.
  9. louu


    Were you looking at the ones on gun.deals yesterday? I was thinking about getting some but I don't think I want the exposed because it probably smells like lead when you shoot and I don't want to breathe it.
  10. Anyone planning on trying it on a Stoger?
  11. I did and it did so I guess your attempt at calling me a Millennial that complains on the internet didn't work LOL.
  12. Exactly. This is why I beat my kids and my mom beat me, so we grow up strong and winners lol.
  13. Absolutely that's life, winners are winners for a reason and the same goes for the losers. Thats the way the whole world worked until the Millennials started crying that they want to be entitled to everything without having to do any work for it. I really don't understand people that see it any other way. Just like Tony the tiger said, if I got 149th out of 150 and won a better prize, or any prize at all I would feel guilty about it.
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