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  1. Really you should treat PCC shooters just like you should treat the alphabet people, just let them do whatever they want all the time no matter if it makes anyone else uncomfortable.
  2. Yer not supposed to use clays for 9mm
  3. Is there anything wrong with that? I just loaded up my first 2500 of RMR and MGs that have exposed lead base. I've always shot berry's but that don't exist anymore
  4. If they are real people they are probably gona sell 9mm for a buck a round
  5. Are they real people or are they computers or something. They just keep posting pointless five word comments on old threads.
  6. Check the thread that sarge posted. I'll also add to stay away from gem pro they basically have recalled all of the gempro 250 scales, I got a full refund for mine.
  7. If the clubs around there are having uspsa matches they have to abide by the uspsa rule set including the safe table rules. If you are shooting uspsa you have to take the time to read the rule book.
  8. Don't use brake cleaner, carb cleaner or anything like that because it will melt the plastic
  9. The small one for pistol, the big one for rifle. Clean it first with some degreaser, the Hornady one shot gun cleaner and dry lube in the black can is good for cleaning the powder measure.
  10. If your using one of those blocking things, I forget what they are call ip vanish or something it automatically won't let you join because that's what the scammers use
  11. Put your big boy britches on and join the hide, there's always threads saying where you can get factory 6.5cm. There was one just this morning, I didn't look at it though because I have no need for factory ammo. The title did have the price and it was a good price.
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