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  1. Sounds like a good idea but If it's all man vs man/shootoffs it will be hard to get new shooters and keep new shooters. How many bays are you working with here? It kinda sounds like your working with only 1. If that's the case go for it but if your trying to do a whole match, just do a regular falling steel match. Multigun style sounds like a good idea but offer a 1 gun division to. We have an amazing match here in jersey called old Bridge knock down steel, YouTube it. It's 1 gun at a time up to 2 guns. Shotgun is a ton of fun, the PCC girls are killing it to, sorry I
  2. I use Gun owners of American, their handle on Amazon smile is Gun Owners Foundation.
  3. http://www.jagerproducts.com/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=35 I've only tried the 13 pound spring on the Jager guide rod. You should experiment with different weights. Personally only shot the 34 for half a season then got into 2011s. When I play around with my glock now it does feel a little slower than what I'm use to.
  4. Are you talking about southern Chester? I think I might go
  5. USPSA went to s#!t allowing rifles to shoot in pistol matches. Then it became a full time job keeping up with the rule changes along with all the constant modifications to your carry optics pistol no one has time to load .45 anymore... Before all the mods bitch at me this was meant to be a joke.... Maybe
  6. Don't get 700x it doesn't always meter well in most powder measures. Personally I'm not a fan of titegroup but it is a decent powder and lots of people use it. Actually it seems as if every new reloader uses it without any problems. Just use what you have and after November 3rd when prices go back to normal try sport pistol or hp38 (win231) or maybe n320 if you want to spend the money.. For 223 power and 55gn bullets there's lots of good powder if you don't mind the smell or smoke get tac, cfe223, h335. If you want a powder that will do both heavies like 77gn for long range and 55
  7. If your around south jersey I'll trade you. Don't buy into the Dillon fan boy stuff on here, don't get me wrong it's good stuff but there's a ton of guys using the LnL with great results. Don't waste your money on the bullet feeder or a powder check die. Either make or get the in line fabrication tray adapter for the extra tray on the front. Fill that one with heads, use your eyes to look into the case to check your powder level and place the bullets on the case. Keep your eyes on the shell plate. Once you get set up all you have to do is pull the handle and place the
  8. If your just looking to burn up ammo fast get 5 mags and one of these https://smile.amazon.com/McFadden-Machine-Ultimate-Clip-Loader/dp/B004YF931Y/ref=sr_1_3?crid=CHZDLJRTP4D8&dchild=1&keywords=22+loader&qid=1597072615&sprefix=22+loader%2Caps%2C310&sr=8-3 You will burn through a brick in no time
  9. Flea, do you already have permits? If not get a glock certificate off of here for $400 and pay the upgrade fee (as long as Gen 5 is on there). By the time your permit comes the gun will probably be at the FFL. If your in south jersey I use Whittaker arms in Hammonton.
  10. I've always thought the 2014 rule book was perfect. Can we go back to that time period and stay there? It was a much simpler and affordable time where men showed up to shoot the s#!t and shoot some targets, a good time was had by all. Now it takes 10 hours to listen to a bunch of people cry over a rule book, (that doesn't exist) how much their blouses cost, how they broke the rules and got away with it, and how much ammo they can fit in their little rifles magazine. All this talk about expanding the sport (game) and no one realizes all they are doing by all these chang
  11. I requested the Dillon book hoping to get the one with her on it but they sent me the one with Maggie Reece
  12. Nah definitely not her. I wanna know who the girl sitting with the Dillon press is. I says got daym, got daym!
  13. I'm gona think about this one... (even though I'll probably be complaining that I can't use a shotgun lol)
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