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  1. Glad they finally took care of you. Did you get the slide fixed, If so what option did you go with?
  2. Wow I had no idea it was discontinued, wonder why? Here's where I got mine maybe give them a call and see if they have something similar https://www.oldwillknottscales.com/my-weigh-gempro-250.html?gclid=CjwKCAiAtdDTBRArEiwAPT4y-5WUDdGHAjMJnoK6pYt18fegHjpjZ-7qfM21pj6aE6zCQGZldRFkyhoCBS4QAvD_BwE I have picked up and put down the same charge many times and it was the same every time. I don't use this scale for 9mm though because like guys said above it's not necessary as long as your powder measure is good and consistent. For pistol loads I use a cheaper Lyman 1500 or something good enough, their all the same. The chrono is your scale. I use the gem pro for my long range rifle stuff. I also agree with Yondering that HPJ should change his name to grand torino. If you want to see a completely ridiculous scale that is supposedly the most accurate thing in the world go on YouTube and check out the promethius (spelling) scale.
  3. Yes, it's also the island/sight tracker. I prefer the bull style over a bushing because it's a little easier to breakdown and reassemble.
  4. If you can get one like your guy said go for it, you won't be disappointed. I absolutely love mine, it's insanely accurate.
  5. My tip is only use about 75% of the weight you think you can handle. When you are going for your max, stop at 75%. I'm super competitive and I hurt myself a few times over the years. Luckily after a couple of months everything healed cus I'm still kinda young (39). For the cardio parts know when to slow down before you completely gas out and almost puke. That's not fun and really hurts throwing up when your out of breath.
  6. Is cool they took care of you and your happy but I think it kinda sucks. I have an Apeiro with the Shulman barrel and I can't express how much I love that gun. It's the only gun I want to shoot and can't even imagine how many rounds I have through it. If it ever cracks beyond repair and they wanted to give me a different gun I think I would sell the new one and quit shooting.
  7. Im confused, they didn't fix the Grandmaster and gave you a free DVC?
  8. Yes, people are lazy, they want instant gratification and participation trophys. That's how we ended up with carry optics and PCC. Also people have no patiences for anything anymore thanks to social media.
  9. I like this post the best so far in this thread and as for now I read the whole thing (boring night shift). I'm so tired of the complaining about SG loading. 3 gun is about being able to handle 3 different kinds of guns in all aspects. If you want a hoser match go shoot a rifle at a handgun match. It takes 10 minutes a day for a week to get quad loading down and your a pro at it. You'll waste more time than that stalking people on Facebook or complaining on here than that by far. One thing that started to bug me (actually it always has) is the fake range officers that make up rules and don't enforce them for everyone. It rarely effects me but I'm tired of seeing other people get screwed by some dumbass and then they never come back. Something I've noticed is everyone wants to cry about what a match should be and never even help setup a stage. MDs hear this and stop giving a f*#k because they never get any help with anything so you get burned out MDs, in turn giving less quality matches.
  10. This is what I did https://www.sassybrass.com/sassybrass/product/casecage/ you can just make your own to. B seehawer's is pretty sweet to. For the mod in the first post I did that too but used some of that hard clear plastic from a safariland package or the Caldwell chronograph package and used one of those giant paper binder clip things. Also take some of that same clear plastic and bend it same as the funnel, put it inside to make the funnel less deep because a 9x19 case will sometimes drop in there long ways. I'll post pictures when I get home in a couple of days.
  11. I was recently asked by a friend as to why I don't shoot uspsa anymore...
  12. I didn't vote because I want to say both. I go to a few different ranges for steel challenge. Two of the clubs do 6 stages, four of them official stages and two outlaw. The outlaw stages are not like you described they are still 5 plates with a stop plate just like a normal steel challenge stage but they are just randomly arranged. Sometimes they will even use different kinds of plates like the Tombstone and bigger circles like 16inch. It breaks up the repetitiveness of the same eight stages every match yet still gives you 4 official stage times.
  13. Saw the title got excited, saw the date and got ready to sign up! Then I read the f*#ked up way to distribute prizes, pass.
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