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  1. Is this a common problem on the 1050? I've read about it a lot on the 650 but only a couple times on the 1050.
  2. Can we please move this over to the real forum (doodie project).
  3. louu

    Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    That's amazing, I gotta see that. Hopefully it doesn't make the gun not run like the A5 lol.
  4. louu

    Stoeger M3000 Scattergun?

    I ain't got no facebook, what's the video?
  5. louu

    Stretch 15

    Owell, not the first time I missed out on a good deal lol.
  6. louu

    Stretch 15

    Says they are out of stock on stretch and strong side. Am I missing something? For that price I'm sold.
  7. louu

    Smith 617 Box to Match REVIEW

    Thanks for the review, thinking about one of these for my next purchase.
  8. louu

    Viper or Venom?

    Thanks for the replies guys, the venom is on its way. Gona give it to her for her birthday on the 5th. Unfortunately living in NJ she has to wait about 6 more weeks for her "permission slip" to pick up her gun.
  9. louu

    Viper or Venom?

    So it seems like you guys are saying they are pretty much the same thing just the venom might be better because the battery is easier to change. That might be the way to go because chances are she's going to forget to turn it off lol.
  10. louu

    Viper or Venom?

    I don't know anything about red dots. The wife is getting a ruger 22 45 lite and wants a dot on it. Vortex is my only option and I don't want to get the razor. what's the difference between the venom and the viper? Witch one is better for steel challenge also what size dot should I get? thanks
  11. louu

    fiber optic rod

    This man speaks the truth! That's where I get mine from, cus paying too much for the same thing is dumb.
  12. You're probably not going to get many votes because the questions in the poll are rigged. There is no need for me to answer the second question because I have not done that and it won't let me only answer the first question. The answer to your first question is it is a match DQ. People often forget that these are real guns. I work way too hard putting on the match and I'm not going to let some reckless shooter ruin it for me, the club and the safe shooters by having an accident. If a shooter has a problem with my rules they don't have to shoot the match.
  13. louu

    Pa matches

    Yeah changed it a couple months ago. It might go to standard capacity soon though.
  14. louu

    Pa matches

    Yes 10 round