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  1. louu

    Viper or Venom?

    So it seems like you guys are saying they are pretty much the same thing just the venom might be better because the battery is easier to change. That might be the way to go because chances are she's going to forget to turn it off lol.
  2. louu

    Viper or Venom?

    I don't know anything about red dots. The wife is getting a ruger 22 45 lite and wants a dot on it. Vortex is my only option and I don't want to get the razor. what's the difference between the venom and the viper? Witch one is better for steel challenge also what size dot should I get? thanks
  3. louu

    fiber optic rod

    This man speaks the truth! That's where I get mine from, cus paying too much for the same thing is dumb.
  4. You're probably not going to get many votes because the questions in the poll are rigged. There is no need for me to answer the second question because I have not done that and it won't let me only answer the first question. The answer to your first question is it is a match DQ. People often forget that these are real guns. I work way too hard putting on the match and I'm not going to let some reckless shooter ruin it for me, the club and the safe shooters by having an accident. If a shooter has a problem with my rules they don't have to shoot the match.
  5. louu

    Pa matches

    Yeah changed it a couple months ago. It might go to standard capacity soon though.
  6. louu

    Pa matches

    Yes 10 round
  7. louu

    Pa matches

    Don't know what matches are going on at these clubs when you'll be there but a few that come to mind are ontelaunee rod and gun club, new holland rifle and pistol club, topton fish and game, easton. Tomorrow is uspsa at Quinton sportsmans club in south NJ about 2 hours from scranton, we also have steel challenge, idpa, and 3 gun check out the website.
  8. louu

    Getting DQed. A lot.

    Is it the gun? Is your trigger so light that stabbing the mag in to hard setting off the gun? If it's just nerves go for a hard angry sprint when you get to the range (stretch first), works for me...
  9. Bad idea, there are plenty of people out there that can shoot a pump just as fast as most people shoot a semi. No offense but all these "let's change the rules ides" really need to stop. I get it and all, people want to shoot their new gun with everyone else. Everyone just thinks of themselves and their new s#!t not about the people that have what they already have and enjoy they way things currently are.
  10. IF, being the key. I sent him one a while ago and never got a response.
  11. Maybe someone should call or email troy about this. Could have just been a simple mistake on his part. Production and Cheap Open are the 2 most hard to keep up with divisions. Seems like every time a company comes out with something new the rules change...
  12. louu

    Should Rule be Updated?

    I'm waiting for more comments on this to. If the rule says all retaining devices must be in place prior to the start signal how is the lock lever different on the racemaster? Interested because I use the racemaster and I leave it unlocked for the draw just like everyone does.
  13. louu


    How long does it take to get your new account approved of whatever? I signed up a week and still can't post.
  14. louu

    Rachet for ELS Belt?

    The part links are in the description
  15. Side note for all the out of state shooters, dont be scared of NJ and dont think you wont have fun with 10 rounds in the mag. I make the stages so there is almost no standing reloads, its fun being good at gun handling. This is not a pure hoser match although there is some hoser arrays, this is a very challenging match that is sure to please everyone.