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  1. If you pm me your phone number or email I can send you a picture of the standard waiver that pretty much every club uses for any type of action match. Have everyone sign one as a good place to start. Also take the above advice of calling the NRA they are extremely helpful with this kind of stuff.
  2. The MOA is made in America, to me that means something. Yeah I know my shotgun isn't made here but every aftermarket part I buy for it is.
  3. Just when I thought I finally have everything I need
  4. You should definitely come to America. What exactly is going on in NZ? We can't really believe our media here. Did they shut down all the shooting ranges, go door to door taking everyones guns?
  5. So glad I didn't go to this match. Sounds like I should avoid anything uspsa touches.
  6. Thanks guys I'll change them next cleaning (probably today)
  7. How can you tell if the aftec springs are in need of replacing? I've had the original ones in there for the past few years and so many rounds its not possible to keep track.
  8. It's probably 040, that's what my apeiro has and I get it from here http://shop.fiberopticproducts.com/Fiber-Optic-Lighting/Fluorescent-Fiber/Square_Fluorescent_Fiber_04_or_1mm_Green
  9. I did get that one to but haven't tried it yet.
  10. I went with the McFadden one. I actually thought the ultimate clip loader was a different one and when it showed up I was a little mad at first when I seen it said ultimate clip loader on the side, then I seen it also said McFadden. It works great, just had to back the screw out a couple of turns and it's good to go. It certainly makes a box of 500 rounds dissappear really quick. It's kinda funny how I'm digging 22 now. When I first started this stuff I was all about 45, after about a year I gave up on 45 and started 9mm. Been shooting nothing but 9 for the last 5 plus years or so. Now I'm really enjoying the 22.
  11. I just put this kit in my mark 4 lite myself using the YouTube video and instructions above and it's awesome. I don't have a scale but it's definitely way less than half of stock. I'll have access to a scale in a couple weeks so I'll let you know the real weight. Put about 100 rounds through it last night and it ran great.
  12. https://www.shooterssource.com/shooters-source-sfs-shotgun-qd-sling-attachment-mount.html
  13. The pistol grip will get in the way. The M3k is better because the mag tube is coated, the loading port is already opened up a little and the big one is the serial number is not in the way if you decide to open it up more. Your probably going to buy chokes anyway so just buy a turkey choke.
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