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  1. I have the same gun. All I did was put the Dawson front sight on it and put a small O-ring under the stock rear sight around the screw, it does not losen up now. I also took the rail off.
  2. Can the mods change the name of this pointless thread to something like "show us on the doll where the shotgun touched you"? Or how about "half of the forum loves shotguns and the other half hates shotguns". Or better yet just close it and move on because this thread and everyone in it, including me, isn't going to change anything for the better of this game... Yes, game..
  3. Do you reload? Most guys including myself load RNFP bullets around 1.190 for 2011's. You can feel it when you rack the slide when the rounds are to short, a short round will hand the slide up a bit. I think there was a video either from atlas or Charlie Perez on reading the feed ramp to identify if your mags are tuned correctly and your bullet length is right.
  4. $750 is a tight budget to get into reloading but it is possible. Your best bet would be to get a Lee classic turret press. It's a great press for beginners and its something you will use forever, even after you've masterd a progressive press. I still use mine to load PRS rifle ammo. Starting off on a progressive press can be a little overwhelming to some people. The Lee turret press is almost a cross between a single stage and a progressive. Watch some videos of the Lee classic turret and if it seems like something you're interested in let me know I can make a list of everything you would need to start reloading and it will probably be right at $750. There is a lot of other tools you need to reload besides a press and dies that really adds up. Do you know that there is a power factor to make major in uspsa? If you go with the turret press you will also have enough money to get a chronograph.
  5. And the handle moves wayyyyy to far. Might as well go in a full circle.
  6. Send an email to myweigh telling them about all the problems you've been having with the scale. They will get back to you asking for the recipt. Let me know if you need any help
  7. You start drinkin early this weekend?
  8. Same here, the most unreliable shotgun I've ever seen.
  9. Really good thread and a lot of good advice. There was only one small comment of turning the gun though but to me that was the biggest help. RECOIL SPRING! I don't have a lot of time to mess with this stuff so I got my first 40 this year and just shot two matches without doing anything to the gun besides making ammo and making sure it met PF. I hated the way it shot and did terrible with it. Long story short I took the time to find the right recoil spring and now I'm winning limited and L10 at every local and loving this gun. It's a 5 inch CK Hardcore. 40 is a completely different round than 9 and takes some adjustment. How I do it is put a ten inch plate at around thirty feet. Double tap on it as fast as I can with every weight spring and settle on the spring that gets me the tightest group and the fastest split. It's time consuming and your hands get filthy but it's absolutely necessary. I'm sure you know that the spring weight on the bag is not actually the spring weight and even if it is right it does not mean anything, it's just a number. You have to find the spring that is right for you. This also means just because somone on here says put this weight in there doesn't mean it will work for you.
  10. Great job man go shoot it! I got one of the originals with the Shulman barrel, definitely my favorite gun.
  11. Can you post pictures of what you cut please?
  12. I know, I was just joking. I swear if somone put a sticker that said "tripple alpha bullzeye" on an eighteen inch black dildo and told you guys it would help you shoot better if you attached it to your belt everyone would have one at the next match.
  13. Why can't you just put the magazine back in the magazine pouch? Isn't that what it's for?
  14. I like a locking holster for three gun, the safariland GLS is a great option but you have to do a couple of mods to make it work with that gun. Juts cut about a half inch off the lever and a little trimming around the mag release. For USPSA any race holster fits that gun like the safariland 015 There's also a guy in the classifieds right now selling a 2011 with a regular coffin style holster that would be decent for both but like I said, you really need retention for three gun.
  15. I've been thinking the same thing. I was always comfortable wearing the DAA magnetic all day even with the gun in it (I usually bag after a stage). My next thing I'm going to try with the 015 is a longer pice of aluminum to lower the pad about 3 inches. If that's not perfect I'll make a bigger pad out of delrin or kydex.
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