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  1. I use a 5.11 Shock Rifle Case. It can be used as a back pack or carried conventionally. It rides well in a collapsible wagon or can be carried on my back. https://www.511tactical.com/42-shock-rifle-case.html
  2. My GMR-15 has the Ultra Lite barrel, short stroke bolt & buffer (3 SS & 2 tung), ambi safety with std profile left side/low profile right. It also has their standard 3 1/2 lbs trigger. It has the std mag release. It's the one thing I might upgrade. It shoots 115 MGB JHP reloads and Speer Lawman 115 TMJ's both at 1200 +/- fps into 1" - 1 1/4" groups at 25 yds. It's my first PCC, so I can''t compare the recoil impulse to other blow back guns or the MPX, but the dot doesn't leave the upper A zone at 15 yds. FYI, it is one of the Ready Rifles purchased from Shooters Connection. I was too impatient to wait for one to be built.
  3. I've got one that runs good with MGB 115 JHP's at 1.125" and Speer Lawman 115 TMJ's at 1.155"-1.160" ( know that's longer that TF recommends). I've only ran 100 rounds of Speer, but I've run 400-500 of the MGB's. I did have to radius/bevel the follower so it would load past 30-31 rounds. Several folks have posted that not all Glock 31-33 round mags are the same. I guess I got lucky.
  4. When I bought my GMR-15 from Shooter's Connection, they were out of ETS 40's. When I picked it up, my shop had one mag in stock. I picked it up, and tried to keep an open mind. I know many had posted here that they ran great, but I was afraid I was going to get what I paid for (not much). I was WRONG. So wrong, that I've bought two more. I've shot 2000 thru the JP, and over half have been thru one of the three ETS mags. The only thing that might be better than their mags is the C.A.M. loader. With it, a 40 round mag can be loaded in under a minute. It does require a good bit of force when using old, beat up range brass. With once fired or factory ammo, it still requires some effort and table/barrel to push down on, but is easier. A Glock 31 rounder with a TF +10 takes more force than the ETS 40, but the spring is new. A 31 rounder with a TF Goliath is easier. After loading it a couple times by hand to give the spring a set, I knew I needed a loader. Loading the last 10 was a struggle. FYI, the ammo is mostly MGB 115 JHP's & 115 CMJ's reloads and a couple hundred Speer Lawman 115 TMJ's.
  5. I just picked up a JP too. I'm running factory 17 round mags with Dawson bases, because I have them for my CO gun. I've ran TTI in the past, and I liked them because disassembly was easier than other brands. With a Techwell magwell, I don't have a problem seating the 17's with +5 Dawsons. Downloaded to 15 for classifier/reload practice, they drop without issue. I've got a TF +10 and a TF Goliath on 31 Glock mags. Both run, but needed some follower tuning. I saw a post here on the ETS 40 rounders, and for $28 at my local shop, picked two up. They also run great.
  6. River Bend Gun Club is hosting the 2020 Georgia State Championship Sept. 25th - 27th. https://www.facebook.com/RBGCPracticalShooters/
  7. I started with 2 Ruger 22/45 Mk III's. One 5 1/2" with aftermarket sights for RFPI and one 4 1/4" threaded with an Alchin C-More mount & a 12 MOA Slide Ride, RFPO. Both had Volquartsen fire control groups and extractor/firing pins. Both ran good with HV ammo, CCI Mini Mags, and the RFPO run would run CCI SV if it was warm. I recently switched to a Volquartsen Scorpion. I like the 22/45 frame, but I wanted the metal (aluminum) frame the Scorpion offers. I think you get a better, more consistent, trigger with a metal frame over the plastic Ruger frames. Most folks will let you try their pistols after a match, and before I bought the Volks, I tried Rugers and Browning with Tac Sol uppers and well as several 1911/2011 22 LR conversions. I liked the conversions, but went the lazy way with the Scorpion. It runs CCI MM, SV's and Blazers. I didn't want to have to trouble shoot a conversion. I nice young man who shoots RFRO very well (first under 60 second 8 stage match), let me shoot his Scorpion, and I ordered one the following Monday.
  8. Dawson Lo-Pro. No stick issues on 4 different 1911/2011's.
  9. I had a similar budget and wanted a dual purpose 9mm 1911 (SCSA and USPSA). I went a different way, a $500 lightly used Springfield RO. It totaled at $550 with shipping and dealer's fees. I did the trigger work, and added a magwell, guide rod, safeties, etc. I also sent the slide out to be tri-topped and have front serrations cut. My goal was to have the gun I wanted and to do enough of the work to have a better knowledge of how MY gun worked. I still have to checker the front strap (I haven't bought the jig and files yet) and have it refinished, DLC. My total investment is close to $1500. With Trip and Dawson mags, it runs great and groups better than I can shoot with 115's, 124's and 147's. I own a Baer Premiere II, a great gun, and have shot a couple of DW PM9's that were also great guns. I didn't want to spend $1200-$1500 on a gun and then start the changes.
  10. I don't know the exact difference, but it's close to 2.0 +/- ozs. I went from a BX to the single stage Kidd trigger. I don't think I changed any thing else, and my rifle gained about 2 ozs.
  11. I thought my Volks UL was light at 16 ozs. until this post.
  12. I build one on a G17 Gen 3 frame. It has a Zev Dragonfly slide cut for a DPP. The Striker and Safety are also Zev. It has a Glock "-" connector. The trigger is a reworked factory unit. I have a Zev trigger, but I haven't "tuned" it to work with the Zev slide. It runs the factory G17 barrel. The mag release is a spare one from a 34. It has an 11 lbs spring on a tungsten guide rod. With the tungsten rod and a modified Seattle Slug, it weighs 24.5 oz. My steel load is a 115 MGB at 1000 +/- fps. My production load with 125's was real snappy with the light slide, so a run 147's at about a 129-130 PF. I undercut the trigger guard to fit my hands. It's fun to run at USPSA and SCSA matches as well as the occasional knock down steel match.
  13. I bought two, blue SA RO's used. One was tri-topped and had front serrations added. It's my SCSA Limited gun and is still USPSA SS legal. The other was turned into a SS Open gun for SCSA. Both got Brazos ignition kits and run great. The Open gun took a little to find a load it liked. The Limited gun runs 95 and 115 grain 110 PF loads as well as 130 PF 125 and 147 grain loads. The DW PM9 are great guns. I went the cheap route ($500-$550 used) knowing I was going to have work done and do some more work myself.
  14. I'm on the 1911 band wagon too. I bought a used SA RO for $500 shipped. I had a smith in Charleston, SC tri-top it and add front serrations (just because) and added a Brazos fire control kit. It will probably get EGW thumb and grip safeties this winter. The fit my hand better than the stock ones from SA. The reasons are two fold for me: 1911's fit my hand better and expense. The gun was cheaper. Mags are cheaper and need little to no tuning. Shooting a Prod legal gun/rig or a SS legal gun/rig also give you the option of shooting the same gun twice at a match. Shoot it Prod/SS and Limited.
  15. The OP safety concern is valid. I spoke with the MD as a match last weekend concerning the boxes on OL. That club's boxes are all PVC, and they don't glue the pipe so they can break the boxes down for storage. This isn't an issue except for the boxes for OL. He agreed that gluing the boxes for OL was a good idea to prevent the trip hazard that occurs when the box comes apart. The match the OP walked about is a unique situation. I understand the need for speed to get everyone done before dark. Maybe a shovel and a rake left on the bay would let shooters groom the stand trap between competitors. As for eliminating OL, leave the stages alone. I'm 53 with birth defects in both lower legs and trashed knees from power lifting. If can shoot it, most can. As for juniors and new shooters not being able to shoot it, I see them do it, without issue, 2-3 matches a month. Racinready said it better than I can, the stage adds to the challenge of shooting SCSA, Charles A20840
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