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  1. Was this one from the first run sold to the public or a "special order"? I preordered one the Saturday they became available and was hoping yours was from the 1st run.
  2. Not a poor analogy. USPSA forced the Centerfire Pistol Divisions to match USPSA. Steel shooters lobbied and lost for TWO centerfire pistol divisions: CFPO and CFPI. If the org felt more subdivision was needed, it should have been handled with Categories. Most don't remember than Limited 10 and Revolver were Categories under Limited before they became stand alone Divisions. Last time I checked, there wasn't a USPSA Division for rimfire pistol and rimfire rifle or PCCI. They are two related, but totally different disciplines. I shoot three monthly matches that less than 5% of the competitors currently shoot or have ever shot USPSA. And, I've road raced for over 30 years and still drive one or two events a year. I've never drag raced or had any interest in drag racing. I live 10 minutes from Atlanta Dragstrip, and I've never stepped foot on the property. Two different types of auto racing = two different shooting disciplines.
  3. I voted yes since bad knees have me shooting 5 or 6 SCSA matches to every USPSA match, and I see issues that could be resolved with direct/better representation. Here's my comparison: If IMSA (road racing for those who don't follow sports car racing) bought NHRA (drag racing) do you think the current or future NHRA officials would go to a 2 day IMSA school and then take an adder class to get NHRA certified? How about making NHRA divisions match IMSA's sport cars? They're two totally different sports with minimal cross over. SCSA still doesn't have a SCSA specific RO program. There are 4 groups of guns in SCSA and only one matches USPSA (centerfire pistol). Rimfire handguns and long guns typical come to the line bagged, and so do most PCC's. Very few USPSA shooters bring there PCC's to the line bagged. Because of this, the unloaded and show clear commands need to be adjusted. The idea of keeping the commands the same as USPSA because of conveniences makes no sense. I'm not a marketing person, so I don't have any ideas on how, but we need a strategy to get SCSA shooters to join the org. I shoot matches were half the competitors aren't members. So for those who asked what wrong and why does SCSA need more/better representation: no RO certification; rules issues (range commands specifically); and a way get new shooters to join the org. What's good: more juniors and lady shooters participating than any other shooter discipline I've been a part of (I know the shotgun sports attract a lot of juniors and ladies); more clubs starting to shoot SCSA (in the SE, can't speak for other parts of the county); and a to lesser degree, a gateway action shooting sport for those new to shooting in general.
  4. Until you get in back, you'll just be guessing. I had a STI Match Master that ran 170+ PF major loads, and with a spring change, 115 PF sub-minor Steel loads. Like many "late model" STI's, the slide broke. When I got it back, I sold it and built a dedicated SS Open gun. It is a similar build to yours, Springfield RO with a shortened slide, EGW cone adapter and Cheely Ti comp. The Cheely comp is so effective, it takes a 125-130 to run with a 7 lbs. spring. Loads with MG 115 CMJ's are snappy and loads with MG 124 CMJ's are softer with more dot movement. I've tried Autocomp, HS6 and N350. HS6 is my pick, but it's subjective. My load is 6.7 HS6 with a MG 115 CMJ loaded to 1.160" OAL. = 132 PF.
  5. I use 17 rnd. Gen3 and Gen 4 mags with Dawson base pads (classifiers and speed shoots), factory 33 rnd., factory 33 with TF +10 (41 rnd), factory 33 with TF +20 Goliath, and 40 rnd ETS. The only issues I've ever had is with the ETS mags and polymer coated bullets. This is a well documented issue here and on other forums. They run great with jacketed and copper plated/washed bullets. The Glock based mags don't care what bullets are loaded in them.
  6. Why are we discussing fixing something that isn't broke? SCSA has some of the highest growth rates in all the shooting disciplines. With the possible exception of some of the shotgun disciplines, it has the highest participation of juniors and ladies. I shoot at 7 ranges in the SE. All but 3 have a bay that accommodate SO and/or OL. No one complains at the ranges that don't, and none are lacking for participants. In fact, one range who only allows one gun per competitor had 70+ shooters at their last match. Most competitors that shoot L2 and higher have access to a range that shoots OL and SO or a place that they can practice them. And, most of the folks who shoot 1 or 2 locals a month don't shoot L2+ matches. USPSA decided to "fix" the Revolver Division several years ago, and made all the 6 shot major guns obsolete. They fixed Production by allowing every possible mod. Production used to make up 40-50% of the competitors at many matches. It's now 5-10%. They then fixed CO allow 8 ozs., 5 lumen, brass "flash lights". The jury is still out on this one, but the CO's shooters I know aren't happy. Since some ranges can't accommodate OL & SO and some people want more variety, is a good idea to take a chance at breaking a discipline that's not broke? Why? If you want variety, shoot Rimfire Challenge. If you want to "fix" something that is broke in SCSA, push the Director of the NROI to create a SCSA specific RO certification (more than half the folks I see shooting SCSA don't shoot USPSA, have no plans on shooting USPSA, and aren't going to sit thru a 2 day USPSA RO class so they can then get the SCSA endorsement).
  7. Here's another option: https://dawsonprecision.com/mag-spring-for-dawson-glock-tool-less-base-pad-extended/ I use them with Dawson and TTI basepads.
  8. For starters, they're not classifiers, they're stages. Yes our classification is based on them, but they are THE stages. As for adding stages, I don't see the need. I'm lucky enough to have clubs close by that that shoot 5-6 stages per month, and all but one can set up OL and SO. Most learnt long time ago that outlaw stages cost them shooters. If you want diversity, shoot RCSA (formally NSSF).
  9. 4.8 grains of N320 under a Montana Gold 115 JHP @ 1.125 OAL. is a 132 PF in my barrel.
  10. I've got a GMR-15 with the Ultra Lite barrel. I took 5 tungsten, 5 SS and all three buffer springs to the range with 147's and 115's. I decided on 115's with 4 tungsten and 1 SS using doubles and bills to tell me what worked. I thought I would like 147's better because of the softer recoil impulse. It turned out that the 115's let me recover faster. Both loads were 133-135 PF. All was good until I switched to a Hyper Fire ECL trigger. The trigger spring is much heavier on the ECL and forced me to switch to 3 tungsten and 2 SS. Until I made the change, I was having trigger reset issues. This is similar to relationship between the main spring and recoil spring in a 1911/2011. In December 21/January 22, I'll get to start the whole process over again with a JP-5.
  11. I run Wolfe small rifle primers in a JP GMR-15 with a Hyperfire ECL trigger without any issues. The ECL has a very strong hammer spring.
  12. I put these on my Scorpion: https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Harrison-Design-Carry-Groove-Grips-with-Thumb-Scoop-P5352.aspx I have them on my SCSA Open and Limited single stack guns. 60 seconds with a Dremel will remove enough material for them to clear the safety. I think you can use any 1911 grips, as long as you're ok with a little Dremeling.
  13. I run half a dozen Gen 4 mags with Dawson base pads and 2 Gen 5 mags with TTI's. The Dawson's run flawlessly, but I typically only load them to 20 rounds. The two mags with TTi pads both hold 23, not reloadable, but great for stage starts. FYI, both TTI mags needed a little work to fit the gauge. If you're using TTI's, check them before taking them to a major.
  14. I've never used an ultrasonic. Is your barrel/comp one piece? My Open Steel gun has a threaded barrel with an EGW cone adapter and a Cheely Ti comp. I'm concerned the cleaner will break down the thread locker (and I've got two places it can break down). Any guidance you can give will be appreciated.
  15. I usually buy Eveready or Duracell. These will definitely be my last Rayovac.
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