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  1. I bought a Seattle Slug and cut it to match the profile of the plastic "plugs" that are Prod/CO legal. With a Dremal tool, a file and some sand paper, you can add 2+ ozs in 10 minutes. And, the only reason I did this was I couldn't find an alternative that was turn key.
  2. Sorry, not the barrel, the complete rifle with new barrel and forearm.
  3. Has JP published a weight? I couldn't find one on their site. Thanks.
  4. 7.5 MOA (it had the board replaced prior to being mounted on a G17) Running 4K plus (minor and sub-minor) Zev Dragonfly milled for DPP.
  5. I can't speak for that manufacturer/model, but I've bought two, used Springfield RO's for similar prices. One had some slide work done and is being shot in Limited. The other is at JPL in WA getting converted to a SS Open gun. Both have great fit (barrel, slide and frame), and like most, are more accurate than I can shoot.
  6. Some might disagree, but a lightened striker is almost mandatory with a lighter than stock striker spring. I've used Lightning Strike (steel and Ti) and Zev with Win and CCI primers without light strikes. My CO gun, a Gen 3 17, was primarily built for SCSA. It has a Zev Dragonfly slide cut for the DPP. The slide fully assembled with the DPP is 11 oz. The slide is 8.5 oz stripped. It was violent with my 130 PF, 125 gr load. I switched to a tungsten guide rod from a steel one and cut a Seattle Slug down to make it legal. This got the total weight up to 24.5 oz from 21.6. My SCSA load is pleasant, 115 at 1000 fps. It's awesome. I switched back to a 147 at 910 +/- for USPSA. Both loads use a 11 lbs spring.
  7. Take a can of "canned" air, turn it upside down, and spray the case with liquid CO2. It freezes the case and makes it shrink enough that it either falls out or can be pulled out with a bore brush one size bigger (.40 has worked for me). This doesn't work every time, but it's awesome when it does.
  8. I use CCI Mini Mag solids in both my RFPO and RFRO (Ruger MKIII with some Volks stuff & a Ruger 10/22 Target Lite w/Aviom stock). The rifle won't run CCI SV consistently, but my pistol will. I actually like SV better, but I've had QC issues with the first case I purchased. They all fire, but from the sound only, not chrono data, some rounds have less powder. The typically will fail to extract. This mainly happens on cold days. I'm about to try a couple of the Eley SV loads for functionality. I know the accuracy will be more than good enough. FYI, I have comps on both guns, so I'm not worried about timers picking up the report.
  9. My first one, a year and a half ago, lasted 3-4 months frame mounted to a 9mm major gun. It started turning itself off. Leupold replaced it with a new one. I traded it, a 2.5 MOA, for a 7.5 triangle. The 7.5 only lasted 4-5 months, 5-6K rounds, on the same gun, but most of the ammo this time was for SCSA or Pro-Am knock down steel matches (125 - 150 PF). This time it started flickering. Leupold replaced the board with an upgraded board. While it was in for warranty repair, I worked thru the extraction/ejection issues and put a C-More back on my Open gun. When the 7.5 came back I put in on a G17 CO gun. I was guessing it would be dead in a 1000 rounds. I was wrong. It's now on a Zev slide cut the the DP. I'm well over 8K rounds between the two slides, and it still works. Maybe the new board fixed the issues of the older versions.
  10. Before selling the gun, I had 3, Gen 1 140's and 3, Gen 2 140's (all 9mm). Both sets ran, but the Gen 1 required a lot more tuning. They weren't square and the feed lip dimension weren't close to Dawson's recommendations. I had to use Dawson 9mm base pads in the Gen 1's for the SS spacers to be in the correct location (they would slip down into the base pad with TTI pads cause FTF's for the last 2-4 rounds). The Gen 2's were square. The feed lip dims were close enough that I could have run them as they came out of the packaging. I set them to the Dawson number just to be consistent. I used TTI followers and base pads. They ran great. As JCC7X7 stated above, the Gen 2's are the only thing I'd buy from STI right now. One broken slide and a four month warranty wait later, I sold the gun and mags and haven't looked back.
  11. RFPO, RFRO, CO, Limited/SS and Open = 18 yds. (See Hammer022's post)
  12. I run nothing but the 10's with 40 grn, round nose Mini Mags. Right now the only non-Ruger parts are a Volquartsen firing pin and extractor. The South Carolina State SCSA match is this weekend. They're only shooting 6 stages due to range constraints. I shot personal best on all 6 stages today and should make A on Wednesday. I'm still faster with my RFPO, but I'm slowing learning how to drive the rifle aggressively. Since CCI is offering a buy 5 get 1 free rebate deal, I bought 2 cases. Time to run it hard and get as comfortable with it as I am the RFPO.
  13. One match and 5-6 practices in, and it's running great. It doesn't like the CCI SV's, but runs Mini Mag round nose and hollow points without issues. It is heavy compared to the factory Volquartsen and TS rifles, 5 1/2 lbs. At my current skill level, the weight doesn't matter.
  14. I ran a Match Master is USPSA and SCSA. My Major load was a 115 at close to 1500 fps (9.0 grns of HS-6). For SCSA I used the same components and dropped the charge to 6.8-7.0 grns (8.0 was my knock down steel load). This took the load to barely above a 125 PF. Was the timing on the gun different? Yes, considerably different, but a 250 round practice session, and I was good to go. You might try replacing your 125's with 115's and see how you like it.
  15. So...I bought a Ruger 10/22 Target Lite. The optic and mount will be here Tuesday. If it will run the CCI SV I have "in stock", I'll shoot it at a match on 2/2/19.
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