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  1. RFPO, RFRO, CO, Limited/SS and Open = 18 yds. (See Hammer022's post)
  2. I run nothing but the 10's with 40 grn, round nose Mini Mags. Right now the only non-Ruger parts are a Volquartsen firing pin and extractor. The South Carolina State SCSA match is this weekend. They're only shooting 6 stages due to range constraints. I shot personal best on all 6 stages today and should make A on Wednesday. I'm still faster with my RFPO, but I'm slowing learning how to drive the rifle aggressively. Since CCI is offering a buy 5 get 1 free rebate deal, I bought 2 cases. Time to run it hard and get as comfortable with it as I am the RFPO.
  3. One match and 5-6 practices in, and it's running great. It doesn't like the CCI SV's, but runs Mini Mag round nose and hollow points without issues. It is heavy compared to the factory Volquartsen and TS rifles, 5 1/2 lbs. At my current skill level, the weight doesn't matter.
  4. I ran a Match Master is USPSA and SCSA. My Major load was a 115 at close to 1500 fps (9.0 grns of HS-6). For SCSA I used the same components and dropped the charge to 6.8-7.0 grns (8.0 was my knock down steel load). This took the load to barely above a 125 PF. Was the timing on the gun different? Yes, considerably different, but a 250 round practice session, and I was good to go. You might try replacing your 125's with 115's and see how you like it.
  5. So...I bought a Ruger 10/22 Target Lite. The optic and mount will be here Tuesday. If it will run the CCI SV I have "in stock", I'll shoot it at a match on 2/2/19.
  6. A 150 round session today with a factory striker spring on a Zev striker ran great. I'm shooting Limited and RFPO at a match on Sunday, so CO wasn't my focus. It will be at next week's practice. After re-reading DK's posts, I get how significant the geometry change trigger bar can be. By bending it up, I not only moved the engagement point up, but it also moved forward. This would cause the striker to go further back before being released. In doing so, there would be more compression on the spring. It could also bind the striker by forcing it to make contact with the top of the striker channel. Time will tell if the issue is resolved. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  7. I did run with all factory parts. That was one of the options I tried. Now I have to go back to stock parts with the newly tweaked trigger bar.
  8. Striker is a Zev. Should I try a factory striker and factory spring? The drop safety and spring are also Zev. I've got a factory and Lightning Strike I could use.
  9. DK, The ammo is loaded on a 1050 and QC'd with a Shockbottle ammo gauge. I check it for OAL (1.125 for this ammo), bad cases/bad crimp, and primer seating depth. This ammo passed. The primers are CCI. I've shot 10-15K thru this 17 with the factory top end. The trigger is factory Glock, so no over travel or pre-travel screws. I need to check the Striker for freedom of movement. Same for the drop safety movement. I did make sure the cups weren't aligned with the end of the spring. I learned that lesson years ago. And I'm fine with a "Glock" trigger being a Glock trigger. I've shot them since the mid 90's and never saw the need for a 2 lbs, no pre-travel, no over travel trigger. To be honest, this CO gun is a low cost bridge while I build a SS Open 9mm for SCSA. It will also get shot at the occasional USPSA match. So I'm after 99% reliable, not a 1911 trigger in a Glock. And I don't take advise/suggestions from experts personal. I appreciate someone who generates income from their expertise, giving it away for free.
  10. Update #2: I shot a 200 round practice session today without any trigger reset issues. I did have 4 light strikes, so it's time to take a look at the striker spring. I shot another 300 rounds of the same ammo thru a SA SS 9mm I'm working on for a Limited SCSA gun without issue. So it's not the ammo. I think it has a 3 lbs striker spring. If it is, I'll try if with a 4 lbs. If the light strikes continue, I'll put a factory spring in it. As to the slide weight, why wouldn't you run the lightest slide possible without sacrificing durability? We're racing guns. And I'm shooting a 115-118 PF load. Jamese35, I believe you right. Either the striker channel is bored high or the channel bore to rail location is high, or both. Without an surface plate and a dial indicator, I can't get any closer with my measurements. You are also correct about the lack of QC at Zev. The extractor hole had a bur left over from drill and tap for the optic mount. It was so bad, the ejector bearing wouldn't go but half way down the hole. The measurements don't matter as much now that I found that the issue was lack of engagement (per DK's suggestion). The heat and bend cured that and induced the light strike issue. A spring change will resolve that problem.
  11. Show me how to get a G17 slide down to 8.5 ozs with a cut for a DPP, and I will. Until then I make this one work.
  12. Update: After doing measurements for an hour+, I found that the Zev slide sits approx. 0.010" higher than the factory slide. Depending on what combination of parts I used, I was only seeing 30-50% engagement between the trigger bar and striker (thanks DK for reminding me to use the Armorer's back plate). So...I heated one of the factory trigger bars and using a vice, a set of pliers to help stabilize it and an adjustable wrench to do the bending, I now have 100% engagement with that bar and one of the Zev Strikers. I'll test it at the range tomorrow. Thanks for all the suggestions.
  13. I've never used the Arredondo, but I have used the Cheely. You might want to take a look at his mounts.
  14. All three trigger groups get the results with a factory striker group (striker, cups, spring, etc.) and two different Zev Strikers and Zev Springs. I tried 9 different combinations of trigger groups and strikers. Eventually, I'd have a failure to reset. I'm going to double check the Channel Liner (make sure it's fully seated - it was install by Zev). I've got spare liners. If it doesn't match the factory slide, I'll pull it and replace it. If this doesn't work, I'm going to try sigsauerfan's suggestion. This is has to be caused by dimensional differences between the slides, if it's not the Channel Liner. FYI, 500 rounds thru the fun with the factory slide using a Zev trigger / Zev Striker and a factory trigger / Zev Striker ran without issue.
  15. I have a Gen 3 G17 with a trigger reset issue. I’ve searched this forum and others with no definite solution found. It’s a CO gun with a ZEV Dragonfly slide (this issue is slide related – it does not happen with the factory slide). The trigger will reset to the front, but doesn’t “catch” the striker. I cannot duplicate this with dry fire (slowly letting the slide forward or letting it slam into battery). It does not do this consistently. Last Friday it ran fine for a 300+ round practice session, and didn’t reset at least 10 times during a 6 stage SCSA match on Saturday (same ammo). Here’s the combination of fire control components I’ve tried with no solution found: Zev trigger with Zev connector –Strikers (2 different Zev Strikers & a Factory Striker) Factory trigger with “-“ Glock connector - Strikers (2 different Zev Strikers & a Factory Striker) Factory trigger with Lone Wolf connector - Strikers (2 different Zev Strikers & a Factory Striker) The Slide is the common denominator. Is there any way the Channel Liner could either be too long or not installed completely? Because of this the Striker can’t come completely forward (consistently), therefore Striker doesn’t reset. I’m not wasting my time contacting Zev. I’ve been on a waiting list for frame work for three years and have never been contacted. This slide had burrs in the Extractor tunnel from the drilling and tapping of the slide for the optic mount. I had to run a needle file down the channel to clean it up so the Extractor Bearing would move freely. This equates to little or no QC. Any suggestions on possible solutions would be greatly appreciated.
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