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  1. I run Wolfe small rifle primers in a JP GMR-15 with a Hyperfire ECL trigger without any issues. The ECL has a very strong hammer spring.
  2. I put these on my Scorpion: https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Harrison-Design-Carry-Groove-Grips-with-Thumb-Scoop-P5352.aspx I have them on my SCSA Open and Limited single stack guns. 60 seconds with a Dremel will remove enough material for them to clear the safety. I think you can use any 1911 grips, as long as you're ok with a little Dremeling.
  3. I run half a dozen Gen 4 mags with Dawson base pads and 2 Gen 5 mags with TTI's. The Dawson's run flawlessly, but I typically only load them to 20 rounds. The two mags with TTi pads both hold 23, not reloadable, but great for stage starts. FYI, both TTI mags needed a little work to fit the gauge. If you're using TTI's, check them before taking them to a major.
  4. I've never used an ultrasonic. Is your barrel/comp one piece? My Open Steel gun has a threaded barrel with an EGW cone adapter and a Cheely Ti comp. I'm concerned the cleaner will break down the thread locker (and I've got two places it can break down). Any guidance you can give will be appreciated.
  5. I usually buy Eveready or Duracell. These will definitely be my last Rayovac.
  6. Anyone ever have a 2032 battery "crack"? I'll post a pic in a few. My DPP went dim, so I pulled the battery even though it was only 3-4 months old. I typically get 6+ months out of one. It's a Rayovac. I think I've used them in the past.
  7. The port cover wouldn't slide over the end of the barrel so the barrel nut tool could be used. I contacted another local JP shooter and he gave me the solution. The clover had a build up of carbon that prevented the cover from sliding off the barrel. The clearance was very tight. All it took was a 60 second blast of gun scrubber and the port cover slid off. I'll heat up the nut later this afternoon to break lock tight free and get the barrel nut off.
  8. 12-16 weeks minimum wait. I'm going to contact them in the morning. I was just hoping someone else knew the trick.
  9. Looking for help from JP owners. I need to remove the jam nut and barrel nut on an Ultralight JP barrel. I can't get the "port" cover off the barrel, and the jam nut won't go over the cover. The cover ID is smaller than the OD of the barrel (due to the swell at the muzzle). Even if I got the jam nut off, I wouldn't be able to get the barrel nut tool over the cover. If you own a GMR-15 with an Ultralight barrel, and know the trick for removing the handguard, your help will be much appreciated.
  10. I got my Gen 5 on Wednesday. I dry fired it some on Wednesday and Thursday. The pull numbers on the Gen 5 matched the Gen 3/4 pretty closely. I'm using a "-" connector with a Glock Store lightened striker and striker safety. It has a stock striker string. The recoil ass'y. is a Glock Store Tungsten with a Wolfe 11 lbs. string. With the stock trigger and a light weight striker spring, Zev 4 lbs., it would not consistently set off Wolf small rifle primers. CCI SPP were a 100%. (I have a surplus of Wolf primers left over from a primer scare several years ago). With the Timney trigger letting me run a full power striker spring, I ran 100 rounds with Wolf's today without issue. I know 100 is a small sample size, but I was having a failure to fire every 10-12 rounds before. Given that I've haven't played with connectors and I haven't polished the trigger bar, I'm very happy.
  11. I've got a 4.5" Scorpion (same upper as the mamba with a Volks lower), and it runs great with CCI SV's, Mini Mag 40 gr solids, Mini Mag 36 gr HP's and Blazers. I like the SV's the best.
  12. The pull weights I posted above are with a Glock "-" connector and a factory striker spring. I initially tried it with a TTI 3 lbs. spring. I didn't get any numbers with the gauge. I then switch to a factory spring and it felt just as good. It might be a couple of ounces heavier, put I couldn't tell the difference.
  13. I got similar results to that of Low/High. Total pull weight is 3 lbs. 2 oz. to 3 lbs. 5 oz. If I zeroed the trigger gauge after the take up, I get 1 lbs. 6 oz. to 1 lbs. 8 oz. I didn't do anything other than install it per their instructions. It's the best Glock trigger I've ever pulled, and I've been shooting Glocks since '93. I can't say I tried them all, but I've tried 15-20 combinations over the years, and nothing comes close to the Timney.
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