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  1. I scratched up the lens on a 7.5 DPP shooting SCSA loads in G17 CO gun. I called Leupold, told them what I did, and they gave me a return no. I sent it in and they replaced it under Warranty. The "roll cage' is dinged up, but the lens/dot is great.
  2. I didn't know the V3 was ever available to non-LEO's. I bought the V4 because is was the only one available.
  3. I mounted my C-More Railway as far forward as I could on a GMR-15. After my first practice session I found a lot of carbon on the lens and side of the C-More. Moving it back 3 slots on the receiver rail stop it. Being new to 9 mm blow back guns, I didn't realize how much powder residue was going to come out the ejection port. As for the FoV, to me dots (tube and reflex) don't have one. Moving the scope forward and back only changes the perceived size of the dot, not the FoV since there's no magnification.
  4. The current pull is around 3 3/4 lbs. I'm having issues with trigger freeze on close targets (5-15 yds.), and it's costing me big time. On one stage last match, I lost over a second and pulled a C on the last shot trying to overcome the "freeze". A lot of reading and watching some of Max's videos points at a heavy trigger pull weight as the cause.
  5. I've been running a GMR-15 for about 6 months, and the only complaint is the stock trigger. Most of my 1911/2011's have 2 - 2 1/2 lbs triggers. My SCSA RFPO gun is a Volquartsen Scorpion that also has a 2 1/2 lbs trigger. My RFRO has a Kidd single stage trigger that less than 1 1/2 lbs. I heard from several fellow competitors that the Hiperfire ECL is a great fit for the JP. I'm looking for feedback from those who have one in a GMR-15. Any issues? Did the safety have to be replaced? Any issues with the firing pin breaking? Thanks
  6. As a short, old guy with bad knees, it comes in handy on hard leans to the left, over high walls (4' wall with targets on the ground), and low ports. As a relatively new PCC shooter, 6 matches, I also use it to make sure I'm not going to shoot walls that are down range on hard leans. I'm still learning the spatial awareness required when the muzzle is 7-8" from you weak hand instead of 2-3" with a pistol. At the recommendation of shooters here, I also have a CMR-206.
  7. I bought a GMR-15 Ready Rifle due mainly to impatience. The only JP part I've changed is the mag release. It came with the standard, but I switched it out to the extended. It gives you more leverage, and it feels easier/lighter. Mine has the ultra lite barrel. I wish they offered a lighter hand guard. With a Tech Well mag well, C-More rail mount, a laser and 5 tungsten weights, it's close to 7 lbs. I'd love to lose 8-10 ounces of hand guard weight. I also have the factory comp trigger. It breaks at 3 1/2 pounds with a very positive reset. I wish it was closer to 2 1/2.
  8. I bought a GMR-15 Ultralight from SC, and added a slide ride C-More & a Techwell magwell. I'm almost 5K in without any malfunctions (reloads and factory including some old Production and SCSA reloads).
  9. My reloads are MG JHP's at 1.125", and they run great. I also run Speer Lawman 115 grn. TMJ's which are longer than TF recommends, but they run. I did have to bevel the followers on both mags to get them to work initially, but that is the norm with a most Glock base pads.
  10. I'm headed to Home Depot in a few. I'll check the OD of 1/2" CPVC.
  11. I had a piece of 1/2" PVC. It's too big for the JP barrel. Half inch PVC has a nominal OD of 0.840". The ID of the JP barrel is 0.750" +/- 0.005. I'm going to try a piece of 3/8" PVC (when I find one).
  12. I've only got carbon build up, no lead. I've only shot JHP's and TMJ's thru mine. My plan is to continue to shoot JHP's only. I have 2-3K MGB 124 CMJ's that might get shot. The small difference in price between FMJ's and either JHP's or CMJ's aren't worth the mess FMJ's make in a comp. I'm guessing they'd do the same in a shrouded barrel.
  13. I’ve got a question for all the PCC shooters with shrouded barrels (Taccom, JP, Wiland, etc.). Do you worry about cleaning the carbon deposits on the inside of the shroud? I read the post on cleaning the crown of shrouded barrels after shooting coated bullets (PVC pipe with “teeth” cut in the end), but I didn’t find any posts about cleaning the shroud itself. I’ve got a GMR-15, and the last time I cleaned it noticed a some carbon build up in the shroud. The gun has 3000 rounds of reloads (115 MGB JHP w/N320 & Speer Lawman 115 TMJ’s). Is it worth the time to find a shotgun mop the
  14. I use a 5.11 Shock Rifle Case. It can be used as a back pack or carried conventionally. It rides well in a collapsible wagon or can be carried on my back. https://www.511tactical.com/42-shock-rifle-case.html
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