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  1. I’ve also seen these tan dots, didn’t affect anything. I really like the powder
  2. Recently it was about a week for me to get red flag removed
  3. shooter.860

    P320 RX

    I have the SSI tungsten carbide grip, it now weighs 43 ounces. Makes a huge difference
  4. Agreed, I also had this issue on my Dillon. Needed more bell to solve problem.
  5. shooter.860

    P320 X5 Thread

    Alma, Is the gray gun flat trigger good to go now in carry optics ?
  6. I live in CT but we dont have any active USPSA clubs so I shoot outside the state. Yes in capacity limted states we would revert to following the laws. I was going to go shoot the Nats with this gun but that wont happen now with the disadvantage. Interesting idea on milling a plate.
  7. Rule changes in CO division and my state's ban on hi cap mags screws me. removing Romeo sight still won't be legal for production ? Does Sig sell replacement slides ?
  8. Anyone know any options for extended base pads that will work on a 10 round mag. I live in one of those 10 round mag states, need some for carry optics.
  9. I've finished my slide to frame fit with both tools you have. Worked out great - take your time. I'm happy with my results
  10. I did one in a week, took my time so I didn't over file it. Stones I got for Everglades custom made it pretty easy.
  11. Can someone enlighting me on the benefits of a bull barrel verses a standard barrel. Going to build my first gun, slide is a Caspian without the reverse plug cut, wanting to know before i start.
  12. Roger that ! My shorty open 9mm wicked loud, but I love it. Double ears always.
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