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  1. Brownell‘s is a good choice, refinished a shotgun came out great
  2. +1 on Gans, he does beautiful work Built me two guns and has done my slide work.
  3. I’ve also seen these tan dots, didn’t affect anything. I really like the powder
  4. Recently it was about a week for me to get red flag removed
  5. shooter.860

    P320 RX

    I have the SSI tungsten carbide grip, it now weighs 43 ounces. Makes a huge difference
  6. Agreed, I also had this issue on my Dillon. Needed more bell to solve problem.
  7. shooter.860

    P320 X5 Thread

    Alma, Is the gray gun flat trigger good to go now in carry optics ?
  8. Yeah big weight difference
  9. Painted and installed.
  10. I just received mine today from SJC, going to paint it up then intstall on open 9. I'm hoping it helps settle dot faster as I'm waiting on dot to return on 2nd shot at close hoser targets.
  11. in my G34 using Ameriglo sights (GSSF model) 124 grain FMJ 4.0 g titegroup 1.14 OAL 13 # slide spring
  12. I am at 4.1 ish with Titegroup under 124's at 1.14, getting a 129 ish PF.
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