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  1. I started gaming with SS 9mm 1911, minor in IDPA, then moved to a steel Para, then a 6 " STI Bull barrel for USPSA,,, like my heavy guns. But was shooting major. Then I got into pins with heavy loads of 44 mag and 45acp. I recently got a XDM OSP,,, 4.5" with a Viper,,, basic drop in trigger job and some mag extensions and a lighter recoil spring , combined with mousefart 147 gr ammo... Man I love this thing it rocks.. I was just a B class, with bad knees,,, but know way would I ever feel this gun is holding me back from what I could do with a heavier steel gun
  2. Joe4d

    Which Ambi Safety for STI 2011???

    A vote for none of the above,,, Have ZERO use or desire for an ambi safety,, they are exposed and more likely to get flipped down while holster. They are in the way and more likely to get flipped UP with your hand while shooting. No stage can require u to draw with your week hand so any left hand engagements are almost always transferred from right hand. In fact have NEVER seen any stage where a ambi safety was the least bit beneficial, and lots were it was detrimental. If I was left handed I would still figure out a way for a right side only safety.
  3. Joe4d

    Factory .40 for Major

    American Eagle 165's was alot milder recoiling than most factory 180's or other brand 165's , Chrono'd 1020 out of my 5" Para Ordnance with the fairly worn factory barrel. That should be about 169pf
  4. the different mainspring housings are meant to fine tune the gun so your natural point of aim and the actual bore line up. A thicker mainspring housing will tilt the bore up. Flush will bring it down. Nothing to do,,, or at least shouldnt be about preference. Its a physical adjustment of the gun. Stand square and focus on a small target, close your eyes. Present the gun at the target, open your eyes. Where are the sights in relationship to the target ? For STI's, Caspian, and Para's , Flush MSH seemed to be closer. For SS Arch works better for me.
  5. Joe4d

    Traveling to Fort Lee, VA

    Black Creak in mechanicsville is closer, right up 295.. Its a members only but they host a monthly steel match http://www.blackcreekgunclubva.com/
  6. Joe4d

    Anyone get 20 reloadable from a G35 mag

    If you can load 20, run an undersize die on your last station and it should give you enough extra room to seat. those couple 1000'ths add up over 20 rounds... Although when would u ever need to reload 20 rounds ? Doesnt USPSA still have a 32 round max stage count ? I mean if u are starting with 21 rounds, and need to reload another 20 rounds,, ur stage is probably shot. Granted I havent followed the game in a while, so maybe things have changed. Just curious.
  7. Joe4d

    End of season 'bath'

    dont soak, pour some in a bowl, toss in the small parts, frame and slide just gets washed out with a paint brush. This is for all steel guns,, no idea how it would react with plastic/polymers
  8. Joe4d

    End of season 'bath'

    Mineral Spirits works well, just remove anything non metalic.
  9. Joe4d

    2400 in .357 LSWC confusion

    My results with a MO coated 158 SWC Fed small pistol magnum primers, Didnt have any extraction issues. But had much better results loading 180's felt better also. Really liked the 180 flat points over 11.6 grs of 2400 gave me single digit SD's was very accurate. and 1161 fps out of my 5" 686. Intended use would be bowling pins and back country SD. 240014.7 gr, 1363 fps, SD 5615gr 1433 fps SD 5015.3gr 1431 fps SD 20.
  10. thats because you want something the other person has and has no obligation to change their terms to suit you.. Dont like it ? You can move along to the next item . Simple as that. When I am selling something, I tend to state my terms pretty clearly in the add. If I get a buyer with a bunch of what ifs what ifs what ifs,, I basically tell them never mind.
  11. Joe4d

    650 Sitting or Standing?

    I am at slightly less than a stand.. Have a stool with an old bass boat seat attached to it,, Kinda a lean/stand/sit type of thing.
  12. Joe4d

    1911 cases above ejector

    brass stove piping ? Usually thats a loose extractor, damaged ejector , or underpowered ammo ( or too heavy spring) as in the brass open end is now pointing up ? top end off gun put in problem mag. note how high it is in relationship to ejector. Compare to non problem mags... Looking for miscut mag catch hold here. Check your ejector make sure it is staked in fairly tight.. a small amount of wiggle is ok, check for damage to the tip as well. Ammo the same in the working and non working ? Or ammo inconsistent ? With slide still off, pull barrel, put a piece of brass on the breach face under the extractor. Turn the slide right side up,, brass should be held pretty firmly.
  13. Joe4d

    Upgrade STI tubes or buy MBX

    Back in day my preferred setup was DAwson SNL's Dawson , Dawson Spring Dawson follower 20 reloadable old style STI tubes.,,, but usually only put 19 in for my reload mag.,, Id get STI tubes from Brownells. HAd a couple tubes a bit out of square that wouldnt drop free, Sold them to a tuner as I didnt want to mess with them. Never like Gramms... weak springs, needed fitting, wasnt impressed. Rescomp Still around ? 23 round start with a 141 gauge making mag. Rescomp tube bolen guts and pad, Udie.
  14. Joe4d

    Sending Money to Strangers

    Then dont do it. Not much in another state you probably couldnt eventually find locally or close enough to drive, or being sold by a regular business. I do find it ironic the pot calling the kettle black here with the info in your own profile.
  15. dang that would really blow. far as private sales,, no perfect answers. Things credit card or paypal tends to be the opposite and offer seller no protection... IE buyer simply reports item never received then keeps it. Of course then that leaves buyers to start shipping sig required,,, Making it a PIA for working people. PLUS I really find it useless anyways. Not like UPS or USPS checks ID or even requires a legible signature.