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  1. Joe4d

    Delta Point Pro ??

    I am just getting started with this, I first went with a Burris FFIII,, major fail couldnt even get the battery installed. Battery was thicker than the compartment. Plus the hood makes it impossible to get straight on pressure. If I couldnt do this at my desk under a magnifyer lamp, no way Id want to mess with it at a range. Next up was a Viper... Zeroed with some mixed reloads, so not perfect, But easily shot 4 inch groups with some factory 9mm 124 gr ball. I can shoot again ! and actually hit where I am aiming. Somewhere I have some high quality 9mm 130 pf reloads but cant recall what I did with them. will have to load some 147's up and see what I can do. Runnin an XDM osp 9mm.
  2. Joe4d

    Possible lead poisoning

    Ditto for me, although I have been tested no lead in me.
  3. Joe4d

    What changed?

    Ive been ordering a few items lately, Havent noticed a problem. I used to buy lots from them 10 plus years ago... Problem i=for me is their websight SUCKS, It used to be alot better,, You either get a gazzilion matches or only a small percentage of what you are looking for. I ended up just downloading the catalog in PDF,, and then with my last order got a catalog,, So much easier to flip to the section you want.
  4. Joe4d

    CZC Sight Cut P Series Issue

    Well u did better than me,I didnt even get that far. I couldnt even get the battery installed in the Burris. Gave up after about half an hour, boxed it up and returned it.
  5. Joe4d

    S&W 929 Holster

    Same thing I did with my limited gun, Just went with a blade tec DOH,, I just wasnt losing by a small enough margin to make it worth the added cost and worry of the go fast rigs. Guess when I start losing stages by a 10th of a second I might reconsider.
  6. Joe4d

    Marking Rounds

    I mark the bases, put em in a hundred round box and mark a 2 color X on them. Many of the regulars did the same in Hawaii. There was a barrel at the back of each stage and everyone when forward to tape and pick up brass and set it on barrel. Folks that cared could get their brass back and at end of match all the unmarked brass got dumped on a big screen table and people divied it up. LEO used same range and they left their brass so there always lots of once fired Nickle Speer 40 to pick up.
  7. Joe4d

    Shoes for competition

    Mstamper, ya gotta find the Football cleats.. Seems most stores only stock soccer and baseball which seem liek they are made for people with three toes. Look at those big old Offensive linemen,, I found Hi top Addidas foot ball cleats, that are made for bigger wider feet.
  8. Joe4d

    USPSA range commands and an AD

    If lighting off a negligent round isnt unsafe, I dont know what is. Really kinda ridiculous the way this section of the rules are applied.. 10.5 clearly says its not an all inclusive list, yet for some reason unless the specific act isnt spelled out, it some how isnt unsafe. I worked as a CRO under Gary Stevens he was also my RO instructor, so I know how he would rule and I would rule accordingly,,, Doesnt mean I like it and agree that interpretation. IMO thats just obvious USGH... Sorta like porn,,, I cant exactly define it, but I know it when I see it.
  9. Joe4d

    Precision Lever Action?

    Winchester 88, Float the stock, have a place for a bipod on the forearm. One piece stock. rotating 3 lug bolt.
  10. Joe4d

    The Last Kingdom

    Well good for you, but who wants to sit and read subtitles ? Seems alot of Netflix shows are like this. Never understood directors that seem to think hard to understand dialog is a good thing, its either accents, or the characters whisper or mumble, or the sound leveling is messed up Sound effects so high you turn volume down, but then characters talk u cant hear them. I did go ahead and finish the episode, once they fast forwarded i time away from that kid, it wasnt so bad. Still had to do some rewinding in places. Black mirror was disappointing as well, seemed like a show I would be all over, just simply missed too much of the dialog, so only watched a few episodes.
  11. Joe4d

    The Last Kingdom

    I really enjoy the vikings, was talking about , Last Kingdom,, Never mind, made it about 15 minutes before I gave up,, bunch of undecipherable goblygook. So sick of this crap,, Some otherwise good shows on netflix with accents so heavy you cant under stand what they are saying
  12. Joe4d

    Recommended shooting classes

    I took a 3 day class with D.R Middlebrook many years ago,, was info overload, as I had to unlearn defaulting to weaver,, Barbara Middlebrook took over class at one time and things actually clicked a bit better. Same material, just different presentation. I went back a couple years later and took the 5 day. Got way more out of it, as I was already part way there. Only issue I had was DR allowed one of the students to never shut up on his war stories wasted lots of time.. Back then I was nice,,, now ? Not so much woulda told him to STFU he's wasting my time and money, I want to hear someone that can shoot, not from someone that cant.
  13. Joe4d

    The Last Kingdom

    hows the dialog ? can you understand it or is it all heavy English accents ?
  14. Joe4d

    Stage brief

    yeh, all those mag on table guys violated rules,,, ro shouldnt have started them... He could have just issued a STOP command after are you ready, instructed shooter to stow mags, then re started commands with Make ready.
  15. Joe4d

    Stage brief

    Well unless you can pick those mags up at the beginning of the beep, and have them in your mag holders before the end of the beep you are in violation of the rule, as nothing in the WSB stipulates otherwise. But really the problem is just a bad WSB.