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  1. shouldnt have to do any more than buy some recoil springs to tune to your loads.
  2. quote the rule that says its a DQ to drop a holstered rig in the out house ?
  3. hummm, typical handgun velocity, shoot same velocity,,, you'll get same arc. same POI Use SAME everything other than a 180 or 155 you get SAME arc, and velocity... only change is recoil.. ( go read Newton) OR you can argue, do a gazzillion experiments, and end up with up nothing..... \ If you have a 40,,, and shoot lots of games develop a 180 gr major,, Then do NOTHING but change to a 155... you will have a minor load that runs your gun, has less recoil, and has same POI
  4. 15 yards?,,, unhuh also could be a recoil management issue,,, Do the math,.,,, Swapping a 155 load for a 180 has been working a long time. Zero ur gun go play do what works. All the stuff we say here is just guide lines to give a start point. That is what is cool about reloads. You do wat works best for you.... ride your own ride
  5. Disagree,, at least as far as 40 is concerned, been doing this a coonage. vary the powder you slow down the same weight bullet... Ever thrown a softball or football ? on what planet does a slower ball have same arc ? Buy 180's and 155's from same company, same profile.... develop your 180 major load. Do NOTHING to your press, powder measure etc,,,,,,,, just switch to 155 at same profile. same brand. You will get a 140 pf load, with same POI, that works same same springs and has a bit lighter recoil than the major loads. SAME arc , lighter recoil due to less mass, but same impact
  6. If thats what you got, go for it,, but no way I would buy it for your applications. I agree with ZZT, go with a faster powder.
  7. guns are like Doritos,,, cant have just one, Just like girls, all different shapes and sizes make the world go round.
  8. at one time a printed sent out rule book every few years with a different color cover kept things pretty straight, everyone knew at a glance it was the latest version. With a bit of use, was way easier to flip through than a pdf on a phone out doors. Not to mention you could hand it to someone to read. There was also the stability of rules issue... rules stayed the same for years.. Draft versions of rules were presented... and even then rules didnt change until a new rule book was issues. Nowadays, single change of code changes rules or interpretations, and all of the sudden seems
  9. ummm yeh,,, ,, everyone doesnt walk around with a swipe planted in their face. Not like dues pay for anything else useful, send us a rule book.
  10. Why does it matter ? guy was making a point... Someone got on a soapbox. ... Evidently he's been to nationals and seen the same thing I have at nationals. RO's, CRO's that dont score or enforce rules as they should be. FYI,, "SHOULD" as a verb has ZERO business in a rule book. SHALL , SHALL NOT,,, CAN, CAN NOT,,, verbs like "should" are garbage. One of the reasons I quit IDPA,,, a rule book full of suggestions, and a classifier that didnt even follow their own suggestions. I expect better from USPSA,, and really kinda surprised that line is still in there. Kinda surprised
  11. what is your setup shred ? not doubting you, but the paper clip and tooless things used to make me scratch my head on a bushing gun. I have commanders and 5 inch and the all run a 1 piece full length rod, that I have no problem taking apart.. I pull the rod plug, spring and bushing then the slide stop, pull slide and guide rid will just wiggle out the back... My bane is this 6" RIA Bull barrel,,, its a pin gun and while the GI style runs fine I am using a 20lb spring and its a mofo to get back together
  12. I do agree with you,,, the trim line stamp isnt amounting to much, just the available features.
  13. well your post is a bit contradictory.. Frequently various configurations are only available on specific trim lines. things like titanium cylinders, flat side barrels, cut for moon clips. While I admit it isnt the stamp, the features can make a difference. Can you get a 5" slabside 7 shot cut for moon clips 686 that isnt a Pro series ?
  14. I needed a 3lb maul to light off remington large pistol...
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