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  1. everyone on here is grown, dont like the price dont pay it, dont like the person dont buy in the future. What we dont need is a nanny system. I see and have been offered alot of grossly over priced items here,, guess what ? I scroll on by.
  2. Well stock is 13,,, 16 with pads going out to 140 Springer has them. If you are a 1911 guy, you will take to the XDM alot faster than you will a glock. Pretty much all i ever shot was 1911 and 2011, and really took to the XDM, (not the XD the XDM really is better). Grip angle is all wrong for me on a Glock.
  3. havent bothered to look at a local ammo price in 20 years. Always cheaper and easier to order it. Same with primers and powder. When the prices of components went way up 15 or so years ago the LGS's never lowered their prices back down even when components came back down.
  4. looks like standard didnt split until 92 or 93 and 40 was pretty available by then. I thought it was much earlier. It also worked in 9mm sized frames so alot of gun companies were jumping on the 40 bandwagon.
  5. Any old timers out there recall , WHY 40 was minimum for major vs 45 ? ? 40 S&W round didnt even exist when that rule was made. Was it just to keep out 38 super from standard, when standard and open started ? Seems it was pretty much a 45/9mm game at the time.
  6. Joe4d

    6mm Arc

    seems military is adopting all kinds of things lately, Seems like I read it was using 6.8.. Is this 6mm ARC simply necked up 5.56 or is it a different brass. I am thinking 350 legend when parts become available again. Everyone is sold out.
  7. Well benifit of the doubt, guy is just asking why ? well simple economics. Remember, what one person gets for free another person pays for. Locals tend to barely break even. If discounts were given for teardown, the match fees would go up for everyone else to cover match overhead. Settup takes hours and actual work, day before or really early before,,, So to get the match off the ground MD's offer incentives that other shooters pay for. I imagine most are ok with that, as they like to shoot and dont want to get up early or come the day before. Tear down happens when everyone is there,
  8. well then you end up deciding whats local.. Probably way easier to just have an RO meal / lodging allowance flat rate per day.
  9. very well could be, probably need more dry fire. I am pretty much an index point shooter, and at least think I am target focused. Makes sense though. Dot is higher and throwing off my index, so maybe I am then focusing on the screen looking for the dot.
  10. folks tend to eat everyday. I dont see the need to buy people meals. They would be buying them at the match or not. Generally these match meals are hit and miss to the point I imagine most folks dont count on them anyway. Always seems to be a huge hassle for MD's and I always wonder why bother ? Far as lodging depends on your area. How many RO's need it ? How many are local ? If you want to pay for it, just give each RO half a room in money. Let them figure it out.
  11. well for what its worth back in day when I was partially worth a flip. My prefered load was Precision 170 gr moly bullets over WST, at 1000 fps.. I was running a 6" STI bull barrel. The 170's just seemd to run better and flatter. the 180 and 200's kinda went Cathunk cathunk, like slow motion.
  12. still hanging with the dot. So far it isnt helping me. My dot died before make ready and I switched to my iron sight revolver. Shot best 4 run set ever. I am shooting pins at 30 feet, so not same as USPSA,,,
  13. wst makes a good coated bullet 40 major load as well. Think you may need to drop back and punt. You are using powder and bullets others do well with, so probably not that. You have any SPP ? maybe the rifle primers are causeing problems. Could try a tighter crimp. Also, have you pulled a bullet and remeasured diameter ? Like is your loading process swagging down the bullet to a smaller size ? Maybe you have a short throat or chamber and your pressure is getting too high. Did you chrono your major ladder ? How was the SD and was the velocity gains consitent ? maybe for your gun app, m
  14. XDM 5.25" competition. 45. Pack the grip insert with tungsten putty, tungsten guide rod, and a drop in trigger kit. I like them in 9mm.
  15. Is there a thumbs up button ? I scratch my head about the whole wet tumble thing. Jeesh,, pick up off ground, throw in big dillon tumbler with corncob and a bit of some case polish, run over night. Dump in sifter, shake. My press has a brass tub on bench ,, I grab a few big handfuls of brass, throw in bin, give a shot of Dillon case lub, stir around, load and shoot.
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