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  1. thanks, I bought mine in early 90's, I thought about the SDB for the small primer stuff, which would be 9/40/ and 38/357.. But then Id need more tool heads and caliber conversions.
  2. pretty interesting. I ran a 6" bull barreled STI, with TG under jacketed or WST under hardcast moly coated preciscions. Never got the TG smoke thing till I shot a mover on a rail into sunlight at Area 8 on a hot, no wind extremely humid day... Was like shooting a cap and ball gun. switched to WST for coated. Found same thing with clays,, gets spikey at higher end.. SD's would go all over the place and really wasnt that accurate in my 40's,, Although at the time I was loading short for a Browning Hipower. Far as slide speed. I ended up going with WST and a 170 gr Precision... It just felt better. Seemed the 180's just went kathunk, kathunk,,, like the slide was slow,, 170's just worked for me better in the 6"... for 5" I prefered 180's... Right now I just set up the 6" STI to run 200's over BE86 at around 200 pf for pins... My box o parts caspian 45 pin gun is taking its sweet time.
  3. "soft" is basically a function of burn rate,, fast powders will be softer when loaded to same power factor... Problem is pressure. Get too fast you generate too much of a pressure spike to reach X velocity.... why clays and major power factor can cause some Kabooms, if you arnt loading long. Slower powders create lower peaks but for longer time,,, so can make same velocity at lower peak pressure. Average pressure in the barrel moves bullets. PEAK pressures stress guns. Another issue, best bang for buck these days are the various coated bullets,,, powders in the fast TG range tend to run hot and generate smoke and foul barrels.. although if that is an actual match issue, depends on your rig... If I can run 400 rounds without a hiccup, dont really care how dirty it is. Powder makers are catching up with bullet makers and coming out with powders made for the coated bullets. Sport Pistol is one of these. A bit slower, cooler and better suited for coated. I looked hard at 244 which is in the 231 burn rate area but its low volume gave me pause... BE86 is kinda slow compared to many,, but dang it has shot good in everything I have tried it in.. Be nice if I could do basically one powder for much of my shooting.. BE 86 is pretty close.
  4. Joe4d

    Whatcha doin'?

    took the yah mules to Petersburg Battlefield park
  5. The rule says holstering, not holstered. Assuming a typical locked and cocked single action. Was a DQ once he started the act of holstering. I assume the hole point of the rule is to have the safety on or gun in its designed safe carry condition before you sweep your self. If I was the RO I woulda handed the shot timer to one of said deliberators. This really isnt a grey area discussion rule. Pretty black and white.
  6. I am fully vested in a 550 ,(not sure what letter), plenty of powder measures , tool heads, etc,, really want to set up another with large primer,,, load 243/45acp/ 3006 which IIRC all use same shell plate. Then keep my current one set up for small primer, and 40 / 9mm... which again use same shell plate. Ive seen a couple different 550 designations on Ebay,, other than some upgrades or chages here and there are they basically the same ? Meaning will my exisiting tool heads, shell plates, powder funnels, caliber conversions,, yadda yadda all work ?
  7. Here are some pads, to get you to 140 Dawson and ahrensomethingorother also makes them as well as extra length spring kits. https://www.shootersconnectionstore.com/Taylor-Freelance-Rock-Island-PARA-140mm-3-P5017.aspx You should google to make sure Para mags work. Gun looks like same design, Looking at the RIA websight though, I think your question may be where to get 140's,,, vs just mags. I think answer to your question is you dont. You get the stock size mags then add extended base pads to get you up to the 140mm length and extra capacity you are looking for... Should be 15-16rounds
  8. Ur Googlefoo is week grasshoppa,,,, LOL,, Look for Para 14/45 magazines. Mecgars are a bit short if you have a mag funnel,, not sure about the pro mags. https://www.cheaperthandirt.com/promag-para-ordnance-p14-magazine-.45-acp-14-rounds-steel-blued-par-a1/FC-708279006357.html
  9. Joe4d

    Knife Snobs

    agreed, I like good knives and have no tolerance for junk. I have a D2 tool steel bench made,,, maybe 150 ish,, great knife, My EDC is a $30 swiss army, pretty decent steel actually. I use hoof knives ( horse) and have been through $20 ones and $200 ones... brand I use now are about $80 for the right handed one, my left handed one is cheaper as I rarely use it. , and are as good as the much more expensive ones. One of the best bang for buck fixed blade knives on market are the Morakniv, DONOT let the price fool you,, these are really good steel, take and hold a razor edge... I have several, and am VERY happy with them. If you are looking for artwork ? beuty in eye of beholder. If you are looking for a tool,,, some pretty good ones out there at reasonable prices... like south of $200
  10. Sport Pistol if you can find it. wont smoke with coated like TG, wont temp fluctuate like WST, and cheaper than VV's
  11. Putting together for carry a compensated 45 XD mod 2 compact with Pearce grip extensions tuned and loaded with heavy hardcast coated wide flat nose bullets to 45 super specs.
  12. Which is 100 % BS in IMO,,, Unsafe gun handling rule specifically states list is not all inclusive,,, yet if the actual offense isnt listed some how it isnt a DQ ? I'm sorry but these rulings and interpretations have gone full retard. If lighting off a round when you didnt mean to isnt unsafe gun handling, I dont know what is. Guy lights off a round,, visibly jumps and and gives a "Oh crap" look,, yet I have to get out a tape measure to see if it is a DQ ? I call shenanigans,,,, straight shenanigans.
  13. Is there a like button somewhere ? Lesson dont offer unsolicited advice or be prepared to get butthurt when some one tells you what you can do with it. Some one asks advice ? sure give it,, if they dont listen its on them , why worry ? FYI seems to be a lot of blowhards hanging around gun shops and ranges. Eventually those of us that are self confident get tired of their antics and quickly tell them where to go.
  14. Umm excuse me, but looking at those pictures, Id have to agree with the MFG,, looks pretty simple, obvious cut out for the tab,,, frame rails area isnt touching.
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