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  1. Assuming USPSA production I was gonna weigh in and say no, as it isnt specifically mentioned, IAW the special condition 2 which is then repeated for some reason in 5.. There is a grip section that doesnt list adding weight as an allowed mod. Seems you could make your own after market grip by adding tungsten to the removable grip panel. Honestly that rule book section has turned in to a great big giant hot mess. It's ridiculous. Used to be what set USPSA apart from IDPA.. a clear rule book. Not anymore I see. Gets worse every edition. Case in point. 21.1 is in direct contradiction to Special condition 2 and 5.. I mean its night and day. 21.4------Grip modifications such as, but not limited to, undercutting/smoothing the trigger guard, adding or removing finger grooves, or adding stippling, grip tape, or checkering are allowed. Replacement grip panels are allowed provided they do not extend below the butt of the gun to form a make-shift magwell. To me that says I can create my own aftermarket grip panel and make it heavier as long as it isnt more than 4oz heavier. However another direct contradiction under specifically not allowed. 22.2 "Grips Non-OFM grip modifications (addition or removal of material) that provide function, such as a beavertail or thumb rest are prohibited." Geesh in one breath it says one thing another the opposite. Should just say no beavertails or thumbrests and leave it at that if that was the intint. Stippling, grip tape, weights are ways of adding and removing material that provide function. Ayyiyi,, what a hot mess.
  2. mags are pretty trivial, once when heading out to a horse race I forgot my dang horse. Trailer hooked up ? check Tack ? check, Thermos of coffee ? check Food for 3 days ? check, Hay, horse feed ,coral panels ? check Pint of Jimbeam to either celebrate or drown sorrows ? check.. Work 10 hour shift till 1230 AM, come home grab few hours sleep to roll out by 3am,, head down drive,, horse is standing by fence looking at me.... hummmmmmmmmmmm sonofa
  3. various coatings were a step up in cleanliness from plain lead and lubed. and a step down in price from jacketed. The more expensive decent copper plated were little to no savings or in fact more expensive than just buying true jacketed from Montanna or Precision Delta. The lower priced plated had sizing all over the place and some were just true garbage only suitable for fishing weights. Seem to be more people using some these days and maybe a few companies have improved, but only ones I have found worth a flip were Berry's but they got higher than jacketed years ago. Been bit a few times by folks like west coast, Rainer, despite some folks liking them and really have zero use for plated bullets. If I want good enough I'll buy coated. If I need super clean I will buy jacketed. Dont seem to be many open pistol guys loading plated either.
  4. Joe4d


    honestly if cost is such a concern you are better off with a more common , cheaper, more durable cartridge like a 38/357
  5. Benos should figure out a way to generate some revenue with non intrusive advertising and stop crying me a river. The A#1 competition forum shouldnt be that hard.
  6. yeh thats what I was thinking, couple squirts of electrical contact cleaner then some air. Gonna put the heavier stryker spring in, IIRC the trigger kit came with 2 and I chose the lightest. My issue is eyes and fingers. I find the gun extremely hard to take apart. Have no issues with 1911, but this guy is a royal pain. The XD's were really great when they were $300 HS2000's and took slightly modded M9 mags, was one of the few new wondernines you could get full capacity mags for. Probably what killed the Walther P99 when it came out. Couldnt get real mags for it.
  7. The XDM is a good platform. Just not much needs to be done to it or really much that can improve on what it is other than a drop in trigger. So you dont get all the tips and tricks tuning threads other platforms generate. Prices on these are pretty reasonable. I got a 9mm osp, and liked it so much I went to a 3.3" mod 2 45 for carry. Mainly backwoods mounted. Just was never to keen on the idea of falling on a cocked and locked 1911. Still waiting on my tankers style holster I ordered for it. Any tips on the firing pin channel dirt issue ? Last session I got a few light strikes, and seems the cause may have been dirt in the firing pin channel as I have never had it apart. Although I do have the lighter of the drop in kit springs in it. How many rounds can I go without cleaning it ? Kinda blows as I just got the optic zeroed and load worked out.. And seems only way to get the pin out is to pull the sight.
  8. was on amazon prime video,, floated around in my list for awhile, clicked on it finally . Was pretty good
  9. agree thought of Fury.. Usually not much for war movies... Guess after being in a few kinda kills the entertainment value. But this one I liked.. Fury was decent as well. Although I think they coulda done a better job on the background and the whys.
  10. OMG what a great movie... Watch it,,, a russian movie but characters are dubbed in American English, easy to understand,
  11. Both Winchester white box and federal American Eagle, run their 165's with same powder charges as their 180's far as I can tell. Both will clock around 1020 from a 5" barrel. chrono'd at 2 majors. Kick a lot less than most other factory ammo, ran American eagle 165's about 2 years in HI when it was all I could get. Felt just like my 180 reloads.
  12. see if a "special" person is using it. Pretty much what the "interpretations" are based on.
  13. Had a Burris,,, battery compartment blows chunks. Good luck actually getting the battery in.. horrible design. Fought mine at my desk under a magnifying jewelers lamp for a half hour before I gave up and returned it. Total junk,
  14. bigger is better, you want a 5-8 moa ,, A zone is pretty big and you are talking 25 meter and closer targets. the 2-3's are for rifles shooting out past 100 meters. I have an XDM osp,, put a Vortex viper on it, so far so good. Honestly I dont think ANY of the reddots are all that solid. They all fail. Vortex, Leopold, both have pretty good warranties. The Viper I got for about 175, Buy 2 if it fails you have a spare wile the first one gets fixed.
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