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  1. No location info in ur profile, but I have an unopened 1lb maybe 2 ,,, and an open with about 1/2 to 3/4 of American select I have no use for. Could do local or will sell for $15 per lb plus actual shipping

  2. Joe4d


    Pretty much,,, Think I was able to quadrupal dip on discounts last summer.. Free shipping , free hazmat, Birthday $10 off coupon code, then the primer mfg had a rebate on 5k plus orders.. Think when all was said and done ended up paying about $22 per K delivered for 50k. Based on inflation I think last year or so have been the golden era for cheap ammo and components
  3. My local range just shutdown completely,,, just in time to cancel first pin match of year
  4. Was just working with this bullet. Loading to 800 fps plus or minus a few, 205 PF 255 gr coated Bayou, 6 inch barrel 5.4 gr Be 86 SD 7.8 4.8 gr American Select SD 16 4.8 gr AA#2 SD 10
  5. just put on a good match with good stages, lower the entry fees and dont worry about the prize table
  6. you need to dig into a manual, plenty out there. But I will say 20 grs of black is a full power 38 special load. and IAW Hodgdon 15 grs is a max for long colt. and pretty sure I used a 28 gr spout in my 44's. I doubt you can fit 20 grs in a short colt case.
  7. 15 years ago ? LOL, they are still doing it, To the OP yes they are all the same. No one is making gun lubes. They are just repackaging and grossly inflating the price of automotive and industrial lubes. There is NOTHING any of these wonder lubes can do, that cant be done by a lube available in any automotive store for pennies on the dollar.
  8. good luck, I gave up on my pin gun project , 45 caspain frame,,, due to no working magazines. Tried the modded Eaa witness mag which is what that mecgar POS is,,, wont work reliably if at all. Also tried factory EAA 45 mag, again, no go not even close. Honestly far as I am concerned Caspain can take a long walk on a short pier. They did same thing 20 years ago with the limited guns, cranking out and selling 40 frames and guns,, but,, nope screw you if you want a magazine.
  9. Bayou, SNS, Missouri,, Precision, Half a dozen one, six of the other all seem to be close in cost as well. I buy on weight and profile. Like I get my 180gr .358's from MO,,, my 45 255's from Bayou
  10. ive got one, it was fit to a sear at one time,,, seemed cool till you actually use it weak hand and bump it on every shot. But hey make me an offer I will mail it to you, may work for you. Send me a PM I will take a pic of it tommorrow see if its what you are looking for. I think its the old Gunsight. Ptobably bought it in late 90's
  11. Not so much the content, its the style of adds which turn people off, popups, auto load videos, that type of things. I dont think the forum has changed much though Cha-Lee... I think some of us have just matured. I recall people have always not searched, asked for load data rather than buy a manual, ask for the SAME load data thats been posted thousands of times... I mean good grief how many 9mm 147 gr tightgroup postings can there be ? Not my page, I do enjoy it, but not so much I would pay a subscription, nor would I tolerate intrusive adds. I suspect I represent the vast majority of users.
  12. If the adds were just banners along the sides and not popups and videos, wouldnt need an add blocker. I'd suggest doing a survey about adds. I bet the vast majority would have no issue with shooting related banner adds.
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