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  1. no idea about the rules, but I have several brass mag pads for SS I used in Standard in HI 10 round land. You check brownell's ? Although dont really see much need for them if your gun is set up correctly and you have good reload technique.
  2. USPSA is a VOLUNTEER SPORT !!!!!!!!!!!!! Give up your time, your travel expenses, and a jacked up FEE for the love of the game ! And then work your arse off, again for free,,, cause without you matches cant continue ! Well unless you are a BOD or a hoity toity,,, then you expect a free ride all expenses paid vacation. Asinine that USPSA charges for RO classes. Even more asinine the membership tolerates it.
  3. yep I am wrong, should repeat, Make ready or just stand there and say nothing
  4. Make Ready ” – This command signifies the start of “the Course of Fire”. Under the direct supervision of the Range Office r the competitor must face down range, or in a safe direction as specified by the Range Officer, fit eye and hearing protection, and prepare the firearm in accor dance with the written stage briefing. The co mpetitor must then assume the specified start position. The Range Officer will not proceed with any further range commands until the competitor is still and is in the correct start position.
  5. OMG,,, What is this IDPA ? who cares ? SIT means your ass is on something supporting your weight.. Assume some funky monkey position, I would just keep repeating, "are you ready" till their ass was holding them up. Oh I am sitting,,, OK then pick your feet off the ground But again,, WHY ~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! put a line on ground,,, Start is behind line,, gun in holster. No amount of stupid carnival crap will change an order of finish .
  6. nice,,, need to check my mags, might be a market
  7. well 22 rounds can give you a competitive advanage. Most limited guys are running 19 reloadable 20+1 start.
  8. LOL,,, unhuh,,, like I said,,, REMFS and Poges.| Used to run pistol ranges for those chuckle heads,,, umm yeh,,, be better off not drawing attention... Just saying.
  9. Hi Joe.  Out of curiosity, what did you mean by your one legged man in an ass kicking contest?  


    For a C class shooter in Production (shooting a super dooper new fangled bottom feeder), what would you estimate to be the average reload time?  Time between last shot and then first shot from fresh mag?  


    Moon clips reload pretty fast.  I'm no Jerry Miculek, but am not exactly bottom of the heap either.  I get compliments wherever I shoot from both bottom feeder and revolver shooters (makes me feel good).  In my particular class, I guess I never figured I was at a huge disadvantage in that area.  


    And frankly, it matters little.  For me, its about staying proficient, improving proficiency, competing, shooting with friends, meeting new friends, and having a fine time.  


    Do I want to win Rev Div B class?  Do I want to win Prod Div C class with my revolver?  (That is where all of my classifiers put me.)  Sure.  Of course.  But it doesn't consume my life.  I hold nothing back.  My classifiers are honestly shot.  But seems like a lot of match winners miraculously shoot well over their existing classification!  I could be wrong.  But seems that way many times!  (Of course that doesn't apply to GM; those guys are the best.)  

    1. GrumpyOne


      This sort of thing would be better suited to a pm, instead of a status update, where all on the forum can read it.

    2. Joe4d


      Meh doesnt bother me, shooting revolvers with moonloaders  in production is a fart in the wind. Best of luck to you regardless of the butt hurt.

      Heck I felt same way shooting single stack after a few years of Limited,,

      But I am sure there is at least one, one legged dude that is excellent at ass kicking. 

    3. varminter22


      Sorry, I didn't realize that.  

  10. pistols are a joke. Mainly for poges and REMFS. Actual soldiers would rather have an extra canteen than a pistol.
  11. Was kinda the point of IDPA. Which started when IPSC/USPSA only had standard and open. But some of the equipment rules went full retard. Shoulda just stuck with size and weight limits that made sense.
  12. Ive killed a deer and a coyote with the Hornady factory subsonic huinting ammo... 190 gr with a poly ball for expansion. Bullets exited with a decent sized hole which was bigger than entry. Cycle my 16inch carbine gas gun with no problems. Also they cleaned house on bowling pins, compared to 208 gr FMJ's that seemed to just knock them over vs off the table. I am with you on the can. I really dont get the Amercan attitude about supressors. Most countries they specifically WANT you to use them to hold down the noise. Think one of those integral suppressed muzzle loaders are on my radar.
  13. If there was a source I highly suspect you would end up paying more than you would just buying ammo. The issue shoulda been brought to RO's attemtion to correct. Or I woulda just changed squads
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