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  1. thanks for the help... got it back this week and shot yesterday. Girl wants to shoot. Well at least the buck a round stuff..
  2. Id post pics of todays shot groups, but cant figure it out
  3. OK buy stuff from these guys, No questions no nothing, they just fixed it, zero cost to me, 14 day turnaround
  4. Could you not ad a number2 in the shooters name so you can tell which was the first run that counts for match recognition ? Would still be scored, as in shooter knows what he got, USPSA would get fee, but if there is any type of recognition, that score doesnt count. Or if people are tracking there position they know to disregard. As in shooter Tom Jones, and Shooter Tom Jones2
  5. baloney, I shot indoor IDPA on a small single bay range for years when I was new. Never even heard about side wall, was never mentioned, til I joined club. Wasnt a DQ it just wasnt mentioned. Stages were set up so bullets hit backstop or bullet traps. Ans we ran 8 stage state level matches.
  6. Joe4d

    Carry optics dot

    hey buy the SRO and sell ur others, I need a reddot for a mount , not slide ride. seems most of these last forever on a frame mount, its just the slide mount that is the issue
  7. Ah ok, misunderstood, forgot about the "slideride model of Cmore,,, vs the current use of the term slide ride optic as in carry optics. Thanks
  8. Its fine as long as second run, whether new gun or not is clearly labeled . Shooting is fun. Shooting more is more fun
  9. well if sight I have doesnt fit, would start from scratch and use something cheap that fits existing holes. My Serenpidity is made for a Caspian wide body frame... Think that is what I remembered. The width is ok, but the pattern isnt. Maybe... on the slide ride, but from what I heard, slide ride blows compared to frame mount. Id probably rather do a frame mount and buy a new dot or tube. Keep in mind this is stationary pin gun, not USPSA
  10. Looking at the 45 hunter as a pin gun. It's drilled and tapped but I recall old threads saying it didnt fit anything. I have a Cmore serinpidity ? is that right the sight and munt made into one. Does it fit this sight ? Or what mounts are out that do work ?
  11. Unable, thats a MD issue. Shoulda looked at squads and spread some folks around in one way or another. Unwilling ? yeh thats just wrong. As a MD I might accidentally start losing some registrations
  12. Joe4d

    hogue grips

    pf around 180, those ahrends cover the backstrap ? can u post a picture from rear of gun so I compare ? Yeh sweat an issue, been hot and humid like a sauna last couple months.
  13. By S2 you talking a CZ Shadow 2 , yeh race that sucker. I went plastic fantastic XDM, cause it was cheap and fun , but just shooting pins, maybe an outlaw steel. No USPSA or IDPA in my area.
  14. Joe4d

    hogue grips

    Typing this with a bruised web and inner thumb. Was practicing Bill drills basically. 7 rounds into a 6" pie plate at 10 yards. With typical mousefart ammo was no issue, but going to my 180 and 158 grain match ammo my hands took a beating and gun jumps around a bit.. Really first time doing this with revolver. Anywho about grips, had Altamont square but conversions. Just put the factory rubber back on. But havent shot it. My loads are fairly stout. Looking at grip options and found this thread. Also my fingers are long I guess and seems like I could use some kinda covered backstrap. I have also read that the only thing rubber does is give recoil a running start. Also as mentioned still got the exposed backstrap with these UM's Any tips or experiences to offer in my new grip search ? Or just suckit up and practice ?Gun is a 686 RB
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