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  1. Getting that time, getting back into shooting and having vision issues, basic front sight blurry or target blurry. Read throught he FAQ's cant find what I am looking for. I have several pairs of Wiley X's so going insert route at first.. Heading to eye doctor this week. Going with solid lense right eye ( dominant) all focused on front sight. Left lense will be all distance for irons as many threads suggest that. But what about for a reddot gun ? All distance in both eyes ? polarized or not ?
  2. Joe4d

    10mm/.40 SS mags for Major OR Minor

    keep us posted,, also note your bullet brand and OAL.
  3. 2 no shoots and a procedural are not decent shooting.. Even more so if they were Miss, hit no shoot... can kill ur score quick Move faster, but shoot slower.
  4. Joe4d

    Hammer restrictions for Carry Optics?

    there is no production division in IDPA, inclusive list of allowed mods in ESP can be found in With exception of sights lasers, and overall weight... Yep ESP rules.
  5. Pretty much all major matches are this way. Only way to get the bugs worked out. Also helps the RO's do better job figuring out any quirks or most efficient way to score it. Fix issues with the briefing etc. Only time I would have an issue with this would be secret stages... Because they arnt secret to everyone. Give me 5 or so minutes to walk through 1 stage before shooting watch a couple folks shoot, show up early or day before and walk stages if you like. , and I dont see someone shooting it last week as having any advantage.
  6. Joe4d

    Winchester 244

    Looking through Hodgdons actual load data for 9mm 124's and 147's.. and 40 155's and 180's it seems like 244 is faster burning the the placement on the burnchart would have you believe Looks like its alot more like TG or WST than Unique. Need to see if the LGS has a lb I can try before I bulk order.. Havent found any SP.
  7. Joe4d

    Burn Out...

    I stopped about 2010ish,,, for me it was the time to shooting ratio.,. was only 1 USPSA match and that was a 5 hour round trip drive , Plus match had to be signed up for a week out to get a slot. Basically putting in a 12 hour day for less than 2 minutes of shooting. Was some IDPA a bit closer but wasnt interested in it very much as the inconsistent rules and vague rule book just got to me. Got into horses, then endurance racing them,, got myself and my horse injured and while we both rehabbed and did one more ride, my heart wasnt in it anymore either.. Played with mounted shooting a bit, and recently stumbled into a nearly NIB XDM osp,,, so may check out a couple IDPA "Like" matches... that are only about an hour away.
  8. well I see 60 year old ladies hauling water bladders and coolers,, I would assume any non girly man, should be able to handle a couple guns and some ammo..
  9. I do endurace which often involves parking in one area and crewing a mile away,,, So basically you gotta get horse water, ( like 20- gallons) cooler, feed, all ur pitstop items from here to there usually over fields or rough terrain. I see alot of folks with these. They fold flat and hang on the inside of a horse trailer door. Maybe over kill but they can haul some gear. https://www.statelinetack.com/item/fold-it-barn-cart/BRW30/?srccode=GPSLT&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI7b7c9aG74AIVWIGzCh1VVgdzEAQYASABEgKJq_D_BwE Also see these guys people use surf and pier fishing. https://www.westmarine.com/buy/sea-striker--pier-surf-beach-fishing-cart--15011802?mrkgcl=481&mrkgadid=3252241818&cm_mmc=PS-_-Google-_-GSC%20-%20Product%20Type-_-15011802&product_id=15011802&adpos=1o1&creative=108421551844&device=c&matchtype=&network=g&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIm7eCjqO74AIVioTICh3giwybEAQYASABEgLEhvD_BwE
  10. Joe4d

    Getting .45 down to 125pf?

    I SO'd long ago a revolver shooter,, I could see his bullets going down range. Claimed they were 230's at about 550. Got a head scratcher when one of the bullets stuck in the cardboard and target backer.
  11. Joe4d

    Question on Starting Condition

    hammer down at the start. once the buzzer has buzzed you have already started... Do what you want. Any one says other wise ask them to show you the rule that says cocking is prohibited. Nothing really to debate. That being said , no idea why you would want to,,, maybe if u had to draw in a long small shot or something,, even then probably faster just to DA it.
  12. Joe4d

    Is Single Stack Dead?

    which all adds up to nadda on the score sheet. Go look at some matches... SS guys and production guys of the same class are shooting the same HF's.. I can see revolver being seperate division, or Open with its compensator and optics, or Limited with its 140mm full cap mags.. I mean the equipment makes a pretty big difference. But there is no competitive difference in production and SS.
  13. Joe4d

    33 oz XDM

    no, just filled the 3 cavities with the tungsten putty, then pressed in a couple weights as well, What game/division ? Brass magwell a nogo in USPSA production, CO and IDPA. Far as IDPA could make a case either way. CXOntradictory rule book. One area it says no weighted grips, another says aftermarket grips are ok as long as they are no more than 2oz over stock..
  14. Joe4d

    10mm/.40 SS mags for Major OR Minor

    Well USPSA is a different game, you will definitely want to go 10+1 if you are shooting SS minor. Lots of folks seem to think highly of Tripp mags so it's worth a shot. Might be fine. Like I said for me it wasnt worth the hassle to see what the issue was. As mentioned I could use the extended 10 rounders for USPSA (shooting limited in a 10 round only state) and was better off with 9 rounders for IDPA ( at least back then) Probably could have been fixed with different bullet profile or OAL, Or maybe the springs were just too tight and needed broken in. Who knows,, but worth it to figure out in your case.
  15. Joe4d

    Rule 9.1.3

    the scoring section of the rules pretty much has a common theme, whether its a timer, not enough holes, too many holes, or anything else. You "KNOW" the time and score,, so write it down, or you dont... then its a reshoot. Thats the RO knowing, not the shooter. Shooter isnt guaranteed a look at the targets. In practice,,, you knowing is for you to decide. Personally I see it as respect for the person with the timer, to wait for them to score target. At local level RO's tend to be handed off for different shooters. But on that run, the man with the timer is the man.. Id tell BOB, if he wants to score targets he can take the timer,,, otherwise ?