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  1. take ur mags a apart, make sure no burs on the lips, then throw the tubes in your brass tumbler with media over night. loose the grams springs and followers, for the life of me I dont see why these are so popular,, go with dawson or stock and wolf or ISMI springs. wack the back of mags when you load them
  2. , well DUH,,, If they dont go to Nats they arnt champs of anything. 100% disagree... people have lives and turn it into a points during year thing and those with lives will simply not bother showing up. So I dont shoot an area, suddenly I am behind in points and no hope of doing well at nationals overall ? Yeh did that one year in BASS before I quit. Or is your goal to make nationals a sweety pie sponsored shooter only event ? Yeh good luck getting the finances to work out on that. Far as stage count,, no reason it couldnt be 12.. 6 AM 6 pm over a few days.. Folks could pick squads and do 6 a day, or all 12 in one day.... Think fredericksburg VA could do that 12 stages, plenty of lodging, plenty of shooters, plenty of RO's, plenty of food.
  3. humm looks like it is too far back,, as their "incorrect " position seems correct to me. I was taught full wrist lock, probably wouldnt be a big deal to relearn though
  4. whatever was on sale.. did it for years with Precision black bullets, But also master blaster, Mo, Bayou, Seems nowadays most companies are using pretty similar molds.
  5. Good for you,, hey this is a game,, have fun,, run what you brung,,, but there is a reason the 2011 platform has been dominating for 20 plus years.
  6. back in the day I used to scratch my head at folks that would buy cheap junk escorts, chevettes and what not then throw a ton of gaudy after market parts on them, complete with gold rims and curbfinders to get them to just barely not suck rather than just buy something decent to begin with,
  7. Hanes,,, 2 pack for $18, as good or better than anything with a bunch of fancy labels. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KBZT6CC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. I broke my right arm, and became a pretty good lefty... I thinks its possible. Just gota practice, but not just dryfire,,, everything else as well. Keep your right in your pocket
  9. not like said club was following the rules anyway,, No such range command as "Load and make ready" So you could have said whatever you wanted considering no official range command was ever issued to signify the start of the COF
  10. west coast blows chunks,,, changed name a few times, but they been sucking since the 90's... sizing all over the place. If you have a drill press they make ok fishing weights.
  11. Your major PF load is up to you. I never saw the point of 200's for USPSA, ( good for pins though) In fact in my 6" gun I went to 170's Just felt like slide was too slow and a CATHUNK CATHUNK feel. Think you arew just spending more money for no gain with the 200's. Know nothing about 3 gun but assume it is a minor PF game.. What will really work well for you is to develop a fast powder 180 gr major load for USPSA,, then get the same companies 155's of the same profile. Can get it in different color these days. Change nothing else on your press, same powder, same OAL,, you will end up with a 140ish pf load that has same point of impact, near same velocity, still cycles and feeds the same, just has a bit lighter recoil, and saves you some bullet money.
  12. depends on that second steel,,, I read it you cant stash mags, just reload from barrels In that case, Id grab gun run left, shoot t1,t2,t3, from first port, move clockwise to second,, shoot T 4 and t 5, grab mag and reload moving to center,, take T6, T7, 2 steel, T8 ( one by the H) and T9 the low close one. Move right to 3rd port reload take T10 and 11,, retreat to last barrel but dont reload take T12,13 and 14
  13. is there a spring in front of the roll pin ? or the one behind.. Ive got a dot on mine I just zeroed,,, and of course just now getting really light strikes
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