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  1. Joe4d

    DQ event

    well USPSA rules arnt pointless, in this discussion.. I mean they could be but probably arnt. , I would guess VAST majority of folks on this page are like me and know USPSA and not IPSC. Big reason I replied with the USPSA caveat. I admit, not sure if IPSC is different, and also know IPSC has a few different rules. So really invite discussion on how IPSC is different so I can educate myself. That being said. I was a CRO, did some area matches many moons ago. IMO STOP ! is right command. At that point I am a big boy and can figure out if I have positive control of the situation. I have RO'd foreign speakers and even a couple deaf shooters. No issues. STOP ! obvious gringo looks at me sees what the problem is,,, holsters,, raises hands,, I have no issue with sending a taper down range... If I had an issue I would issue ULSC... not that big a deal... Sorry but ur RO needs some remideial training. Take it with grain of salt I got remedial from Todd Jarret at a club match, when I screwed up range commands at a club match , which was great,, as it was practice for him and me for a major. Very professional,, talked about it after the run.
  2. Joe4d

    DQ event

    well IMO under USPSA rules, the correct thing to do would for the RO to use correct range commands. That is wh we have specific range commands and not chit chat... After make ready was given correct thing for RO to do would be to issue STOP command.. Then take whatever action is necessary, then start over with make ready. Yes should be a DQ if guy draws after Stop , and before make ready. SO basically the guy ggot DQ for not reacting properly to an improper range command,, doesnt seem legit to me.
  3. Joe4d


    Adidas high top football cleats. Most cleats are made for 3 toed lizard men, but these actually fit humans.
  4. If its just a project gun why are you worrying about a custom smith ? Buy Kuhnhausens shop manual and a few stones and a jig and do the stuff yourself... Yeh you'll screw some parts up, but in the long run you will learn alot and not be stuck somewhere dependent on a smith to get your gun running
  5. none, its just for those places that have laws prohibiting 40;
  6. but isnt that 1/3rd of the equation ? Speed , POWER, accuracy.. If you and I shoot the same speed, and same accuracy, but my load chemistry shoots more power , I am supposed to win.
  7. Falling doesnt give you an excuse to risk lives around you,, still your fault, still keep the gun down range even if it means more pain when you land. Although to your question,,, what would be the point of keeping said points up to the DQ ? what exactly do you plan on doing with them ? not like you are stockpiling them for the end of year.
  8. Nope u are wrong its me,,, price is 1 million and 1,,, You had same thought on an answer that I did,,, LOL,, find most expensive gun in the world, and I can charge more for it
  9. yep,,, 140 mags,,, scored minor,, so cheap 9mm,,, best division ever
  10. Joe4d

    New Shield

    Anyone know what optic the ported 45 is shipping with ?
  11. u need something that takes up alot of room in case,, and doesnt get nasty when burned at low pressure. I dont think 320 is up to the task,,, Trail boss or Clays, seems to be better. Honestly though if they are that bashful they cant handle typical 40 minor loads I say just stick with a 22, . I mean jeesh I have seen 10yo's blasting away and having fun with a glock 19 and factory 9"s
  12. polarrized pretty much only work for water... No good for shooting. Other than that ? Use the force.
  13. Joe4d

    Solvent/oil suggestions

    Whale oil is the bees knees,, but for some reason is FROWNED UPON ! I use bees wax toilette seals in my cap and ball revolvers, cause it doesnt create tar with blackpowder like anything petrol based does.
  14. I got some Wolff SPP's back around 2007 for $12 per K,,, got 2 orders of 70lbs,, yep they are hard,,, but seemed to all go bang,,, were a bit harder to load. Although that is better than the early 90's CCI's that wernt even round and would hang up in the tubes on a Dillon primer feeder.. Was new to Dillon.. MY dealler took my CCI's,,, "Um yeh dont use these" gave me winchester.. Been using them ever sense. I did get a shipment of newer CCI's from a company that was going out of buisness about 2010,,, and those all ran through the Dillon just fine and all went bang." I do have to say I dont push the envelope on my trigger jobs. My 2011/1911's use 18lb MS under titanium MS cap titanium strut, and titanium firing pin.
  15. Joe4d

    Solvent/oil suggestions

    LUcas gun oil is just their 2 cycle oil, repackaged and GROSSLY overpriced. Hoppes solvent is kerosene with some scent enhancers. Buy a qt of Mobile 1 oil, or 2cycle oil for lube and a gallon of mineral spirits or kerosene for cleaner... Call it a day.
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