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  1. The safety part of only applies if the hammer is cocked (because of the "or"). So, when refers to the safety in, it is referring to the part of that comes after "or."
  2. 9.9.3 would be a better rule if it said "Appearing scoring targets will always..." It would also align better with
  3. You wouldn't want to wear out your safety by having it on for too long. Similarly, you should buckle your seatbelt after reaching your destination.
  4. I haven't been able to find them.
  5. I look forward to reading about this arbitration... 11.4.2 Disbursement and Disposition –If the Committee’s decision is to uphold the appeal, the fee paid will be returned to the appellant. If the Committee’s decision is to deny the appeal, the appeal fee must be forwarded to NROI. In all cases, the arbitration and decision will be forwarded to NROI. All arbitrations will be posted on the USPSA website.
  6. It wasn't in the diagram page either? As far as I know it was always in the diagram page (though it looks like it was omitted from the WSB when that was developed). Did this happen to you at a club match or a level II / III match?
  7. A RM at a match made you arb this despite the line being in the stage diagram? Wow.
  8. I'm sure this will help improve relations with the match director. What happened with the stage? Was it pulled from the match?
  9. i think you can see at least one example in this video...of the 2018 open nationals. watch the stage that starts at 0:23 and pause it at 0:43 and look at the target between the barrels. i know angles are tough to discern in video, but it sure looks uprange to me.
  10. You used the word "between," but the WSB does not. It looks to me like he complied with the WSB. engage T1-T3 (or P1 & P2) - he did this perform a mandatory reload - he did this engage the remaining targets - he did this
  11. Depends on how the WSB is written. Some WSBs say you need to reload anytime you switch arrays. Others just say you must perform a mandatory reload after engaging the first array.
  12. I don't know about the IPSC rulebook, but the USPSA rulebook seems to cover this well enough: When conducting Standard Exercises, Range Officials may issue other interim commands on completion of the first string, in order to prepare the competitor for the second and subsequent strings. (e.g. “Reload if required”). This option may also be applied when two or more courses of fire share a common shooting bay or area.
  13. Here is the full text of A shooter who fires shots while completely outside (both feet out and touching the ground) a shooting area is deemed to have gained a significant advantage and will be given one penalty for each shot fired until presence is re-established in a shooting area. Having at least one foot in a shooting area and nothing touching outside the shooting area is required to re-establish presence in a shooting area. _______________ George: Do you recall why was written to exclude a scenario where the start position is outside the shooting area (and a shooter starts firing before either foot is in the shooting area)? I don't see how that's any different than a shooter moving from one shooting area to another.
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