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  1. 6.1.1 – String – A separately timed component of a stage. Except for Standard Exercises (see, a stage will be considered a single string. Scores and penalties are recorded following completion of the course of fire, unless the course of fire specifies that they shall be recorded, and the targets taped between strings. The time component of all strings will be totaled, and the results achieved are then tallied to produce a final stage result. 6.1.2 – Stage – A separately timed and scored component of a match. There are also various other mentions of strings in the rules (5.7.4, 5.7.6, and it's clear that only standard exercises can have separate strings. ______________________________ If it had been run/scored as two separate stages (which is essentially how it was run, but not scored) with separate WSBs, it would have been fine.
  2. I'm shocked that they didn't please all 34,500 members. To recap the equipment-related changes: Not a single gun that was legal last week is now illegal (and don't discount how important this is, as it can't be said for all past changes...anyone remember the trigger weight debacle?) Not a single gun that was competitive last week is no longer competitive. The changes make enforcement of the equipment rules for match staff a bit easier. The changes make compliance with the rules for shooters a bit easier. I think they did a pretty good job.
  3. For those who didn't get George's reference...it's actually in the rule book: 9.7.4 When a score has been affirmed by both the competitor and Range Officer, the score (whether on paper or electronic device) is considered conclusive evidence that the time, scores and penalties as recorded are accurate and uncontested. The score (whether on paper or electronic device) is deemed to be definitive. It may only be changed to add penalties under Rule 8.6.2, or to correct arithmetical errors, or by mutual consent of the competitor and the originating Range Officer, or due to an arbitration decision. Changes are defined as modifications to the score sheet after both parties have signed off on the score sheet.
  4. I know this is a really old thread, but Im grasping for info.


    On the Glock captured recoil spring, how does it reinstall?  Once you take it out, what do you do to keep it in place when you reassemble the spring?

  5. There are a number of people who would probably say when I shoot weak-hand only with a pistol that it's not safe. Can you see if Troy will make WHO illegal with a pistol illegal too? Regarding the penalty for prone...isn't that why that rule exists? Seems odd to say we shouldn't use prone because a few people can't do it.
  6. You can still run such stages in matches that don't recognize PCC. You can also provide an alternate option for PCC to engage targets without forcing them to shoot one-handed. I saw a video recently where shooters had one hand handcuffed and could shoot one-handed. There was also another option (like undoing the handcuff or something...I can't remember exactly) so PCC wasn't really FORCED to shoot one-handed.
  7. Before you get to the part you emphasized with bold font, you have to satisfy the first part (fail to comply with the mandatory reload). But the shooter performed the mandatory reload. It's perfectly legal to perform the reload at any time after the 4 targets have been engaged (even if with just 1 round each). What the competitor does after that point might incur other penalties, but the mandatory reload has been satisfied so you shouldn't use 10.2.4. 10.2.4 should apply when a reload isn't done either before the competitor re-engages the same targets or starts to engage a new array of targets that is to be engaged after the reload. You want to treat the shooter who does 7-reload-9 the same as the shooter who fires 16 shots with no reload. The 7-reload-9 competitor engaged 4 targets, reloaded and engaged the 4 targets again.
  8. Many here seem to have to same interpretation of And maybe you're all correct. But I have always interpreted to be mean this: - A chamber safety flag or clear chamber device must be used at all times (including when in a case or sleeve) - When the firearm is not in a case or sleeve, the chamber safety flag or clear chamber device must be visible externally I thought the reason we force them to always use a flag is that they're allowed to case/uncase (outside of a safety area) without RO supervision. The sentence in the rule isn't constructed very well so I'm not sure which interpretation is correct and I wouldn't be surprised if I'm wrong.
  9. You were correct. From the WSB: "Only one mandatory reload is required, but must be made when changing sides of the barricade for the first time."
  10. As everyone else has said, it's fine. It's covered in the rule book under Appendix A1.
  11. Well, I'm as surprised as you apparently were. And I think it's a very odd interpretation. And I've apparently shot a lot more illegal stages than I thought I had. That scenario is extremely common.
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