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  1. I'm sure this will help improve relations with the match director. What happened with the stage? Was it pulled from the match?
  2. i think you can see at least one example in this video...of the 2018 open nationals. watch the stage that starts at 0:23 and pause it at 0:43 and look at the target between the barrels. i know angles are tough to discern in video, but it sure looks uprange to me.
  3. You used the word "between," but the WSB does not. It looks to me like he complied with the WSB. engage T1-T3 (or P1 & P2) - he did this perform a mandatory reload - he did this engage the remaining targets - he did this
  4. Depends on how the WSB is written. Some WSBs say you need to reload anytime you switch arrays. Others just say you must perform a mandatory reload after engaging the first array.
  5. I don't know about the IPSC rulebook, but the USPSA rulebook seems to cover this well enough: When conducting Standard Exercises, Range Officials may issue other interim commands on completion of the first string, in order to prepare the competitor for the second and subsequent strings. (e.g. “Reload if required”). This option may also be applied when two or more courses of fire share a common shooting bay or area.
  6. Here is the full text of A shooter who fires shots while completely outside (both feet out and touching the ground) a shooting area is deemed to have gained a significant advantage and will be given one penalty for each shot fired until presence is re-established in a shooting area. Having at least one foot in a shooting area and nothing touching outside the shooting area is required to re-establish presence in a shooting area. _______________ George: Do you recall why was written to exclude a scenario where the start position is outside the shooting area (and a shooter starts firing before either foot is in the shooting area)? I don't see how that's any different than a shooter moving from one shooting area to another.
  7. Rain, mud, and bagged targets create a much greater change in competitive equity. Unfortunately, we can't always create or have perfectly equal conditions for all shooters in a multi-day match. It's just part of the game we play. Leaving the banners in place could have created worse problems (if walls were blown over or damaged and not replaced exactly) or safety concerns (you don't want a wall falling on someone running with a loaded gun).
  8. I'm going to go out on a limb here and guess that most people think arbitration is always $100. It's not: 11.4.1 Amount – As set by the Match Organizers, the appeal fee to enable an appellant to appeal to arbitration will be US$100.00 or the equivalent of the maximum individual match entry fee (whichever is lower). An appeal brought by the Range Master in respect of a match issue will not incur a fee.
  9. From the 8.2.18 edition of Down Range: http://www.multibriefs.com/briefs/uspsa/pcc-start-positions080218.pdf PCC Start Position and Start Condition - I had a question about a Downrange news brief article I wrote stating that weak side starts aren’t legal. Still true, but at a recent Area match, some of the start positions were listed as “holding the PCC with the weak hand, strong hand naturally at your side”. I can see how this would be confusing, but it’s not a weak side start—the carbine was touching the belt on the strong side, but being held with the weak hand. A subtle difference, but an important one. Another question dealt with safety application on PCC starts: Scenario 1 -PCC shooter is given the "Make Ready" command at which point they load their PCC but do not engage the safety. Since they have not fully assumed the ready position, if the RO starts them would it then be governed by as a "false start" and the shooter be given a reshoot? Scenario 2 -PCC shooter is given the "Make Ready" command at which point they load their PCC and engage the safety.Following the "Standby" command and prior to the start signal the shooter disengages the safety. Would this be a "creeping" procedural governed by 10.2.6 since they moved into a more advantageous shooting position or posture and because an equivalent of USPSA Multi-Gun rule 10.5.10 doesn't exist? What to do? Neither is a procedural, nor are they considered a false start (see above), or creeping (ditto). Both scenarios would be a stop, apply safety, and restart from "Are You Ready", per PCC 8.2.3 and HG 8.3.1. The safety being applied is defined as part of the start position/condition, therefore, the competitor must comply.
  10. Yes, you get the miss penalties and the FTSA procedural if the moving target is not activated. 9.9.3
  11. that is not what is for. means do not give a procedural for failing to shoot the number of rounds stipulated in the WSB. El Prez says 6-reload-6. If they fire 6-reload-5 or 6-reload-7 (for whatever reason), do not give a procedural for not firing the correct number or rounds.
  12. The thing is, I don't have to convince you. You would have to convince the RM (or the NROI). Appendix D4 makes is abundantly clear that the onus is on the shooter to identify a clause or published interpretation that allows a particular modification. All the other things you mentioned (undercut trigger guards, stippling, adding certain parts) are legal precisely because they are covered by clauses in D4.
  13. 1. stippling of the grips = drilling holes in the frame to attach a thumb rest? good luck convincing a RM or the NROI of that. 2. all of these parts of appendix D4 seem to govern drilling holes in the frame of a production gun: 21 Authorized modifications (strictly limited to these items and their stated guidelines). Please note that, during a match, a competitor may be required to demonstrate that their gun complies with Division rules by identifying a specific rules clause or published interpretation authorizing any disputed modification. If the competitor cannot identify an authorizing rules clause or published interpretation, the Range Master shall rule that the modification is PROHIBITED for Production division use and shall move the competitor to Open Division. 22 Specifically prohibited modifications and features. Please note that the absence of an item in the list of prohibited modifications MAY NOT be construed to mean a modification is allowed. A modification is only allowed in Production Division if there is a rules clause or interpretation that specifically declares that it is allowed in the Division. Removing or disabling firing-pin blocks or any other factory safety mechanism in Production division is specifically prohibited. Special conditions: 5. UNLESS a modification is SPECIFICALLY authorized in the rules or SPECIFICALLY authorized in an official, published NROI interpretation, it is considered a PROHIBITED MODIFICATION. I don't see anything in the other parts of appendix D4 that specifically allows drilling holes in the frame of a gun.
  14. 1050 question/problem


    I took apart my 1050 (set up for 9mm) to clean and lube. Once I put everything back together the primer punch sticks in the up position. So I took everything it apart again. When I insert the primer punch into it's proper location it takes quite a bit of force to move it up and down.


    Is the primer punch supposed to freely drop through the hole if the primer system rocker arm has been removed? I also tried this with a brand new, never used large primer punch and I have the exact same issue with that one. Is it possible that in the process of taking the press apart the rock arm caused some kind of damage to the hole where the primer punch sits and that is causing the problem I've described?


    In the attached picture the primer punch is sitting in the hole and the rocker arm is not in place.




  15. a couple of years ago i bought 100 of the cheapo 357s from china on ebay....for $15...shipped! but, these batteries do suck. my duracell died last weekend and i had to go to my backup chinese batteries before a steel challenge match. 6 stages later i had to put a new pair in (and that was with turning the dot off between stages). Amazon has pretty good prices on the duracell 1/3Ns. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B008A0CCN0/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
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