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  1. I've been taking a look at the conversion options as it looks like the 509T also comes with an RMR conversion plate. Curious how good the one from Holosun actually is.
  2. Hiya! Have an SP-01 Shadow coming from CZC in the near future and curious if anyone has put a 509T on the RMR plate from CZ Custom. How was fitment / placement using the conversion plate from Holosun? Debating the 509T and the Acro at the moment.
  3. The trigger definitely feels like an XD Trigger and a Glock had some kind of weird straight yet curved trigger. I don't mind it during live fire.
  4. Sorry to revive and old thread, but picked up a Type B and have been looking around for any info on after-market parts. I know Archon themselves are now doing trigger jobs, slide milling, etc., but I still can't find a lead on spare parts. Archon has not responded to any inquiries about buying recoil springs or assemblies from them as parts wear. Anyone seen any after market support for these yet?
  5. Following up on this in particular, shot 4-5 mags with a Mecgar CZ75 mag (17 rounder) and had no feeding issues other than on rounds that were a little too long for the barrel.
  6. Just did a little quick test (non scientific). The CZ SP-01 magazines (plastic basepads) do not lock into the mag release. However, the Mecgar CZ75 mags that I have right now were able to lock into the mag release, chamber a round, eject said round, and lock the slide to the rear. YMMV.
  7. Having handled a lot of Open guns over the past couple of years, it's a good time for options. Pick a builder you feel you can have a good rapport with, because the journey doesn't just end after you buy it. These are the guys who are going to be handling repairs, maintenance, future mods, etc. It's also a great time for thumb rests as there are so many out there with different angles and lengths. I've got small hands and the TEVO has been the winner for me. When it comes to customizations with open 2011s, the builders generally have a recommended balance of slide weight, etc. so I would focus on trigger weight, trigger length, shielded safety / thumb shield, size/style/orientation of racker, and whether the gun is stroked or not. This is my suggestion.
  8. What gun are you shooting them out of? I never liked the Gen 2s in any gun with a PT Evo cause I'd somehow mess it up and get them stuck
  9. Lets be real though, they were probably no better or worse than the Race Masters. The pouches themselves are tangibly better and worth the money IMO.
  10. If you can swing it, I definitely think the Alpha X mag pouches are worth the price compared to older Race Masters. Holsters come down to preference in the draw and it would benefit a lot if you could try a couple out.
  11. Interesting that they were acquired. I'm guessing MPA is a pretty reputable company in the rifle world?
  12. Unsure about Beretta but I've been talking to Langdon pretty frequently. At the moment, they've told me that they've never seen the slide bind issue before for the 92x performance and they're confused since they had to take the gun apart to do the trigger work. The only time they've seen disassembly issues, it was barrel related. I was told to lube the locking block and let it penetrate for a few days and try again. If it doesn't work, I'll be sending it to LTT before I engage Beretta. Although, hearing that Beretta is aware of the issue and is saying it's a break-in issue, not sure if it's even worth sending it back and just hammering the slide off myself. When you say you had to push it backwards, are you talking about the takedown lever?
  13. My main issue is that I can't get the slide off of the frame at all. It isn't that it feels stuck, but it is actually stuck. I've tried using a plastic punch and a small punch hammer with no luck. I'm going to have to find a mallet and possibly sacrifice my rear sight to get the slide off so I can change recoil springs.
  14. So if I'm reading this right, Beretta is saying that this is normal and that the slide will come off the frame AFTER it breaks in? So they expect us to spent a ton of rounds breaking it in before we can change out recoil springs? HAHA
  15. So I'm running into a problem now that I have some time to shoot the Beretta a little bit. After trying to field strip the gun, the slide does not come off of the frame. This is the first time attempting since I received it from Langdon. Any ideas as to why the slide will not come off of the frame of the gun?
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