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  1. I haven't, but it would be too much to drive into the Houston area and back for ~100 rounds of practice ammo just to head back into the area for the match. I'll make Winchester NATO or Speer work, thanks!
  2. This is a long shot, but anyone know where they stock +p+ or some hot, gassy factory 9mm? I'm in the area already for Area 4 but will be going to the range with a friend prior to the match but I don't have enough 9mm major from what I flew in with to burn for fun. Any help would be appreciated!
  3. The Tevo comes with new screws to compensate! I always mess up screws but I had no issues this tine around. I used a butane soldering iron from the inside of the dust cover. I heat it up until i smell the loctite burning and continue heating till the smell disappears. When unscrewing, I exaggerate downward pressure.
  4. Where are you finding the photo of the Atlas mount? From everything I've seen they don't have a blast shield as part of theirs for the 510c but they have a blast shield for all their micro dot mounts (my DPP mount included). The Atlas mount is a little closer to the popple holes to reduce ejection issues, but that means the optic gets blasted even more. I'm wondering how the gas dispersion would be affected if you use the Tevo blast shield on the Atlas mount.
  5. Are they also commercially available? I've heard whisperings about them but have not seen them for sale anywhere.
  6. Interesting indeed! The Atlas mount does sit further forward from what I have heard, which also makes me wonder if the blast shield will affect the popple hole's gas dispersion. Kujo - you're running 9mm major? Mixed brass?
  7. How has everyone's luck been with the 510c running on a 9mm major guns? Worried about ejection issues since it's pretty long.
  8. I just test the weight of the spring and change when it is below the weight tolerance I'm looking at.
  9. Definitely good enough for 3 gun for the time being! Red flames are the fastest
  10. Hi all - Following up on this as I think I've got it sorted out. The half moon primer sled stop had a bit of slop in the tightness of the screw as I've been messing with the press so much. As soon as I tightened it down all the way, the priming issues have disappeared completely. It seems like even having the screw backed out just a tad bit, it causes the primer sled to over travel flipping primers as they fall. Hope this helps someone in the future!
  11. Yeah! I've been using the 45ACP case prior, and I've jammed in a 124gr blue bullet into the case before it went back on. It's a little wobbly, but it's adding more weight and the failure rate is going down.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. I checked to make sure everything Dillon recommended. Interestingly enough, the issue goes away with a full primer tube until about 50 rounds. Then, within the last 50 rounds, I'll have about 4-5 failures. I'm wondering if I need to clean the primer tube itself (brand new tip) as it seems the extra weight of the primers helps alleviate the issues.
  13. So interestingly enough, I got a new blue tip put in place and was double checked by a friend, but the primers still fall out of the press. Back to square one!
  14. After pulling it apart again, yeah it's chewed it. It was chewed up near the portion where it hangs onto the primer tube. I've tried trimming out the parts that seem kind of "burred". I'm gonna give it a go for a little bit and if it's marginally any better than it was before, I'll be ordering a truck load of those blue thingamajigs. Edit: After trimming burrs and what not, It's gotten a lot worse. This must be the culprit. Thanks!!
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