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  1. That definitely might be tough. I didn't realize the 5.25" had a different rear sight mechanism until recently. It would be kinda cool to get an adapter plate for a classic dovetail, but the stock rear sights are definitely better than some other manufacturers to the point that I may only change the front sight in the future if I stop shooting mine in carry optics.
  2. touji

    Reducing Velocity in an Open Gun

    You guys are right, I'm definitely over thinking this. I'll just throw in a slightly heavier recoil spring and a shock buff, and let er rip when shooting the CK. Thanks as always everyone!
  3. touji

    Reducing Velocity in an Open Gun

    I agree that if I'm switching guns, my match would most definitely be over. I guess if my gun hits the dirt half way through, I'll only be putting 200 or so rounds to finish out the day. I'll just throw in a shock buff and call it a day with some higher than normal pf (for me) as it seems like people are running this pf in 9 major on the regular.
  4. touji

    Reducing Velocity in an Open Gun

    So I have yet to chrono the ammo through my CK at the moment, but my main worry is the longevity of the Ck slide as I’m guestimating about 178-180pf. Am I being overly cautious of the wear and tear these open guns go through?
  5. Good afternoon folks, After spending half a year lugging around two different loads of 9mm major for my two open guns, I'm wondering if anyone here has any ideas on reducing velocity output of my backup gun. At the moment, I am shooting an Atlas Open gun and my backup is a CK Arms Hardcore Open. It would be great to be able to carry around one set of ammo to matches, but I'm not sure of any way to do so without shortening the barrel of the CK or adding more popple holes. Would a different compensator possibly bleed off some velocity? My Atlas load: 7.2gr WAC @ 170-172pf My CK load: 6.9gr WAC @ 170-172pf
  6. touji

    New Atlas Open 2011

    I've definitely thought about using Lucas. A lot of my shooting friends in the area are using some form of Mobil 1 in their Atlas guns, but maybe I should just keep it simple...
  7. touji

    New Atlas Open 2011

    So I've been having some issues with my shok buffs getting eaten up within 300 rounds. Just as a heads up to anyone using Slip2k EWL, this stuff deforms shok buffs. I've left a buff soaking in it for a little bit and it starts to cave into itself which is made worse with continued recoil. I'll be switching to Mobil 1 5w30. My friend suggested I add some auto transmission fluid as a cleaner. Have any of you guys tried this mixture before?
  8. touji

    New Atlas Open 2011

    Using JHP 124s (Montana Gold), I’m using 7.2gr and i fluctuate between 170pf and 172pf. I chronod at 170 at one major, 172 at another, and 170 again at the most recent major. Using once fired mixed brass in 9mm major
  9. touji

    Atlas titan or atlas nemesis???

    I've shot a friend's titan and the gun returns to zero so fast and it feels very soft to shoot. I'm not sure I'd be willing to dish out the extra cash for the Nemesis as I think I would rather want to spend the money on a backup. I've also never shot a sight block gun but I'm an optics shooter, and the Titan was not hard to track the sights at all.
  10. touji

    Can recoil buffer cause FTE?

    This makes me think that maybe Slip 2000 EWL is breaking down the plastic. Maybe it’s time to make the jump to Lucas Gun Oil
  11. touji

    Can recoil buffer cause FTE?

    Yeah, it's super weird. I think the paperwork said my Atlas came with a 9# (will have to check) and I clocked my Autocomp load at 171.5pf at this match as well. Wonder if I should give Adam a call or send an email.
  12. touji

    Can recoil buffer cause FTE?

    It is installed between the recoil spring and the guide rod. This is what my Wilson Shock Buff looked like after ~250 rounds (relubing during lunch break at Area 8).
  13. touji

    Can recoil buffer cause FTE?

    It might definitely be a light spring. I'm running the setup the Atlas came with, but I am also shooting 9mm major so I'm probably sure that has a little to do with it as well. I've got friends shooting their limited guns and dont have any issues with the wilsons. I'm gonna be trying EGW's for the end of the season and see how they fare in lifespan in my open gun!
  14. touji

    Can recoil buffer cause FTE?

    I've been using Wilson buffs in my Atlas but it usually won't last more than 300-400 rounds. It starts to really slow the slide down and I eventually get a failure to go into battery more than FTEs.
  15. touji

    Atlas open load.....

    In my Atlas Open Custom, I'm sitting at 7.2gr of WAC under a 124gr JHP hitting 170-171pf at the chrono and I feel it handles much better than when I was hitting 175pf at 7.3gr.