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  1. IronicTwitch

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    For those interested, slide weight for the TSO 40SW is 14.75oz
  2. IronicTwitch

    TSO questions

    I haven't felt the CZC version, but scrolling between the pictures above in this thread the Sebo looks quite a bit higher. Not quite 1911-ish like below (Wilson high ride is what I was hoping for), but the Sebo still has an up angle to it.
  3. IronicTwitch

    TSO questions

    For what it's worth, here's some pics of Sebo's "Large Extended Safety". A bit more expensive, but only took 3 weeks to ship from CZ. https://seboweapons.com/en/cz-spare-parts/173-large-safety-right-hand.html By the way, you can get the Shadow 2 safety from them too at a little premium if you're desperate: https://seboweapons.com/en/cz-spare-parts/127-cz-wide-safety-right-hand.html
  4. IronicTwitch

    Closing the gap on A class

    Sounds easy enough!
  5. IronicTwitch

    Precision rifle for $2,000

    Get in line for one of the John Hancock's... http://patriotvalleyarms.com/john-hancock-bolt-action/ http://patriotvalleyarms.com/deposit-john-hancock-bolt-action/
  6. IronicTwitch

    Square Deal B Pawl Jump

    The pawl mechanism is actuated by the bolt on the frame. Is the plastic part that holds the pawl finger straight and smooth where it engages the bolt? Is the spring that holds that plastic part to the ram in the correct position? Those are the first two things I would guess are the issue...
  7. IronicTwitch

    CZ P09 Spring Rates

    Mainspring: 13# Recoil: CGW 15# flat spring (with the CGW guide rod) Using competition hammer and extended firing pin too. Pops CCI primers reliably.
  8. IronicTwitch

    Lefty Slide lock reload times

    Apologies. I overlooked your comments were regarding LE training specific to Glock slide release. I had the mindset that the original posting was a question of which method was faster in a competitive environment. I do think there's some merit to sharing competitive advantages into LE training, but undoubtedly there's a lot of "it depends" on how that's adopted.
  9. IronicTwitch

    Lefty Slide lock reload times

    LMAO...this guy doesn't know he's talking to a GM...ah, newbies.
  10. IronicTwitch

    First TSO broken part

    It's unique to the 9mm slide. Plastic part that lines the channel where the guide rod is housed. Looks like there's not quite enough clearance from the angle the guide rod head sits on the barrel link. Not sure how to fix that... I'm guessing it would run just fine without that plastic part.
  11. +1 for the PosiTech grips...I can finally transition between Limited and SS without much retraining my grip
  12. IronicTwitch

    Gun Smiths in Iowa

    @@@Carmoney might know
  13. IronicTwitch

    Lefty Slide lock reload times

    Tim Herron is a lefty single stack GM. He seems to have figured it out. Not sure if he posts on Enos or what his username is/was.
  14. Google Pay. Terms and conditions of a regular bank card. Venmo is operated by PayPal but their t&C's seem looser.
  15. IronicTwitch

    Doug Koenig 1911 flat trigger

    Caspian? https://www.caspianarms.com/productdisplay/trik-trigger-single-stack-1