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  1. IronicTwitch

    Akai open 38sc

    Glockman, thanks for your insights. I just had the same conversation and questions with a buddy that got a tungsten sleeved barrel gun. I was more focused on slide weight and didn't fully consider the extra weight out front. I also went the standard bull barrel route. The slide weight difference between the oversized barrel is about half an ounce in a limited gun.
  2. IronicTwitch

    CZ TS Front sight (not orange)

    Per CZC: "7.5mm is standard height front sight on Tactical Sports and Shadow 2." https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/front-and-rear-sights/front-sight/fiber-optic-front-sight/cz-fiber-optic-front-sight-1-0-x-7-5mm-3-1mm-blade.html
  3. IronicTwitch

    Coated bullets indoors - any health concerns?

    Wow, thread drift. FWIW, I fall asleep dreaming I can actually call my shots...it helps to imagine/remember running a stage in slow motion too. ?
  4. IronicTwitch

    Cross eye dominant

    I'm left eye dominant, right handed. I also have "lazy eye" BUT can voluntarily switch dominance between my eyes which pushes the "lazy" to the other eye. I've had Lasik too. I'm a case study for opthalmologists. The ONLY time I've had to think about my eye dominance during a COF is when doing hard leans around walls/barrels. Leaning right: my right eye sees the target first but I have to wait for my dominant left eye (to which the sights are aligned) to clear the visual barrier. I have popped a couple into barrels when I'm not patient. Embarrassing to have two mikes on 5 yard hoser targets. It actually took me a few times of doing that to realize what was happening. Beyond that, don't over think it. Just have visual patience and shoot your sights.
  5. IronicTwitch

    S2 ransom rest test acme 147 gr. F/p

    How do you discount a flyer when shot from a ransom rest?
  6. IronicTwitch

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Sounds like you need new mag springs. Does it happen with every mag consistently?
  7. IronicTwitch

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    Assuming you've run those bullet profiles before. Magazine springs getting weak? Recoil spring getting weak? Sounds like not enough force to strip it out of the mag.
  8. IronicTwitch

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    I checked CZ USA but they are out too. You could try the pin only version if you really need a backup for $9. http://shop.cz-usa.com/ProductDetail/047000801604_Czechmate-Slide-Stop-Pin-No-Lever
  9. IronicTwitch

    CZ tso Trigger delay

    Turn the pre+travel screw on the trigger top (have to remove the slide to access) half a turn counter clockwise. https://czcustom.com/knowledge-base/general/how-do-i-adjust-the-over-travel-screw-on-cz-pistols.html
  10. IronicTwitch

    Milling a slide for CO or get an MOS?

    I had a second slide milled with a Burris and it weighs the same as my production slide.
  11. IronicTwitch

    Ear protection

    Highly recommend visiting a hearing aide center to get fit for custom plugs. I've had mine for over almost 2 years. Best $150 I've spent in this sport. https://www.westone.com/store/defendear/index.php/defendear-recreational/solid
  12. IronicTwitch

    TS- correct FO front site for fixed rear?

    CZC says their 7.5mm front sight. Not sure if that's measured the same way as CZ USA... https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/front-and-rear-sights/front-sight/fiber-optic-front-sight/cz-fiber-optic-front-sight-1-0-x-7-5mm-3-1mm-blade.html
  13. IronicTwitch

    Single Stack or Production?

    I like 9mm single stack for matches to keep stage planning the same as production guys. You can always compare to production shooters in the scores if there's a lack of SS guys. That said, it's an interesting trade off to shoot major if you have to dial back the speed to make sure you're getting good hits and no misses on steel.
  14. IronicTwitch

    Classifier system: a modest proposal

    ATLDave - thanks for putting some thought into your suggestion. I've struggled putting into words how Hit Factor scoring being a J-curve of points separation leads to questionable results. It's disconcerting to see the top finishers at bigger matches have such a large points and % gap. Percentages tell you “how many of the local population/whole” and are an excellent way to present ratios. Percentiles tell you where the local population falls in the distribution of the wider area population. Use percentiles when you want to analyze based on the distribution. This is seems more in line with a classification system.
  15. I got a Traeger last summer. I like it a lot. I think of it more like an outdoor oven (has to be plugged in). Just cooked frozen pizza on it tonight. Meats taste better. Pellets are maybe a little more expensive than propane. I get mine up to 430F no prob, sear meats nearer the edges or the grill grate where the air moves (or use a well heated cast iron skillet). Nothing like a 700F sear though... ?