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  1. SC bag is about twice as sturdy and the Midway bag. Same design, different thickness.
  2. PT suggested working some air dry clay on the points that are hot spots. Hard to find black clay in quantities less than a pound... I'll let you know if it helps me.
  3. +1, I could have really used the single port 9 barrel for Open minor for indoor league
  4. Powder Valley just posted the are sold out of the Remington primers (sold 1.2M in 4 hours!)
  5. +1 for every major match I went to this year...
  6. Really got me thinking about the detailed planning that goes into bigger matches. Financials and schedules. Thanks to the MDs that do this and make it look easy. For $150 I'd hope Staff should have a no expense match (hotels, per diem, shirts). Happy ROs = good match atmosphere As a competitor, I'm looking for a 10-14 stage match. Full or half day format. 10-12 person squads. Staff oversight to reset movers and stage designs to minimize reshoots. Keeping squads flowing without backups is key. Expectations for time on the range influence how we hydrate and fuel and focus. I like water and shade provided on each stage. Match sponsors are the only level I remember, and usually those are bullet providers. Makes sense since that's the one common consumable. Don't bother trying to beat the bushes for more sponsors. I really like raffles for guns or reloading presses or components. Added anticipation of the chance of winning even after the match is done. Prize table should be trophy only. I saw a comment about cash prize for division winners to draw in top tier competitors. Maybe that's worth something. Lunch provided. I saw a comment about shooting through lunch and like the idea but not sure how that'd play in reality for most. Last, suggest more transparency on the match balance sheet and how many shooters are needed to break even. Not sure how far in advance that balance sheet starts. Since most clubs are run as non-profits, I think it would give ownership back to competitors that these matches are really for us.
  7. I've got a PT Evo Agressive grip right now. Ran it this past season. I don't live fire enough to build up a callous on my support hand palm. It gets scratched raw after about 250 rounds. Anyone have experience with the standard/non-aggressive grip to compare? Or would you just sand down the aggressive grip in that one area?
  8. Buy a nice custom gun. You'll hold it while you watch tv. You'll probably dry fire it more often. Maybe even productive dry fire sessions. Then you might get better. Even if you don't, you'll still have a nice custom gun!
  9. I'm using SNS 180gr RNFP at 1.180" and 4.6gr to get just over 170PF.
  10. I'm not aware you can remove a stage. But you can edit your score for that stage to see what it impacted.
  11. +1 for my kids (9 and 10 yrs), but I'm the opposite and just like being out of the house/office!
  12. New chassis from Copper Custom soon.
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