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  1. IronicTwitch

    Milling a slide for CO or get an MOS?

    I had a second slide milled with a Burris and it weighs the same as my production slide.
  2. IronicTwitch

    Ear protection

    Highly recommend visiting a hearing aide center to get fit for custom plugs. I've had mine for over almost 2 years. Best $150 I've spent in this sport. https://www.westone.com/store/defendear/index.php/defendear-recreational/solid
  3. IronicTwitch

    TS- correct FO front site for fixed rear?

    CZC says their 7.5mm front sight. Not sure if that's measured the same way as CZ USA... https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/front-and-rear-sights/front-sight/fiber-optic-front-sight/cz-fiber-optic-front-sight-1-0-x-7-5mm-3-1mm-blade.html
  4. IronicTwitch

    Single Stack or Production?

    I like 9mm single stack for matches to keep stage planning the same as production guys. You can always compare to production shooters in the scores if there's a lack of SS guys. That said, it's an interesting trade off to shoot major if you have to dial back the speed to make sure you're getting good hits and no misses on steel.
  5. IronicTwitch

    Classifier system: a modest proposal

    ATLDave - thanks for putting some thought into your suggestion. I've struggled putting into words how Hit Factor scoring being a J-curve of points separation leads to questionable results. It's disconcerting to see the top finishers at bigger matches have such a large points and % gap. Percentages tell you “how many of the local population/whole” and are an excellent way to present ratios. Percentiles tell you where the local population falls in the distribution of the wider area population. Use percentiles when you want to analyze based on the distribution. This is seems more in line with a classification system.
  6. I got a Traeger last summer. I like it a lot. I think of it more like an outdoor oven (has to be plugged in). Just cooked frozen pizza on it tonight. Meats taste better. Pellets are maybe a little more expensive than propane. I get mine up to 430F no prob, sear meats nearer the edges or the grill grate where the air moves (or use a well heated cast iron skillet). Nothing like a 700F sear though...
  7. IronicTwitch

    Best 40 S&W brass

    I assumed the Federal NT was "NATO" (mil spec with crimped primers). I can seat CCI's reliably in them but you can feel it's a squeeze.
  8. IronicTwitch

    Sti Edge Thumb Safety Hurting Thumb

    I've seen some 2011's with a wider safety that extends further back (ie, two I've bookmarked below). Thumb would ride higher, sooner since the ledge starts further back. Anyone else tried that? http://www.edbrown.com/product/machinedambisafety/ http://www.egwguns.com/1911-parts/egw-hd-ambi-thumb-safety-machined-from-barstock-ss/
  9. Just saw they are filling for Ch 11 Bankruptcy...might explain some of the comments above. Just saw TalkingMonkey had the link a couple days ago. Hope they can liquidate enough to keep their projectile business going.
  10. IronicTwitch

    Dan Wesson SSC vs.PM9

    Assuming you mean CZC has their SSC 9mm in stock. Looking at it, the main differences are ambi safeties, upgraded grips and magwell. Maybe different front sight but still fiber. Definitely unique from the PM-9 with the bigger "Dan Wesson" on the left side. I was very tempted to get one in 40 when they were in stock... https://czcustom.com/new-firearms/dan-wesson-elite-pistols/dan-wesson-ssc-factory-9mm.html
  11. IronicTwitch

    Shadow 2 Safeties

    I've got a wide left hand safety for sale on the classifieds...in case anyone is interested in balancing right-left sides. Cheaper than ordering from CZ UB.
  12. IronicTwitch

    Tactical Sport Orange technical thread.

    For those interested, slide weight for the TSO 40SW is 14.75oz
  13. IronicTwitch

    TSO questions

    I haven't felt the CZC version, but scrolling between the pictures above in this thread the Sebo looks quite a bit higher. Not quite 1911-ish like below (Wilson high ride is what I was hoping for), but the Sebo still has an up angle to it.
  14. IronicTwitch

    TSO questions

    For what it's worth, here's some pics of Sebo's "Large Extended Safety". A bit more expensive, but only took 3 weeks to ship from CZ. https://seboweapons.com/en/cz-spare-parts/173-large-safety-right-hand.html By the way, you can get the Shadow 2 safety from them too at a little premium if you're desperate: https://seboweapons.com/en/cz-spare-parts/127-cz-wide-safety-right-hand.html
  15. IronicTwitch

    Closing the gap on A class

    Sounds easy enough!