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  1. Solid build, really enjoying all the configs. So far only 1K through in 40 but runs great! Frame mounted optic with 40 sight block, why not?
  2. Should be 5.5" like the Nemesis with the tri-topped slide.
  3. Without the cover, still big. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_a4cmgJ-da/?igshid=hogw5tqdz2k9
  4. I've got a grey slide. Needed a good soak in WD-40 to change the blue-ish color. It would really pop if the slide flats were polished. (ignore the safety, just looking at fit options for my hand)
  5. I got mine delivered just over 21 weeks. I missed an email on shipping so it sat at my FFL a couple weeks. Notably softer recoil than my custom 2011. There's some magic in that linkless barrel!
  6. Just got my 40, side by side pic with the Dillon https://imgur.com/a/DPaldUR
  7. Got a both 9 and 40 to hopefully remedy/improve the stickiness on releasing the powder drop down stroke. Also thinking about adding a bullet feeder. And supporting small business.
  8. I'm at 22 weeks. Slide and barrels grey, all else black.
  9. 100% agree, helps develop a strong match mentality. I've got four kids 10 and under... Even ROs can be distracting out of the corner of your eye trying to catch your brass while shooting a stage. (please don't do that...I thought he'd caught a bullet frag one time, nope just a bored RO)
  10. Ordered and paid deposit 11/10 (19 weeks today, less Thanksgiving and Christmas weeks would be 17 working weeks). Also frustrated with the one vs two free barrels offers, but hoping to get another barrel added during my annual pit stop. Paid in full 2/22 and confirmed my FFL doc was received. Emailed and Tiff replied 3/4 the coater still backed up and she didn't have insight on status from them. I emailed her again this past week but haven't heard back yet. Assuming they don't have any status from their coating supplier either to share with us.
  11. Sounds like we'll know in 6-10 days how well Americans applied "social distancing". We are certainly having an issue interpreting what that means to each of us. It is interesting to see the extreme application in China (did you see the video of a loudspeaker placed in the street telling people to stay inside for weeks?) and how quickly it appears to have rounded the curve there. I wish we had more insight into the European countries virus data and their application of social distancing. Things are moving too fast and we don't have time to learn from other's.
  12. DW9 and Wilson Vickers mags (added Dawson base pads to extend beyond flush of the techwell magwell). Runs long 1.165" and short 1.09" flat and round nose profiles with no issues.
  13. Nice, I like the standard slide cuts even more now.
  14. SC bag is about twice as sturdy and the Midway bag. Same design, different thickness.
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