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  1. Yes, these two springs balance each other out 14 pound Commander recoil springs 29 Newton striker spring No need to change trigger springs. I left mine stock. Here's a good video on how to change the striker spring (and what it looks like before you do it - ie, out of battery)
  2. Having the same issue. Found if I focused on snapping my head on target it went away. Feels like I'm still getting on the gun the same place in the turn but just a minor tweak to my upper body and arm position clears the holster.
  3. Brother-in-law just started working at the local USPS office. Had one day of training and his trainer didn't show up on day 2. Supervisor said just load the truck and do the route. No clue how to load a truck yet let alone remember the route perfectly. He started work at 7am and when other drivers returned from their morning routes after lunch they helped him load a truck by 4pm. He finally got the route done by 9pm. Showed up the next morning at 7am for day 3 though! Sounds like a ton of turnover and poor supervision and training is starting to pile up. In
  4. The 1:7 twist will like the heavier bullets. Surplus 55gr ammo is not known for getting good groups. I bookmarked this page when I started loading 223: https://www.6mmbr.com/223Rem.html
  5. 61PF? 22lr (40gr x 1200fps) is 48PF I'd echo what Siberian said above.
  6. Another positive is the slightly longer rear dwell time gives the magazine spring just a fraction more time to push the next round up. Again we're talking hundredths of seconds so do whatever feels good.
  7. Solid build, really enjoying all the configs. So far only 1K through in 40 but runs great! Frame mounted optic with 40 sight block, why not?
  8. Should be 5.5" like the Nemesis with the tri-topped slide.
  9. Without the cover, still big. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_a4cmgJ-da/?igshid=hogw5tqdz2k9
  10. I've got a grey slide. Needed a good soak in WD-40 to change the blue-ish color. It would really pop if the slide flats were polished. (ignore the safety, just looking at fit options for my hand)
  11. I got mine delivered just over 21 weeks. I missed an email on shipping so it sat at my FFL a couple weeks. Notably softer recoil than my custom 2011. There's some magic in that linkless barrel!
  12. Just got my 40, side by side pic with the Dillon https://imgur.com/a/DPaldUR
  13. Got a both 9 and 40 to hopefully remedy/improve the stickiness on releasing the powder drop down stroke. Also thinking about adding a bullet feeder. And supporting small business.
  14. I'm at 22 weeks. Slide and barrels grey, all else black.
  15. 100% agree, helps develop a strong match mentality. I've got four kids 10 and under... Even ROs can be distracting out of the corner of your eye trying to catch your brass while shooting a stage. (please don't do that...I thought he'd caught a bullet frag one time, nope just a bored RO)
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