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  1. IronicTwitch


  2. IronicTwitch


    That concerns me a little. That is the only entry level gun in the wide body market before getting into some financial barrier to entry for new shooters. Makes me want to buy one as a backup sooner than later.
  3. IronicTwitch

    Sport Pistol powder

    I just shot an indoor match with SNS bullets I thought it was more smokey than SNS with WST. Going back tomorrow for a side by side comparison. Still a more consistent powder drop with low SDs. Maybe my expectations were too high.
  4. IronicTwitch

    Sport Pistol powder

    SNS 125gr conical nose 1.13" OAL Win brass and WSP primers 4.0gr = 1080fps/135PF (1911 5") and 1100fps/138PF (CZ P09 4.5") 3.8gr = 1040fps/130PF (1911 5") and 1055fps/132PF (CZ P09 4.5") That DW PM-9 and its slow barrel...
  5. IronicTwitch

    Sport Pistol powder

    Double tap. Will put 3.8gr results here I guess.
  6. IronicTwitch

    Sport Pistol powder

    SNS 125gr conical nose, 1.13" OAL 4.0gr = 1080 fps 135PF Very low SD and nice recoil impulse from my 5" 1911. Known slow barrel in that gun. Going to try 3.8gr to see what PF that gives me in the 1911 and CZs. Very consistent powder drops from the 650. Impressed I am.
  7. IronicTwitch

    P-01 Omega vs P-07

    I've got a P-01 (75 series not Omega) that I put a lot of time and money into upgrading a couple years ago. It's a great size for compact carry. That said, my hands fit the P series guns so much better. No trigger dive on the DA shot. I do miss the crisp SA you can get with the 75 series but in practice it makes no difference. If you can, shoot both before you decide. The grips are very different.
  8. I had a Specialist in 45 with the black duty treatment. Beautiful gun. Rail made it a little harder to find a holster, but I liked the idea of weight out front. Magwell isn't ideal for USPSA games. Weight stock is 42.4oz. Valor is the same as the Specialist but without the rail. More holster options. I've got a gamer PM-9 as my SS gun of choice now. Front serrations and adjustable rear sight. I like the almost 43oz gun shooting 9mm. Same stage planning as Production.
  9. IronicTwitch

    Tell me why this is stupid

    I think the P09 mags are better, but I'm guessing you'd like the feel of 9 major in a steel frame gun. Plus the SA triggers on 75 series appear to be easier. As much as the open P-09 is an interesting concept, I saw this Czech mate for $2100... https://classifieds.practiscore.com/firearms/pistols/cz-czechmate_i1225
  10. IronicTwitch

    9mm only reloading

    I ran a SDB for 4 years. Loved it. Simple design and it is a great first press. I never plan to load for rifle. The workspace is smaller in the press (small shell plate), but if I could have put a case feeder on it I'd still be using it! That said, I could pump out 300 high quality rounds an hour on the SDB, so it's nothing to scoff at. I just upgraded to a 650 with case feeder exactly a month ago. It was $1400 to get all the upgrades for the two calibers I load. It is a more complex machine with more attention needed on presorting brass. The primer assembly design is a drawback in my view. It can create a boatload of ammo, I think I'm over 4K rounds loaded this month. I was saving up intending to get familiar with the machine in the 30 day "try it or return it" window. I'm keeping the 650 but in hindsight I don't think I needed it.
  11. Slide weight comparisons TS = 14.77oz 1911 = 13.4oz I'm curious how the lower reciprocating mass shooting 40 major will feel. Steel PT Evo grip on 2011s have drawn me to the fire. Hoping that grip and the reciprocating weight reduction help my desk jockey grip be more consistent. Ammo loads short for TS and long for 2011s, so it may not be easy to use a different platform as a backup without bringing 2x the ammo.
  12. IronicTwitch

    Akai 9mm Major

    Lol. Well played! Congrats on A class!
  13. IronicTwitch

    Decocker Sear Cage....

    Agreed! That last little spring is a complete PITA. I lost mine trying to get it in and had to take a week break while CGW shipped me a replacement. Some good ideas on sear cage reassembly here: https://www.ncgunowners.com/forum/reputation.php?uid=4405https://www.ncgunowners.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=42855&page=3
  14. IronicTwitch

    First open gun for $2K?

    Veto Open. Go Carry Optics. Experimenting with a red dot and pure target focus has been good for me to push speed and focus on a better grip (lighter gun than my Limited or SS rigs).
  15. IronicTwitch

    Shadow SP01 Frame

    I'm not aware of anywhere that sells frames. Sell the slide to fund a new Shadow...