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  1. Be careful about dry firing a rimfire without a snap cap or fired cartridge in the chamber. You don't want a rimfire firing pin slamming into the steel on the chamber mouth. It tends to screw the firing pin up. For rimfire fun, try Steel Challenge. It's a hoot, and ya get a lot of transitions!
  2. GOF

    Front Sight Academy

    I know Mas well and have served as a line instructor at a couple of his classes in Live Oak. He teaches Power Isosceles, plain Isosceles, Weaver, Chapman... as well as weak & strong hand... and lets the shooter decide what works best for them. He also strives to have one line instructor per three students. Gunsite could learn from Mas.
  3. GOF

    Front Sight Academy

    I have never been to Frontsight. But I did spend three miserable days at Gunsight on an "industry group" outing. On the very first morning the head instructor, Charlie McNeese, stood up in front of the assembled class and loudly proclaimed " We're not here to teach you how to win medals and trophies in competition! We're here to teach you how to win gunfights. Forget all that competition crap." As the days progressed I was berated constantly for using the Power Isocoles stance that had gotten me to IDPA MA Class, and told I "must use the far superior Weaver stance", even though my targets were the best of the 12 guns on the line (and there were only two instructors per that group... McNeese stayed back behind the line and yelled, leaving the other line instructor to deal with the 12 shooters on the firing line.... commercial operation, keep personnel costs low!) My experience as an instructor (military & LE) tells me that's a bad ratio. Then they got into reloads. The only acceptable reload was the Tactical Reload (grab new mag, bring to gun, eject old mag into hand holding the new mag, insert new mag while juggling both, and then pocket old mag). The only problem was the "industry group" guns we were shooting did not have drop-free magazines. That didn't faze McNeese.... he insisted that we make the Gunsight reloading doctrine work with guns that it was obviously not suited for... no alternatives presented. I choose to say Screw It (I wasn't paying for the trip) and use my shooting stance... and when a mid-magazine reload was called for I stripped the mag out, shoved it in a pocket, and slammed in a new one. McNeese immediately awarded me the keys to his dog house, and yelled at me constantly. But, I didn't care. This was 2013... and they were trying to cram 1970s doctrine down my throat. You'd have to shove a pistol against my head to make me go back to Gunsight... although, in fairness, they did serve a decent lunch.
  4. +1. If you are trying to nail a 50 yard ICORE X-ring (bonus points in some stages).... or making a VERY tight shot around a No-Shoot... the technique can be very useful. However, if all you're are looking at is an open 35-yard (or closer) A or O Zone, then a straight & smooth DA pull is often best. It can pay to learn both, and apply them when needed.
  5. +1. And you can note on the top lid with a Sharpie whether it is tumbled, sized & belled, or sized/belled/primed. A plastic coffee can will hold over 600 rounds of 9mm... a bit less with other calibers. Makes sorting brass for reloading easy.
  6. SIG dropped the ball on direct slide mounting. But.. on a Picatinny rail it is an AWESOME sight for Open, PCC, RFRO, RFPO, and anywhere else a Picatinny mount fits. I have one... and have had it on a PCC and RFRO. Love it!
  7. +1. When looking over the COF it's not hard to figure which plate you want to reload after engaging... or if unexpected misses occur then options as to where to reload. It's just stage planning. My math sucks, so I lock into the target I want to change at or near engaging it. It's no different than picking reloading points on paper targets on a lengthy field course.
  8. Extreme accuracy isn't critical in SCSA. Any gun that will group into 1.5-inches at 25-yards is more accurate than you need. I am getting close to 2019 RFRO Master (would have been a 2018 Master) with a factory Ruger 10/22 Take-Down Lite with an added Ruger BX trigger. Weighs 4.5 pounds and is a joy to clean. Doesn't malf with decent standard or high velocity ammo (read that as Federal or CCI).
  9. That does sound like fun! Step outside the Steel Challenge "comfort envelope" and just start nailing steel... but not too many steel. I think your approach is a good one. And, YES, nso123, this multiple division Steel Challenge A Class shooter does hate Outer Limits! But, zzt's thingy would get me to his match, at least once.
  10. I guess if you need musak then Metallica would be better than Barry White.
  11. For Steel Challenge CO I use a 9mm M&P CORE with a RMR sight. My load is 3.1 grains N310 with a Bayou Hi-Tek 120 grain TCG bullet. Velocity is about 940 fps. It is totally reliable (and 3 inch 25-yard groups) from a clean gun. Recoil is in the .22LR high-speed ammo range. I also don't have to hunt for my brass --- it's in a neat pile 24 inches to my right. That load won't cycle my Ruger PCC. I have to go up to 3.3 grains there. At 3.5 grains N310 it makes a 128 PF from the M&P and there is no significant change in POI.
  12. GOF

    Is this a DQ?

    It would seem that you are aware of arbitrary judgement DQ calls. As listed above, Rule says if the gun is in a case then sweeping yourself by fully unzipping the case does not apply. Yet, you note you don't unzip the case fully past the muzzle (and I do the same). I guess both of us are guarding ourselves from rookie ROs who do not know all rules and procedures. As an example... I shot a SCSA six stage club match today with GM RFRO shooter on my squad who also shot a major Sectional a bit south of there 2 days before. He had to reshoot a number of strings on several stages because the timer didn't pick up his CCI Standard Velocity rounds. The reason was because the RO was holding the timer over his head and behind the shooter. The GM explained where the timer should be held. The RO decided he knew better and ignored the advice (and this GM ROs three or four club matches a month, with a heavy RFRO crowd, and knows what he's doing). Inexperienced RO convinced of his "vast knowledge", and status. That happens. Is that why you don't fully unzip your gun case when Rule clearly says you can? How much "defensive shooting" do we have to do to accommodate ROs who don't know the Rules. Or to guard ourselves against what could be accurately described as "arbitrary & capricious rules"?
  13. GOF

    Is this a DQ?

    Your comment "to simply avoid sweeping yourself whenever it is reasonably possible" .... and... "If you just never sweep yourself when it is avoidable"... shows the kind of mindset that says it's OK to sweep yourself here, with a loaded gun in your hand, but not here with an unloaded gun that isn't in your hand. I'm sure that's comforting to the shooter who the RO said swept themselves by inadvertently passing their hand in front of an empty gun on a table, while watching shooters sweep themselves as they holster a loaded gun that is in their hand. What is Sweeping? Who goes to Dairy Queen, and who gets to finish the match for score? By your twisted logic, all a shooter would have to say is "It wasn't reasonably possible to avoid sweeping myself and it wasn't avoidable." That solves it all! Which, IMHO, makes all "sweeping DQ calls" far more subjective than objective.
  14. GOF

    Is this a DQ?

    I have no disagreement with the holstering rules. My disagreement is with the "sweeping" call on an unloaded gun, not in a shooter's hand, and laying as an inanimate metal/steel/polymer object on a table. Perhaps you could display some commonsense and write up something about the gun on the table... using a level of commonsense that I have yet to see in your previous posts... and maybe see if we could get the Rules changed.
  15. GOF

    Is this a DQ?

    You have got to be kidding! You mean it's OK to sweep yourself if you're holstering a loaded handgun that is in your hand, while at any other time & circumstance it's an immediate DQ. Yet, with that allowed, you can get DQed for nothing more than putting a magazine in front of the muzzle of an unloaded handgun laying on a bench? At what point does commonsense need to rear its head? Did USPSA import a bunch of Washington D.C. Bureaucrats to write this stuff? Or, are some Rules... and your apparent justification of them... just plain dumb?
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