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  1. Maybe you could delete some of the activators/moving targets, and just focus on something similar to Steel Challenge or Metal Madness. Delete shotguns... go to straight steel targets. What shooter doesn't love the old timey carnival shooting booth? Bang/ting/fun! Allow rimfire rifles/handguns along Steel Challenge rules (with similar centerfire rules). Shooters, especially older shooters that can't run fast enough to score well in USPSA, like to be able to just shoot (it's also a great way to bring younger shooters, teens with parents) into the shooting sports. Age may decrease competitive ability, but not necessarily competitive desire. And, they have the money and time to support the club. At my club, Steel Challenge brings in more money to the club coffers ... on a monthly/yearly basis... than ALL other action shooting matches (cowboy, IDPA, etc.) COMBINED! As well, a number of former clay target shooters who have found shotgun recoil and advancing age are not a good combination, have bought .22 pistols & rifles. They still get to compete... just without the punishment. Just a thought.
  2. My gun club has a sign at the front gate that says "No Stupid People Allowed!". Maybe that club should have one also. His DQ and permanent ban was certainly justified. Ya can't fix Stupid!
  3. It's hard to argue with the reliability of the Trijicon RMR series. I have two (original RMR on a CORE slide, and another on a PCC/picatinny) and neither has died, or 'burped'... thousands of rounds. Bigger window & top loading battery compartment... with the same RMR footprint? Please! Bring it on!
  4. The reason I voted Yes was... why not? If someone wants to shoot Major in a six-shot, with no scoring advantage... why not let them?
  5. Ask Bayou Bullets. They have all sorts of colors in coated bullets, an they all seem to work for me in handguns or PCC.
  6. I took the survey. I said yes to L6 Major & snubby. Said no to rimfire. That creates too many 'admin' problems with falling steel activators. Removing those diminishes the match for the 120 PF competitors. I also noted that Snubby would need a lower PF, but 110 is reasonable and shouldn't create popper problems unless the wind is high. IDPA has been shooting BUG with a 95 PF, and not too many problems.
  7. A sealing plate should be used with any RMR that uses a bottom feed battery. It keeps it from bouncing, which can damage the battery contacts.
  8. GOF

    .40 S&W For Open?

    Thanks! I was not aware that thread had been opened. I appreciate your pointing it out to me.
  9. Other than a small difference in magazine capacity, what is wrong with the .40 S&W for Open? Brass is cheap and available, and it makes Major at standard pressures. A shooter who also competes in Limited then only needs one load. I'm not advocating .40, but would like to hear why much of the Open load discussion centers around 9mm Major and .38 Super, with the .40 seemingly ignored. Thanks in advance!
  10. There is a good test & evaluation currently at ssusa.org... NRA Shooting Sports USA.
  11. GOF

    Front Sight Academy

    I had a very similar experience at a Gunsite pistol class in 2013. Frontsight is an offshoot of Gunsite, a group of former Gunsite people who went on their own. The 'instruction' is similar between the two. Same 'old style Weaver stance'... must use Tactical reload (regardless of whether the gun was suited to it)... and other 30-year old dogma. I was an IDPA Master in 3 divisions when I went, and promptly forgot everything I was 'learned' at Gunsite when I left. It was a free trip, and I would eagerly pass on another one. These two schools could be beneficial for new handgun shooters, but for anyone B Class or above IMHO it's a waste of time & ammo. I have not attended the rifle course and can't comment... but during my military days I did attend both the 9th Infantry Sniper School and the shooting portion of the USMC Scout/Sniper School, and might likely be disappointed. They are there to make money with a simplified mandated course of instruction that spends little time addressing the individual shooter... bring 'em in, run 'em through, and get the next group started. Kinda like a McDonalds drive through.
  12. Zack, that looks like a Williams Fire Sight. Did the screw holes match Ruger's and did it just screw in... or was drilling & tapping a new hole needed.
  13. Question... I see they are advertised with 14.5-inch barrels. Does that require SBR paperwork?
  14. +1 to Steel Challenge as a place to start and get comfortable with competition. There will be a division for just about any gun you have... rimfire pistol or rifle, revolver, PCC, semi-auto handgun... take your pick. Too old? Nah, I shoot with some Master Class shooters in their 70s. As for poor vision... me too. But reflex red dot sights make things much easier.... and they are legal in several Steel Challenge gun divisions... from .22 rifle/pistol to revolver, PCC, Open Class semi-auto handgun, and Carry Optics semi-auto handgun. I have a lot of fun.
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