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  1. I tried calling Bayou on an order I placed months ago, but was not charged for at that time. They said they would contact me for payment when the order was ready to ship. I can't fault them on that! But, I called two days in a row this week. Phone rang 15 times, no answer. Anyone have any info on Bayou?
  2. That is exactly how things go at the clubs I shoot it. I have run into a jerk every now and then, but peer pressure seemed to direct them to shoot elsewhere. The VERY VAST majority of the folks I've shot with over the last 20 years have been very fine folks who really wanted their fellow shooters to do well, and have a fun day. Trash talkers, at least in my experience, are an anomaly and deserved to be pointed out -- chastised -- and ridiculed.
  3. A BIG +1. Rushing the first shot not only misses the first shot, but screws up your timing (I wish I could spell ryhtem , but I can't) for the rest of the plates. I see it all the time (including a 6 stage Steel Challenge match I ROed today. ) Getting on the first plate positively puts you in position to nail the rest. That first plate can't be rushed.
  4. Ok... I hit the wrong key on the above post... going to where I left off on the FIRST SHOT after the reload, I would say there is a lot of hand manipulation with either Strong or Weak hand reloading, and if the hands don't get back to the proper firing position the fast reload time does little good if you screw the pooch on the first shot after the reload. I think reload time should be measured from the last shot in the cylinder to the first GOOD hit after the reload. That would show, and the score would reflect, that the reload was properly done. YMMV
  5. I feel that the most effective measurement time of the reload is from the last shot in the cylinder into the first GOOD HIT on the target. There's a lot of hand manipulation going on there and if the FIRST SHOT
  6. Pumps are tough to work in skeet. I used to be a skeet instructor. A suggestion would be any semi-auto you can acquire at a reasonable price. As you progress you will discover that there are a number of companies that can change your rib, change your front bead, lengthen or shorten the stock to get you a more comfortable length of pull, and even provide some add on cheek pieces to get your head in the right place on the stock. The objective with any clay target shotgun (trap, skeet, sporting clays) is to shoulder the gun and have your eye right on the front bead... the same time every tim
  7. You shouldn't have got that PE. Only you can call your hits. That was a total SO Opinion PE. Today you wouldn't get that PE.
  8. I wear 'old man jeans'. The weak side pocket is big. The mag goes in there easily. Then my hand is in a perfect position to grab the new mag as I come out of the pocket. YMMV
  9. For those of you struggling to find .22LR ammo, Cheaper Than Dirt currently has CCI Mini-Mag 40-grain HV ammo for only $99.89 (plus shipping) for a 100 round box! Stock up at Cheaper Than Dirt! (LOL). You can shoot your next Steel Challenge match for just $300, plus entry fee (LOL again). Some gougers deserve to be called out. After this I'll never even consider purchasing anything from Cheaper Than Dirt.
  10. Yes... perfectly legal. In many jurisdictions in the State you can even live fire in your back yard if you have a proper berm and are not "recklessly endangering others". Local county/city/town laws do apply for that. I'm fortunate to live way rural, and have a legal 75 yard range in my backyard. If you are going to dry firing in you backyard, and only dry fire, have no live ammo on you. That way if a Karen calls the cops you can prove what you were doing.
  11. A Big +1. Nothing is worse at an IDPA match than an SO with a Big Head, and a Small Brain. BTDT.
  12. I have to agree. Shooting a revo with a 7.75 pound trigger pull, Federals are it, although Win has worked, the others are a no-no. In a striker fired semi-auto I have no problems with those, or CCI. No thoughts on Rem (their QC prevents me from purchasing anything they make), or the foreign primers.
  13. One AD with that comp and he won't be doing any 'sit downs' for awhile
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