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  1. I'll second that! I've used them in 9mm, .38 Spl and .45 ACP. Their 9mm 120 grain TCG is one of the most accurate 9mm bullets I've used... and that includes accuracy testing a lot of factory loads. Bayou works for me!
  2. I've heard that Burris is pushing the intro back to 2021.
  3. GOF

    Coated Bullets

    I have been using the Bayou Bullet (Hi-Tek coating) 120 grain 9mm truncated cone (TCG) bullet. The body has a longer bearing surface than round nose bullets. It is the most accurate bullet I have found in the 1/16 twist KKM barrel on my S&W CORE. It makes no difference whether I load them to 940 fps for Steel Challenge or 1075 for IDPA/USPSA. The price is reasonable and the service is excellent.
  4. What's the rifling twist in the barrel? I have found that a 1/16 twist sorts sucks with anything heavier that 124/125. A 1/10 seems to do well with those, and with 147/150. I have run some 150 Syntech and found it very good to go on 1/10... a little bit (maybe an inch of so) larger groups at 25 yards from a 1/16. Check your twist. I haven't yet figured out why 1/16 seems to be so popular with custom barrel makers and some manufacturers. 1/10 seems to do quite well with everything.
  5. I shoot (A Class RFPO) a Ruger MKIV. It strips and cleans very easily, and cleanliness is important for reliability with a .22LR blowback pistol. It's also impossible to reassemble the gun incorrectly from a thorough field strip cleaning. I added a Volquartsen trigger (2.75 lbs), and a Ruger Picitinny top mount... not expensive. I added Volquartsen grips, a bit more expense, but the basic gun was still well under $1000. On a .22 rimfire pistol, just about anyone's reflex sight will hold up. The G-forces aren't there. I have used Trijicon, Burris FFIII, J Point, and currently love the SIGs. As for ammo, I'm real happy with CCI Standard Velocity... not expensive and quite accurate.
  6. Goggle DreamPlastics. They have very nice slip on rubber covers... 2 for $10. Shipped by mail. Call them and ask for Jinny. She will take a CC over the phone. I have used them on my RMRs, and they work well.
  7. If you get surplus military-type brass in that mix that has crimped in primers, what do you have to do to reload those?
  8. Without an interpreter you're going to have a very difficult time, and tempers could fly. 50 years ago I was stuck in a situation like that trying to teach South Vietnamese, with only some of them having rudimentary English skills. It was not overly productive. Or, as the Viets might say "It numba 10!" Whomever is sponsoring this course should spring for an interpreter.
  9. A BIG +1! As a former IDPA SO and MA class shooter, it has become very obvious to me that the other shooters are more than willing to help a newcomer. Sometimes the advice flys a bit too fast, but the other shooters are well-intentioned and will do what they can to help. As a new shooter, they can be your best friends.
  10. Ported barrel of any type would put you into Open.
  11. Remington is going through bankruptcy. The company doesn't care, and the workers... wondering about their jobs... don't care either. Is anyone surprised that sub-performance products are hitting the dealers shelves? There is no serious quality control at Remington. I avoid anything they make.
  12. Same with Internet Explorer... what the heck! Then they said I wasn't signed it. Then on the second try they said I wasn't signed in. Then, when I made this post I was suddenly signed it... still got the ERROR message, but went right through that.... to Forum... and WOW! There I was. WTH?
  13. +1! It's their gun. They should stand behind it.
  14. GOF

    Nose High Jam help

    Look at the OAL of your loads. The "nose high jam" you describe is commonly referred to as a Tip Up Jam. If the OAL is too short for your gun the bullet nose hits the ramp and jumps up to the barrel hood without finding the chamber. Magazine feed lips could be a factor, but the most common cause is a too short load.
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