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    Fishing is also fun.
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  1. GOF


    +1. They now make a 6 moa dot, and also offer a pictinny rail mount. I have one and love it. Simple controls, bright dot, and a wide window. I also wouldn't sneer at the RMR. I have two: one on a CORE (6,000+ rounds, no issues) and one on a PCC. They have worked well.
  2. Get plenty of draw time to get your wrist angle/presentation right to find the dot quickly. There is a difference between 'from the holster' and starting with the gun in your hand.
  3. GOF

    Delta Point Pro ??

    Can't comment on the ROMEO 3. But several ROMEO1s (both 3 and the new 6 moa) have been prefect! There are also one of the most 'user friendly' reflex sights I've seen.... and I've played with a few.
  4. RE: handgun shooters. Is there anything wrong with the RO reminding new shooters about the 'Register' position of the trigger finger when holstering the gun?
  5. GOF

    Patridge vs ramped Dawson sights

    The problem with Patridge sights from a leather holster is that you will occasionally have to rip a glob of leather off of the front sight after the draw. Ramps are more action pistol friendly... unless you are using a kydex holster with a generous sight channel.
  6. Hang on for their "Going Out Of Business" sale. I suspect it is coming.
  7. GOF

    .32 Magnum

    How prevalent are .32 Magnums in ICORE? I've never seen one used. Has anyone else seen them? And what do they do to make the 120PF.
  8. I have used Xtreme bullets for years. But I always ordered by phone because I am very reluctant to type a credit card number into a computer. You never truly know who else is looking. About six months ago I called to order. They said they were no longer accepting phone orders because (in the lady's own words) ... . "We are a web based business." My guess, especially after reading the above posts, is that they are toast. I have no regrets, because Bayou Bullets do everything the Xtremes did for me. And I can call a phone order and have it in my PO box is a couple of days.
  9. GOF

    Who else loves "The Test"?

    As noted, it's probably challenging for a casual concealed carrier, or recreational shooter. For a reasonably skilled competition shooter?... not much. A 2 sec draw/first shot, .75 sec splits for the other nine (a pretty long split!) = 8.75 sec. A C class shooter can make that.
  10. For Steel Challenge in my Ruger PC --- 105 grain 9mm Bayou, 3.3 grains N310. One inch 3 shot groups from a 25 yard bench rest and it kicks like my 10/22. N310 also burns very clean... very little carbon build up. Dirty powders in blow back actions are a malf waiting to happen. Ejection is positive and 5-6 feet. I can't complain... their 95 grain RN works with the same powder charge, same recoil, and 1.75 inch groups. One thing about the PC.... the chamber seems to be a bit shorter than my M&P pistols. Don't leave any more than a hint of driving band above the case mouth. It will engage the rifling and prevent going into battery... ask me how I know (LOL). I didn't measure the OAL, I just shortened it to where it worked.
  11. I use a SIG ROMEO1 on their Picatinny mount. I like a longer stock and installed spacers to 14 1/8 LOP. The sight alignment is perfect for me.... hit the mount and the dot is right there. It's no different than my 10/22.
  12. GOF

    Off the shelf PCC ammo

    Atlanta Arms Select 100 Steel Challenge makes 129 PF from my Ruger PC, and is VERY SOFT. Their 115 Select Steel Challenge makes 135 PF, with a barest hint of increased recoil. Both (with a 6 MOA dot reflex sight) will hold sub-1.5 inch groups from a 25 yard bench.
  13. GOF

    Admitting guilt to an AD

    ROs aren't mind readers and shouldn't 'play one on the range'. There is a rule book for things like this. Follow the Rules. ROs who want to be 'mind readers' (I've seen a few) shouldn't be ROs. Just my .02c.
  14. GOF

    Shooting a match with your EDC rig

    Why not do it? Why not run the gear you plan on defending your life with... as opposed to competition-rigged guns that you wouldn't EDC? It's a lot better practice on all facets of EDC than just sending a few round leisurely down range. A few years back I shot the Federal Air Marshall qualifier course with my EDC, and my normal dress. I cleaned it! I then felt a lot more confident with that EDC set up. Why not do it?
  15. GOF

    loads for a PCC - specific questions

    Bayou Bullet 105 grain 9mm. 3.3 N310. Sweet (3 round groups under 1.5 inch, 25 yard bench with 6 MOA reflex dot), and not much more recoil than my Ruger 10/22. Also, very clean burning... important in a blow back action.