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  1. I use a PACT timer with a cord that I can hang around my next, and lay it on my center chest. It's set for Delay. I assume the Low Ready firing position (long gun or pistol... Steel Challenge A Class in RFRO/PCCO/RFPO) and once there I shift the support hand to hit the timer ON. I have 3 seconds to get that hand back into position for the BEEP. It works for me better than a belt, because the movement of the support hand is less, and I don't have to fumble on the belt. YMMV
  2. If it ain't broke, why fix it?
  3. +1 This makes an incredible amount of practical commonsense. Why not just buy new mags for a gun that you already shoot in order to shoot it in a new division? Seems like a pretty logical, and economical, approach to me.
  4. +1. The Ruger PC works well out of the box and does accept Glock mags. I use a stock gun with an RMR sight and made A Class in Steel Challenge. The reason I selected the Ruger PC was because, other than 1.5 pounds of extra weight, it was almost identical to my Ruger Take Down Lite RFRO (A Class) gun. Shooting one is like shooting the other. That might be a thought if, as he grows, he wants to get into Steel Challenge and shoot a .22.
  5. Yes, sound like Yellow Jackets. You should get the club to buy a flamethrower
  6. Same here. Same results.
  7. A BIG +1! Inexperienced ROs can screw a lot of things up. Relying upon hazily-written Rules to justify their incompetence just makes things worse. Seen it. I RO two or three Steel club matches a month and always feel that the shooter gets the benefit of the doubt. Just because you're holding the timer doesn't mean you are GOD. You should be there to assist the shooter, not slam them. Commonsense has to enter at some point.
  8. Same for me. Over 12,000 rounds in Steel Challenge RFRO and no probs. Mine was one of the earlier 6 MOA models, if that makes a difference.
  9. I have a Blade Tech holster for my 6-inch GP 100. Works just fine. It's probably 8-9 years old, but I can't believe they stopped making them. The 6-inch GP 100 is very popular in ICORE.
  10. That Mike has stayed out of the way and let Zack grow Steel Challenge shows me that Mike is a very good CEO. Delegate responsibility to those who do it well. The SC growth has shown that Zack has done it well. That's one reason I voted for Mike. GOF A55647
  11. Kinda like being a politician? Mike Foley has grown Steel Challenge significantly... and, at my age I am primarily SC shooter. ...I have limited experience but could see some changes... doesn't get my vote. Mike Foley already has.
  12. +1. I just cast my vote for Foley. I looked at the growth, the new clubs, the new shooters entering the sport (who will be important VOTERS in national political elections.... why would they want to lose their gun rights when they have recently discovered how much recreational fun they can have with them?) Mike's done a good job. I see no reason to change.
  13. I agree with the proposal to shoot Outer Limits in the same manner as Showdown... eliminating the movement on the clock between the shooting boxes. Steel Challenge should be about speed & accuracy... not long legs and quicker movement. Steel Challenge has become the shooting sport for those who previously shot USPSA/IDPA/ICORE at a high level, but with advancing age have lost the necessary mobility to move quickly enough to maintain their ratings in those games. They still want to shoot their guns and pay their annual USPSA membership and individual match fees. They are a consumer market. That should be considered. As well.... removing the movement on Outer Limits will help reduce the possibility of an accident among aging shooters who have not yet accepted their age. The OP on this thread addressing a potentially unsafe range condition for Outer Limits is spot on!
  14. +1. That's an excellent suggestion. If the other shooters don't correct the jerk, the RO will get tired of "him" slowing the squad down and take some action. There's no point in the shooter getting into fisticuffs... allow peer pressure, or the RO, let the jerk know his actions are not appreciated.
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