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  1. I love my Ruger MK IV. Very easy to strip & clean. I shoot a 5 inch bull barrel version, with a Volquartsen trigger at 2.5 pounds. A Picatinny rail from Ruger holds a red dot for RFPO (A Class) and a Hi-Vis FO front sight (screws right into the gun, with the same screw as the original) with the factory rear lets me shoot in RFPI (A Class) by just pulling the red dot. A lot of fun with one gun... and really easy to strip & clean.
  2. IMHO it's a very poor idea to look at the competition and then try and figure out what your score will be in relation to them before the match. As well, keeping score during a match is also not a great idea. It takes your mind away from the simple "See targets, shoot targets as fast and accurately as you can". Run the match like you would at a local match. Go for it! Thinkin' ain't always good.
  3. Win 231 & HP38 (same powder, different can) are really close to TiteGroup and cleaner... although not as clean as N310 or N320. I don't think you'll see any fall off in load performance with 231/HP38.
  4. Maybe... like any good business... they have learned from their mistakes of the past and taken corrective action. Based upon my experiences in 2013, I would hope so. And if so, view that as a positve for them. I also heard via 'grapevine' that McNeese is no longer an instructor there.
  5. Good advice. I have both in different calibers. Both work fine. Get a Hornady taper crimp die and be done with it.
  6. The barrel, and the target groups, tell you all you need to know about the bullet.
  7. I use 3.5 N310 with Bayou 120 TCG coated lead bullet for a 128 PF from a 5 inch 1/16 twist KKM barrel. 3.1 with the same bullet gets me 940 fps for Steel Challenge. No smoke, clean burning. You have to be careful with this powder, and if you use an adjustable powder measure MAKE DARN SURE it's not changing on you. I use fixed drum powder measures and have no issues. I would be hesitant to use this powder with a jacketed bullet.
  8. I don't know if this has been mentioned before, but it's an excellent idea to number your mags so that you can easily determine which are malfing on you. A piece of masking tape and a black Sharpie make that easy. Nothing is worse than having a mag malf and then wondering which one it was. And, several extra mags are also a good idea, because mags can fail.
  9. I can't imagine a 'gunsmith' asking that question and expecting to be 'on the money' without knowing the intended load, or the shooter. Loads will vary, and two different shooters can pick up the same gun & load and shoot to different POI. I suspect the smith was "going by the book" to pick the proper front height sight for a standard load in that caliber. That doesn't mean your load will be on for you. A Swiss file and a drift punch are your friend when it comes to zeroing fixed sights for you & your load. 25-yards is a good place to zero because it won't hurt you at any range found i
  10. Thanks for the tip. I had a comp on a .22 rifle that had fired a few hundred lead loads, with leading in the front ports, and crud in the rest of the comp. Out of Kroil. Took a small pill bottle, put the comp in it, filled it with Corrosion X and let it sit two days. After that a small center punch easily knocked the lead out of the holes, and a 40 cal brush from the rear took out everything else. Cor X worked, and it will not harm metal in any way. I have used it for many years as a lube for .22 actions because it doesn't hold fouling, and for trigger lube on all pistols. It's the only thing
  11. The way things are right now I'd run whatever ammo you can get that is reliable in your gun. For Steel Challenge there is no big difference in a load that groups .5 inches at 25 yards as opposed to one that groups 1.5 inches. Just make sure it's reliable. One malf can ruin your stage.
  12. Does anyone have any info on trigger work, or drop-in components, to lighten the pull on the Browning Buck Mark .22LR pistol?
  13. If you are a right-hand shooter and moving right to left when you reload, your normal reload will break the 180. Instead, flip your right wrist hard right to point the muzzle downrange. The gun will then be horizontal, but pointing down range. Mag ejects just fine, new mag goes in just just fine. Beats going home early.
  14. Same here. I have to re-type every thing into the Existing User Sign in. What's up with this? It's a royal PITA. Then it tells me "Sorry, you do not have permission to be here". Then I click on the Forum, and I'm logged in and displayed as GOF. Like always. What's up with this?
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